2. sep.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • I’m sorry I forgot to use code vik

    Just a turtle DemigodJust a turtle DemigodDag siden
  • If u go to ability 2 then put on overkill u can get 2 primary

    Shirley SmailesShirley Smailes2 dager siden

    Seek n DestroySeek n Destroy11 dager siden
  • My name is james 😅😅

    Peelo 16Peelo 1619 dager siden
  • Hoi vikstar

    ARYAN bhagwandasARYAN bhagwandas22 dager siden
  • What’s your name in war zone

    huma ahmedhuma ahmed23 dager siden
  • I love you

    huma ahmedhuma ahmed23 dager siden
  • But I do use code vik

    jamez 066jamez 06628 dager siden
  • I am sorry vik also how do u know my name

    Lindsey LingLindsey LingMåned siden
  • Wait.... how does he know?

    James WellsJames WellsMåned siden
  • James be like 👁️👄👁️

    Bear RichardsonBear RichardsonMåned siden
  • Hi all like if u agree vickstar best war zone player

  • looks like MoVlogs :D

    Noisia KcNoisia KcMåned siden
  • Never play with fifa. Bring back warzz

    Brian PatrizioBrian PatrizioMåned siden
  • yo vikk yesterday you lost a gulag. why? ohh you did not use code : vikk

    clazzieclazzieMåned siden
  • Just curious do you allow participants to turn off crossplay in tournaments?? Jukeyz does it

    Gamermama TVGamermama TVMåned siden
  • I don’t got cod points I’m sorry WZ God father 🙏🏾💯forgive my sins

    Triple. J JonesTriple. J JonesMåned siden
  • play war zone drunk fam

    William Robertson-AcoletWilliam Robertson-AcoletMåned siden
  • this man dont realise bruen got shadow buff

    dennisdennisMåned siden
  • Bro I love vik I was like I wonder what his class setup is (goes to description) wow what a coincidence

    Deadmemes33 5Deadmemes33 5Måned siden
  • i really just got called out

    James HowardJames HowardMåned siden
  • 4:51 why didn't u get the money?

    Saad AldhalamiSaad AldhalamiMåned siden
  • If vikk hits 7 million I'll dye my hair any colour u guys want

    Ghost on Mobile 😈Ghost on Mobile 😈Måned siden
  • What is that shirt you're wearing? I need it!!!

    Adam TurreAdam TurreMåned siden
  • Shook

    James AustinJames AustinMåned siden
  • Vikk y did you have to tell them man

    James LomasJames LomasMåned siden
  • WTF

    james hurleyjames hurleyMåned siden
  • Get rid of the f loadout drop. Loot the weapons ffs!

  • anyone know what kind of audio software vik uses?

    ajajMåned siden
  • Why do I hate the other donny so much he doesn't shut up

    Fletcher ClubbFletcher ClubbMåned siden
  • Heb je Wolfz force gekiled

    ARYAN bhagwandasARYAN bhagwandasMåned siden
  • Seriously. You have almost 7 million subscribers. Anthony Joshua has 645k . Fight Tyson Fury.

    iso Mooniso MoonMåned siden
  • dr disrespect:$2 Millions TOURNAMENT

    Daily NoobDaily NoobMåned siden
  • This is such a fun idea, competing with your own teammates for kills lol

    Nasryth FunesNasryth FunesMåned siden
  • Just see you in my game as my bounty lol hiding

    jason bantonjason bantonMåned siden
  • This man actually knows

    James WilliamsJames WilliamsMåned siden
  • Ayy im James and i use your code :(

    KryptoKryptoMåned siden
  • The only warzone you tuber that doesn’t clickbait 💀

    Yoyohann270Yoyohann270Måned siden
  • I’ve been buying a bundle here and there in the shop supporting you bro. Always forget to post it on twitter lol but anyways Love you vids!!

    GK3 -GK3 -Måned siden
  • Yo u should do a challenge where u only can kill squads that u have a bounty on

    pwc07pwc07Måned siden
  • is mad that i went to school with the guy whos now playing 20k tournaments with vikkstar

    theo taylortheo taylorMåned siden
  • I’m scared my names James

    Xx RiskyXx RiskyMåned siden

    J.M. RGNDLJ.M. RGNDLMåned siden
  • Can you do the no talk challenge on warzone. You can't communicate, you can only mark places and people.

    Tom BaxterTom BaxterMåned siden
  • Did you invite someone called unkownshelf289 to one of your games

    Jack DaviesJack DaviesMåned siden
  • Ik just wondering, how is vik not coming across shotguns? My lobby’s are full with people with shotguns -.-

    Caesar RazCaesar RazMåned siden
  • anyone remember Vikkstar the tomahawk montage?

    XXIV NottyXXIV NottyMåned siden
  • Where’s warzs?

    Fragment XVIFragment XVIMåned siden
  • Play among us

    Pop HoePop HoeMåned siden
  • vikk should have just shot anyway to pressure the guy to not finish fifa, people always play selfish and i despise it

    TheEndGamerzTheEndGamerzMåned siden
  • Reddit videosReddit videosMåned siden
  • Woah

    Percy JacksonPercy JacksonMåned siden
  • Chill

    Percy JacksonPercy JacksonMåned siden
  • Vote tommyinnit and WilburSoot president of L’amandburg 2020! Not big Q

    Silas RothSilas RothMåned siden
  • I love your videos I with I could play with u

    James DuckerJames DuckerMåned siden
  • To be fair though

    JoshJoshMåned siden
  • please help my out and check out my latest snd video im cracked at sniping and hope to get big

    shottahshottahMåned siden
  • what happened to the "to be fair tho" intro?!

    EvolutionEvolutionMåned siden
  • Yo vikk u will not pin this and is it cool if I play with u

    Camden JonesCamden JonesMåned siden
  • my mans started copying swaggs intro.

    Kyan LewisKyan LewisMåned siden
  • im not using the code cos i have no money

    JamesdiedJamesdiedMåned siden
  • Fair play to this guy for still getting views for a game that’s fallen off big time

    Charlie PearsonCharlie PearsonMåned siden
  • Ostia que buena jugada Alexby 😎

    ツuhVzctzrツuhVzctzrMåned siden
  • james watching this 👁👄👁

    VinoVinoMåned siden
  • Absolute gassssss, fifa and vik are class together

    Tom KingTom KingMåned siden
  • I take it tourney is cancelled today

    RsProduct1RsProduct1Måned siden
  • Isn’t there a vikkstar tourney today?

    Alan MijoAlan MijoMåned siden
    • I thought there way but I dont think so

      RsProduct1RsProduct1Måned siden

    Przemek HalembaPrzemek HalembaMåned siden
  • Bro I acc fucking shat myself cuz I preordered CoD and didn’t use code VIKK cuz I forgot and he said it

    James ReaJames ReaMåned siden
  • Sure just steal it from SWAGG

    SniperStefSniperStefMåned siden
  • Loving the swagg style intro

    DylanDylanMåned siden
  • I am called james and I'm not using your code cos I'm on holiday so can't put it in

    Hive MusicHive MusicMåned siden
  • James

    Rocco WRocco WMåned siden
  • I hate how when vikk was alone fifa was shouting over the whole time but when he was alone he make vikk whisper

    Adam EvansAdam EvansMåned siden
  • Does anyone know what time this specific match was on the steam. Would like to watch the full game.

    Stefan AnthonyStefan AnthonyMåned siden
  • He knows I didn’t use it

    James PayeJames PayeMåned siden
  • “to be fair though”

    Gaming Central6Gaming Central6Måned siden
  • This man was breathing like he just ran a marathon but good stuff vikk😘

    Sylvia GarciaSylvia GarciaMåned siden
  • bro i’m so scared now

    James SmithJames SmithMåned siden
  • damn vikks teammate is annoying

    Nathan ParkNathan ParkMåned siden
  • Video idea: do a tournament with a heartbeat sensor (in real life not in game)

    Mr. MoochesterMr. MoochesterMåned siden
  • I don't think Vikk knows how the Red semi circle thing that happens when you get shot works. He calls out the wrong direction SO often and seems clueless a LOT of the time

    Yoni SchecterYoni SchecterMåned siden
  • when he says code vikk it sounds like hes saying covid

    Giorgio MichielinGiorgio MichielinMåned siden
  • He did the swagg thing with the names

    KSI Callan05KSI Callan05Måned siden
  • Fifa sounds like he has a heart attack every time he sees someone

    WebsyHDWebsyHDMåned siden
  • Play warzone with a normal controller no mods or anything

    AmaanAmaanMåned siden
  • Why are there so many James in the comments 🤔???

    Hyder HafizHyder HafizMåned siden

    IRONsight joeIRONsight joeMåned siden
  • Vikk says James once all of a sudden everyone's called james

    TricksterTricksterMåned siden

    1k subscribers with no video1k subscribers with no videoMåned siden
  • “I need plates” 1 minute after downing 2 guys who dropped armor sachels and you didn’t even loot them.

    James MartinJames MartinMåned siden
  • Vikkstar why were you mean to tommyinnit

    GPM 3GPM 3Måned siden
  • How did he know I didn’t use Code VIKK 😳😰

    James BowerJames BowerMåned siden
  • WTF, how did you know!

    James ChamberlainJames ChamberlainMåned siden
  • i dont understand the point of this? why arnt they working togheter? maby a dumb question but please explain :)

    D BD BMåned siden
  • 9:12 Revenge 😂

    James CousinsJames CousinsMåned siden
  • Shouting out all the James' out there, we need to stick together, Vikk is onto us.......😱👀👂👌🙈🙉🙊🤐

    James CousinsJames CousinsMåned siden
  • Seems like they’re playing for the win rather than the kills

    Matthew RichardsMatthew RichardsMåned siden
  • Vikk was taking Swagg’s intro

    TheBlitzball BoysTheBlitzball BoysMåned siden
  • Why’s he copying swaggs intro when he picks someone out lol

    TeeTeeMåned siden