🔴 COLD WAR LIVE GAMEPLAY! (Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer)

9. sep.. 2020
657 482 Ganger

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay. Enjoy!
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  • Does he still play warzone?

    ChubbyCheeks 007ChubbyCheeks 0072 dager siden
  • warzone all the way!!!!!!!!!!

    Samuel JarriSamuel Jarri4 dager siden
  • Ali a lol

    GeoNycGeoNyc11 dager siden
  • Hi vik

    SaNe SpecterSaNe Specter12 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/znPRbpdqw7vA1Kc.html

    JayTx -_-JayTx -_-20 dager siden
  • The 70mph running is so realistic

    Sean SeanSean Sean23 dager siden
    • I know. It looks like your typical futuristic game. At the moment I'm stuck with Modern Warfare Remastered. Proper FPS. This looks so overdone.

      David BurnettDavid Burnett22 dager siden
  • Anyone else wish they used old cod interfaces?

    EzraEzra28 dager siden
  • Ali-A and vikk together ?

    Murderer897Murderer897Måned siden
  • Is almost ya free

    Kaiden SomersKaiden SomersMåned siden
  • Why bare man complaining looks pretty good and swear its free🤦‍♂️

    caleb nichollscaleb nichollsMåned siden
  • After playing it I found the movement to be a bit clunky doesn’t feel as smooth as MW, the recoil of the guns seems odd too and snipers seem to dominate at any range.

    JP RacingJP RacingMåned siden
  • Does anybody know anything about Camos in the game yet?

    John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden
  • Obviously PC players always have slight advantage but they will definitely dominate this game seeing how fast it plays

    John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden
    • It's not tbst fast, I mean think about BO3.

      MagicMagicMåned siden
  • I understand vik has dropped all the graphics but I much prefer the feel of infinity wards take on Call of Duty. Not a fan of the more cartoonish look

    John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden
  • Little kid better not camp in this game

    RealBoy7998.RealBoy7998.Måned siden
  • You’ve got some video inbetween those ads 🤣

    p44jodp44jodMåned siden
  • Why is every man sayin it looks arcadey its just modern gamin

    Archie SMArchie SMMåned siden
  • GTA 5 lol

    Muslim DawasMuslim DawasMåned siden
  • Can you mount weapons in this?

    Harb ChanHarb ChanMåned siden
  • I cant wait for this game it looks so good

    Boly Boi78Boly Boi78Måned siden
  • I'm staying with Infinite Warfare until MK12 comes out.

  • Call of duty has always been Arcady I’m exited

    WISHKID twoWISHKID twoMåned siden
  • Vikk play ARK with the pack

    Laromoto GamingLaromoto GamingMåned siden
  • Just here for the slither game play

  • It’s funny how You thought Trymacs was a good player cause I watch him and normally he is known as the guy who is very lost at every game

    FredipoFredipoMåned siden
  • Brugh the agar and slither in the middle

    Ripley LeachRipley LeachMåned siden
  • can i play this game on ps4?

    Daniel DianatiDaniel DianatiMåned siden
  • When is the actual release date of the full game?

    Matty MakinMatty MakinMåned siden
    • Nov 13 but there is gonna be a free open beta to everyone arround the 20th of october and one week before everyone for the people that preorder the game

      IrisIrisMåned siden
  • kick back watch some Vikkstar123 Very talented Good show.

    brassmonkey6942069brassmonkey6942069Måned siden
  • Am I the only one who loves the graphics? Like it doesn’t have to be realistic, BO3 isn’t the most realistic game and it is still amazing and I honestly find the cartoony, easy navigation, fell to this game amazing , it is so satisfying to get kills. (The guns look amazing)

    DevonMCGDevonMCGMåned siden
  • I live how everyone is complaining about the graphics and vikk is putting hos graphicc quality low

    Luke MaraisLuke MaraisMåned siden
  • Not worth 59£

    Cod mobileCod mobileMåned siden
  • What is Cold War about this ??!

    AJAJMåned siden
    • It's in the alpha, there are going to be more maps different gun and they might even change the graphics

      SpectrumSpectrumMåned siden
  • Playing slither on break is why this guy is my favorite NOworldr😂

    Timothy MalloryTimothy MalloryMåned siden
  • the music at 1:08:59 synced perfectly with the game hahaha

    Imminent MindImminent MindMåned siden
  • megalovania

    Elle SmithElle SmithMåned siden
  • Why tf are the maps so big 😂you make a mile long journey just to get into the action

    AverageKingAverageKingMåned siden
    • Maybe because it's set in a war... Think a bit

      MagicMagicMåned siden
  • U know nothing abt the call of duty black ops trilogy

    Yxmxn 06Yxmxn 06Måned siden
  • bruh

    Adam ParkerAdam ParkerMåned siden

    Syed Abdul RaufSyed Abdul RaufMåned siden
    • Exactly, i bought it for the campaign and zombies. And if multiplayers has changed i will play that to.

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoek2 timer siden
    • Exactly, i bought it for the campaign and zombies. And if multiplayers has changed i will play that to.

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoek2 timer siden
  • Game looks like a cartoon. Not very interesting really

    A ZA ZMåned siden
    • I prefer the colours of treyarch games, i can actually see the enemy unlike mw where they can blend in

      melonhead247melonhead247Måned siden
  • I hate the fact that the CIA, M16, and Spetsnaz use the same operators like it makes no sense? Can’t they use different character models to differentiate which faction they are from? Like how is that a hard concept?

    Bloc boi JDBBBloc boi JDBBMåned siden
  • as a new player on MW this lost my hype

    فتاه - cutekeyفتاه - cutekeyMåned siden
  • I hope ADS and mobility of the snipers are only like that cause of attachments cause Jesus, its like your running around with an smg.

    Dinuka PereraDinuka PereraMåned siden
    • #whenurbadatthegameandwantquickscopingremoved

      MemePulseMemePulseMåned siden
  • Much better than the current cod

    ljummingenljummingenMåned siden
  • Do we know yet if it’s hit scan like bo4 or projectile like mw?

    Rice KrispyRice KrispyMåned siden
  • being honest, not even gonna scoop this game if this is how the maps are. id rather go back to bo4. imo mp is supposed to be small to mid maps. not ground war sized.

    Finale OfTheFantasyFinale OfTheFantasyMåned siden
  • So basically black ops 4 raped modern warfare and this happened

    ApocalypseDude_ApocalypseDude_Måned siden
  • Can you upload in 4K to your millions of subscribers man we need this on the big screen in 4K 60FPS

    coderedtoniocoderedtonioMåned siden
    • Yeah you are right, on my 4K 55 inch tv it looks litteraly dogshit, if i look on my tv in my bedroom 40 inch normal quality it is better.

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoek2 timer siden
    • That's if everyone has 4k ready displays

      AverageKingAverageKingMåned siden
  • Watching vikkstars videos make the vibe so positive and joyful

    ChobbybobbyChobbybobbyMåned siden
  • Looks very poor the old cods are better my opinion tho 👍🏼

    Derek FraserDerek FraserMåned siden
  • Full campers fucking game

    Gonzalo nietoGonzalo nietoMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/sHzZrb-ImZ3L0MU.html

    jj the gamerjj the gamerMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0me6gtprysnXy9k.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0me6gtprysnXy9k.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • This doesn’t fell like a cod game,I don’t why but there’s something missing about this game for sure.

    DeadGlitchDeadGlitchMåned siden
    • @Masitch yes I agree. This feels a bit more COD.

      illyrian warriorillyrian warrior22 dager siden
    • Ff gfr

      Medium Ugly MandemMedium Ugly MandemMåned siden
    • Mw didn’t feel like a cod game

      MasitchMasitchMåned siden
  • If you like Vick stars channel check mine out for similar content

    Sniper SamSniper SamMåned siden
  • Hiiiii guy

    BLoODy J3LoODyBLoODy J3LoODyMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/lYq4i9Bs1K64k6M.html

    Fabioo CruzFabioo CruzMåned siden
  • They really need to lower that TTK

    HavocHavocMåned siden
    • @melonhead247 i hope they fix the SBMM too or lower it down. i been abusing it alot. k/d almost 3.0. i invite my noob friends into my party and search lobbies.

      HavocHavocMåned siden
    • At least this rewards headshots unlike bo4, ttk will probably feel alot better

      melonhead247melonhead247Måned siden
  • My man was getting 170fps whats vickstar rig, and anyone know what he was playing at e.g high, med, low graphics ??

    M1KEYDM1KEYDMåned siden
    • You can see it from 4:35, just click on the blue in my comment and it will bring you there.

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoek2 timer siden
    • He was playing on low settings

      Dennis KoekoekDennis Koekoek2 timer siden
  • 1. Extremely less recoil on most guns (even ak!) 2. The aim down speed is weirdly high (especially with snipers) 3. No tactical sprint, no mount 4. The weapons look more 'cartoonish' as compared to mw (m4 looks like fortnite) 5. The weapon viewing angle is also so weird (would rather stick with blops 3 angle) 6. The hit markers are like its cod mobile This game has already lost in physics as compared to mw..

    BasuxBasuxMåned siden
  • Bit disappointed with all the big maps and vehicles man if I wanted to play battlefield then I would this isn't the classic cod

    HitmarkersHitmarkersMåned siden
  • This looks like a game you'd find if you search for free online shooters on google

    Shariq UsoofShariq UsoofMåned siden
  • What's this modern warfare??

    Great VidsGreat VidsMåned siden
    • This looks nothing like it

      SpectrumSpectrumMåned siden
  • Only this man can get exclusive content. Stream it. Make a video. And then stream another two hours. IN ONE DAY

    Achraf LmimouniAchraf LmimouniMåned siden
  • Is anyone else kinda disappointed

    itz elliasitz elliasMåned siden
  • I hope they don't do anything with snipers

    Death RaptorDeath RaptorMåned siden
  • Man has 6.5m subs, but doesn't have premium 🤣

    j1mggj1mggMåned siden
  • All the clowns saying this game is a stepdown from mw the engine is the same 🤦‍♂️

    HydraHydraMåned siden
    • I dont think the engine is the same, black ops games are made by treyarch and mw use infinity ward

      AverageKingAverageKingMåned siden
  • So much hype for this I’m staying with mw until the new battlefield

    Blessed from day 1Blessed from day 1Måned siden
  • God I hope they change the weapon sounds, they sound like bb guns 🙄

    SkItZ InItSkItZ InItMåned siden
  • I would’ve rather settled for bo2 remastered. This doesn’t feel like a black ops

    S DS DMåned siden
  • I’m going to wait until I play the game before I say anything about it, but how do people think this looks like a mobile game?

    Jwill 79Jwill 79Måned siden
    • Because they can't see further than their own opinions

      MagicMagicMåned siden
    • Ppl are so dumb its the same scenario each COD like remember MW in the alpha everyone was trashing it just like now till it came and surprised everyone

      Moe PainMoe PainMåned siden
    • DeadGlitch people see what others say and copy lol

      JadenJadenMåned siden
    • To be honest idk

      DeadGlitchDeadGlitchMåned siden
  • The gun sounds are super cartoon like

    Fox WolfFox WolfMåned siden
  • Heres to hoping th zombies will be better than the mulitplayer

    dan jonesdan jonesMåned siden
  • Never thought I’d need to see Vikkstar cracked out on pre workout, but I did 😂

    WNR09WNR09Måned siden
  • If this was a mobile game, then it would be acceptable. This game is a downgrade from the last cod, even cod mobile is better than this.

    Imtiyaaz AhmedImtiyaaz AhmedMåned siden
  • Looks like cod ghosts NGL 😂 hope it’s gets improved I was hoping for bo1 vibes

    Oliver WilkinsOliver WilkinsMåned siden
    • Rather have it look like Ghosts then be Ghosts 2 (Modern Warfare)

      Victor RykowskiVictor RykowskiMåned siden
  • am half way through this and vikks getting smoked..

    Music By ChiptMonk 2020Music By ChiptMonk 2020Måned siden
  • Nuketowns gonna be lit

    Tomzfmb 1Tomzfmb 1Måned siden
  • Who farted at 1:42:20 ? 😂😂😂😂

    Tom BowlesTom BowlesMåned siden
  • To much talking just play the dam game

    azboableazboableMåned siden
    • @Garóffalo Peña Santiago Andrés not as far as I know why are you

      azboableazboableMåned siden
    • R u dumb????

      Garóffalo Peña Santiago AndrésGaróffalo Peña Santiago AndrésMåned siden
  • Moscows got kind of a St petrograd feel about it from the looks of things

    jordie personaljordie personalMåned siden
    • I agree man and i hate that map, but this looks better

      El NoxchiEl NoxchiMåned siden
  • I’m getting ww2 vibes with streaks and field upgrades. Do not like

    KaychiKaychiMåned siden
  • Vikk: We’re going to have a good game here guys. Still Vikk: proceeds with camping the same spot the entire game

    ZE ZEZE ZEMåned siden

    Dave PasseyDave PasseyMåned siden
  • They need to make Battle Royale where you need to carry downed players to a medial station to revive them. Gulag is cool but I think they should die for good or your team should have to jail break them. If not they they should have to be carried to a location like the "KISOSK" to be revived. Or maybe have an option to capture them for Gulag if they're only downed or kill them so they have to be revived

    Chuck BossChuck BossMåned siden
  • Is there a Batel royal in Cold war?

    XxGrandpaXgXxGrandpaXgMåned siden
    • Why are you guys so obsessed with battle royal?

      illyrian warriorillyrian warrior22 dager siden
  • I know the dev’s are making it like the older cods, and I also get that it’s in alpha. But the game still looks really stiff and old. The interface and the lobby looks like one in a mobile game. Hopefully in the released version the game’s a lot more realistic, but I doubt it’ll look any different apart from a few changes. There can’t be a massive difference in just 2 months.

    Fawaz YazdaniFawaz YazdaniMåned siden
  • Weapons don't sound great but the rest is fine tbh

    julst129julst129Måned siden
    • Pawel Flak true

      Leo 06Leo 06Måned siden
    • I think it’s cause he’s using a suppressor on everything

      Pawel FlakPawel FlakMåned siden
  • 32:58 does this mean Warzone is already on BO engine?

    Aziz SydykovAziz SydykovMåned siden
    • i dont get how they're gonna do warzone on a completely different game and engine

      JesseJesseMåned siden
    • Nice catch. And I hope to god it isn’t.

      Doctor DeadshotDoctor DeadshotMåned siden
  • I'm glad they buffed visibility in this game over the previous. Health bars are so satisfying to watch deplete and I think they perfected TTK.

    Arshad SiddiquiArshad SiddiquiMåned siden
    • I hate health bars I feel like it ruins immersion

      Ben DurstBen DurstMåned siden
  • Message to all those Vikkstar123 fans: *You're nice unique and awesome. Have a wonderful day!*

    AHC TanimAHC TanimMåned siden
  • People complain about graphics but vik put down most of the graphic settings...

    Geen NaamGeen NaamMåned siden
    • Also this game isn't meant to be ultra realistic it's a black ops game they haven't had the most realistic looking games which I like about them it gives it more of a fun vibe.

      TegoTegoMåned siden

      Lightz GangLightz GangMåned siden
  • Any one remember when vikstar kinda discovered diamond camo in bo2

    b Lazarob LazaroMåned siden
  • Did you fart ? noworld.info/video/video/xpzQap6Kyp2nkKs.html

    Quentin MARIEQuentin MARIEMåned siden
  • Isn’t this modern warfare?

    YuzzyYuzzyMåned siden
  • im liking Miami a lot ngl

    Gurveer SandhuGurveer SandhuMåned siden
  • Not very good without the hacks is he

    Y GY GMåned siden