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  • I am getting JJ and Milk vibes from the Vik and Freya imposter round.. It was quick.. 😄

    shaan toorshaan toor11 timer siden
  • hi vick

    exotic_ azxyexotic_ azxyDag siden
  • Is the map backwards for anyone

    Alfie Ray07Alfie Ray073 dager siden
  • Poor vik

    S̑̈Ȃ̈D̑̈S̑̈Ȃ̈D̑̈5 dager siden
  • I honestly understand vik his anger

    Mc.NiallerMc.Nialler6 dager siden
  • 48:32 "I'm flying through my tasks" yes you are .. literally 😂

    Betsy MaloneBetsy Malone7 dager siden
  • love the vid

    Charlie ThorntonCharlie Thornton8 dager siden
  • This video is that cursed I’m trying to watch but the screen is black

    JkR SamJkR Sam8 dager siden
  • Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years.

    Withrow PortugalWithrow Portugal9 dager siden
  • 2:58:53 Is Vikk blind he just saw Jordz murder Ethan🤣🤣🤣

    Bram SarkissianBram Sarkissian11 dager siden
    • Is you blind he have glasses

      Bzbzz BzvzvzBzbzz Bzvzvz4 dager siden
  • You should try party animals! Seems fun

    Abraham DzintarsAbraham Dzintars13 dager siden
  • Was anyone else NOworld braking up

    Maisie CoxMaisie Cox17 dager siden
  • 48:32 "I'm flying through my tasks" yes you are .. literally 😂

    Casey haleCasey hale18 dager siden
  • I can't imagine a game with pewds, poki, val, corpse, jj, vik, harry, and jack It would be crazy

    Taylor SwannTaylor Swann18 dager siden
  • One thing I hate about vikkstars among us videos, is that he is 3x louder that everyone else because of his volume settings. Either i hurt my ears (litterally) to his loud voice so i can actually hear the other people aswell, or i can turn down my volume so vikk doesnt hurt my ears but then i cant hear the other people. It makes it really annoying to watch his videoes.

    Peter GunnarsenPeter Gunnarsen19 dager siden
  • Bruv he got imposter like once in that whole stream

    Kon PaterasKon Pateras19 dager siden
  • 58:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    Zen VortexZen Vortex20 dager siden
  • Lux is the biggest tard in among us Change my mind...

    Bio 73Bio 7320 dager siden
  • #everyonebulliesvikkforever lol

    Aquarium PirateAquarium Pirate21 dag siden
  • I honestly understand vik his anger

    Freda MartinFreda Martin22 dager siden
  • 2:58:55 vik watching cams but doesn’t see cyan kill Ethan in nav smh vik get off of cams lmao

    Gaming CentralGaming Central22 dager siden
  • He legit was imposter one game smh

    Charlie FoxCharlie Fox22 dager siden
  • Vikkstar123 your ego is eating your soul , carm down lil man

    Beats BudsBeats Buds22 dager siden
  • Shhhhhut up vikk lad ffs it's a game lol

    Beats BudsBeats Buds22 dager siden
  • 3 hours, 1 imposter game

    Mike LetiziaMike Letizia22 dager siden
  • I liked for 59:00

    Tom FallonTom Fallon22 dager siden
  • I can't imagine a game with pewds, poki, val, corpse, jj, vik, harry, and jack It would be crazy

    Lambre HtwarlsLambre Htwarls23 dager siden
  • I miss warzone vik low key

    Morakinyo Akin-OjoMorakinyo Akin-Ojo24 dager siden
  • Ayo Simon says is more like bop it

    seth schnurseth schnur24 dager siden
  • Wish i was here for the live

    Labascated766Labascated76624 dager siden
  • Josh: "I'm-I'm in fucking Uganda mate!"

    Lauryn LovesChuLauryn LovesChu25 dager siden
  • 14:41

    E-manE-man25 dager siden
  • Northern Ireland: Enniskillen, County Fermanagh Vikk: Enskillen, country ferman

    James O'KaneJames O'Kane26 dager siden
  • You scream more than your girl in bed damn. Chill with that

    Rodrigo RodriguezRodrigo Rodriguez26 dager siden
  • Timestamp terry

    JJ aka JadenJJ aka Jaden26 dager siden
  • I can't imagine a game with pewds, poki, val, corpse, jj, vik, harry, and jack It would be crazy

    Michael BMichael B27 dager siden
  • #justicefor1stkills

    Alex Sim6969Alex Sim696927 dager siden
  • Does anyone else fall asleep watching NOworld then wake up to a vikkstar live stream

    Ryan BoothRyan Booth27 dager siden
  • not gna lie but freya ruins it with her voice

    Kiel RedshawKiel Redshaw27 dager siden
  • 2:32:18 🤣🤣

    Harshil Naran KaraHarshil Naran Kara28 dager siden
  • Not gona lie, you broke my speakers with your whining screaming hahaha

    BreadMufflerBreadMuffler28 dager siden
  • aww vik mate u so missed jordz killing on cams

    J WyJ Wy28 dager siden
  • p a i n

    A Wild FredA Wild Fred28 dager siden
  • reppin the postcode XD

    J WyJ Wy28 dager siden
  • The reason ur a Crewmate all the time is cause ur doing the tasks to much and to fast.! Its the Algorithms picking up on it.! Be more sloppy with the tasks and u will be an imposter pretty often.*

    WisdomAndChaosWisdomAndChaos29 dager siden
  • 33:50 for da rage

    ZameGamingZameGaming29 dager siden
  • Josh must be so comfortable living rent free in Vik's head

    jensenjensen29 dager siden
    • 48:32 "I'm flying through my tasks" yes you are .. literally 😂

      shaan toorshaan toor11 timer siden
  • I love Milk's Canadian accent, soorey, aout

    jensenjensen29 dager siden
    • I'm Canadian so I dunno what your talking about

      Roberto OrregoRoberto Orrego29 dager siden
  • We need a special Halloween episode of Among Us, get the crew to dress up

    jensenjensen29 dager siden
  • #stopvikkabuse

    Chris BarbeChris Barbe29 dager siden
  • 33:50

    Ritical TrapRitical Trap29 dager siden
  • 340th comment

    Roberto OrregoRoberto Orrego29 dager siden
  • 34:07 bruv vikks chair is doing a madness

    Roberto OrregoRoberto Orrego29 dager siden
  • I’m not even lying my ears are hurting after watching this vid

    pablo /pablo /Måned siden
  • 33:45

    shohidulshohidulMåned siden
  • freya’s voice annoying asf

    Stalkin UStalkin UMåned siden
  • You may lose friends and subs . You came off as such a prick...

  • Bruhhh how unfunny is josh

    Gabriel CGabriel CMåned siden
  • I'm so sick of Freya winning all the time

    Joseph Sandford JuryJoseph Sandford JuryMåned siden
  • 2:23:11 no he's just a simp

    HaraHaraMåned siden
  • Vik the type to rage in among us.

    Sirag ArzoumanianSirag ArzoumanianMåned siden
  • At 2:22:20 he said “ the Dain Bramage” 😂😂😂

    Benji GarciaBenji GarciaMåned siden
  • Hi

    TedE10TedE10Måned siden
  • Rest in pieces Vik❤️🙏🏼

    Macie TMacie TMåned siden
  • I love Josh and both Lux, without their trolling this lobby would be boring af

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael MenorcaMåned siden
  • PSA FROM A NORTHERN IRELANDER: Enniskillen in County Fermanagh isn’t pronounced Ennisss-Killen County Fermang. Still love u vik from County Down x 2:30:38

    RIP VineRIP VineMåned siden
  • Vik is gonna be on KSI’s salty compilation 4

    JJS GamingJJS GamingMåned siden
    • LMAOO

      ThePhoenixThePhoenixMåned siden
  • freya, milk, simon, and vik are the only ones in this lobby with an iq

    Thuhij HaqueThuhij HaqueMåned siden
  • 33:52 at this point I thought Vikk was getting ready to march over to Callux's house to strangle him.

    Amir-HamzaAmir-HamzaMåned siden
  • Vik: To be fair though...

    GSGSMåned siden
  • Can't wait for the Ethan, Harry, Vik drinking contest after we find out this session made him an alcoholic

    Brendan JamesBrendan JamesMåned siden
  • How tf u play among us for 3 hours lol

    dan smithdan smithMåned siden
  • I hate when Vik just runs around and doesn’t do any tasks for ages like bruh

    No NameNo NameMåned siden
  • How do you get the backwards maps

    Jamie KellyJamie KellyMåned siden
  • Vik: sees jordz kill on cams Also vik: who was it

    Herman SanchezHerman SanchezMåned siden
  • Z

    Xx xXXx xXMåned siden
  • I fell asleep to this and it was going on for 3 fricken hours

    bluenoser123bluenoser123Måned siden
  • Freya’s voice 🥴🤧

    JJMåned siden
  • Vik steams for 3 and a half hours and gets imposter once, and it ends in 13 seconds. Unlucky matey

    Josh BarryJosh BarryMåned siden
  • 1 hour of Vik having a breakdown

    Kieran BrookesKieran BrookesMåned siden
  • can you play in public

    Hanna OlssonHanna OlssonMåned siden
  • Why are you still friends with these idiots??it hurts my brain!!!

    Ilya BulayIlya BulayMåned siden
  • 1 hour and 55 minutes of just being crewmate......lol

    Colin PorterColin PorterMåned siden
  • Can we appreciate josh who what what what where how did we get round there nah nah nah big Dub

    K1TVK1TVMåned siden
  • Hope everyone has an amazing day :)

    LojikLojikMåned siden
  • Hey can we stop with the "doing it for the content" bullshit please throwing games just because isnt funny lmao

    Jeremy RoachJeremy RoachMåned siden
  • 2:32:18 Ethan: "Can I do a high note" *farts*

    JuicerJuicerMåned siden
    • what a lad aye 😂

      ThePhoenixThePhoenixMåned siden
  • Professional among us

    Freddie GrayFreddie GrayMåned siden
  • #StopVikAbuse

    samtherat6samtherat6Måned siden
  • fix the audio your so load and you can hear anyone else

    Block SportsBlock SportsMåned siden
  • 2:56:49 Vik ghost ;O

    TeodorTeodorMåned siden
  • Vik gets mad when someone makes a wrong call about the imposter but he literally knows exactly who the inposter is

    U PU PMåned siden
  • Wtf that mirrored map is acc cursed

    MiløMiløMåned siden
  • Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years.

    • @ChickenKing Same

      GhXstyMechGhXstyMech5 dager siden
    • Zifu ozil z incision 😴 😴

      f8.lawseyf8.lawsey24 dager siden
    • @ChickenKing z zZ fuzz unused

      f8.lawseyf8.lawsey24 dager siden
    • @ChickenKing is zzz xz

      f8.lawseyf8.lawsey24 dager siden
    • @ChickenKing u z u zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz z zouse Oi goodies g. Zx

      f8.lawseyf8.lawsey24 dager siden
  • 29:45 what did Simon say ?

    Ivy the elemental heartIvy the elemental heartMåned siden
  • 1:54:41 is where he’s imposter

    Isaiah CarsonIsaiah CarsonMåned siden
  • Lmao the vikk rage!

    Rahil MalhotraRahil MalhotraMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/2GLJi9Nu2sOysZo.html

    Sam GreenSam GreenMåned siden
  • vikk = cringey and annoying

    ಠ ͜ ಠಠ ͜ ಠMåned siden
  • Well geez...this was a rough one from vikk

    Anthony BAnthony BMåned siden