22. okt.. 2020
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What a moment! Enjoy!
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  • Vik cant u put your face cam in to right corner. As ur right in middle of the screen when your playing

    Kyle SaltKyle Salt6 timer siden
  • J

    David OmoregbeDavid Omoregbe19 timer siden
  • H

    Wilbobaggins08Wilbobaggins0813 dager siden
  • is he a tier 3 sub tho

    BouqueethiusBouqueethius14 dager siden
  • why poki

    Ashley SchmiedeknechtAshley Schmiedeknecht14 dager siden

    LilJG12LilJG1216 dager siden
  • Who wouldn’t simp for her?

    Angel MaldonadoDrillAngel MaldonadoDrill16 dager siden
  • If u don’t simp to poki then u like boys just saying

    Josh McDermottJosh McDermott22 dager siden
  • no one gonna talk about his laugh 16:30 sounding like some window wiper

    kelley swansonkelley swanson24 dager siden
  • A simp lord

    Matthew JonesMatthew Jones24 dager siden
  • عادتا

    Anwer AlnaarAnwer Alnaar25 dager siden
  • Vic is imposter

    ThingzThingz26 dager siden
  • Who else loves the among us vids Edit:How come a fortnite kid name itzz beau (🤢) can get 1.4k likes in 3 days saying the exact same thing

    Otillaca WammbeOtillaca Wammbe26 dager siden
  • The reason I don't play with girls 😭

    Bilal alobaidiBilal alobaidi26 dager siden
  • Callux looks like the cockroach guy from MIB

    Harshvardhan SinghHarshvardhan Singh28 dager siden
  • Simp

    XxxTalkxxXXxxTalkxxX28 dager siden
  • What do you find on Pokimane? She looks like an ordinary girl in 2020

    TheCatBestTheCatBest28 dager siden
  • Poki is irritating ngl

    MareeenaMareeenaMåned siden
  • 16:31 after laughing so hard over nothing says I’m so cooked 3 times

    Tropic BreezeTropic BreezeMåned siden
  • This is a weird combination of creators

    soundcloud rappersoundcloud rapperMåned siden
  • Okay this game is overrated it's not that fun

    Normal LearnerNormal LearnerMåned siden
  • Does anyone else wonder how they find a time were everyone is online considering the different countries there in 🤔

    Oliver PorterOliver PorterMåned siden
  • simp

    Mine900 YTMine900 YTMåned siden
  • Lol

    Roger CortesRoger CortesMåned siden
  • Simp for gru

    Bobi PhettBobi PhettMåned siden
  • Love da title

    • Get it

      TS DESTEXTS DESTEXMåned siden
  • callux do be a tier 3 sub tho

    day_noday_noMåned siden
  • Nogla had a 10 head reasoning for why it was vikk then next round went to -1.

    Adrian RiveraAdrian RiveraMåned siden
  • Wait when did lux simp did I miss it

    Flame on DeckFlame on DeckMåned siden
  • Nogla funny and annoying af at the same time

    Flame on DeckFlame on DeckMåned siden
  • Nogla sounds like he’s always eating

    VelocciVelocciMåned siden
  • tip: *dont kill the sus people...*

    epikhaidrepikhaidrMåned siden
  • Reads title: Why am I surprised

    Fantz XFantz XMåned siden
  • Vikk with the W and Lux getting taken out for speaking his truth :(

    Jake HarperJake HarperMåned siden
  • Nah i aint trusting anyone till they say walahi

    Predator ProductionsPredator ProductionsMåned siden
  • Pokimane's got a boyfriend already lmak

    XMX iADenXMX iADenMåned siden
  • i love how nogla just started eating

    Elsa FrewenElsa FrewenMåned siden
    • Title: Callux simps for pokimane Vikk: There is a (s)impostor among us

      Roshan PremnathRoshan PremnathMåned siden
  • Callus would be the type of dude to simp for poki

    Arache BaileyArache BaileyMåned siden
  • *I'm sorry sir, it's time for you to leave.*

    Wise LoafWise LoafMåned siden
  • Wait how did callux simp for her? I don't get it

    Tari-Starre MichaelTari-Starre MichaelMåned siden
  • Play with Tommy please

    Clay CODClay CODMåned siden
  • ppl be like: sMaSh tHe liKe bUtToN iF yOu loVe ThEsE dUdEs

    Fitch SaltFitch SaltMåned siden
  • Im missing the warzone vids :( but still love ur among us vids!!!

    ScratchScratchMåned siden
  • im a simposter

    ZAKZAKMåned siden
  • In the thumbnail that isn’t a arm

    Pizza RulesPizza RulesMåned siden
  • Anyway simp September is over?

  • This is my luck this video has 9999k views at this point of time

  • can we get 100,000 dislikes for the title and 2,000,000 likes for the content?

    Nova-ManiacNova-ManiacMåned siden
  • sarah reading the title 👁👁

    maisie’s wrldmaisie’s wrldMåned siden
  • You should play with tommyinit again lol

    SwerzeYTSwerzeYTMåned siden

    Inspired EnoughInspired EnoughMåned siden
  • Hi

    RezzrOnAmongUsRezzrOnAmongUsMåned siden
  • poki is so annoying

    Vera JaydenVera JaydenMåned siden
  • 6:09

    ConSaysHiConSaysHiMåned siden
  • I don't really like pokimane but since it's a vikkstar vid I'm going to watch it

    Martin HenstockMartin HenstockMåned siden
  • Broooo I hate when they swear

    Adrian Garcia RojasAdrian Garcia RojasMåned siden
  • Alinity

    Gail BreslinGail BreslinMåned siden
  • Fun fact: majority of the sidemen are 420 friendly

    Matic HazeMatic HazeMåned siden
  • Freyz swearing to god and still liying...

    Iven NijsIven NijsMåned siden
  • Callux has no chance

    Kevsepticaye OGKevsepticaye OGMåned siden
  • I like hearing noglas voice and imagining the dog thats his pic talking

    llewellyn koneliollewellyn konelioMåned siden
  • These verified self promotes are bare annoying

    cheese on toastcheese on toastMåned siden
  • This is the most annoying team in among us, everyone screaming and talking over each other. What's entertaining about that?

    Eduardo EddyEduardo EddyMåned siden
  • Lol 😂

    Abdullah 2460Abdullah 2460Måned siden
  • Being a simp is not a good thing, people need to stop normalizing it, stop being a beta male.

    Chris EdwardsChris EdwardsMåned siden
    • they're joking bruv

      Domagoj StorićDomagoj StorićMåned siden
  • freyz is the proper definition of a british accent

    Shahn ツShahn ツMåned siden
  • Can you do some warzone again?

    JulianJulianMåned siden
  • this game does destroy friendships

    milkmanmilkmanMåned siden
  • Bruh😂that might be the best clutch in among us history

    Nathan BanksNathan BanksMåned siden
  • Why don't you have the beta???

    AbundioAbundioMåned siden
  • The one that made tommyinnit cry smh

    FlxenoTreyFlxenoTreyMåned siden
  • no one gonna talk about his laugh 16:30 sounding like some window wiper

    Samson RobbinsSamson RobbinsMåned siden
    • 😂😂

      DozoneAMVSDozoneAMVSMåned siden
  • Vik just pulled the biggest iq ive seen on among us

    jasoniyoッjasoniyoッMåned siden
  • I’m so mad Freyz said swear to god and she lied she going to hell for sure

    Unknown_Beast YT_Unknown_Beast YT_Måned siden
  • Sick to see Freya as a " small streamer" in that group of big dons of the scene.

    Christoph S.Christoph S.Måned siden
    • Woah they are dons?

      fattipotato79fattipotato79Måned siden
  • Road to 7 million

    saihaj kohlisaihaj kohliMåned siden
  • 13:25 pokimane joins

    Cris CalvinCris CalvinMåned siden
  • Poki is annoying and squeaky

    felix_ drumsfelix_ drumsMåned siden
  • Ngl nogla hellllla annoying

    FeskiiFeskiiMåned siden
  • My. Guy Looks like you can transform water into weed

    Lego PsychopathLego PsychopathMåned siden
  • god I hate Freyz 's voice

    Valentino GarciaValentino GarciaMåned siden
    • Why?

      fattipotato79fattipotato79Måned siden
  • Noglaaa

    SonRohanSan’s GamingSonRohanSan’s GamingMåned siden
  • Well.... that thumbnail caught my eye fast😏 poki if you’re seeing this HMU 😏👍. If only I was a few years older😔

    Noob TubeNoob TubeMåned siden
    • search her up without makeup lmaoo

      J BJ BMåned siden
    • Simp and she doesn't look that good

      Jaydenplays GamesJaydenplays GamesMåned siden
    • Simp

      fattipotato79fattipotato79Måned siden
  • I don't get why vik was faking tasks whilst following nogla he could have just followed him and said he was with him the whole time

    The Real EmanThe Real EmanMåned siden
  • I hate when people swear to god and then lie like Freyz did

    JanielJanielMåned siden
  • Why can’t people shut tf up when they voted the right or wrong person of until the game is done done

    JaFHuJaFHuMåned siden
  • Do u swear I’m new and I’m only 7

    Reece HewittReece HewittMåned siden
    • Sometimes

      fattipotato79fattipotato79Måned siden
  • This entire session was amazing content

    andy93handy93hMåned siden
  • Tell Pewdiepie that Callux is a S I M P

    lord beeruslord beerusMåned siden
  • Again?

    Micro MMicro MMåned siden
  • Well they did say that poki was the simp queen -Pewdiepie 2019

    BulkoYTBulkoYTMåned siden
  • Stream Simper I saw it on stream

  • Pokimane is so annoying

    liam gibbsliam gibbsMåned siden
  • NOGLA!👊🏻🤩

    ShaggerShaggerMåned siden
  • Oiii vikk big time now got poki up in the game 😂

    Deadshot GamingDeadshot GamingMåned siden
  • Carson punching the air rn

    Flores ZFlores ZMåned siden
  • nogla went detective mode there huh

    AkiAkiMåned siden
    • and then fucked it up

      AkiAkiMåned siden
  • There's being nice and then there's callux type simp.

    Matthew LaunchburyMatthew LaunchburyMåned siden
  • Leafy is typing.......

    jaytheunderdogjaytheunderdogMåned siden
  • plz react to wroetosnort sidemen disstrack its so funny im sending this to every sidemen you are the 7th one

    LiekieVKLiekieVKMåned siden