30. juni. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • noworld.info/video/video/lmrOm5l-lLiwva8.html

    Jacob BrewerJacob Brewer2 måneder siden
  • Smooth russian accent

    Jonathan ArieJonathan Arie2 måneder siden
  • Will you play Fortnite again

    Ash OgborneAsh Ogborne3 måneder siden
    • No

      SonicSonic2 måneder siden
  • Gotta love this game I uploaded a quick gameplay today which captures the atmosphere of this game perfectly

    The Real Sick GamerThe Real Sick Gamer3 måneder siden
  • Intressting you telling the team where them ar be for you se the othere team well done

    igatsoigatso3 måneder siden
  • Can I play with you please

    Leland Haslam 07Leland Haslam 073 måneder siden
  • Just gunna say vikk has quite a bit of mid rolls in the vid

    Philip SchofieldPhilip Schofield3 måneder siden
  • Faze vik

    NarutoDontMissNarutoDontMiss3 måneder siden
  • Who knows vikks new grau class

    Active DripyActive Dripy3 måneder siden
  • wow I started to follow you because of jackfraggs now I am going to unsub because I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR FACE ANY MORE! not that you're ugly or nothing just I WANT THE GAME NOT YOUR FACE

    von donksvon donks3 måneder siden
  • Faze want you man

    thegloomykidthegloomykid3 måneder siden
  • 5:27 the laugh tho

    Lewdog 123 GamesLewdog 123 Games3 måneder siden
  • Vik can't snipe for toffee

    Liam BlackmanLiam Blackman3 måneder siden
  • What app did you get warzone on

    Sidney RuddSidney Rudd3 måneder siden
  • Can't wait for 500 player lobbies!

    PsychoMushroomPsychoMushroom3 måneder siden
  • Is the grau still good and usable after the nerf? Or is it better to switch To something else

    Cian GalleryCian Gallery3 måneder siden
    • Still usable only a little bit more recoil I would take it over the m13 still

      Alex DavidsonAlex Davidson3 måneder siden
  • The gulag shoud never been switched form pistol

    HenrikHenrik3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Rogan HallRogan Hall3 måneder siden
  • Wait whats curent kill record?

    Ginters RavengerGinters Ravenger3 måneder siden
  • lll

    sumaiya sultanasumaiya sultana3 måneder siden
  • vik your using an AX-50 like a HDR its got less range

    NoSenceNoSence3 måneder siden
  • “ we have got the new rytec amr assault rifle” bruh what ??? 🧐

    Aussie DeucesAussie Deuces3 måneder siden
  • Shoots across the map without adjusting sights for distance. Vikk: Why am I not hitting these snipes?!?!

    Master KnightMaster Knight3 måneder siden
  • Not much of team players vik lol that’s why it’s the vik show I guess.

    DJL1NKDJL1NK3 måneder siden
  • I love u live

    XxollykingxX XxXxollykingxX Xx3 måneder siden
  • Try using the PP19 Bizon

    Samy SidiSamy Sidi3 måneder siden
  • how does he walk through claymores with no damage?

    Tyrone AanhuizenTyrone Aanhuizen3 måneder siden
  • Apex said you should join

    Jarren BrownJarren Brown3 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    Jarren BrownJarren Brown3 måneder siden
  • Snipers in the gulag is cancer

    Zak QuinlanZak Quinlan3 måneder siden
  • The grau is still a laser mid range but far range it isn’t the best that’s why now I use cloakzys m13 class

    lil BJlil BJ3 måneder siden
  • bruh viks canadian teamsters is so nice

    Daniel KelleherDaniel Kelleher3 måneder siden
  • 3 mins in and already an Ad, OMG stop! Another ad at 7 and 12 mins sigh...

    Olsbijack2Olsbijack23 måneder siden
  • Do you wear the same shirt just with a different color every day?

    Olsbijack2Olsbijack23 måneder siden
    • Fc

      Diego ContrerasDiego Contreras3 måneder siden
  • Nerds

    Chicken OrientalChicken Oriental3 måneder siden
  • Plz make merch

    Ollie Laundon Year 8Ollie Laundon Year 83 måneder siden
  • does anyone know what software vik uses to talk to his mates cross platform?

    Zaffar KadujiZaffar Kaduji3 måneder siden
  • Can you stream more dota underlords? Pls? Like if you want him to stream more dota!

    An Anonymous PersonAn Anonymous Person3 måneder siden
  • I just played a match hardpoint and in the enemy team was prob a faker named "Vikkstar123"

    jensen V.Ljensen V.L3 måneder siden
    • lol I also had a Vikkstar123 on EU servers yesterday, but his rank was like 122 (and I'm sure Vikk's been 155 for a while already) and the dude sucked ass...

      hylianchrisshylianchriss3 måneder siden
  • Dear Vikk, please change your tags . i really want all the sidemen get the diamond play button. cheers

    Serei BoostSerei Boost3 måneder siden
    • Kareem Cromwell like the tags u could see every you tubers put on social blade

      Serei BoostSerei Boost3 måneder siden
    • What do you mean tags?

      Kareem CromwellKareem Cromwell3 måneder siden
  • 696969696966666966969696969696966669696969969696969969696969696969696969696996969696969669696996969696969969696996969696

    kavo Kidd9kavo Kidd93 måneder siden
  • Well Nathan

    kavo Kidd9kavo Kidd93 måneder siden
  • Can you make a vid with Harry of Warzone

    TEMP4RR-X-Scarlet On 60FPSTEMP4RR-X-Scarlet On 60FPS3 måneder siden
  • You should join faze

    xektrix !xektrix !3 måneder siden
  • Faze vikk???

    Jason RendonJason Rendon3 måneder siden
  • Meow

    Dude TubeDude Tube3 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    dane McMurtrydane McMurtry3 måneder siden

    Realist 117Realist 1173 måneder siden
  • Vlk needs to do a challenge where his live chat chooses his gun and attachments and he has to try win

    Harley FinselbachHarley Finselbach3 måneder siden

    Team SwavyTeam Swavy3 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    Brian PerezBrian Perez3 måneder siden
  • Are you going to go back to the soon coming mc championship or the soon coming mc Monday?

    SyzesSyzes4 måneder siden
  • What’s on that mp5

    Tyler GoodTyler Good4 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    Arellano eArellano e4 måneder siden
  • hi have a good day

    Adam ParkerAdam Parker4 måneder siden
  • faze apex wants you to join faze

    Danny SmithDanny Smith4 måneder siden
  • It’s free real estate

    randomdude gamesrandomdude games4 måneder siden
  • Running with obvious loudout. M4 & MP5. Got diffrent gun - dunno how to use it. So true. How boring is to use only the easiest guns. Try to develop skills dude

    Mario PaczaczMario Paczacz4 måneder siden
    • *competitive players*

      MrSuperSlav 2424MrSuperSlav 24243 måneder siden
  • Join faze vik

    OskarskiOskarski4 måneder siden
  • Do fists only that would be so funny

    Jumpy AdamJumpy Adam4 måneder siden
    • Too hard its like 4 hits to break armour

      MrSuperSlav 2424MrSuperSlav 24243 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    JacobJ_Pro01JacobJ_Pro014 måneder siden
  • herbzz MW

    Joe fortnite 555Joe fortnite 5554 måneder siden
    • @herbzz MW

      Joe fortnite 555Joe fortnite 5554 måneder siden
  • Herbzz MW

    Joe fortnite 555Joe fortnite 5554 måneder siden
  • Herbs mw

    Joe fortnite 555Joe fortnite 5554 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    Cameron BauerCameron Bauer4 måneder siden
  • Some people work hard for that gun so shut up

    Holden KelvingtonHolden Kelvington4 måneder siden
  • Grau doesn’t feel nerfed, but the Kilo literally has no recoil with the right attachments.

    PhatecPhatec4 måneder siden
    • Frederick Shaffer correct merc has better recoil control overall by a hair.

      PhatecPhatec3 måneder siden
    • Titan2k Merc has even better recoil control and you can get hip fire accuracy.

      Frederick ShafferFrederick Shaffer3 måneder siden
    • Phatec ranger foregrip instead of commando, for more recoil control

      Titan2kTitan2k3 måneder siden
    • @pro_ bramble Monolithic Suppressor, Singaurd Arms 19.8", Tac Laser, Commando Foregrip.

      PhatecPhatec3 måneder siden
    • What are the right attachments...?

      pro_ bramblepro_ bramble3 måneder siden
  • Yo u should join Faze it’s better for u

    Mozah BalochMozah Baloch4 måneder siden
  • wait is this the Russ Russ?

    GreenyGreeny4 måneder siden
  • What’s the new meta gun boys ?

    SmellsLikeKetSmellsLikeKet4 måneder siden

    Eskil AleksandersenEskil Aleksandersen4 måneder siden
  • Nerf the grau to the graund

    whithewhithe4 måneder siden
  • Sometimes i just like watching people play call of duty multiplayer then playing it my self.

    MysticStrike ForceMysticStrike Force4 måneder siden
    • Same 😂😂

      ClxpiiClxpii2 måneder siden
    • Same

      Rank vainRank vain3 måneder siden
  • Loooool his reaction when his teammates bought back Russ instead of him @20.00 he was burning inside

    Adam JabbarAdam Jabbar4 måneder siden
    • Faris Irfan yh probably whatever 😂😂

      Adam JabbarAdam Jabbar3 måneder siden
  • What is the META close-range assault/SMG in this latest update do we all think boys?

    Callum PerryCallum Perry4 måneder siden
    • Close range? Still the MP5 and Vector (Fennec). Nothing has changed. MP7 and UZI are good up close, but MP5 and Vector shreds most. Short-mid range it's still the MP7, long range it's still Grau, M4, M13... very little has changed really.

      hylianchrisshylianchriss3 måneder siden
  • Can u check out my new vid:) noworld.info/video/video/1HvWab6GlNCrurs.html

    K8LL_K8LL_4 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    DesertAlpha 1DesertAlpha 14 måneder siden
  • I was in a game with you!!

    kenadee stephensonkenadee stephenson4 måneder siden
  • This seems so much faster than on my ps4. They run like Usain Bolt on this.

    yo moyo mo4 måneder siden
    • @SimplyJustBlueFire fov doesn't, fps does since it makes the game more smoother making it feel faster, fov has nothing to do with speed

      pinkchickenpinkchicken3 måneder siden
    • @pinkchicken fps dont affect speed lmaoo

      SimplyJustBlueFireSimplyJustBlueFire3 måneder siden
    • @SimplyJustBlueFire no it's called higher FPS, fov 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

      pinkchickenpinkchicken3 måneder siden
    • its called higher FOV, He's not faster than you

      SimplyJustBlueFireSimplyJustBlueFire4 måneder siden
  • Indian

    Hjort UoHjort Uo4 måneder siden
  • He should join faze

    king mbking mb4 måneder siden
  • Do a tip video

    HyjackHyjack4 måneder siden
  • I love your content keep it up!!

    PenguinifyPenguinify4 måneder siden
  • Rytec amr assault rifle? 0:11

    Jesus XDLOLLMAOJesus XDLOLLMAO4 måneder siden
  • NEW kill record is going to be broken again

    RzR SniPezRzR SniPez4 måneder siden
    • But that will be a DIFFERENT record. A 200 player record, which will have to be a separate category.

      hylianchrisshylianchriss3 måneder siden
  • Join faze

    Prod. KgirvProd. Kgirv4 måneder siden
  • Faze vikstar

    Armaan AhujaArmaan Ahuja4 måneder siden
  • I cant be the only one who thinks vik a little bit look like ross geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Ante BrekaloAnte Brekalo4 måneder siden
  • Watching this during online class

    Youtube ExilityYoutube Exility4 måneder siden
  • I dont think the gi mini reflex is worth it the vlk zooms in faster and better and better for long rage kills

    Abdio ShaikhAbdio Shaikh4 måneder siden
  • Ummmm 150 was too much about 200😂

    Ken KanekiKen Kaneki4 måneder siden
  • They need to bring back warzone rumble

    706 DSGB706 DSGB4 måneder siden
    • Definitely

      Big_BenYTBig_BenYT4 måneder siden
  • How long do u think it will be until they get over 200 kills

    Will ArnillWill Arnill4 måneder siden
  • Rank 155 ..jeezz

    WolfWolf4 måneder siden
  • You plz join faze

    Jack BromleyJack Bromley4 måneder siden
  • vik you should make a duplicate class of your gun but with the perk fully loaded so when you comeback from the gulag you have ammo or if you ever need ammo

    jake ferraryjake ferrary4 måneder siden
  • Ur sick ur my favourite NOworld

    Reissy _b7Reissy _b74 måneder siden
  • Jion faze

    Amy WeatherupAmy Weatherup4 måneder siden
  • I Think they should bring 200 into fortnite Like if u agree

    Vision GamingVision Gaming4 måneder siden
  • I’m so early it says no views | Plot twist it has sleep walking views

    Help Me Get 1000 Subs With 1 VideoHelp Me Get 1000 Subs With 1 Video4 måneder siden