COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER! (Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Gameplay)

9. sep.. 2020
993 280 Ganger

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay. Enjoy!
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  • If you wanna see some crazy COLD WAR SNIPER ONLY Gameplay, head here:

    Vikkstar123Vikkstar123Måned siden
    • @Turner Those are ps4 graphics, I think it will be a lot better on a ps5 or xbox series x, but it looks fun.

      andres moreiraandres moreira27 dager siden
    • I remember when you used to play ark

      Isaac HeatonIsaac HeatonMåned siden
    • Gl my friend nice video🤗

      TenshiTenshiMåned siden
    • You got to play with the legend scump

      On1y LegendaryOn1y LegendaryMåned siden
    • Looks like shot tbh animations look odd why do you run so fast and the guns recoil looks straight out of black ops 4 come on treyarch😩

      Asspargass SAsspargass SMåned siden
  • x22 report

    Michelle LeeMichelle Lee2 dager siden
  • I don’t like the fonts or that you can see their health seems like a mobile game

  • I hit a 5 man on screen with a sniper!!!!! Check it out fire video btw it was insane check it out!

    TundraTundra3 dager siden
  • Will I be able to download war zone for free if I buy Cold War? Because I don’t have ps plus for actual multiplayer because I don’t have mw pls answer

    Sebastian RodriguezSebastian Rodriguez4 dager siden
  • It's ok I guess, they need to polish it a bit more

    KΛMKΛM4 dager siden
  • looks like b04 re skinned

  • Vikk is 💩 at this game

    Saint ClanSaint Clan5 dager siden
  • I like how they made the maps really interactive but i dont like the graphics, this game has very good potential but im very scared to say the least

    Adam IbrahimAdam Ibrahim5 dager siden
    • Yeah igy, the graphics look weird lol

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
  • Ok I’m still gonna grind this game but it seems like a bit of a downgrade.

    YG FredtreyYG Fredtrey7 dager siden
  • Call of dutys been the saaaame for yearss they need to change sumin not dramastically jus need to add sumin new or sumin better its too repetitive

    Ow MOw M8 dager siden
  • wow cold war is so satisfying and tempting

    Yousef DafterdarYousef Dafterdar8 dager siden
  • I like how its bigger maps and vehicles but It just doesn't look as good as battlefield. Sorry

    Carlos Beats UKCarlos Beats UK9 dager siden
  • Hey, I do COD: Cold War montages dude, please check them out if you get the time much appreciated 🙏

    SlxloSlxlo9 dager siden
  • Don't waste your money game is garbage

    Pete HagadoPete Hagado12 dager siden
  • It looks like black ops 2 😂😂🤣🤣

    Jozef RostasJozef Rostas13 dager siden
    • Black ops 2 was good, what's your point..

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
    • So it looks like one of the best cod games ever

      Jayden JenkinsJayden Jenkins12 dager siden
  • elke Nederlander zag Yarasky right? whaha

    Its IvanIts Ivan13 dager siden
  • This Game looks Incredible!!...for 2012

    Ben SBen S15 dager siden
    • Which is all that matters

      Jayden JenkinsJayden Jenkins12 dager siden
    • All tryarch games look worse than iw games but tryarch has the gameplay and map design

      Jayden JenkinsJayden Jenkins12 dager siden
  • is this game gonna be cross platform?

    GBGB17 dager siden
    • Yeah

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
  • This is like cod mobile but with good graphic

    portis sandalportis sandal18 dager siden
  • no offence but your so boring

    Solomon1747Solomon174718 dager siden
  • Remember it’s an alpha game isn’t even done being built

    United ZoneUnited Zone21 dag siden
    • Na the beta just came out and it's out in about 3 weeks so there won't be many major changes now

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
  • 13:28 „VIP downed“ Vikk: „Lets try to get more kills“ XDD

    Christoph LChristoph L21 dag siden
  • Looks like roblox phantom forces

    Twitch St3nstaTwitch St3nsta25 dager siden
  • I love the realistic 70mph running speeds... meh.. will prbs give it a miss.

    Sean SeanSean Sean25 dager siden
  • What’s the minimum pc requirements?

    alan hassanalan hassan26 dager siden
  • Looks like blops 1 but refreshed. Very excited for it!

    Berk TokkieBerk Tokkie26 dager siden
  • This looks great imo. Gameplay style looks similar to the old glory days. I dont get the hate.

    rmcguinn94rmcguinn9426 dager siden
  • Fresh trimmm. For vicky lets go vik

    Master FoxMaster Fox27 dager siden
  • This game is so fucking beautiful

    Finn- win4nFinn- win4n27 dager siden
  • Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz -

    lovelifenoiteslovelifenoites28 dager siden
  • Viks challenge of the week, say “deleted” for each subscriber you have

    Alex KirkAlex Kirk28 dager siden
  • Gonna be real, It looks fun but I HATE the health bars.

    Ideas ManIdeas Man28 dager siden
  • Could you please let us know your thoughts on the game as I’m considering getting it.

    Atharv RamakanthAtharv Ramakanth29 dager siden
    • I also found it fun but it seems very hit and miss

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
    • andres moreira thanks.

      Atharv RamakanthAtharv Ramakanth27 dager siden
    • i think it's fun, i liked it.

      andres moreiraandres moreira27 dager siden
  • 😍🔥😍

    samara jonsensamara jonsenMåned siden
  • 4:00 That was your landmine lol

    WildfireWildfireMåned siden
  • Bro the audio of the bullets hitting your surroundings sounds crisp asf

    Matthew PackardMatthew PackardMåned siden
  • epic

    COD KillsCOD KillsMåned siden
  • You play great

    Yuval RaoYuval RaoMåned siden
  • Vik only cares about this game because a battle royale is involved

    Ethan KeeganEthan KeeganMåned siden
  • Who remembers water park in black ops 3?

    Classy DuckClassy DuckMåned siden
  • Wish there was an option to mute this guy

    Sfor111Sfor111Måned siden
  • yo g i stole ur b

    bryan loguebryan logueMåned siden
  • I’m giving up on call of duty this looks like battlefield

    dc2391xbxdc2391xbxMåned siden
  • Looks like the James Bond game multiplayer. That game was so fun.

    Tom DerbyshireTom DerbyshireMåned siden
  • I'm more for the traditional arcadey COD then realism, I mean thats what COD is all about.

    NelsonNelsonMåned siden
    • yes i feel the same

      I_Am_SunilI_Am_SunilMåned siden
  • Does this remind anyone else of BO3 and BO4 Multiplayer with the sounds, the look etc

    StephenTriedddStephenTriedddMåned siden
  • Can’t wait for this on the ps5 👌💯

    Osowavedbling -Osowavedbling -Måned siden
  • Your trim is looking a but dodgy there Vikk

    Xpert TensionXpert TensionMåned siden
  • Love the graphics they put in this game I respect that but a little bit touchy on the running and the reloading I just don’t like the animations but it’s still a good game

    griff gaffgriff gaffMåned siden
  • It looks like they just undid the great gameplay of mw

    AntontocoolAntontocoolMåned siden
  • 3:33 why you jumping like it's halo?

    Winky NicholsWinky NicholsMåned siden
  • Is this going to have a blackout or something like it

    jim bojim boMåned siden
  • Cringe C

    AnoobisAnoobisMåned siden
  • this game looks well good

    FlyingTurtleREMASTEREDFlyingTurtleREMASTEREDMåned siden
  • Eh..more realistic call of duty . Artillery strike on BOATS. YEA!

    Eddie ByrneEddie ByrneMåned siden
  • His eyebrows are bigger then my future 😂😂😂

    Thenoobkingttv ttvThenoobkingttv ttvMåned siden
  • Atleast the time to kill is longer than in MW

    EndZiielEndZiielMåned siden
  • Stop jumping you flog

    EndZiielEndZiielMåned siden
  • I hope they remaster Black Ops 2 so I can die peacefully.

    CodMaster601CodMaster601Måned siden
  • I’m waiting for tommyinnit to comment

    Locus 39Locus 39Måned siden
  • How he get it so early tho

    Dakota SchmehilDakota SchmehilMåned siden
  • 8:28 ol boy vikkstar

    KoldeXKoldeXMåned siden
  • why are we ignoring the fact he has a Versace shirt on at the start

    NemoursNemoursMåned siden
  • Looks good ( i dont like hud ) but im still coping it

    Gammy gamerGammy gamerMåned siden
  • Dissapointed we want black ops 2 remasterdd

    SoloGamersTvVSoloGamersTvVMåned siden
    • @Chixelous Plays why are you attacking him for playing fortnite lmaoooooo

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
    • SoloGamersTvV if ur favourite game is fortnite then ya got no right for an opinion 😐 “disappoint” stfu the game is legit greater than fortnite and it’s not even comparable. It’s sad. Now stfu

      Chixelous PlaysChixelous PlaysMåned siden

      SoloGamersTvVSoloGamersTvVMåned siden
    • U have a fortnite pfp stfu 😂

      Chixelous PlaysChixelous PlaysMåned siden
  • *Kinda feel like this game offers nothing new besides maps and a new campaign Obviously m.w and b.o are too different things but I really don’t think we needed a new call of duty game yet! Warzone and m.w multiplayer have things handled at the moment in regards to call of duty as a whole!!*

    Hall.pHall.pMåned siden
  • How good is the mp5 in Cold War

    Jax ButterworthJax ButterworthMåned siden
    • Very very OP with the right setup

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
  • I really like the water it looks so cool

    Copyed & PastedCopyed & PastedMåned siden
  • that singing is fucking increadible at the start

    Laurie’s Mtb adventuresLaurie’s Mtb adventuresMåned siden

    Daniel SeptimusDaniel SeptimusMåned siden
  • All these people that just joined cod during mw have no idea what cod is all about

    Heat ChequeHeat ChequeMåned siden
  • I would play it but in terms of buying I’d be better off with modern warfare

    Unkn0wnUnkn0wnMåned siden
  • No One: Not a single soul: Vikkstar: WeLcOmE To cOlD WaR

    Alistair FernandesAlistair FernandesMåned siden
  • I have never heard of this youtuber before

    ThePLAYUZThePLAYUZMåned siden
  • It will look way different on the newer consoles thats probably why it look like that also this is beta so they still got some more to improve upon

    SpongySpongyMåned siden
  • People are confusing graphics with art style

    Kenneth WongKenneth WongMåned siden
  • Is this ground war or jus the map big and battlefield like

    Lil ArmozLil ArmozMåned siden
  • This is literally call of duty WW2

    Angel DiazAngel DiazMåned siden
  • 17:07 jfk

    DecDudeDecDudeMåned siden
    • DecDude LMAOOO

      Ashjack45Ashjack45Måned siden
  • Hope this doesn’t turn into WW2

    Dresnio 13Dresnio 13Måned siden
  • Hated the release hated the trailer but I like the look of the multiplayer.

    Jamo RossJamo RossMåned siden
  • IDKY people are saying "this isn't COD". Y'all dumbasses clearly haven't played the older CODs... THIS WAS HOW COD USE TO BE XD

    JustRyanJustRyanMåned siden
  • The classic gun looks are goood!

    SeFu2006SeFu2006Måned siden
  • 3:00 ”Loosing dildo!”

    benis Anderssonbenis AnderssonMåned siden
  • can you slide in this game? if not then it’s stupid. i think they should put it in every game it was one of my favorite parts of mw. anyone agree?

    h0m1essh0m1essMåned siden
    • You can dw

      Shergy GamingShergy Gaming5 dager siden
  • i dont like how much this feels like ghosts gameplay

    WaterWaterMåned siden
  • alright well hopefully zombies is good

    GlawscoGlawscoMåned siden
  • can we not just get small maps like nuktown and fringe back

    ChilljamChilljamMåned siden
  • Is that the commando

    glcarglcarMåned siden
  • i really dont like it,, its alpha tho,, hope there's major changes

    deadbeatdanndeadbeatdannMåned siden
  • If there isn't gonna be small maps like the classic rng smg days I ain't getting it

    Horrid henry #phgHorrid henry #phgMåned siden
  • Why do u keep adjusting after you die

    Ayden SmithAyden SmithMåned siden
  • Nvidia 810 potato

    Richard HanleyRichard HanleyMåned siden
  • COD WW2 vibes

    Ali AAli AMåned siden
  • It just look like every cod game

    Salem AlharbySalem AlharbyMåned siden
  • Graphics: 💩

    Cooper repooCCooper repooCMåned siden
  • Don’t know if you noticed it but you were with the best dutch cod youtuber on the team quite fun to see it was this global.

    Zeldris The ExecutionerZeldris The ExecutionerMåned siden
  • the health bars look futuristic but it’s ok

    AceGaliAceGaliMåned siden
  • Not feeling good about those weapon sounds

    K GraysonK GraysonMåned siden