18. okt.. 2020
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  • Simon when talia dies: “who killed Talia!!!” Freya dies Josh: “OIIIIII THERES PUMPKINS ON THE MAP!”

    KicksReview JKicksReview J4 dager siden
  • Callux’s heartfelt confession to Pokimane is at 4:47:00 for anyone looking or wondering.

    Asad MarjiAsad Marji6 dager siden
  • yo vikk, u got a video in your ad

    Emilius LesniauskasEmilius Lesniauskas6 dager siden
  • You played among us for 6 hours?

    DestroyerlbjDestroyerlbj10 dager siden
  • Whats the map? POLIS

    Yo LzYo Lz10 dager siden
  • kickvic

    Reid BoivinReid Boivin13 dager siden
  • No way this man just posted a 6 and half hour vid lmao

  • 5:09:30 🤣🤣🤣

    DreamZ _jc08DreamZ _jc0816 dager siden
  • This man streamed for 6 1/2 hours straight. Gotta appreciate the effort.

    RJPD_OfficialRJPD_Official17 dager siden
  • Exactly 6:30 minutes pog

    John MazzellaJohn Mazzella17 dager siden
  • Are you serious you’re gonna stream NOworld on live for 6 hours where do u live vikk

    Hamad AlthiyabiHamad Althiyabi17 dager siden
  • 4:47:00 Callux hitting on Pokimane. 😬

    Colton YanagibashiColton Yanagibashi18 dager siden
  • To be fair though

    Khylo ψKhylo ψ21 dag siden
  • sidecraft but its ksi causing chaos for 9 minutes straight noworld.info/video/video/m6zQhciJs9zJmdU.html watch if interested thanks :)

    JonFXJonFX24 dager siden
  • 5:38:29

    London DazzaLondon Dazza25 dager siden
  • 4:21:53 eh eh eh ehhh

    WWE TALKWWE TALK26 dager siden
  • can you do a live warzone or among us tommorow

    Dee DoranDee Doran26 dager siden
  • Where’s bog

    Daniel CarrollDaniel CarrollMåned siden
    • Nvm

      Daniel CarrollDaniel CarrollMåned siden
  • Vik: It has to be Freya. Also Vik: Doesn't acknowledge the other five people in the lobby..

    Elijah BreonElijah BreonMåned siden
  • 2:42:38

    MKAMKAMåned siden
  • 2:06:29

    E-manE-manMåned siden
  • VIKK, KILL MORE PEOPLE. You killed like 6 people in 6 impostor games

    TheGuestOfHonourTheGuestOfHonourMåned siden
  • Oh i like ur cut g

    Harry PatelHarry PatelMåned siden
  • my name was "im imposter" i dont know if it was u but ur name was in it and it was yellow skin

    Jamie HumpageJamie HumpageMåned siden
  • Talia>Freya

    Nazar KotyashNazar KotyashMåned siden
  • 4:51:20

    Marco K.Marco K.Måned siden
  • Clearly viewers are here for 6 and a half hours of non stop Among Us. Think of all those deleted streams that were sat on a gold mine... gutted.

    Kevsepticaye OGKevsepticaye OGMåned siden
  • 4:54:00.

    KH SeekerKH SeekerMåned siden
  • 4:35:50.

    KH SeekerKH SeekerMåned siden
  • 1:35:00 listen closely

    Kowsik LAKSHMANANKowsik LAKSHMANANMåned siden
  • 4:47:00 to see a man cringe so hard he rage quits.

    Jim McCannJim McCannMåned siden
  • 6 hours!! Wicked

    jesse ferretjesse ferretMåned siden
  • Nogla is the best to play with 🤣

    Titus Takyi AdarkwaTitus Takyi AdarkwaMåned siden
  • 3:02:50

    tteverywhere 97tteverywhere 97Måned siden
  • Vik moving gully in this stream

    IKIKMåned siden
  • 6 fuccking hours

    Mujtaba OmariMujtaba OmariMåned siden
  • Need more nogla less freya

    Anant JohnsonAnant JohnsonMåned siden
  • I was hyped af to the see the 6 hours but can we please get a similar amount with the Sidemen

    Fundings GTFundings GTMåned siden
  • Is nobody going to mention how great Freya played as imposter I'm 3 hours in so far she's played a worldie

    Daniel ParkerDaniel ParkerMåned siden
  • Anyone else hate Nogla

    Nathan RosnerNathan RosnerMåned siden
  • One of the greatest live-streams

    Apollo GApollo GMåned siden
  • 1:22:51

    Daljeet HansraDaljeet HansraMåned siden
  • Should’ve got Vanoss that would’ve been the ultimate crossover

    Ben RichardsonBen RichardsonMåned siden
  • Vik you're too passive as imposter

    Rodrigo RodriguezRodrigo RodriguezMåned siden
  • You should play with Corpse.

    lbsoccerlbsoccerMåned siden
  • 1:23:00

    Shadow NinjaShadow NinjaMåned siden
  • Freyas voice is jarring 🥴

    JJMåned siden
    • @cc you obviously don’t know what jarring means kid

      JJMåned siden
  • Anybody else watched this while trading in fut 21 except the main parts

    Nauditya ChoudharyNauditya ChoudharyMåned siden
  • 3:07:54

    Zun ZunZun ZunMåned siden
  • Best moments: 24:50 27:15 45:45 54:20 57:00 59:30 1:07:10 3:17:55 3:19:10 3:24:43 4:30:10 4:37:55 5:03:00 5:14:35

    The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-samaThe Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-samaMåned siden
  • 1:31:00

    Faheem KFaheem KMåned siden
  • I finally completed the video after 3 days

    Mustafa GafferMustafa GafferMåned siden
  • If Freya was anyone else she would be voted off so much earlier, they are so scared to go against her, girls get let off so much !!

    TheMaxisexyTheMaxisexyMåned siden
  • vikk bottles itt again

    Taimur AhmedTaimur AhmedMåned siden
  • 6 hours and 30 mins

    iLocaliLocalMåned siden
  • What kind of sip of his drink is Vik taking. The same amount of juice throughout the whole video

    Ak GoAk GoMåned siden
  • Get Nogla on everytime!!!! 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

    Ak GoAk GoMåned siden
  • Whos nogla

    Layth SalihLayth SalihMåned siden
  • What’s ur favourite colour Poki: blue Josh: come on millwall

    Chigga 77Chigga 77Måned siden
  • vik needs to keep track of how many people are alive more so many times he can just kill and win instantly

    Beatty BrosBeatty BrosMåned siden
  • 1.7 million views on stream dam vikk be popping off

    Javier EsparzaJavier EsparzaMåned siden
  • After 3 days I have finished all 6:30:00 😂😂

    rees thomasrees thomasMåned siden
  • 4:47:00 the simping levels are off the charts

    Tom PardenTom PardenMåned siden
  • It was good to start with but it got annoying later on cos half the lobby group up or camp cams/vitals

    Christian ThompsonChristian ThompsonMåned siden
  • Two Days, Four Sittings & Only Now Finished The Whole Video 😂

    Chunkz Of WalezChunkz Of WalezMåned siden
  • Vik even your stream bot figured out who the imposters were and you couldn't?

    Emilio VasquezEmilio VasquezMåned siden
  • Josh is such a simp

    Marko MartićMarko MartićMåned siden
  • Can’t believe I’m about to finish this 6 hour video lol I could watch this all day nogla is hilarious

    Ryan MccaulRyan MccaulMåned siden
    • You could and you basically did watch all day

      TrudyTrudy29 dager siden
  • Y is there always a specific number to the IQ

    The OneThe OneMåned siden
  • 4:47:04 3:24:42

    Sean WebsterSean WebsterMåned siden
  • You haven't met a hacker yet: noworld.info/video/video/pnPSfd-HlNbHypo.html

    Adam NeznámýAdam NeznámýMåned siden
  • 3:25:00

    TheBlackCrafterTheBlackCrafterMåned siden
  • 4:47:01

    Jay2700Jay2700Måned siden
  • well goodbye to 6 hours of my day lol

    Lawrence NelsonLawrence NelsonMåned siden
  • 3:18:12 magical

    Kasper FalkKasper FalkMåned siden
  • 2:23:12

    Luke SuttonLuke SuttonMåned siden
  • This stream is jokes, Nogla is bloody hilarious

    PSMobileGamer 93PSMobileGamer 93Måned siden
  • vick is the best

    Cole SmailesCole SmailesMåned siden
  • I love when Nogla collabs with the sidemen

    Chigga 77Chigga 77Måned siden
  • Absolute vibes with the full upload, foreground or background, man is loving it

    Rhys WilliamsRhys WilliamsMåned siden
  • 5:51:29 How? How did you live through that?!

    Dragons of chaosDragons of chaosMåned siden
  • 5:49:10 *Watches the video with the stream chat on.* Huh? *Does a double take on the time stamp. And i see cams were on.* Vikk, you dumbass.

    Dragons of chaosDragons of chaosMåned siden
  • 👍 if you wanted the whole video

    Abdul AliAbdul AliMåned siden
  • Poki stream sniping

    Emilio VasquezEmilio VasquezMåned siden
  • 4:47:12 ......

    Dragons of chaosDragons of chaosMåned siden
  • This stream should be called simpingfor women. MY LORD! Poki and Freya got away with everything

    Kody N. FelixKody N. FelixMåned siden
  • 5:11:35 she's definitely a man city fan

    Skylor BarralesSkylor BarralesMåned siden
  • Lux went so quiet when Poki joined 😂😂

    MANuFan227MANuFan227Måned siden
  • 22inches 2322322222333232♡?3w33

    Marcelajelo xxMarcelajelo xxMåned siden
  • Vikk: gets killed by Elliot Also Vikk: "I think it's Lux and Freezy"

    Léonardo 🇫🇷Léonardo 🇫🇷Måned siden
  • 1:15:25 DIRTY double kill.. Josh is ballsy lol

    Nature BoyNature BoyMåned siden
  • Idk who nogla is but that dude is funny af.

    joshjoohjoshjoohMåned siden
  • 3:24:43 Wow XD

    Dragons of chaosDragons of chaosMåned siden
  • I don’t understand why Vik didn’t believe Behz when he said he was on cams and then ran to hit the bottom. The timing matches up cuz Vik was doing a tasks when Behz most likely ran up. And he missed the fact that cams were on smh 😂

    MPTXMPTXMåned siden
  • Love these fat uploads Vikk, keep it up mate

    Mesut OzilMesut OzilMåned siden
  • Try and get wildcat in that would be jokes

    Rhys LawrenceRhys LawrenceMåned siden
  • Nogla kinda ruined the stream. Hes just dumb and rude

    Brett HarptBrett HarptMåned siden
    • That's just completely wrong

      xhakallonxhakallonMåned siden
  • Whoever reading this may you have a great and blessd day

    Bart Facing ForwardBart Facing ForwardMåned siden
  • Thie among us video will last 3 days

    Zai ZaiZai ZaiMåned siden
  • Yooo does callux likes poki??????

    aimal sajjadaimal sajjadMåned siden