COLD WAR SNIPING! (Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Sniper Gameplay)

10. sep.. 2020
597 269 Ganger

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Sniper Gameplay. Enjoy!
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  • The game is lit

    sherrell kingsherrell king2 dager siden
  • This is my kind of sniping

    Bryne CreekmoreBryne Creekmore13 dager siden
  • Modern warfare >> Cold War 😴😴

    J LJ L24 dager siden
  • Yeh ikr

    swift unarmedswift unarmed25 dager siden
  • 1:35 weird visual bug with the sniper scope there.

    Matei RogojinăMatei Rogojină26 dager siden
  • Up to 80€/$ for this game? I don’t know...too much.

    Jay CarolJay Carol27 dager siden
  • looks too much like battlefield

    Brooksyyy BoyBrooksyyy Boy28 dager siden
  • 1 like = +1cm for viks eyebrows

    Zombies LadZombies Lad28 dager siden
  • It looks good

  • you should challenge ali a like so vikk see

    Oliver BrowningOliver BrowningMåned siden
  • WTF, como terminé aquí?? .__. Pd: 2:00 Madre mía Willy, qué tal compañero? xdxd

    Adrian AlomiaAdrian AlomiaMåned siden
  • The alpha is freeeee

    HeroshineHeroshineMåned siden
  • The movement when ADS on snipers is soo weird. It’s like bouncy Idk how to explain it.

    Shopekua XShopekua XMåned siden
  • Subscribe and like the video

    Supreme LordSupreme LordMåned siden
  • *madre mía willy qué haces aquí compañero?!?* 2:00

    Antonio C.Antonio C.Måned siden
  • F por el willyrex 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Maximiliano SierraMaximiliano SierraMåned siden
  • People saying it looks like a mobile game . WTF are you playing on mobile ?

    Tax the eggTax the eggMåned siden
  • It gives of Battlefield 1 vibes

    DeansyDeansyMåned siden
  • Games lools good... But can you dolphin dive?

    Dade PritchettDade PritchettMåned siden
  • The sniper zooms in like COD Mobile.. Hope they change that.

    NADQuestNADQuestMåned siden
  • mine is downloading on my ps4

    Sadik RahmanSadik RahmanMåned siden
  • am i the only one that gets triggered by what he does after a kills some1 with a sniper... "gets kill" keeps scoping in for some reason. mate he got less view. so scope out after a kill and he'll get a bigger view. and then scope in real quick and BOOP. just saying

    PiffiMusPiffiMusMåned siden
  • i really hope they remove the health bar

    Sorting HatSorting HatMåned siden
  • I dont know why.. but... i have Hurtgen feelings

    TressortTressortMåned siden
  • I’ve been grinding for#FAZE5 for 2 years in a row and didn’t make it all these years I hope this is my year plz no hate

    JinxJinxMåned siden
  • I’m sorry but this doesn’t look anything like “Cold War”. MW2 remastered is needed to please the original COD players...

    Cameron DauvenCameron DauvenMåned siden
  • are you playing this on pc?

    Jack ScotchbrookJack ScotchbrookMåned siden
  • Pretty disappointed, Thought the game would have looked so much better

    TrippyphoenixTrippyphoenixMåned siden

    AaronPvPAaronPvPMåned siden
  • i want mantling like modernwarfare there was so many good trickshotting places

    Kofi CromerKofi CromerMåned siden
  • modern warfare was better than this game imo only downside no zombies

    NumeredNumeredMåned siden
  • In two minds about the game thus far, we obviously need to play the full build ourselves when it’s out to have a real opinion but excited regardless

    FaulkyFaulkyMåned siden
  • Dose the game have sprint to fire

    Joseph SchreenanJoseph SchreenanMåned siden
  • Pero qye haces aqui Willy, madre mia willy

    PONY6969PONY6969Måned siden
  • I'm sorry, whats new about this game?

    Told You I • 2 years agoTold You I • 2 years agoMåned siden
  • Hey Vikstar - just dropping in to say keep up the good work. I'm actually looking forward to Cold War which is something I've not said about a COD game for some years :) Do you get scope glint with these sniper rifles?

    Harb ChanHarb ChanMåned siden
  • I like the fast movement

    v Fozzyv FozzyMåned siden
  • Ppl complaining abt the graphics r the same ppl who complained abt getting shot from a dark pile of fuzz in the corner on MW

    Ez-eEz-eMåned siden
  • this is literally battlefield 5

    l BillyBobJoe520 ll BillyBobJoe520 lMåned siden
  • Going for the “Damascus” camo immediately. And I really hope we have good/colorful camos like in bo2.

    M DM DMåned siden
  • 8:16 "quick scope" -_-

    ScRipt1337ScRipt1337Måned siden
  • If the mini map is back to normal. Why have the compass? It adds nothing

    Jayson TerryJayson TerryMåned siden
  • Vikk pls buy ps5 and play cod on it pls

    1_ MOSQUERAZ -11_ MOSQUERAZ -1Måned siden
  • The snipes are like WWII style

    Mhmd QassimMhmd QassimMåned siden
  • looks like battlefield

    Matthew carsonMatthew carsonMåned siden
  • I get this is in alpha and devs are gonna make improvements, I don’t like the touchscreen tablets, not a fan of the movement, not a fan of the health bar above enemies heads and the gun sounds I do think they will improve it but still feedback is good

    Nathan FrancisNathan FrancisMåned siden
  • Why does it look like its from 2010?

    M RodriguezM RodriguezMåned siden
  • this game is for those who cant play MW!

    shwana kamalshwana kamalMåned siden
  • Looks like cod mobile

    EzmEzmMåned siden

    JF CompositionJF CompositionMåned siden
  • Does he play against real people or bots

    MGlegend LOLMGlegend LOLMåned siden
  • “Pretty crazy gameplay I’d say by my standards”... Continues to hardscope and get mediocre mid range snipes...

    Crona MusicCrona MusicMåned siden
    • No hate vikk is good and his channel is great just not that great sniping thats all

      Crona MusicCrona MusicMåned siden
  • I bought Cold War ultimate edition y can’t I play

    Freezy CapzFreezy CapzMåned siden
    • Because its not out yet

      Sam WinterSam WinterMåned siden
  • looks like a good sniping game

  • Pre ordering on the weekend, so excited

  • Jetski physics was just hilarious

    Midnight CruiserMidnight CruiserMåned siden
  • From now on they should hire the team that did the gun sounds and animations for modern warfare for future games fr

    Shady Sohel GeorgeShady Sohel GeorgeMåned siden
  • This looks like a COD from 10yrs ago. I'll stick to Modern Warfare for now thanks.

    Vince WebsterVince WebsterMåned siden
    • Vince Webster it’s in its beta

      Kane CraigKane CraigMåned siden
  • The touch screen was in 1984 fam maybe not to everyone but there were touch screens and especially the army I'm certain and tbh the game looks ok I think activation kept what we all knew about the arcade play style

    Travey HousenTravey HousenMåned siden
  • Why do the slides make you so fast

    jack 14jack 14Måned siden
  • Looks too much like battlefield

    MGIC-rawsMGIC-rawsMåned siden
  • I cant get over how much this looks like battlefield and also where is the recoil with the snipers

    jack 14jack 14Måned siden
  • it looks like a mobile game

    medley 47medley 47Måned siden
  • 👺But he can’t snipe the wooly-bears..

    nwhittington7nwhittington7Måned siden
  • How do you play it early?

    Thundxr xblThundxr xblMåned siden
  • I know the game is only in alpha but anyone think they've dumbed down the graphics compared to the latest mw

    Matthew CooperMatthew CooperMåned siden
  • Yarasky in vikk’s team wat een legende

    KallumKallumMåned siden
  • Im sorry willyrex jajajaj

    Cristian LafontCristian LafontMåned siden
  • Im feeling excited to play the game but the guns look like models

    go nego neMåned siden
  • That sniper is so gonna get nerfed.

    Unknown UserUnknown UserMåned siden
  • 2:01 this was not the crossover i was hoping for, but im pleased anyways

    jose alfredo alvarez bravojose alfredo alvarez bravoMåned siden
  • can we even compare vikk to noahj

    HitcheckHitcheckMåned siden
  • Feels like L18 back from mw3 🔥

    Bibek BaruahBibek BaruahMåned siden
  • New cods are just battlefield it’s ass

    Pw50Pw50Måned siden
    • Rocco railton bro chill there were only 2 maps in the alpha that were 12v12

      Angel LopezAngel LopezMåned siden
  • I really don’t like this game at all ... modern warfare is the best game ever I thought this new cod would be better than this I mean this looks same as cod mobile

    Alaa SandouqahAlaa SandouqahMåned siden
  • this game looks awful

  • This doesnt even look like a cod game

    mon keemon keeMåned siden
  • It’s like BO3

    TK-47TK-47Måned siden
  • MW is better

    Adit ShettyAdit ShettyMåned siden
  • Faze vikkstar

    David HodsonDavid HodsonMåned siden
  • Ngl I prefer the latest modern warfare type of game but this one still looks 👌🏼

    MR. BagelMR. BagelMåned siden
  • 2:01 matan a willi😩

    Matias BuenoMatias BuenoMåned siden
  • Bro it's so vivid

    LoLoLoLoMåned siden
  • I wish i have money...

    Aiman FaddillahAiman FaddillahMåned siden
  • People saying the snipes are satisfying this looks like some computer game from coolmath the sniping is MW is better because it requires more skill than this

    Tiki TakaTiki TakaMåned siden
  • Aim down sight speed on snipers looks unreal can’t wait

    ii Rektzii RektzMåned siden
  • I don’t get this. It’s being released after mw 2019 yet the graphics are still worse.

    Oscar OlleyOscar OlleyMåned siden
    • lander well at least that was a nice reply unlike most replies people make to my comments.

      Oscar OlleyOscar OlleyMåned siden
    • i think the graphics look really nice, they are not meant to be super realistic but they still give us a good portrayal

      landerlanderMåned siden
  • Please do a warzone vid way Marley thirteen

    DynamiteDynamiteMåned siden
  • Vik is such a warzoze player. Has no idea how to play multiplayer😂

    Kruka 11Kruka 11Måned siden
  • Any sidemen fan knows where that shirt in the intro was from

    Salty 22Salty 22Måned siden
  • im going to play mw to fresh my soul

    3kdGOD3kdGODMåned siden
  • This game looks ten years old

    Julian CamuJulian CamuMåned siden
  • Nice gameplay, looks great and cant wait to play this game self

    YusAykPlaysYusAykPlaysMåned siden
  • 6 mill subs gets millions of views gets a power of money from sponsorships the lot and still wants more money off his subs to support him

    Sean FarrellSean FarrellMåned siden
  • At this point i just want remastered bo1 and mw3, mw2 multiplayer

    Bibek GurungBibek GurungMåned siden
    • They were just so good Played on mw3 multiplayer and then hopped on bo1 zombies

      TTM VirtualTTM VirtualMåned siden
    • YES I’ve wanted that for a long time

      TTM VirtualTTM VirtualMåned siden
    • nah fam. just nah

      PiffiMusPiffiMusMåned siden
    • @ADP bo2 was more balanced than bo1

      Told You I • 2 years agoTold You I • 2 years agoMåned siden
    • @Told You I • 2 years ago nah

      ADPADPMåned siden
  • Can’t wait for the virgins to find this game’s equivalent of the Kar98

    Saied. MSaied. MMåned siden
  • Oh yes good vibes from this game 😂

    Rhys MastRhys MastMåned siden
  • The ADS on a one-shot kill sniper is ridiculous

    Chris W.Chris W.Måned siden
    • That’s good

      Ghost LifeGhost LifeMåned siden
  • In Germany we say: Moin Leute, Trymacs hier

    ManuelManuelMåned siden