30. sep.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • When ever vikk has his loadout it’s game over 😂😂

    Meme COVIDMeme COVIDDag siden
  • and jj just take it all

    shinigamishinigami6 dager siden
  • Sup Vikk, Can you make please whole guide for : Kill games - how to rotate How to choose good loadout for each playstyles How to make good calls between teammates How to land for these type of game Best perks Etc. Win games How to rotate zone How to switch playstyle in right moment like passive and agressive How to learn sneak movement like you sometimes do in gulag Etc And like HUD/ general settings?

    Eclipse KubiEclipse Kubi6 dager siden
  • Why they such low rank’s

    cesar bedfordcesar bedford6 dager siden
  • U go to Middle East servers u get toxic assholes

    big boy101big boy1017 dager siden
  • It's his server

    big boy101big boy1017 dager siden
  • Who coughs up the money for these tournaments?

    Mali MoMali Mo7 dager siden
  • Hate watching this now, just got a PS4 and 2 weeks later my house gets broken into, time to start saving again 🥺

    BAIRDYBOY 188BAIRDYBOY 1888 dager siden
    • Did the police find them yet

      Abder AmirAbder Amir7 dager siden
    • Damn thats so sad

      we playfortnitememewe playfortnitememe8 dager siden
  • e

    10,000 subscribers with no videos?10,000 subscribers with no videos?8 dager siden
  • Nice bb

    skitswithfinandbrad 08skitswithfinandbrad 0810 dager siden
  • How do you get those camos he has?

    Evan KurthEvan Kurth12 dager siden
    • Idk i want them aswell dont really care about my gold grau

      Fall guys Moments!!Fall guys Moments!!6 dager siden
  • How he kno where they be at 🤔

    Blake garnerBlake garner13 dager siden
  • the only good thing vik is useful for is adding the kills at the end and being a distraction

    cristiano ronaldocristiano ronaldo13 dager siden
    • Hes actually really good

      Dellors HammerDellors Hammer10 dager siden
  • There’s more adds than the games I played in Warzone

    Shields GamezShields Gamez13 dager siden
    • ABoogie Gaming your right I don’t really play Warzone but I do play Bo4 and GTA Not really a Warzone or fortnite kinda Guy

      Shields GamezShields Gamez12 dager siden
    • you oney played 0 games of warzone you noob go to fortnight BUD

      ABoogie GamingABoogie Gaming12 dager siden
  • What is the load out on ur kilo

    Sharkys WrldSharkys Wrld14 dager siden
  • what camo is that

    Eli Hermosillo - CCE StudentEli Hermosillo - CCE Student14 dager siden
  • What is the class that ur using with all attachs

    olly whiteolly white15 dager siden
  • Is battle Royale for this game free

    Spr3me_P05HSpr3me_P05H15 dager siden
  • Vik is not that good tbh

    BothmadhBothmadh15 dager siden

    Luke MengeLuke Menge15 dager siden
  • The come back! Incredible.

    GamingGaming15 dager siden
  • the only thing that i wato say man, engineowning

    Roberto HudsonRoberto Hudson16 dager siden
  • Your such a pro Vik

    Angela HumphriesAngela Humphries16 dager siden
  • I love getting 2 kills a game then watching this 😂

    Silverfox PlaysSilverfox Plays16 dager siden
    • Lol

      skitswithfinandbrad 08skitswithfinandbrad 0810 dager siden
    • Couldn’t have said it better😂

      Joel JobinJoel Jobin12 dager siden
  • This nigga dont know how to stop moving

    Omar FloresOmar Flores16 dager siden
  • S

    Mick JackMick Jack16 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vWu8ZtiDmZfTs68.html channel is lit 😎

    Joshua CliftonJoshua Clifton16 dager siden
  • Lol they separate and start dying

    May AlcarazMay Alcaraz16 dager siden
  • Ggs

    Jesse RutherfordJesse Rutherford16 dager siden
  • Vick is the definition of dedication

    Mohid ArshadMohid Arshad17 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rpGqr9RomsuumdE.html

    Fred JonesFred Jones17 dager siden
  • Where’s day 2 stream?

    Fatality H D AFatality H D A17 dager siden
  • Yo

    Habib RahmanHabib Rahman17 dager siden
  • Uo

    Habib RahmanHabib Rahman17 dager siden
  • Class????

    CJ AnastasioCJ Anastasio18 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/zJuYg7x7ycyprZo.html new channel

    Poke master 3000Poke master 300018 dager siden
  • harry kane just carried vik

    LeoLeo18 dager siden
  • He’s such a try hard tbf

    ThenoobkingttvThenoobkingttv18 dager siden
    • it’s a 100k tournament. why wouldn’t he be?

      HitactBot77HitactBot7711 dager siden
    • How else do you expect him to win 5 tournaments?

      PJ VisPJ Vis17 dager siden
  • i am indian

    MR. GNMR. GN18 dager siden
  • How much did they win

    Sahib SinghSahib Singh18 dager siden
  • It would be nice if left his streams up for people missed out watching it live.

    RickyRicky18 dager siden
    • Ricky noworld.info/video/video/zZPHncttvJuuztU.html

      S4snakeS4snake16 dager siden
    • Send a link to his resent Warzone Showdown then

      RickyRicky16 dager siden
    • He does

      S4snakeS4snake16 dager siden
  • Wtf røyale

    ImKevsteImKevste18 dager siden
  • Is he playing with Harry or wroteashaw

    Jack WoodJack Wood18 dager siden
    • Rated sounds like harry.?

      Man of CultureMan of Culture13 dager siden
    • Jack Wood neither

      Zachary SmithZachary Smith17 dager siden
  • What’s his setup ?

    Global_ zilverGlobal_ zilver18 dager siden
  • jukeyz is a monster!

    Jay ceeJay cee18 dager siden
  • Your a real one if your watching Vikstar123 for 3hours straight actually the most underrated NOworldr

    XaynoXayno18 dager siden
    • He's got over 6 mil subscribers. He's not thattt underrated

      MaximusMaximus17 dager siden
  • Can everyone like the "PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP VIK" so he sees it. I don't know Tommey personally but I'm doing this because it's so unfair and cheats can not spoil games for us all. Thankyou

    Corbon DallasCorbon Dallas18 dager siden
  • F u

    Jayden GomezJayden Gomez18 dager siden
  • Can you explain wtf is that on 52:54??? Contract Box?? hahahaha

    Mat MMat M18 dager siden
    • It’s a bounty but when there’s no squads left to put a bounty on it gives you loot reward instead

      Kamran HussainKamran Hussain18 dager siden
  • Why don’t you play with c6 anymore ???

    Cayden GamingCayden Gaming18 dager siden
  • Where can we can see how lead or not ?

    richie richrichie rich18 dager siden
  • Wheres the livestream gone ?

    okay RJokay RJ18 dager siden
    • Same question i'm asking

      M MM M18 dager siden
    • @okay RJ @ Akarsh Chilakala Yeah they lost, I just checked it on Rated's stream - they're out.

      Tom BradyTom Brady18 dager siden
    • @okay RJ Hmm he privates some livestreams. I remember he did it for the world record stream a few months ago when I tried rewatching after I woke up. But, more likely you're right.

      Tom BradyTom Brady18 dager siden
    • it says that it still is not determined

      Akarsh ChilakalaAkarsh Chilakala18 dager siden
    • did they lose

      Akarsh ChilakalaAkarsh Chilakala18 dager siden
  • Season 6 came and everyone is happy that the shotgun meta is gone, however the elephant needs he needs to run the r9 cos he knows it's broken which will lead to r9 meta season, funny thing is that the person on your team that went with mp5 carried both of you. Stop destroying this game and rely on your aim. R9 is for Pussies.

    Phoenix wingsPhoenix wings18 dager siden
  • The vibes hit a low in the last game 😂

    kade jacobskade jacobs18 dager siden
  • How it's possible to have that low ground texture detail? From 48:00

    Przemysław MrózPrzemysław Mróz19 dager siden
    • The textures are glitched cos of the update

      Mark CMark C18 dager siden
  • We meet again Vikk. 1-1 to us both now 😂👍

    Gym Bob JoeGym Bob Joe19 dager siden
  • Serious question - do participating teams smurf before these tournies? Or does Activision just whitelist all of the participants? Not trying to downplay these guys skill - they are all incredible players. But it would seem that by having the tourny in regular online matchmaking lobbies, SBMM would play a heavy hand in favour of teams that smurf prior. Whitelisting all teams to the low or middle tier lobbies seems like a simple solution

    Gill GreetleyGill Greetley19 dager siden
  • how do i join one of ur tournaments

    Oscar OrtizOscar Ortiz19 dager siden
  • Vikk did more damage to himself with C4 than enemies in this tourney. Nerf working as intended 😂

    Gill GreetleyGill Greetley19 dager siden
    • KG23 cars have no other counters? Well I think that's how it should be. Everything should be situational ONLY and not 'one gun to rule them all'. You can have a squad of 4, that should give you a demo man (explosives), a close range (shotty/smg), a medium (AR) and a sniper. I've found the best mix is 2 snipers with smgs, then 2 ARs/LMGs with shotgun/launcher Or everyone with ASVAL/r700 broken guns hahah

      Conn BennConn Benn10 dager siden
    • @Conn Benn probably because unless you’re rocking a launcher, they have no other counters

      KG23KG2310 dager siden
    • Maximus think I've seen you say this on jacks vid, which potentially is true (doubtful though) but c4 was broke af. You could frisbee it and insta one shot a fullsquad in a vehicle. Driving cars was just a deathwish before

      Conn BennConn Benn14 dager siden
    • Lol vikk is operated

      May AlcarazMay Alcaraz16 dager siden
    • He goes to the roof by himself and does like wtf vikk gets carried in this tourney

      May AlcarazMay Alcaraz16 dager siden
  • How is R9 is equipped ?

    StuKa29StuKa2919 dager siden
  • wow jukeyz is unreal

    Gill GreetleyGill Greetley19 dager siden
  • For everyone wondering about the rendering or lower graphics, Vikk brings down the game graphics during competitive play so that it's smoother and easier to spot players

    Muhammad SyahiranMuhammad Syahiran19 dager siden
    • @FalseFaythe dumbass gets destroyed hahahaha

      Prince Gaming19Prince Gaming1910 dager siden
    • George Whittingtin well you did lmao

      FalseFaytheFalseFaythe16 dager siden
    • @FalseFaythe I didn't ask dumbazz

      George WhittingtinGeorge Whittingtin17 dager siden
    • George Whittingtin i can ask the same thing about you

      FalseFaytheFalseFaythe18 dager siden
    • @FalseFaythe who asked you to speak

      George WhittingtinGeorge Whittingtin18 dager siden
  • Is this the Hacker ive been hearing about

    TruthSeekerTruthSeeker19 dager siden
  • POV: Your watching this video

    Maxwell BeardsmoreMaxwell Beardsmore19 dager siden
  • Atleast I know Im not the only one with these ugly textures

    ItzBBItzBB19 dager siden
  • jukeyz carrying

    Ari BurgosAri Burgos19 dager siden
  • Vikk, u should get a new streamer recording device, looks like im seeing outta 480p mate

    Atlanta Zone 2Atlanta Zone 219 dager siden
    • @Surya Mani Because the unnecessary details and textures will not be distracting and hide a player's body outline, eg. hiding behind a bush

      Muhammad SyahiranMuhammad Syahiran18 dager siden
    • Muhammad Syahiran wait why does that make it easier to spot players? I’m just curious

      Surya ManiSurya Mani18 dager siden
    • Muhammad Syahiran oh i see, thanks for the explanation mate

      Atlanta Zone 2Atlanta Zone 219 dager siden
    • nah mate he brings down the game graphics during competitive play so that it's smoother and easier to spot players

      Muhammad SyahiranMuhammad Syahiran19 dager siden
  • vik racking 1 up on when he went for his water . haha

    david jamesdavid james19 dager siden
    • Timestamp?

      GodGod19 dager siden
  • I love how Vikk is like almost always drinking Ribena lmao

    BarryFish07BarryFish0719 dager siden
    • @scott lawton probably cause he likes it mate

      Srikanth CPSrikanth CP16 dager siden
    • James Milner

      ErAy x HunterErAy x Hunter18 dager siden
    • @scott lawton lmao, wdym why tho?

      :o:o19 dager siden
    • why tho

      scott lawtonscott lawton19 dager siden
  • Yo

    Dominic DeanDominic Dean19 dager siden
  • 53:20 hasn't it rendered?? Or just look weird? Was just listening that's why I didn't clock earlier into the game

    James BeattieJames Beattie19 dager siden
  • Once again this man is a legend

    VictorjanVictorjan19 dager siden
    • He literally gets carried by his team😂 EVERY TIME😂😂

      JearadJearad14 dager siden
  • How do you get his camo

    Therealsquid 69Therealsquid 6919 dager siden
    • For the gun? The gun is a COD team camo. Go to the store where you buy COD points and go down to the different teams.....each have their own camos and operator skins.

      Joe BradenJoe Braden19 dager siden
  • Well done vik

    Swift ClanSwift Clan19 dager siden
  • The day vik learns that there are directional arrows from where u are being shot he will actually be a good player

    Cruz OreoCruz Oreo19 dager siden
  • 35:58 smooth lool. 😂👌

    Rahat ChowdhuryRahat Chowdhury19 dager siden
    • @Jason Manne I know kooks sick

      Rahat ChowdhuryRahat Chowdhury18 dager siden
    • That’s normal

      Jason ManneJason Manne18 dager siden
  • How I watch whole stream ☹️😑😑

    utkarsh panwarutkarsh panwar19 dager siden
    • @Linid common toxic people chill out

      utkarsh panwarutkarsh panwar16 dager siden
    • With your eyes

      LinidLinid16 dager siden
  • why has vik turned his graphics settings way down?? he has a 2080TI he could play on a lot higher settings without compromising performance and it makes it really difficult to watch. i have a 2060 super and i can play on pretty high settings without any latency

    HUEYHUEY19 dager siden
    • easier to spot enemies/movement on low detail

      Gill GreetleyGill Greetley19 dager siden
    • NOPE! It was because warzone crashed and he had to play in safe mode

      Sworaj LohaneeSworaj Lohanee19 dager siden
    • His card runs multiple screens, so its just to maximize frames I think. He wants 144+ fps I'd imagine for his monitor, and that's probably why he turned the settings down.

      Cyborg SidCyborg Sid19 dager siden
  • I wonder if the people you solo come back to watch your videos to see where they F’d up at.

    Logan Carlton1Logan Carlton119 dager siden
    • Logan Carlton1 22/2]

      Owen TyldesleyOwen Tyldesley14 dager siden
  • Shame about Jukeyz. He is clearly a good player but you know his Audio leaks are pissing Vikk and Rated off, they just bite that tongue. Also every time he talks he sounds like he is evolving backwards.

    RobRob19 dager siden
    • Yeah mate it’s a bit annoying but it can’t piss them off that much cause they continue to play with him and they still consistently win games it’s only a problem when he’s shooting does need sorting but it’s nothing major

      Tomzfmb 1Tomzfmb 15 dager siden

      Its Lil FahadIts Lil Fahad10 dager siden
    • Bbbvc

      camiel van loenhoutcamiel van loenhout16 dager siden
    • Google User absolutely its always great content when VIKK is streaming

      RobRob19 dager siden
    • Yeah, that was whack. I could barely hear rated either. It was still a great stream though.

      Google UserGoogle User19 dager siden
  • vikkstar should found a team sdmn gaming clan

    100K SUBS WITH 3 VIDEOS100K SUBS WITH 3 VIDEOS19 dager siden
  • Damn I wish it would have been u warz and jukeyz

    UofIEagles HDUofIEagles HD19 dager siden
    • Why

      XaynoXayno18 dager siden
    • bro rated is fucking cracked

      F1 FanF1 Fan19 dager siden
  • Wow, well done Vick and everyone there

    BlayceBlayce19 dager siden
    • Vik*

      Amir BalAmir Bal19 dager siden
  • Jukeyz and Warsz best players in the game imo.

    DiNoDiNo19 dager siden
    • Mutex and biffle tho🔥

      IBZIBZ17 dager siden
    • I killed jukeyz while we were playing in the same tournament lol gonna upload it on my yt channel

      IBZIBZ17 dager siden
    • @DiNo i mean you defo should check biffle and newbz out, diaz biffle has a 6.4 k/d and he literally carried nick and swagg to their toronto ultra tourney win. newbz dropped three 30+ kill games yesterday

      Aynaan KhanAynaan Khan19 dager siden
    • @Aynaan KhanI know but what do u know, maybe it was just lucky timing or something. Im talking about the guys you said are good too.

      DiNoDiNo19 dager siden
    • DiNo lol I agree w you, I called the other dudes statement cap, where he said he killed warsz

      Aynaan KhanAynaan Khan19 dager siden
  • Who's this rated guy coz I rate him

    Tezza MandenttTezza Mandentt19 dager siden
    • Aynaan Khan still I thought their roster got like wiped

      Harrison DowdingHarrison Dowding19 dager siden
    • hes a cod pro and plays for the royal ravens

      Aynaan KhanAynaan Khan19 dager siden
  • Jukeyz is fucking slaying everything

    Konar MurrayKonar Murray19 dager siden
  • Check out my war zone channel guys

    SA 94SA 9419 dager siden
  • Why does the video start at 1 hour 19 mins an stop at 2 hours?

    Ole Jonas Lauvstad HaugliOle Jonas Lauvstad Haugli19 dager siden
  • Vikkstar123 you are the best team leader in warzone respect to you for playing your position in the game. Keep it up bro

    Realist 117Realist 11719 dager siden
    • @cristiano ronaldo no

      Liyema GxenyaLiyema Gxenya6 dager siden
    • 🧢

      cristiano ronaldocristiano ronaldo13 dager siden
    • Iys has always always happened happened when tiesitirtriririrs a

      ShattlngtonShattlngton18 dager siden
    • Tommey is 100 percent the best team leader

      sammy Berlinsammy Berlin19 dager siden
    • Did they win this tournament?

      Vineet VoraVineet Vora19 dager siden
  • What happened? Did he win??

    Imad SamadImad Samad19 dager siden
    • He got 6th

      maxwhdmaxwhd19 dager siden
  • Vikk is the goat at warzone

    mr.jjstealyowinmr.jjstealyowin19 dager siden
    • Besides, these servers you guys play the players don't usually finish you

      Victor Walace Lopes SantiagoVictor Walace Lopes Santiago17 dager siden
    • Nine is like aimbot. Vikk is good, but slower than others players

      Victor Walace Lopes SantiagoVictor Walace Lopes Santiago17 dager siden
    • He is good but nowhere near the goat

      pabs211pabs21119 dager siden
    • @Victor Walace Lopes Santiago but I will go watch him tho to see how good he is

      mr.jjstealyowinmr.jjstealyowin19 dager siden
    • @Victor Walace Lopes Santiago u right idk him. Obviously he ain't as important. Plus vikk won 4 tournaments in a row so

      mr.jjstealyowinmr.jjstealyowin19 dager siden
  • Congrats Vikk. Thought you guys smashed it! Shame about the waiting time you had to take during the pc crash.... 👏🏼⚡️

    Akaash UniackeAkaash Uniacke19 dager siden
  • ok

    SubsySubsy19 dager siden
  • 100k????

    laterbumlaterbum19 dager siden
  • Vik is a star on this game...any game for that matter. Big ups Vik

    Aden WillsAden Wills19 dager siden
  • Greetings. I'm producing a game called Parallel. I made a Trailer and a page on Steam, but I hope to bring it to the consoles too.

    ParallelParallel19 dager siden
  • Gg boys

    Krishna MarichettyKrishna Marichetty19 dager siden
  • i like food

    K WeeksK Weeks19 dager siden
    • Didn’t ask g

      :o:o19 dager siden
  • Hi

    Puppy ToothPuppy Tooth19 dager siden
  • Goat

    LeeroyLeeroy19 dager siden