29. aug.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • If you don’t support Vikk as a creator then you will lose the gulag

    aidster Baidster BMåned siden
    • i think i will get band

      Chandler Jeremy CocsonChandler Jeremy CocsonMåned siden
    • This is y ur dad left

      TermightgamingTermightgamingMåned siden
    • .

      stkrstkrMåned siden
  • Are you sure

    Chandler Jeremy CocsonChandler Jeremy CocsonMåned siden
  • I use code VIKk

    Makenzie DelrealMakenzie DelrealMåned siden
  • Just bought Blunt FOrce II Light em up! With your code! Keep up the Warzone Vids!

    Suit Up GamingSuit Up GamingMåned siden
  • Legend

    LeMoose _LeMoose _Måned siden
  • I can't play cod mw as i am a bot so all i can do is watch a pro

    RudraneilegoniteRudraneilegoniteMåned siden
  • Just spent 30 dollars on Cod points with your code activated, keep up the nice vids.

    Mally- -WallyMally- -WallyMåned siden

    Theo Lewis-ZdybelTheo Lewis-ZdybelMåned siden
  • God the greediness

    ashleigh daviesashleigh daviesMåned siden
  • at 5:20 how the hell did you manage to jump from the roof without fall damage :/

    its BUCKOits BUCKOMåned siden
  • oooh great lets give someone money that dont even need money :/ this as become a joke with those games now

    its BUCKOits BUCKOMåned siden
  • Its more enjoyable watching Vik murk people than it is playing the game right now...either everyone's got way better or I'm a dirt box 😂😂

    Cormac DoyleCormac DoyleMåned siden
  • So vick gets a code but jev doesn’t who’s put more hours into the game smh

    Unknown GhostslayerUnknown GhostslayerMåned siden
  • Why would a person who works hard all week pay money to someone who sits at home playing games haha man I don't understand the mentality of the youth, same wit music like cardi b and nicki minaj are the two biggest musicians lool just sums it all up doesn't it.

    3210 #3210 #Måned siden
  • Stop using the kilo already 😭 it's getting too boring. I can't stand the sound of that gun

    SAFWAN taherSAFWAN taherMåned siden
  • 'Vikk threw it back' omg love the comedy

    Tyler HennessyTyler HennessyMåned siden
  • Support you financially when your already racking in millions? Why don't you instead give it to someone whos not got many viewers as a streamer but still puts in the same amount of effort as you do. Greed is not a good look in my eyes.

    Lewis PowellLewis PowellMåned siden
  • i get that he wanted to get a 30 but he was fucking annoying about it

    HJ LeeHJ LeeMåned siden
  • Not like u need to money ffs

    James BaylissJames BaylissMåned siden
  • I think you have enough money already

    Connor DeadyConnor DeadyMåned siden
    • It’s never enough. Plus better give him, then billion euro company

      Peppa PigPeppa PigMåned siden
  • Because they know with that percentage in mind some people buy more, because they think they support a creator

    Tom ImholzTom ImholzMåned siden
  • Love u re videos bro really good

    MR AstorntMR AstorntMåned siden
  • Love u re videos bro really good

    MR AstorntMR AstorntMåned siden
  • Vikk is genuinely a nice guy and fucking beast at cod witch I can respect both

    Valdo ElchinoValdo ElchinoMåned siden
  • i rep code VIKK and i’ve won 5 out of 8 games🙌🏻🙌🏻

    joe mjoe mMåned siden
  • I’m definitely gonna use code VIKK he’s the best war zone content creator and the best sidemen #USECODEVIKK

    Lincs ArmyLincs ArmyMåned siden
  • Hdhhsh

    Cosxr r6Cosxr r6Måned siden
  • Bsbh

    Cosxr r6Cosxr r6Måned siden
  • Ia

    Cosxr r6Cosxr r6Måned siden
  • arnt u already rich tho boi😂

    uoyrofetihwotuoyrofetihwotMåned siden
  • Vikk is richer than JJ the why he need support... BTW I an supporting you in warzone 😂

    Abhay VermaAbhay VermaMåned siden
  • VIKK aka DriveByVikk🔥

  • This would have been good a week ago when I got the battle pass and the mp5 pack

    caden lewiscaden lewisMåned siden
  • I bought the Viking pack the day before the activions supporter creator code came out

    Dibster OnlyDibster OnlyMåned siden
  • How much more money does this guy need ?!

    Marcos BoquinMarcos BoquinMåned siden
  • Support you financially..... your a millionaire 😂🤦‍♂️

    Regan HumphreysRegan HumphreysMåned siden
  • Seen you’re name a lot on NOworld never watched you but played with you yesterday Sunday 30/8/20 on cod multiplayer was a privilege man seeing your name

    Adam The dudeAdam The dudeMåned siden
  • So is vikk winning in cod war zone champions or did he fail

    Jake JakeJake JakeMåned siden
  • 5:21 we just gonna ignore the fact he jumped off

  • So basically, Vikk isn't happy with how much money he has so he wants you to give him more.

    MadJamYTMadJamYTMåned siden
  • 5:23 ?

    GieoGieoMåned siden
  • GOAT !!!!!

    death eaterdeath eaterMåned siden
  • Your rich

    A1 HuddA1 HuddMåned siden
  • I am definitely using code vikk in the shop he is the best warzone player in the world in my opinion.

    Igloo PlaysIgloo PlaysMåned siden
  • Dam there hard campers

  • Nahhh sounds like your stealing my money

    Josh MaiJosh MaiMåned siden
  • I would support you,but i dont buy anything

    Adrian ParraAdrian ParraMåned siden
  • Fifakill is fucking annoying, crying about getting a 30 bomb when Vikk and Bart and under fire. Give it a break, they will get you back when they can

    Niall2407Niall2407Måned siden
  • hang on i swear vikk is loaded already

    Parky00Parky00Måned siden
  • No, I don't think I will

    Craig The BruteCraig The BruteMåned siden
  • Jev is the needed one #codejev

    Ted BundyTed BundyMåned siden
  • Be good if we got some emblem or something for supporting

    theSPUDereHDtheSPUDereHDMåned siden
  • Lol u don't even need the money, we do.

    Vortex JCBVortex JCBMåned siden
  • What guns were he using. Please help guys

    Aiden_C137Aiden_C137Måned siden
  • No

    O JelaniO JelaniMåned siden
  • I cant play COD anymore cuz Indian parents and school

    Bob BackwardsBob BackwardsMåned siden
  • Damn I just bought and pre ordered Cold War the other day I would of definitely supported you and done this:( Love you Vik💯

    GK3 -GK3 -Måned siden
  • I'll do it if you send out a statement of how much you made from it. I want the gaming influencer community to be more open, so it's not all shade and mystery.

    Marius HornaasMarius HornaasMåned siden
  • Use code vikk to financially support a millionaire, kinda sad tbh

    Thijmen AdelaarsThijmen AdelaarsMåned siden
    • @Prathamesh Shrivastava Good point

      Thijmen AdelaarsThijmen AdelaarsMåned siden
    • Yeah but if you don't the money goes to billion dollar company

      Prathamesh ShrivastavaPrathamesh ShrivastavaMåned siden
  • Soul sold to the devil ✔️

    lee wrightlee wrightMåned siden
  • Lots of love from india. 😁😁

    Mamatha K. KMamatha K. KMåned siden
  • Vikk I just spent 100 pounds on wz and now you say you have a creator code 😐😬

    Massive MeltsMassive MeltsMåned siden
  • I'm gonna use viks code 100%

    Boris JohnsonBoris JohnsonMåned siden
  • I’m annoyed I pre ordered cod just before I watched this vid :(

    hxrryyhxrryyMåned siden
  • Can't support myself bro never mind a NOworldr

  • Jev deserves a code too 😔

    NTRNTRMåned siden
  • This man is richer then jj and now i know how....

    DrtimmyDrtimmyMåned siden
  • why would u even wanne buy somethinh out of the cod store? people are dumb

    jan janssenjan janssenMåned siden
  • Support you financially you know 😂typical indian

    MrBillyBubzMrBillyBubzMåned siden
  • Vikk has helped with his live-streams since the start of lockdown. Thanks vikk🤟🏽

    EdwardEdwardMåned siden
  • Use code “VIKK” if you do, you’ll have no recoil

    SwabbedUpSwabbedUpMåned siden
  • Vik about to get 2 milli again

    DeveshExciteDeveshExciteMåned siden
  • man really said I NEED 2 KILLS FOR 30 like 5 times in a minute like stfu we know

    jeffmatthardy96jeffmatthardy96Måned siden
  • No hate but I don’t think vikk needs more financial support😂😂 love ur vids!!

    DynoStars _DynoStars _Måned siden
  • Lets go vikkstar 123 ur my favourite youtuber

    SOAM RockySOAM RockyMåned siden
  • @5:22 that was a long fall

    Darrell OtisDarrell OtisMåned siden
  • Use cod VIKK to cancel the origin shotgun

    Shahs newShahs newMåned siden
  • Support the millionaire even more :) instead of supporting a small creator

    JAW4JAW4Måned siden
  • If you dont use vikk as a creater code u will die to a Bush camper at the Final zone

    Bigman IniyanBigman IniyanMåned siden
  • I remember the old pixelmon and the skygrid videos man how far youve come

    Jrod PlaysJrod PlaysMåned siden
  • used vikks code in fortnite , now back at it in Warzone!

    Dev BasakDev BasakMåned siden
  • I use your code but I don’t buy anything from the shop in warzone

    10,000 subscribers no vids Gaming10,000 subscribers no vids GamingMåned siden
  • Poor guy, lets help him financially. He’s not got so much money :/

    nik itnik itMåned siden
    • I never said he didn’t

      nik itnik itMåned siden
    • Stfu he deserves more

      K9_ NCITIRK9_ NCITIRMåned siden
  • How does Ali a have a code and people like jev don’t

    Kian McmahonKian McmahonMåned siden
  • What is the weapon skin vikk uses?

    MagicInTheHatMagicInTheHatMåned siden
  • Anyone know his kilo class setup

    DDMåned siden
  • Kilo or m13?

    Naryan VirkNaryan VirkMåned siden
  • You don't need more money

    Calum MccayCalum MccayMåned siden
  • I will support as soon as possible

    Glitch GamingGlitch GamingMåned siden
  • How do you get that camo I need it

    I am a noobI am a noobMåned siden
  • sorry vikstar i already bought Balkan pack before the supporter creator option was there

    Shivesh BhandariShivesh BhandariMåned siden
  • Just bought the battle pass with your code vikk

    Aakarsh JhinganAakarsh JhinganMåned siden
  • Ah yes, because the multi millionaire really needs to be supported

    Kieran MaysKieran MaysMåned siden
  • Wish i knew this before i got the shadow tracer pack

    TheReal6ixGodTheReal6ixGodMåned siden
  • Spaghetti meatballs.

    Jing CadizJing CadizMåned siden
  • people who dont use vikks creator code are hackers.

    Pavan Peter KoshyPavan Peter KoshyMåned siden
  • Just used ur code to get the battlepass

    lil tuttylil tuttyMåned siden
  • Wow giving a literal millionaire more money

    ByFientByFientMåned siden
    • It costs nothing extra

      michal rozikmichal rozikMåned siden
  • You’re so rich

    MMMåned siden
  • Ma boi Vikk is like the coolest cod player ever.

    The Flying PianoThe Flying PianoMåned siden