15. juli. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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    Am vision BDAm vision BDMåned siden
  • Love watching Vik but he seems to prioritize looting in the middle of a gunfight at times and either gets blindsided or doesn’t have his teams back. Would like to see him finish the fight before looting more.

    Josh FJosh F2 måneder siden
  • p

    Rbandz 3x3Rbandz 3x32 måneder siden
  • pe

    Rbandz 3x3Rbandz 3x32 måneder siden
  • yo there’s a vidoe in ur ads bro😂😐

    Zyrex R6Zyrex R62 måneder siden
  • Z.aaa dad aayaataaaaaahyygaaaaaaa-aaa-aaa-a-sad--aa----(--aa--6-(-65-(--aa-aaa(6(-aaaa--aaa-__>>>.) morning us guy xfghxcgg chi chi ughh x guy and doggy guy fygfugxcxxxx chi CFC ughh ygxxxxxuyc xx g foggy xxxyxxxgxxygygyxxxgxfyggdxx chi ccfygxxxx

    Christian BurkeChristian Burke2 måneder siden
    • 🤦🏾‍♂️❤️💯😒💯😒❤️🥱

      Christian BurkeChristian Burke2 måneder siden
  • vikk do floor loot only

    Noah Allen'NAB BowmanNoah Allen'NAB Bowman2 måneder siden
  • It's $20,000 for each player or for the whole team?

    Zamasu did 911Zamasu did 9112 måneder siden
  • to to

    JakeInboundJakeInbound2 måneder siden
  • How can he have that dog in lobby with them

    Surge JaguarSurge Jaguar2 måneder siden
  • P

    GrafifaGrafifa2 måneder siden
  • Xbå xvxvdyzzzz. @ ZazxXzzza a z azaazaxz @

    Endre AronsveenEndre Aronsveen2 måneder siden
  • He’s changed his mp5 from quick reload to stippled

    Maximillion 2212Maximillion 22123 måneder siden
  • Cx

    Shayne DuffyShayne Duffy3 måneder siden
  • whole comment section telling him what to do lol if you know so much why aren't you in his position?

    jessica clarkejessica clarke3 måneder siden
    • Furious Vengeance no they’re rude. Don’t see no CONSTRUCTIVE criticism anywhere

      jessica clarkejessica clarkeMåned siden
    • They're his fans. They want the best for him and are just providing constructive observations. I think they know they aren't as good as him..

      Furious VengeanceFurious VengeanceMåned siden
  • Tutututoutiutiutii

    Aidan NelsonAidan Nelson3 måneder siden
  • Yeee

    Zeyrox on igZeyrox on ig3 måneder siden
  • You win some and u loose some keep your head up vik

    Craig LewisCraig Lewis3 måneder siden
  • Loving the warzone content plz do solos

    Flaming StormFlaming Storm3 måneder siden
  • Cycfy day gu

    Brayden PlaysBrayden Plays3 måneder siden
  • Madd bro Wyd now g

    muhammad makadammuhammad makadam3 måneder siden
  • I go 24 adds on this

    Mr. turtle ManMr. turtle Man3 måneder siden
  • U need warz

    Arash amiriArash amiri3 måneder siden
  • Dunno why but I find it odd when he doesn’t land on his custom guns when he gets bought back 🤔

    Sean KennedySean Kennedy3 måneder siden
    • HAZZA 17 yeah he just never does it which is weird 😅

      Sean KennedySean Kennedy3 måneder siden
    • Sean Kennedy well yeah if his team mates have secured the area than it’s cool but not always a good idea to land on your weapons.

      HAZZA 17HAZZA 173 måneder siden
    • HAZZA 17 on the one in this stream he landed right beside them though 😂 and his teammate was there as well 😂

      Sean KennedySean Kennedy3 måneder siden
    • Because it’s a stupid thing to do. Someone could be camping your guns and you get killed straight away

      HAZZA 17HAZZA 173 måneder siden
  • 1:38:18 lol😂😂

    Black-HawkBlack-Hawk3 måneder siden
    • @Retuz 1 Well... I think I typed wrong and meant something other.

      Black-HawkBlack-HawkMåned siden
    • What’s funny?

      Retuz 1Retuz 1Måned siden
  • Stop using the breun bro, use Kilo MP5

    Joseph KeaneJoseph Keane3 måneder siden
  • 3 hours playing war zone daaaaaaamn I get bored in 10 inutes lol

  • Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, I'm not a fan of the guy that repeats everything five times, five times, five times, five times, five times.

    Google UserGoogle User3 måneder siden
  • we need helmet boy in warzone

    Alex.raju02Alex.raju023 måneder siden
  • 1:42:40 that sync tho

    Stax-RogueStax-Rogue3 måneder siden
  • Lmao when he crinks his neck

    QuantumChrist XQuantumChrist X3 måneder siden
  • 1:43:20 Vik the savage

    A.S.RA.S.R3 måneder siden
  • To the person reading this: You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day! P.S ive been struggling to get to 300 subs any help is appreciated♥️

    XlateyyXlateyy3 måneder siden
  • Deleo whenever he finds something remotely unbelieveable: "Ayyy?"

    Jack RichJack Rich3 måneder siden
  • Off day but ur gd vikk keep ur chin up

    Max LeeMax Lee3 måneder siden
  • 1:42:38 "LET'S FUCKIN GOO" I love that!!!

    SaVaGeSaVaGe3 måneder siden
  • Vikk so good at the games he is the best in the world

    KxshdzKxshdz3 måneder siden
  • 1# on trending :0

    Charli BbyCharli Bby3 måneder siden
  • How comes Viks not using the Grau, did they nerf it again since the last time?

    Ezra MEzra M3 måneder siden
  • These tourney titles startin to sound like fn events lmfao

    StxngStxng3 måneder siden
  • not so easy without warz and jukeyz

    Thomas StephensonThomas Stephenson3 måneder siden
  • *constructive criticism* i watched the entire stream and noticed the following problems due to which i felt like you slightly held the team back: 1) Your aim is usually my favourite thing about your game but its been very off recently. perhaps its due to lack of practice or switch to bruen. 2) The players on top of warzone at the moment grind alot of warzone just straight up tryharding. you mostly use your livestreams to do challenges, use diferent classes and get youtube videos out of them. 3) You have always been a team player and never been very agressive in your playstyle which is absolutely fine. but often times i find you turning your back on the play for example not pushing a team and leaving after investing time in supressing that team. another instance of you turning your back on the play is when your teamates are in a fight, and iften times are a few bullets away from killing the opponents but you back of and start plating which gets them killed and then leaves you alone which eventually leads to you dying aswell. you need to play with a little more confidence in your ability cuz when u do that ure fucking cracked. I fucking love vik but i also want him to retain the respect he has gained in the COD community. like so he sees this please.

    hassanhassan3 måneder siden
    • @yo_mama not cool hes not serious? Lol he just knows his place

      Dogan TosunDogan Tosun2 måneder siden
    • @Komikaze_ Noodle 🤦‍♂️

      Dogan TosunDogan Tosun2 måneder siden
    • Last point definitely. Also, dont be selfish when it comes to kills and loot. U know wat i mean

      Dogan TosunDogan Tosun2 måneder siden
    • Maulfaul what? I was talking to Henry Harvey telling him that he doesn’t know what constructive criticism is. You should probably re-read all the comments before saying stuff like that. If I’m misunderstanding you, please explain

      Jesse AkepoguJesse Akepogu3 måneder siden
    • Henry Harvey it’s called constructive criticism he’s giving points to help vikks game not bashing him

      Hudzz PlayzzHudzz Playzz3 måneder siden
  • U need start using kilo as a main vik not trying to hate but lmgs are not for u

    Nasim ChowdhuryNasim Chowdhury3 måneder siden
  • If You Are Reading This I Hope You Have A Amazing Day!☺️

    1000 Subs With No Uploads Challenge1000 Subs With No Uploads Challenge3 måneder siden
  • 1:36 Why did Vikk just say "the LeVel" so weird

    Jack CahillJack Cahill3 måneder siden
  • Bruh he kept using bruen like dude its not for you because it would switc your movement to kilo or grau

    Daniel SenyoDaniel Senyo3 måneder siden
  • Bruen isn’t the right gun mate kilo or Grau is for u

    MiggzMiggz3 måneder siden
  • i bet you will win

    Abena AquanAbena Aquan3 måneder siden
  • In this stream Vikk shouldve play more agressive

    Titaqua BOEIETitaqua BOEIE3 måneder siden
  • Number 1 on trending now

    Yetsy TubeYetsy Tube3 måneder siden
  • Chin up mate, we'll get 'em next time.

    Eagle 89Eagle 893 måneder siden
  • Honestly, I’d keep using the grau

    Jonathan BlommersJonathan Blommers3 måneder siden
  • All these Bruen comments. Let the man play

    Dario LacorteDario Lacorte3 måneder siden
  • #1 trending on gaming Vikk

    maria oneillmaria oneill3 måneder siden
  • Vik is the best player in the world

    Karen O'ConnorKaren O'Connor3 måneder siden
  • U should go for the Grau its still a laser

    Osas ZzabolazaOsas Zzabolaza3 måneder siden
  • Hey Vik can you pls make a high kill plunder game?

    Joshua DeringerJoshua Deringer3 måneder siden
  • This fortnite youtube hasn't play fortnite on ages

    bradley cassidybradley cassidy3 måneder siden
  • He has 16 ads wtf?

    G.C 9G.C 93 måneder siden
    • You actually counted them

      alfiesquideyealfiesquideye3 måneder siden
    • It's a live stream....

      KweftyDiamondKweftyDiamond3 måneder siden
  • Their are hackers in Warzone ?

    Eric RamirezEric Ramirez3 måneder siden
    • ye

      Rift ClanRift Clan3 måneder siden
  • Vikk what is your mp5 class attachments please like so he can see this it’s OP

    Tyler SmithTyler Smith3 måneder siden
    • Monolithic integral suppressor, merc foregrip, 45 mags, stipple grip tape and ftac collapsible

      alfiesquideyealfiesquideye3 måneder siden
  • 18:57 PuSsy

    Adam SmallAdam Small3 måneder siden
  • Vikkistar- man grau nerfed my career is over Infinity ward- hold my beer were making a new gun

    Rassa MushirRassa Mushir3 måneder siden
  • Vikk I know everyone is telling u to use the kilo but try the m4 with monolithic suppressor, stock m16 grenadier barrel, commando foregrip, 60 round mag and then rubberized grip tape it literally has no recoil

    Micael PereiraMicael Pereira3 måneder siden
  • By the way it wasn't the bruen it was the way of playing😉

    Xadim Bamba ThiamXadim Bamba Thiam3 måneder siden
  • Use grau vikk . Your mobility is great with it.

    • Harris k2020 true

      ERIC EDWARDSERIC EDWARDS3 måneder siden
    • Harris k2020 what u said

      ERIC EDWARDSERIC EDWARDS3 måneder siden
    • @Rift Clan But besides that they basically did nothing to it

      alfiesquideyealfiesquideye3 måneder siden
    • no it's not it slows you down as Much as the bruen, everybody is making an excuse and blaming it on the bruen because they probs haven't tried it and noticed that it is a beast

      Rift ClanRift Clan3 måneder siden
  • We strongly recommend you to use grau vikk. The bruen just ruins your game

    The Flying PianoThe Flying Piano3 måneder siden
    • @Ellis Lumsden yeah you're absolutely right!

      The Flying PianoThe Flying Piano3 måneder siden
    • @Ellis Lumsden Exactly. Well said. 👋

      AbzinoAbzino3 måneder siden
    • @Ellis Lumsden ye

      alfiesquideyealfiesquideye3 måneder siden
    • @alfiesquideye i think he should maybe use grau m4 m13 and stuff in tournaments then bruen when he's just playing casually

      Ellis LumsdenEllis Lumsden3 måneder siden
    • @Ellis Lumsden true tbh he should probably just use any ar or long range weapon other than bruen

      alfiesquideyealfiesquideye3 måneder siden
  • Best fal class?

    Get CarterGet Carter3 måneder siden
  • Not watching this since Warsz isn’t playing

    Monchis PlaysMonchis Plays3 måneder siden
  • Bruen kills vikks mobility. I prefer vikk with vector and kilo. His kills are so smooth when he plays with those guns. Ngl, i rather have vikk play with ordinary than the bruen.

    Blake MirandaBlake Miranda3 måneder siden
    • Kilo MP5

      Joseph KeaneJoseph Keane3 måneder siden
    • Think he should use either kilo or grau with an mp5. Vector isnt as reliable

      The GoldenThe Golden3 måneder siden
  • Funny how everyone telling Vik hat gun to use like they’re pros. Pretty sure he can tell which gun he is comfortable with or not

    Allawy009Allawy0093 måneder siden
    • @Rift Clan he just didn't play well with the bruen. The one he switched to the kilo hus score boosted. Not a coincidence. Just helping though.

      AbzinoAbzino3 måneder siden
    • @XvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ Killme the grau was slow too don't forget

      Rift ClanRift Clan3 måneder siden
    • his aim was off and his movement and ADS was slow. We may not be pros but we’re watching his perspective and we can see the issues same as him. Viks probably realises this as well.

      XvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ KillmeXvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ Killme3 måneder siden
  • Who won?

    Sicario Mx〆。Sicario Mx〆。3 måneder siden
  • Vik is insane he gets three kills right away, I get three if I’m lucky the whole game😂

    L1ghtLanc3makerL1ghtLanc3maker3 måneder siden
    • Lmao

      Kal-el LatchmanKal-el Latchman2 måneder siden
    • @Nicholas Smith why you pressed

      Abu Al-AsifAbu Al-Asif3 måneder siden
    • Abu Al-Asif what shut up

      Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith3 måneder siden
    • I'm lUcKy iF I gEt 1 a gAmE

      Abu Al-AsifAbu Al-Asif3 måneder siden
    • I’m lucky if I get 2 a game

      Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith3 måneder siden
  • Fukn noob #viksukadick

    Richard LopezRichard Lopez3 måneder siden
  • vik need to stop looting so much, plating and hiding when team mates are fighting and downed im sure the enemy is one shot after your mates just fought them, vik looks like he was playing scared this tourney at times, vik needs to just send it and get that 30 bomb

    AirMigs88AirMigs883 måneder siden
    • This is how selfish people play the game. They think they are the star of the show and disregard the care of others.. My friend plays the game exactly how you described looting too much running away when the heat is on and literally wanting to be the last man standing.

      Furious VengeanceFurious VengeanceMåned siden
    • I Nh

      Christopher ReinholtzChristopher Reinholtz2 måneder siden
    • the streak ending ruined his mojo

      windolitEGamerwindolitEGamer3 måneder siden
    • Yes, I’ve noticed this and it’s constructive criticism. I think they could got out of a number of battles if Vik supported the team straight away. I understand why because if you all die than it’s becomes difficult but with your talents it’s worth the risk.

      yoo huewyoo huew3 måneder siden
    • true maybe an off day

      Rift ClanRift Clan3 måneder siden
  • You hate to see it yikes

    JustScrollingJustScrolling3 måneder siden
  • 12th place dame from 1 to 3 to 5 to 7 to 12 i think warzone started to change to fortnite full of sweats and cracked 40 year old’s lol

    JustScrollingJustScrolling3 måneder siden
  • vikk is such a beast but breun aint it use kilo or grau its worked alot in the past for ya

    Maan AlaslaniMaan Alaslani3 måneder siden
    • Hey

      Lucas Jerles15Lucas Jerles15Måned siden
  • Vikkstar is getting carried by Rated

    Blitz GamingBlitz Gaming3 måneder siden
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    Kashish kumarKashish kumar3 måneder siden
  • Who won?????

    lisa southlisa south3 måneder siden
  • Who won??????

    lisa southlisa south3 måneder siden
  • What's vikks decal? Can I buy it or not

    Apoc GalaxyApoc Galaxy3 måneder siden
    • London Royal Ravens (available in cod store), but that’s just the red and blue skin.

      XvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ KillmeXvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ Killme3 måneder siden
  • This comment has 65 likes.

    PotatoGamer_ftwPotatoGamer_ftw3 måneder siden
    • Haha 63 wrong pt2

      BenDogM3BenDogM32 måneder siden
    • @BenDogM3 what?

      PotatoGamer_ftwPotatoGamer_ftw2 måneder siden
    • Wrong

      BenDogM3BenDogM32 måneder siden
  • What does Vikk use to communicate with his friends....is it Skype or Discord or something else ?

    Nitin ArunNitin Arun3 måneder siden
    • Discord the best option

      John BoiJohn Boi3 måneder siden
    • Discord

      Фархан РамджанФархан Рамджан3 måneder siden
  • He’s out? So no 4 peat? 😔

    BENMJR -BENMJR -3 måneder siden
  • To the 1% of people that see this have a wonderful night, stay safe and be grateful for everything in life. 👏

    40k subs without any videos Challenge!!!40k subs without any videos Challenge!!!3 måneder siden
    • pointless but thx

      Rift ClanRift Clan3 måneder siden
    • Weird

      MattMatt3 måneder siden
  • You win some and you lose some. Keep your head up Vik.

    Gary NeidhardtGary Neidhardt3 måneder siden
  • Check out the youtube channel. BoogieBG And subscribe

    Dilpreet RatolDilpreet Ratol3 måneder siden
  • Check out the youtube channel. BoogieBG And subscribe

    Dilpreet RatolDilpreet Ratol3 måneder siden
  • Check out the youtube channel. BoogieBG And subscribe

    Dilpreet RatolDilpreet Ratol3 måneder siden
  • Check out the youtube channel. BoogieBG And subscribe

    Dilpreet RatolDilpreet Ratol3 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rqG_pdN_y6y11tU.html

    Doods JPDoods JP3 måneder siden
    • Nah I’m good

      [insert name][insert name]3 måneder siden
  • Do a sidemen team next week plz

    Bailey RaakBailey Raak3 måneder siden
  • hello pal nice job

    Brett BumsBrett Bums3 måneder siden
  • React to ksi maths video

    Holden GarciaHolden Garcia3 måneder siden
  • 17 ads on your video???? Damn bro, why you hurting for that ad rev???? Don't be grimey

    elipsorangeelipsorange3 måneder siden
    • elipsorange stfu and just support the dude

      Dill PickleDill Pickle3 måneder siden
    • It is 3 and half hours....

      minnesotadude24minnesotadude243 måneder siden
  • Like if the sidemen should do a warzone tournament

    ashley carrollashley carroll3 måneder siden
    • ashley carroll they already have tho

      Fazstar123Fazstar1233 måneder siden
    • Yeah but Vikk should have a handicap

      Beyond GamingBeyond Gaming3 måneder siden
    • @Josh Ashe yeah

      WeetoesWeetoes3 måneder siden
    • Uh there’s not a really a point vik would win easily

      Josh AsheJosh Ashe3 måneder siden
  • How do you get that red and blue Camo vik uses in his custom guns?

    Savage ARSavage AR3 måneder siden
    • its a call of duty league skin you can find them at the bottom of the store in the COD league skins bundle and its the London Royal Ravens

      rqvrqv3 måneder siden
    • You buy the weapon pack in the store believe it’s the royal ravens or something

      Tom OmalleyTom Omalley3 måneder siden
  • How do I get rid of a stalker

    Chipotle FanaticChipotle Fanatic3 måneder siden
    • Turning Around touché

      Chipotle FanaticChipotle Fanatic3 måneder siden
    • stalk him

      Turning AroundTurning Around3 måneder siden