12. nov.. 2020
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  • I’ve just noticed how funny Chip is. What an excellent guy.

    A26A265 timer siden
  • 20:38

    Lushendrick YDKLushendrick YDK10 timer siden
  • Why does the audio get worse a little after 2 hours?

    chuck stevenschuck stevens13 timer siden
  • hi

    AliyaAliya17 timer siden
  • Did anyone watch the whole video?

    Ashwin NatarajanAshwin Natarajan19 timer siden
  • Hi Vikkstar123 ur my favourite sidemen then simon

    Shush ShushShush ShushDag siden
  • It felt like u took my heart and made it bleed

    Shush ShushShush ShushDag siden
  • You traded your mother for mango- Folabi

    Анютка СухареваАнютка СухареваDag siden
  • Vikk blamed Callux for one of the losses when chip vented when he was on cams and he voted for Randy

    C CC CDag siden
  • 2:35:20 VIK!!! ON THE LEFT!!! WAKE UP!!!

    TotallyLouisTotallyLouisDag siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0Yatga-Yu9jSr8k.html

  • @20:00 Simon thought he was so funny with the accent when he said he lying

    Demon KingDemon King3 dager siden
  • 1:57:49 The best bit of the whole stream😂🔥#VIKKRAGE

    shaan toorshaan toor4 dager siden
  • Ahhhh shut up..... you traded your mother for mangoes... ksi is the best lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alex KhanAlex Khan4 dager siden
  • 233

    Emily DishmanEmily Dishman4 dager siden
  • Scruraf he’smm M that ones bri

    Savage EmacsSavage Emacs4 dager siden
  • Vik is a bot, how did he not bring up that chippo vented whilst he's on cams

    HD VisonzHD Visonz5 dager siden
  • 03:01:31 the boys are in shambles 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lukman KadujiLukman Kaduji5 dager siden
  • This FOLABI guy is funny

    Joel MogindolJoel Mogindol5 dager siden
  • 2:25:30 im weak

    Shea Kelly 47Shea Kelly 475 dager siden
  • Who else is trying to grow their NOworld channel during 2020? Let’s help each another. Let's do it.

    FreshnessPS4FreshnessPS45 dager siden
  • I love the streams vik keep it up

    MifdogMifdog7 dager siden
  • Why is it when Folabi speaks the discord shows it as KSI speaking

    Betsy MaloneBetsy Malone7 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/mJe5j7ilqL23q9k.html

    tiny nbmtiny nbm7 dager siden
  • Anyone notice at 2:40:37 his report button lights up but he doesn’t notice it

    Harvey WHarvey W8 dager siden
  • Vikk is it ok if u could do a fan among us and could maybe play with u guys ima huge fan of u guys

    Deyan NovkovicDeyan Novkovic8 dager siden
    • U guys are the funniest people I’ve ever watched

      Deyan NovkovicDeyan Novkovic8 dager siden
  • chip needs to be a permanent in this lobby. guys too funny. and he pulls of the awkward funny character perfectly lmao

    Kevin ChenKevin Chen8 dager siden
    • #copyandpastepolice

      Belal AhmedBelal Ahmed7 dager siden
  • n bn

    Joe SXDJoe SXD8 dager siden
  • Chip sounds like Louis Tomlinson

    Tone BlackTone Black8 dager siden
  • What video I am in vicstar123 I was potter in a among us

    Potterhay27Potterhay278 dager siden
  • 2:36 how can you throw so hard vikk I guess you’re probably tired of constant games but still good stream

    FallenGreyFallenGrey9 dager siden
  • I watch all these streams all the way through all the time it’s such a waste of time but I am loving them

    Gigg IttyGigg Itty10 dager siden
  • they keep saying dont vote on 7 but after theyve got a guarenteed killer out. so you can vote if theres only 1 ya big stinkers.

    Withrow PortugalWithrow Portugal10 dager siden
  • 46:50 Vik with that voicemod n that

    XZGrannyXZGranny10 dager siden
  • 2:35:20 u can legit see chip vent on cams

    V3rrV3rr10 dager siden
  • Vikk needs to vent more. He literally never vents after a kill and so many times he gets caught walking out of a room.

    Jonas JohnsonJonas Johnson10 dager siden
  • Vik you need to vent. If you get caught its almost always when you are walking away from the body

    Withrow PortugalWithrow Portugal11 dager siden
  • Lux: how fast are your fingers Warzone 6x Champion: Am I a fucking joke to you!?

    Marcus IncognitoMarcus Incognito11 dager siden
  • HOW did Vik miss Chippo vent on cams at 2:35:23 😭😭😭!!! (I know it’s not that serious but just saying) 😂

    Wilma AndersonWilma Anderson11 dager siden
  • There is a vikstar video between all the ads wtf I didn’t know

    James ThorntonJames Thornton11 dager siden

    VenomVenom11 dager siden
  • 52:20 “behz, rain , ethan “

    sky gamessky games11 dager siden
  • Vikk is soooooo stupid at talking .ND instantly talks differently when playing crew Cuz he's doing detective work. And as soon as he becomes imposter he starts panicking. Lol. . Atleas say sorry Ethan lol .

    The Pakistani way Neptune StudiosThe Pakistani way Neptune Studios11 dager siden
  • He speaks like his family are abducted and being held for ransom or something. If you just don't talk it would have to be better. lool

    The Pakistani way Neptune StudiosThe Pakistani way Neptune Studios11 dager siden
  • Vikk is the worst imposter I've ever seen

    The Pakistani way Neptune StudiosThe Pakistani way Neptune Studios11 dager siden
  • Vikk is awful when looking on cams, chip vented and he didn’t see him

    jakub Zerajakub Zera11 dager siden
  • 2:25:02 Chippo!!! There’s 4 left excluding yourself, Call and Behz already are convinced it’s you, Vikk and Rain are giving you the pass since they aren’t sure so what do you do?? You kill one of the ones who isn’t sus of you right infront of the other 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Nature BoyNature Boy11 dager siden
  • The guy speaking was funny about tesco

    Mia BoylanMia Boylan12 dager siden
  • Man vikk literally missed chip getting in a vent 🥱

    James-Drea9James-Drea912 dager siden

    Chloe DoyleChloe Doyle12 dager siden
  • viks laugh is so jawing

    Henry CaneHenry Cane12 dager siden
  • 20:30 🤣🤣🤣 amazing!!!

    That GuyThat Guy12 dager siden
  • 2:15:00

    The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-samaThe Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-sama12 dager siden
  • WdxMcNCZ

    Dj WiseDj Wise12 dager siden
  • when vikk does a whole different beat for this is how we do it smh that was a whole different song haha

    N.A.C entN.A.C ent12 dager siden
  • chippo vents when vikk is on the cams, vikk votes randy ahdfjd bruh

    AllonSymAllonSym12 dager siden
  • Vik is all giggly when hes imposter lmao

    Andrew kimAndrew kim12 dager siden
  • 1:23:24

    TKLTKL12 dager siden
  • The whole folabi thing gets really old really fast

    David AllanDavid Allan13 dager siden
  • 2:05:11

    Tobi OlusolaTobi Olusola13 dager siden
  • Please watch

    MiKi TheGamerMiKi TheGamer13 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rorIjtWgypen0NU.html

    MiKi TheGamerMiKi TheGamer13 dager siden
  • Vikk voted for himself twice in the same game, his vote still didnt matter in any of the two rounds, insane!!

    Rahil MalhotraRahil Malhotra13 dager siden
  • I'm pissed with Vikk's gameplay. He is not putting his heart nor he is defending himself with believable points. Also he goes to the same admin like 20 times

    Reaper's CreedReaper's Creed13 dager siden
    • Really not that deep.

      Marco Gomes RodriguesMarco Gomes Rodrigues10 dager siden
    • @Reaper's Creed Brother, I said "I think youre forgetting that youre not watching xQc and instead just some friends fucking around and having some fun" and then you answer "not when you play it badly". ?????

      PandaSoldaatPandaSoldaat12 dager siden
    • @PandaSoldaat i said that Vikk played the game so badly. But again you aren't mature enough

      Reaper's CreedReaper's Creed12 dager siden
    • @Reaper's Creed Right, buddy "not when you play it badly" doesnt make any sense as a response to what I said

      PandaSoldaatPandaSoldaat12 dager siden
    • @PandaSoldaat 🤦‍♀️i just realised that I'm talking to a kid

      Reaper's CreedReaper's Creed12 dager siden
  • 1:22:37 Mad

    FerFer13 dager siden
  • This one wasn't great. You were zoned out throughout almost all of the games.

    // sjd.// sjd.13 dager siden
  • ForlaBI🤣

    Pauline GoddardPauline Goddard13 dager siden
  • Swear chip is always voted of when imposter or killed when crewmate

    Pauline GoddardPauline Goddard13 dager siden
  • Vik missed the vent on cams at 2.36.10

    dean Schneider fanclubdean Schneider fanclub14 dager siden
  • To see vikk as imposter in some games... its painful

    Porus BhagatPorus Bhagat14 dager siden
  • Beg you tell JJ to allow it with that stupid accent. Kills the vid/stream

    Kevin AkinboyewaKevin Akinboyewa14 dager siden
  • 2:40:35 there was a report button and vikk missed it

    Last SliceLast Slice14 dager siden
  • Chip vented and vikk didnt see it on cams

    Last SliceLast Slice14 dager siden
  • Why go on cams if you are blind? XD

    Jonathan AtkinsonJonathan Atkinson14 dager siden
  • Vikk really ain't that intelligent lmaoo

    Saleh BhattiSaleh Bhatti14 dager siden
  • vikks need to go to a centre where you fix laughs!

    Amir ReyaniAmir Reyani14 dager siden
  • My man played among us for 3 hours.

    365 Label365 Label14 dager siden
  • at 2:35:23 my man chip vented in front of cams and vik didnt catch that wtf lmao XD

    vortex 0_0vortex 0_014 dager siden
  • Eyeing bik irked vodka jddj bike kddk vik igor

    Nazmeen MajidNazmeen Majid14 dager siden
  • 2:33:35

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael Menorca14 dager siden
  • I thought vik was smart until i saw him play among us

    wesam WSMwesam WSM14 dager siden
  • Did anyone else have a weird sense of deja vu at 1:45:36

    Oya• OyaOya• Oya14 dager siden
  • De lion... De lion strikes again

    Just a minghao stanJust a minghao stan14 dager siden
  • 20:38 “you tried your mother for mango” - FOLABI 2020

    Suzanne RoggenkampSuzanne Roggenkamp14 dager siden
    • Traded. But yeah great line

      Bulb BulbBulb Bulb4 dager siden
  • Rain completely ignored vikk...

    Max SpMax Sp14 dager siden
  • ethan’s personality change when he’s impostor is so obvious

    Aldi AquilaAldi Aquila14 dager siden
  • We need a video where you can’t skip vote

    JJS GamingJJS Gaming14 dager siden
  • 2.35.22 chippo literally vented on cams lmao ..

    Jermiracle OllieJermiracle Ollie14 dager siden
  • 1:35:51 GRIEF

    Glow TOGlow TO15 dager siden
  • I swear Vikk saw chipping venting in below admin and didn’t even notice lol 😅

    Moro BondugjieMoro Bondugjie15 dager siden
    • There is 4 screens

      Eve aka starEve aka star14 dager siden
  • H7m

    SamSam15 dager siden
  • Last games were aidsss

    GafferGaffer15 dager siden
  • 1:21:03

    Ciara FrielCiara Friel15 dager siden
  • Vik voted himself twice in a row😢

    Struan FraserStruan Fraser15 dager siden
  • Vik doesn’t have a brain at times. Watching cams when chip vented and jj ran passed him doing it, then voted Randy. Also voted himself twice😂

    Rhys RRhys R15 dager siden
    • exactly wtfff

      Idiris Shekh, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet SA19b elevIdiris Shekh, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet SA19b elev4 dager siden
    • U can’t blame Vik man. Anyone’s IQ can drop when playing with this lobby for over 12 hours😂

      RandyRandy5 dager siden
    • You traded your mother for mango 😭😭💀💀

      Wilma AndersonWilma Anderson11 dager siden
    • He also ran past a report button at one stage lol 😂

      Ava MadiganAva Madigan13 dager siden
  • Around 2:03:00 thats a really obvious mistake in faking tasks. Thats a good spot by callux

    DddDdd15 dager siden
  • No one: JJ: "You traded your mother for Mango"

    Zench GenesZench Genes15 dager siden
  • Vikks laugh is mad annoying

    JJ15 dager siden
  • 1:44:07 “but eeEeEEe”

    IKIK15 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/kHfalqyqyL2bva8.html

    YOYO gamerzYOYO gamerz15 dager siden