ACTIVISION sent a MYSTERY Package! (Black Ops Cold War Reveal)

10. aug.. 2020
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Activision sent me this package. What do we think it means?
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  • My Manifest Control Number was 1/5. I was provided: N-744 Y-318 Q-395 I-937 C-837 V-284 B-623 V-730 F-639 H-376

    Vikkstar123Vikkstar1232 måneder siden
    • The numbers Vikk! WHAT DO THEY MEAN

      RaleRaleMåned siden
    • Could be a mix between ww1 and ww2 but it sounds like we’re talking about cold war, and that’s nothing to do with non of um

      billy dah bongbilly dah bongMåned siden
    • What do the numbers mean

      Rxsty .xRxsty .xMåned siden
    • Could be coordinates

      SD skullySD skullyMåned siden
    • Maybe you need to get the numbers from the other 4 guys ,and the letter that you all have it will be the same but it's the key to decode the numbers . It might be translated to a location on the map 🤷

      maximas wasmaxmaximas wasmaxMåned siden
  • So black ops 1 sommit so seems to be black ops sequel is coming out, with a remastered version of the sommit map cod bo5 aka Cold War

    sameer mukeshsameer mukesh4 dager siden
  • Ok so NoahJ got a computer. So I haven't seen this yet. I'm more excited for this hidden things than I am the actual game.

    Skinny BuddhaSkinny Buddha26 dager siden
  • Vikk just causally has a crow bar

    Louis wallisLouis wallis29 dager siden
  • Vikstar123 it's all to do with urkistan or however you spell it so I feel like they may bring in a new map or a whole new warzone map

    Kyle PearceKyle PearceMåned siden
  • Why do you have a crowbar

    MR YEETMR YEETMåned siden
  • He doesn’t know how to open a lock Edit: spelling

    Dylan NationDylan NationMåned siden
  • That's right you don't need the Box

    ᴅᴀᴍɪᴏɴ_ʀɪᴄʜ sᴀᴍᴇғʟᴀᴍᴇᴅᴀᴍɪᴏɴ_ʀɪᴄʜ sᴀᴍᴇғʟᴀᴍᴇMåned siden
  • I like how low key he has a crowbar at his house

    owen archerowen archerMåned siden
  • Does vik casual Lepe a crowbar at home seems dodgy

    Haris HussainHaris HussainMåned siden
  • Those are the maps of call of duty black ops the Cold War

    Karim DoudouKarim DoudouMåned siden
  • 8:19 code for a vault?

    Madfred71Madfred71Måned siden
  • The only reason i clicked on this was to say, Im surprised vik could hold that box on his own in the thumbnail

    Anix CordlessAnix CordlessMåned siden
  • Fair play to activision they kill this stuff

    Fire FoxFire FoxMåned siden
  • Projecters work better in the dark ahahah

    Oliver WebbOliver WebbMåned siden
  • isnt COD an 18+ (M rated) game? Why is this video made for 9 year olds

    LegacyLegacyMåned siden
  • All youtubers that have been send that package have a different projectors, hmm, what was that mean..,

    HanzHanzMåned siden
  • His reaction is so funny how he bought this box from activision, then he gets so confused all of the sudden.

    Devin CassellDevin CassellMåned siden
  • Vikk: if this combination doesn’t work I’ll have to get my crowbar No one: why the **** would you casually have a crowbar.

    TTV serzfishyTTV serzfishyMåned siden
  • I love how they don't follow Covid-19 Protocols

    RentalWaffleRentalWaffleMåned siden
  • The numbers on the maps are some of the places the new Cold war campaign and in general the game will take place

    Pierce PrycePierce PryceMåned siden
  • Euro mountain prob is referring to the mountains in Russia where Europe ends. The Ural Mountains could be a new map?

    Marek JMarek JMåned siden
  • all I had to do was wait! didnt have to solve any bullshit riddles, just wait lol

    Super SlovakSuper SlovakMåned siden
  • I don’t think u were supposed to open that till the trailer

    Snoh SODMGSnoh SODMGMåned siden
  • Lucky i am Russian

    Anthony The beastAnthony The beastMåned siden
    • What does it mean please

      Motiejus vilkasMotiejus vilkasMåned siden
  • Pull back the projector

    Struan RobertsonStruan RobertsonMåned siden
  • could the random letters be anagrams ??

    Michael PinglauxMichael PinglauxMåned siden
  • If you move the projector further away the bigger the image will be

    Finn MertonFinn MertonMåned siden
  • u were spinning the code the wrong way 🤣🤣

    SalteeySalteeyMåned siden
  • He’s such a twat he didn’t even do it the right way round

    The emperor ProtectsThe emperor ProtectsMåned siden
  • I belive it might be the country its was in and the village or town it was in

    Get NubGet NubMåned siden
  • @Vikkstar123 your quite skinny but still rockin' it in your safe house.

    Alex VenturaAlex VenturaMåned siden
  • On the season 5 trailer on the map above verdansk the was Vietnam which means that’s were that place is

    ShoxxyyShoxxyyMåned siden
  • I don’t wanna be mean but everyone should know how to open those locks you can’t just go directly to the number s

    Clemente MartinezClemente MartinezMåned siden
  • Honestly vikkstar rode ksi coat tails and the sidemens coat tails i dont understand how he is so popular he is so cringe

    xxgoodyxx100xxgoodyxx100Måned siden
  • Bro they is a NOworldr who opened this same package it's about the coldwar game

    Squozerr playsSquozerr playsMåned siden
  • I bet It came with the crowbar

    For3st_GrizzlyFor3st_GrizzlyMåned siden
  • How do you not know how to use a padlock you went left when saying you had to turn right dumb lol

    Dr PhilDr PhilMåned siden
  • NOworldrs..famous words: Ok..whats going on????

    P0!Z3N EnvYP0!Z3N EnvYMåned siden
  • That is so fake lol

    Leems Unboxing KingLeems Unboxing KingMåned siden
  • when vikk turns the lock right when it says left. *face palm*

    Gabriel MacdonaldGabriel MacdonaldMåned siden
  • Forgot about vik

    Gaming boy007Gaming boy007Måned siden
  • Why didnt he just put the projector further away from the wall . So i concure with the lack of brain power comment

    olaf Gunnersonolaf GunnersonMåned siden
  • Bro he complains to much I would be so happy lol

    Hello AmigoHello AmigoMåned siden
  • you should have turned off your lights

    WaffleStomp2127WaffleStomp2127Måned siden
  • This goes to show that just because their a gamer doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent

    Joe PennellsJoe PennellsMåned siden
  • From this kind of duty map Call of duty AW

    Armani's DanielArmani's DanielMåned siden
  • I wonder if us Alaska bois will get something because our state played such a critical war in the cold war

    332211332211Måned siden
  • The funny thing is vikk doesn’t know how to open a regular padlock

    332211332211Måned siden
  • All those weird pictures are shown in black ops 4 when you start the game, has anybody else noticed that too?

    _ Djbot5583_ Djbot5583Måned siden
  • You have to reset the lock by turning it 2 full turns to the right you idiot

    True Destroyer Worldwide gaming Just gamingTrue Destroyer Worldwide gaming Just gamingMåned siden
  • 😂 It’s all decoded

    The Aztec KingThe Aztec KingMåned siden
  • That was too real

    Zero BorderlandsZero BorderlandsMåned siden
  • Wow

    Zero BorderlandsZero BorderlandsMåned siden
  • I think you just got recruited

    Zero BorderlandsZero BorderlandsMåned siden
  • 5:37 it looks like a MW multiplayer map NGL

    Aurora QueenAurora QueenMåned siden
  • Wait remember the Easter egg in warzone it said know your history don't u think it's this😱??

    -_-Got Rect 5564-_-Got Rect 5564Måned siden
    • Yes they posted a teaser trailer pretty much telling us the history we need to know. It has some of these places and shows the reveal date for cold war

      Aurora QueenAurora QueenMåned siden
  • Are these the locations where makarov attacked

    vatsal sethivatsal sethiMåned siden
  • they gave u Part of grinch suit Blood water

    3x3c0t33x3c0t3Måned siden
  • DESTABILISATION: Ultrafeminism. The erasure of gender. The destruction of the family. The loss of a cohesive moral structure - previously from Christianity. The idea of toxic masculinity used to attack gender roles. The self hatred of nation. The destruction and deconstruction of institutions. The rewriting of history. False ideas of white privilege used to foment race war leading to B L M riots but heading to all-out conflict. All called The Long Walk through the Institutions set out by the Frankfurt School decades ago - coming to fruition. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    James StephensonJames Stephenson2 måneder siden
  • I thought the hay was a ghillie hood lol

    mzstymzsty2 måneder siden
    • Same lmfao

      Andrew LaCrossAndrew LaCrossMåned siden
  • Number 4 is moscow

    Adam HigginsAdam Higgins2 måneder siden
  • 5:33 is the prison of alcatraz

    Percy PrinsPercy Prins2 måneder siden
  • Start of your youtube career was black ops 1? I watched you riot shielding on MW2

    bevan185bevan1852 måneder siden
  • R u show that not the sinister tapes vik lol

    Jonathan HockingJonathan Hocking2 måneder siden
  • It would be funny if there was a false bottom

    Adrian BenningfieldAdrian Benningfield2 måneder siden
  • Your final slide is the Moscow Oblast.

    Minhandre TranMinhandre Tran2 måneder siden
  • I didn't know he played MW until now.

    Darth NihilusDarth Nihilus2 måneder siden
  • 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    SandStorm XIISandStorm XII2 måneder siden
  • This is how they showed movies in WW2

    MaxTheMonkeyMaxTheMonkey2 måneder siden
  • This is how they showed movies in WW2

    MaxTheMonkeyMaxTheMonkey2 måneder siden
  • The map at 5:17 is Slums from Black ops 2 you can see the Well and the Laundromat

    TheSquidlolTheSquidlol2 måneder siden
  • Did the homie even go to highschool. you have to pass 30 once for those locks.

    Carl StonesCarl Stones2 måneder siden
  • you must have know what it was as you made a video?

    Stuart McDonaldStuart McDonald2 måneder siden
  • how do you know so much but not know how to open that lock 😭

    JVT TJVT T2 måneder siden
  • Pull back the projector and it the pictures will be bigger 🤦‍♂️

    Yungin TVYungin TV2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for making us watch some load of bullshit

    Weeb9000Weeb90002 måneder siden
  • It's about cold war

    lol655 gamerlol655 gamer2 måneder siden
  • NOworld

    Lyla BLyla B2 måneder siden
  • Umm hacksaw?

    beat me outta mebeat me outta me2 måneder siden
  • Is that a Grinch Suit?

    Monster Hunters PakistanMonster Hunters Pakistan2 måneder siden

    TheGreatCannonTheGreatCannon2 måneder siden
  • Vik the pictures and numbers are from bo4 maps and they corispond to the countrys

    King PinKing Pin2 måneder siden
  • Vikk’s neighbors: I wonder when my package is coming

    lucasius oldhamiuslucasius oldhamius2 måneder siden
  • Wow 10min of pointless video

    The FlaminViendettaThe FlaminViendetta2 måneder siden
  • Idk if this is right or not but there’s a nuclear missile in war zone but that 1,2,3,4 might be targets for the missile

  • Dude doesn't know how to unlock a lock😂

    - MxdMiguel -- MxdMiguel -2 måneder siden
  • Who’s watching this after everything is revealed

    Nicholas SoaresNicholas Soares2 måneder siden
  • Pieces of the BR map they have

    RR2 måneder siden
  • I have a suspicion that you don't know how to unlock a padlock

  • U don't even play call of duty

    JASON GAMESJASON GAMES2 måneder siden
  • So no one is asking why Vikk just happens to have a crowbar lying around

    ArceusArceus2 måneder siden
  • Fucking punjab

    Aaron MedinaAaron Medina2 måneder siden
  • This video was so scuffed 😂, Love u Vik

    Kameel MezqueldiKameel Mezqueldi2 måneder siden
  • Call of Duty Cold War: Russian edition

    Aufstrigende DeutschlandAufstrigende Deutschland2 måneder siden
  • My question, why does vik just Have a crowbars lying around 🧐

    Ye Olde SpoonYe Olde Spoon2 måneder siden
  • 6:42 did anyone else’s Siri turn on?

    AuRa ClanAuRa Clan2 måneder siden
    • SAME 😂😂

      jdecker25jdecker252 måneder siden
  • Vik has w crowbar

    Aaron MossAaron Moss2 måneder siden
  • Vik keeps a crowbar in in 4 mil penthouse

    Tripple SixTripple Six2 måneder siden
  • Could be for the new warzone map

    Daniel SanchezDaniel Sanchez2 måneder siden