🔴 $20,000 WARZONE TOURNAMENT (Vikkstars Showdown Week 3)

10. sep.. 2020
618 329 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Isnt it satisfying when you erase all the ads

    Gamer FazleGamer Fazle29 dager siden
  • I came here for 3:02:00

    Juan Carlos Lopez ValenciaJuan Carlos Lopez ValenciaMåned siden
  • Wooooooow only people who join his group can be in the group chat huh? That's quite sad

    Mohammed Sayful IslamMohammed Sayful IslamMåned siden
  • 28:56 the expression on his face 🤣🤣🤣

    Asif ChoyonAsif ChoyonMåned siden
  • What’s the best gun to use in warzone rn (AR)

    EVD AssassinEVD AssassinMåned siden
    • Kilo

      Erik SucksmithErik SucksmithMåned siden
  • Can you even make more commercial in this video?! Wtf is this! Unsubscribed!

    Gustavo FringGustavo FringMåned siden
  • Vik let himself die in so many silly ways throughout this

    jakamoo1990jakamoo1990Måned siden
  • Crim has a real ego which he’s (to an extent) earned but it’s very easy to see why he’d rub people up the wrong way. He comes across very blunt and not very polite

    GoldBallTVGoldBallTVMåned siden
    • He’s a good guy he’s just competitive

      Poop ChampPoop Champ28 dager siden
  • Thats how chinese players win every game cheating all the time

    delvin bisnardelvin bisnarMåned siden
  • Legendary “I’m gonna go smoke” 😂

    Dylan PatelDylan PatelMåned siden
  • What does he use on his kilo

    Dean ClarkeDean ClarkeMåned siden
    • Kilo:mono, commando foregrip,vlk sight,60round mags,19.8” barrel

      Luke supekLuke supekMåned siden
  • this guy use 120 FOV and independient??????

    Salva PiSalva PiMåned siden
  • Think u should try TV, they can be filthy man

    Matt SMatt SMåned siden
  • I was in your game lol

    Zangen ZekriZangen ZekriMåned siden
  • I think Vikk is scared nowadays of dying in warzone he didnt use to check heart beat these many times befor

    Mind games with GurshanMind games with GurshanMåned siden
  • you should play with Crimson more often, you guys were really good at the end

    Pedro SilvaPedro SilvaMåned siden
  • What field of view do you play on vik

    OrangesOrangesMåned siden
  • Could you do a video of your loadouts

    Hannah DaviesHannah DaviesMåned siden
  • I do warzone editz but growing is painfully slow. Patience is a need XD

    MozzaMozzaMåned siden
    • Sad

      jakamoo1990jakamoo1990Måned siden
    • Stfu

      Michael MagnerMichael MagnerMåned siden
  • Kimk

    Elijah Fernando OcampoElijah Fernando OcampoMåned siden
  • hello

    Mahamed AhmedMahamed AhmedMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0aWwhs6sk5ffmrc.html

    Noscp GamesNoscp GamesMåned siden
  • Vik your character is holding you back you should change it so that you see lmao

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael MenorcaMåned siden
  • Please watch my latest vid the link is noworld.info/video/video/l2uYqryC1dSomq8.html Please watch my latest vid the link is noworld.info/video/video/l2uYqryC1dSomq8.html Please watch my latest vid the link is noworld.info/video/video/l2uYqryC1dSomq8.html Please watch my latest vid the link is noworld.info/video/video/l2uYqryC1dSomq8.html

    kxvin_123kxvin_123Måned siden
  • famous words of crim "aight imma go smoke"

    Kameron MohlerKameron MohlerMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vKuSnpt7uLqetrM.html

    NITROxGoatedGoat1829NITROxGoatedGoat1829Måned siden
  • why if a person u killed knows your name there a stream sniper like they could just see your name when u knocked him

    Ethan DamronEthan DamronMåned siden
    • bru you cant tipe in chat when your ded and they dont want them to do that dummieeeee

      Jesse LozenskyJesse LozenskyMåned siden
  • *Man crim is so toxic its really funny.... hes a really good guy too*

    10K Subs With one video challenge10K Subs With one video challengeMåned siden
    • Nice job copying the top comment

      TorqueTorqueMåned siden
  • *Warz dropping that that 2,5k and shaking his head at it was hilarious and toxic at the same time*

    10K Subs With one video challenge10K Subs With one video challengeMåned siden
    • When was that?

      Ishfaq farhadIshfaq farhadMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/tqjOnbqdqZeTlK8.html

    praveen kumarpraveen kumarMåned siden
  • why did he stop playing with WarZ?

    Ryan GohdRyan GohdMåned siden
    • he chooses the team but there's a kd cap and vikk and warz has too much kd togeather

      The Meme Genie [TMG]The Meme Genie [TMG]Måned siden
    • Ah got it

      Ryan GohdRyan GohdMåned siden
    • he dosent choose the teams

      Alfred TarbensenAlfred TarbensenMåned siden
  • Vic finnaly playing multiplayer

    youngEZY O9youngEZY O9Måned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/1HenebB4k8vZ09E.html

    BreadBreadMåned siden
  • I was super excited for this all day yesterday and it definitely lived up to my expectations brilliant gaming from all really enjoyed it 👍🏻

    Daniel o sullivanDaniel o sullivanMåned siden
  • I'll love to see doc and vik do a duo

    BaZZaPlayZBaZZaPlayZMåned siden
  • How to get free ₹2000 noworld.info/video/video/qIDIgZOpsseuwq8.html

    CyBeR-CrAsH GaMiNgCyBeR-CrAsH GaMiNgMåned siden
  • 2:57:00 its the kilo lol

    ahmed ghareahmed ghareMåned siden
  • Koi to mera NOworld channel ko subscribe kardo please

  • noworld.info/video/video/lYq4i9Bs1K64k6M.html

    Battery LowBattery LowMåned siden
  • 5:40:00

    berdberdMåned siden
  • Vikk calling it ground wars building rather than long is slightly triggering 🤣

    Vikesh PatelVikesh PatelMåned siden
  • Vik literally ran past a loadout drop in Superstore 😭

    MEllis SchofieldMEllis SchofieldMåned siden
  • Hello Boss, LOVE your Videos, inspired this Swedish noob to create my own gaming chanel, trying to learn and do my best in my sparetime when im not working or spending time at the gym! If you wanna take some of your time to give some tips on how to grow on this platform it would be highly appreciated! since im stuck at maybe 40 viewers on my videos hehe 😀 Much love from your swedish fans!

    DenzooDenzooMåned siden
  • Ez for Wars "WarsZ" Z

    berdberdMåned siden
  • I win 110 times

    AZM GilaniAZM GilaniMåned siden
  • Man crim is so toxic its really funny.... hes a really good guy too

    Aazif NavasAazif NavasMåned siden
    • Okk

      Elvinza NadifElvinza NadifMåned siden
  • Who won it

    warzone goat tomwarzone goat tomMåned siden
    • Warsz and dream m8

      Kian jonesKian jonesMåned siden
    • Watch and your aee

      999999Måned siden
  • Y did warz and vik stop playing

    Ravere GillRavere GillMåned siden
    • Vik felt he was holding warz back (he was at the time tbf) so started playing with others.. Hes on better form atm though but yeah as max said 8.5 kd cap i believe in this tourney and i think warz has 5 alone

      James SharpeJames SharpeMåned siden
    • Think they have a k/d cap In the tournament and they’re too high

      Max BrownMax BrownMåned siden
  • E

    FitypigFitypigMåned siden
  • Nice to see Warz qualifying, but it's bittersweet that it's the guy who got Vikkstar his titles that stop him qualifying. I said this in chat last week. If Vikk doesn't qualify during one of the weeks I feel so sorry for the person who's spot he will take, since he is guaranteed a spot in the final.

    ZedjaZedjaMåned siden
    • @gamer guy Thanks. I never noticed that week 9 had 9 spots on the website.

      ZedjaZedjaMåned siden
    • He’s not taking anyones spot - 8 weeks,8 winners and 9 teams in the grand final

      gamer guygamer guyMåned siden
  • Can't see the starting part and end part😭😭😭

    Amiel Benjamin 6Amiel Benjamin 6Måned siden
    • @Saad Hasan what

      Amiel Benjamin 6Amiel Benjamin 6Måned siden
    • 5.55.14

      Saad HasanSaad HasanMåned siden
    • Same. Goes up to 4 hours when I can see its over 5 hours

      xdeedawggxxdeedawggxMåned siden
  • 1:00

    Dhairya AgarwalDhairya AgarwalMåned siden
  • I beg you play a week with warz

    N EM7N EM7Måned siden
    • @Aynaan Khan i don't think that is happening as it as warsz has qualified for tournament now with his new teammate

      Aditya VermaAditya VermaMåned siden
    • @Aditya Verma warsz was given the captain slot. One of them just needs to give up their spot and they'd be able to play

      Aynaan KhanAynaan KhanMåned siden
    • @Aynaan Khan i think even after that they cant as warsz is a captain of team so is vikk so no two captains in a team

      Aditya VermaAditya VermaMåned siden
    • @Stephen Vallejo its quite close tho, each of them need to drop their kd by 0.1 to be able to play together

      Aynaan KhanAynaan KhanMåned siden
    • He can’t there’s a kd cap

      Stephen VallejoStephen VallejoMåned siden
  • Amazing tourney Vikk vs Warsz in the finals

    Kush SharmaKush SharmaMåned siden
  • 5:03:10 missed a loadout drop marker 🙃🙃

    Farhan KadriFarhan KadriMåned siden
    • 5:50:00

      Saad HasanSaad HasanMåned siden
    • Didn't even know that was floor loot

      L30 V1105L30 V1105Måned siden
  • 4:13:45 What is that drink ?

    Hashim MuhammadHashim MuhammadMåned siden
    • Hashim Muhammad Robinson’s blackcurrent juice

      MJ x FUSIONZMJ x FUSIONZMåned siden
  • Hi

    Dev879Dev879Måned siden
  • Gotta be gassed for warsz

    dylan mulroedylan mulroeMåned siden
  • Warz dropping that that 2,5k and shaking his head at it was hilarious and toxic at the same time (5:45:30)

    matthijs kraaijmatthijs kraaijMåned siden
    • @ahmed ghare Ohh yh I agree Ofc I'm just saying he didn't destroy vikk

      L30 V1105L30 V1105Måned siden
    • @L30 V1105 ohhh but cmon warz was unbeatable yesterday

      ahmed ghareahmed ghareMåned siden
    • @ahmed ghare It was close the whole time till the end and they very nearly won, warsz played better, but you can't say he destroyed them

      L30 V1105L30 V1105Måned siden
    • @L30 V1105 wdym

      ahmed ghareahmed ghareMåned siden
    • @ahmed ghare Not in the finals

      L30 V1105L30 V1105Måned siden
  • Hi

    Ashton OryAshton OryMåned siden
  • Mans is goated

    Andreas GobertAndreas GobertMåned siden
  • W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rashid ARashid AMåned siden
    • JustSomeMonatges still won’t 6 grand

      MJ x FUSIONZMJ x FUSIONZMåned siden
    • Rashid A they didn’t win

      JustSomeMonatgesJustSomeMonatgesMåned siden
  • 28:51 Why’d he climb up just to look at him 😂

    Jacob OJacob OMåned siden
    • Lol

      Zangen ZekriZangen ZekriMåned siden
    • Vikk wouldve been killed was it anyone else🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 vikk literally made eyecontact for 5 secs with a random😭😭

      InactiveInactiveMåned siden
    • Checking out that booty and class loadout ... Nice lil sneak peek is hot ;)

      Blue GirlBlue GirlMåned siden
    • Probably a stream sniper

      Shantam SridevShantam SridevMåned siden
    • Probably was just as confused as vikk was lol

      L30 V1105L30 V1105Måned siden
  • Anyone know the Grau class

    SOVjaySOVjayMåned siden
    • Yea

      Thrii GrizzleyThrii GrizzleyMåned siden
    • Yea

      Brix XanderBrix XanderMåned siden
    • Yea

      Happy ManHappy ManMåned siden

    Happy ManHappy ManMåned siden
    • Happy Man Yes

      JustSomeMonatgesJustSomeMonatgesMåned siden
    • JustSomeMonatges warz won?

      Happy ManHappy ManMåned siden
    • Happy Man no they didn’t?

      JustSomeMonatgesJustSomeMonatgesMåned siden
  • sad

    patato chippatato chipMåned siden