🔴 $20,000 WARZONE TOURNAMENT (Vikkstars Showdown Week 2)

4. sep.. 2020
529 752 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Fun fact u did not search for this

    Mikeykid1 01Mikeykid1 01Måned siden
  • Pensaba que vikk sería mejor, bueno estoy acostumbrado a ver a flexz y a soki

    Antón FernándezAntón FernándezMåned siden
  • Should have checked every corner TBH they flopped. Both looking at stairs and got banged by origin 😂😂😂😂

    ch0per_GUNERch0per_GUNERMåned siden
  • How does the code work it doesn't even

    John PumphreyJohn PumphreyMåned siden
  • 1:39:13

    TelosTelosMåned siden
  • They all tear 155

    Rocco SonnabendRocco SonnabendMåned siden
  • This is like fortnite Friday back in the days

    TTV SHEA boiii btwTTV SHEA boiii btwMåned siden
  • Damn vikk has more views than the sidemen altogether

    Insigna GreekInsigna GreekMåned siden
  • This guy use fov110 and affected?

    Salva PiSalva PiMåned siden
  • You have to play with Aydan more. He’s so sweet and genuine

    Alisha CorleyAlisha CorleyMåned siden
  • 3:24:20

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael MenorcaMåned siden
  • 1 Like = 1 Vote. Junior Kg kid performing as Mother Teresa for there Fancy dress competition. Please like so she can win the competition. noworld.info/video/video/1WW6gtacmJTUprM.html Please forward this message. Thanks in advance.. :) :)

    Ajaz LEADERAjaz LEADERMåned siden
  • Apex legends season 6 bomb weeks 2002

    Maja AdmedMaja AdmedMåned siden
  • Fortnite

    Maja AdmedMaja AdmedMåned siden
  • Back to school september 7 mahja Ahmed hair cut 0 121

    Maja AdmedMaja AdmedMåned siden
  • poop

    ADAMADAMMåned siden
  • 3:13:05 ...man flying 😂

    pabs211pabs211Måned siden
  • Steamers “I don’t put that many ads in my vids Vic 😳😳

    Billy OhaganBilly OhaganMåned siden
  • Good duo. Vik and Aydan

    AvAvMåned siden
  • Why are they playing in groups of two?

    ketan khandoojaketan khandoojaMåned siden
  • The Origin is way too strong rn

    TheRandoomDudeTheRandoomDudeMåned siden
  • love this duo, you and aydan pair well together

    Samuel FerrantiSamuel FerrantiMåned siden
  • Vikk you need to make like a leaderboard thing and show us all after each match who’s won what because all I keep seeing is people saying “what beaket you in “

    Millzy DonMillzy DonMåned siden
  • I love how he still has 123 in his youtube name

    Laboni NoorLaboni NoorMåned siden
  • Venga!! Dónde queda el apoyo para los chicos hispanohablantes,excelente trabajo el de Soki y Flexz! Nice $HIT

    Daniel ArvizuDaniel ArvizuMåned siden
  • Why didn't nickmercs play in this match

    Zain AbideenZain AbideenMåned siden
  • Bien jugando Soki, en verdad le haces honor a la comunidad de habla hispana ♥️🔥

    Somos HypebeastSomos HypebeastMåned siden
    • estaba buscando el comentario sobre soki y el flexz!

      charly ghostcharly ghostMåned siden
  • 2:00:57 toxic Vik lmao jk

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael MenorcaMåned siden
  • Vikkstar deserves 10 mil

    Kian NichollsKian NichollsMåned siden
  • 22 ads 😩

    Richard LeeRichard LeeMåned siden
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    Darpan BiswasDarpan BiswasMåned siden
  • I just killed you in warzone

    St0rm_roseSt0rm_roseMåned siden
  • Why he never lag?

    Francesco PallottaFrancesco PallottaMåned siden
  • This was soooo much more enjoyable than watching u play with Fifa.

    Ryan IssacoRyan IssacoMåned siden
  • Well done Vik. You couldnt of done anything more. GG Vik.

    Mike MillsMike MillsMåned siden
  • Imagine the wrong buying back with doom_fifakill!

    Filipe DiasFilipe DiasMåned siden
  • What if vikstar opponent is faze dirty vik might not get a chance to even thinking of winning

    Kangjam Rohit Kumar Rohit KumarKangjam Rohit Kumar Rohit KumarMåned siden
  • I thought that was JJ in the thumbnail

    Reece OakleyReece OakleyMåned siden
  • Vickstar I was the one who joined your game look on Twitter on stormswiftt I’m not even lying

    ApsboroApsboroMåned siden
    • It was actually him

      Awesome Louis1Awesome Louis1Måned siden
  • Anyone else get a “restricted” message when trying to watch this back?? And what’s a g suite account 🤷🏼‍♂️

    P BowdenP BowdenMåned siden
  • I just loved aydans attitude. What a fricking cool guy man, we need more people like him.

    The Flying PianoThe Flying PianoMåned siden
  • Anyone notice after he gets killed, he moves the same way every time 😂

    SHAMZSHAMZMåned siden
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    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/x4exjbidsJWWz5I.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/x4exjbidsJWWz5I.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/x4exjbidsJWWz5I.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • Why is there like 20 ads in this video

    WazzupWazzupMåned siden

    Pinguin the PenguinPinguin the PenguinMåned siden
  • YOO!!

    Pinguin the PenguinPinguin the PenguinMåned siden
  • Please play with aydan

    MI.k 1514MI.k 1514Måned siden
  • how exactly do they win the money? is it through rounds or what exactly?

    Lewis vincentLewis vincentMåned siden
  • Aydan and Vikk play so well together. Do it again!!!

    Dippy DippyDippy DippyMåned siden
  • Can we have H7m pls senpi

    FlyingNan CarcasFlyingNan CarcasMåned siden
  • Vikk: I am good at warzone Guy with origin: no

    Abdul MohaiminAbdul MohaiminMåned siden
  • Apex is such an honorable guy and killed himself. But Vikk did 4 rebuys on his own at the end. It felt like the team was streamsniping since they kept hunting them down.

    ZedjaZedjaMåned siden
    • Zedja he didnt kill himself😂😂😂

      Harry JoshuaHarry JoshuaMåned siden
  • Definitely need to play with Aydan more! Loved this duo

    CassieCassieMåned siden
  • Agar aap Aspur mil jaaye to Mera target pura ho jaega

    saifi creativesaifi creativeMåned siden
  • Yaar main Kisi Ki Kasam Khai hai Ki Main Apni Bina Bina video upload Karen 1000 subscriber kar kar dikhaunga

    saifi creativesaifi creativeMåned siden
  • You and Warz can be the only 3peat, so make sure you take down Sym and Bloo next week.

    Jere_03 LynnJere_03 LynnMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/lYHJdsWFm72xm8k.html

    DtotheDDtotheDMåned siden
  • Message to all those Vikkstar123 fans: *You're nice unique and awesome. Have a wonderful day!*

    AHC TanimAHC TanimMåned siden
    • Well what about the people that aren't fans of vikk

      SarmanSarmanMåned siden
  • New best.game channel subscribe please bro noworld.info/video/video/uGaYjcCNqcXXz6c.html

    Sourabh Yadav RaoSourabh Yadav RaoMåned siden
  • Winner???

    lira huertalira huertaMåned siden
  • Why this man looks like faze rain 😅

    VICTOR fajaVICTOR fajaMåned siden
  • Ok

    Fighter LmFighter LmMåned siden
    • ok

      ZEEKZEEKMåned siden
  • Genuinely would use your creator code of anyones Vikk being from UK, but until veterans that helped put this game (and its competitive scene) on the map like scump get a code I won't be buying or using the shop unfortunately. GGs tho ur cracked.

    Greg EspieGreg EspieMåned siden
    • Today

      Maja AdmedMaja AdmedMåned siden
    • Greg Espie and again you prove my point. He was not streaming while he was doing all that was he. So what if he streamed once it was all done. He was not putting up numbers like the others that got codes for the beta program for the codes. So are CoD supposed to give something to be tested to someone that won’t be testing it? You fanboys are the worst.

      Deadpool69ftwDeadpool69ftwMåned siden
    • Deadpool69ftw bro you’re crazyyyy, he’s been scrimming for cdl champs for the past 2 month. The biggest event in the COD season?? Only the 1.7 mil winning prize? And then when he’s done he’s back grinding streams a day later? You’re nuts

      Greg EspieGreg EspieMåned siden
    • Greg Espie let’s look at your comment. “15k viewers after not streaming for over a month” hmmm I wonder why he had 15k and you proved my point perfectly as to why Scump didn’t get a code. Vikk, Tim, Sym, NickMercs all have been streaming daily(nearly) videos daily or every other day.

      Deadpool69ftwDeadpool69ftwMåned siden
    • Deadpool69ftw you’re crazy bro, scump literally had 15k viewers last night after not streaming for a month and a half. Huntsmen broke cdl viewership numbers records all year.

      Greg EspieGreg EspieMåned siden
  • Why the comment section empty

    StupzStupzMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/xZqVbsBvmavAsZI.html watch this

    DtotheDDtotheDMåned siden
  • Anyone know who won the tourney?

    Resignz_Resignz_Måned siden
    • Sym and mutex team another one can’t remember made it thru to finals

      S wavy MiloS wavy MiloMåned siden
  • Should play more tourneys with Aydan definitely.

    DiNoDiNoMåned siden
  • We need to see more vikk and Aydan duos

    Louis HallLouis HallMåned siden
  • 4:49:05 for vik raging cause of a guy with an origin sitting on the toilet killing them both ffs 😭

    Blesson MohanBlesson MohanMåned siden
    • Origin is so broken imo

      Big Boy TescosBig Boy TescosMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/yXi7isVwzM_clMU.html

      Spirit SlayerSpirit SlayerMåned siden
    • Every game has a camper with no life😂

      jes nortonjes nortonMåned siden
  • Vikk: good at the game People using origin: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

    LozzaGaming 101LozzaGaming 101Måned siden
    • im just gonna leave the like number untouched

      Darshan KumarDarshan KumarMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/zpa1fKen1bHUy68.html A

      subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
  • Man accually bought the wrong person

    Farhaan AhmedFarhaan AhmedMåned siden
    • Happened in scump v formal aswell hahahaha

      no nameno nameMåned siden
    • @Kopite 27 how often do randomers have 2v2 tourneys?

      subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/zpa1fKen1bHUy68.html A

      subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • The way ayden reacts tho

      Jordan SJordan SMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/yXi7isVwzM_clMU.html

      Spirit SlayerSpirit SlayerMåned siden
  • Vikk, make a origin 12 shotgun class for us because it’s getting overpowered and everyone’s using it and also keep using Code VIKK in the Modern Warfare store or you’ll keep losing ur gulags or might even die from Vikk in the gulag (If it’s him) but keep up the good work my G. Edit: Oh and btw, unlucky about that ending, the guy got u and Aydan good there but keep on grinding a lot mate and soon u might win a lot of tournaments again.

    Atiful IslamAtiful IslamMåned siden
    • @Robert Levine swap your mono with choke and omds it's too broken. Also I use 25 rounds for quads and I cna literally push a building feeling like I have infinite health

      ArcticRLArcticRLMåned siden
    • I use that class as well and i used it today and the shotgun slayed so much people that I faced

      Atiful IslamAtiful IslamMåned siden
    • a really good class that i use is the longest barrel, monolithic, no stock, 5mw laser and 12 round mag

      Robert LevineRobert LevineMåned siden
  • 4:37:45 for vik accidentally buying back his opponents instead of aydan

    Blesson MohanBlesson MohanMåned siden
    • It happens

      Akhil AjithAkhil AjithMåned siden
  • "every gulag is a 50/50" erm you sure bout that pal?

    MizMizMåned siden
    • @Jacob P yeah i agree with 100%, but I still use code vikk

      GriffoGriffoMåned siden
    • @Griffo also have to factor in the opposing player could have limiting factors. Internet problems (high ping), stuck buttons/keys, tiredness. Literally every single factor down to how small or big your hands are could put you in an advantage. I don't think it's possible to have an even gulag.

      Jacob PJacob PMåned siden
    • @Zach Attack but you also have to factor in skill level

      GriffoGriffoMåned siden
    • Technically he is right u either win or lose

      Zach AttackZach AttackMåned siden
    • No it’s 50/50

      Harry DaviesHarry DaviesMåned siden
  • You and ayden banged it good job, got unlucky

    Blesson MohanBlesson MohanMåned siden
    • Who won the tourney

      Red 9Red 9Måned siden
  • i so hate that gun mw remove it

    Moh 85Moh 85Måned siden
  • Aydan is the best man. he’s so supportive, not toxic at all and just a good dude

    gee emgee emMåned siden
    • @Yusuf Mukith ]]kkkkk

      Jungsoo JungJungsoo Jung12 dager siden
    • OK no 1 asked

      ManasseHDManasseHDMåned siden
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    • noworld.info/video/video/yXi7isVwzM_clMU.html

      Spirit SlayerSpirit SlayerMåned siden
    • Filipe Dias lmao

      Owen DBOwen DBMåned siden
  • So so close

    ΛKΛKMåned siden
  • EU/NA duo is the way to go if we can't get Warsz 👍🏻

    Daniel StrikeDaniel StrikeMåned siden
  • Great tournament Vikk! Very unlucky at the end but also happy for Apex who's such a great guy as well. You should definitely play with Aydan again! Both of you make a great pairing, especially in a 8.5Kd cap.

    Tom BradyTom BradyMåned siden
    • @cajobe1971 Yeah but if they didn't push it together they were more susceptible to being picked apart one by one. And if that happened they would have looked back and thought about why they didn't push together. It's unlucky because it was 2v1 against a player that had just dropped and had floor loot. Any other gun bar the origin and Vikk and Aydan would have won that exchange.

      Tom BradyTom BradyMåned siden
    • it wasn't unlucky ... they pushed this guy at the same time, from the same entrance ... not very clever, IMO - but hey, was a good and enjoyable vid, never the less

      cajobe1971cajobe1971Måned siden
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    • noworld.info/video/video/yXi7isVwzM_clMU.html

      Spirit SlayerSpirit SlayerMåned siden
    • Adam 999 bro it was literally the featured comment on my screen I couldn’t miss it! 😂

      DeebzDeebzMåned siden
  • This just proves how grated vik is

    OC NightOC NightMåned siden
  • Why'd he jus end? Why it end on such a random spot

    Sith2xSith2xMåned siden
    • There out of the tourney anyways

      Daniel StrikeDaniel StrikeMåned siden
    • Because of the 2 minute stream delay because of the streamsnipers

      TonghaleTonghaleMåned siden
    • It’s because there’s a delay on his stream so when he ends those few seconds of footage from the delay are cut of....i think

      Christopher LeeChristopher LeeMåned siden
    • I'm confused too

      Daniel StrikeDaniel StrikeMåned siden
  • Yo

    OC NightOC NightMåned siden
  • Ggggggggggs

    Omar ElmalakyOmar ElmalakyMåned siden
  • Why did it jus end?

    Sith2xSith2xMåned siden
    • @The HiphopUnderworld How do I get to watch it live tho!?

      Daniel StrikeDaniel StrikeMåned siden
    • It didn't end. NOworld streams don't work correctly past the 4 hour mark. Its still on you just won't be able to rewind or pause it now

      The HiphopUnderworldThe HiphopUnderworldMåned siden
    • Idk

      Daniel StrikeDaniel StrikeMåned siden
    • 4:49:10

      ΛKΛKMåned siden
  • Lost full

    Ammar SadiqAmmar SadiqMåned siden
  • Vikk👍✌️🙏❤️

    Yusef RashidYusef RashidMåned siden
  • Hey 👋

    Justin Yizhi ZhengJustin Yizhi ZhengMåned siden
    • @Sith2x he broke his hand

      MrHamz1993MrHamz1993Måned siden
    • Why did it jus end?

      Sith2xSith2xMåned siden