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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Gggg

    Typrotrek 13Typrotrek 13Måned siden
  • Jesus loves you spread the word

    Cadon BucklesCadon BucklesMåned siden
  • Been over 6 years and still has the same intro

    Kor TabualevuKor Tabualevu2 måneder siden
  • 0:40 anyone else hear him say “porntakesporn”

    kaedrr ytkaedrr yt2 måneder siden
  • My bro was in ground war with you and jj

    Destructo 2254Destructo 22542 måneder siden
  • I can’t see how many times I’ve been reported 👎

    Luke’s PoliticsLuke’s Politics2 måneder siden
  • Bruh doesn’t that just mean 85 and 7 games they have stats for? I don’t see it saying they’ve been reported 85 and 7 times

    Got To GougeGot To Gouge2 måneder siden
  • are we just ignoring that they killed like 71% of that lobby

    Jade MontesJade Montes2 måneder siden
  • Instagram Larskjaerpoulsen__ fitness content go check it out.

    Lars PoulsenLars Poulsen2 måneder siden
  • I swear a team called apex army got 141 or was it different console or faked

    rhodri delaprhodri delap2 måneder siden
  • 1000 lol

    Yan1.vYan1.v2 måneder siden
  • 999

    Yan1.vYan1.v2 måneder siden
  • 998

    Yan1.vYan1.v2 måneder siden
  • 997

    Yan1.vYan1.v2 måneder siden
  • 13:49 that flick looks soooooo dodgy tbf I can understand why people think you hack

    Robert KingstonRobert Kingston2 måneder siden
  • Damn I wish I had a good gaming chair like vikk

    SFFS GAMINGSFFS GAMING2 måneder siden
  • I love how humble Vik can be. He really takes an unbiased opinion on everything, even things on himself because he looks at other peoples point of view. I strive to be like Vik but not for NOworld, but as a person in general. I really hope you see this Vik and love to see more content from you. Lots of love to you.

    JusGaminJusGamin2 måneder siden
  • Hell I remember in Xbox 360 days I was called a hacker on Halo and cod. I just didn't have a life outside video games so I played alot. I still remember a CoD hardcore team death match game I went 26 and 0. If you play alot you get better and at the time i played alot. Being called a hacker is awesome especially if you aren't one.

    Chadly1994Gaming YeahChadly1994Gaming Yeah2 måneder siden
  • Doesn't need to hack,notwhen you play with your own subs then claim New world records.

    edzombie78edzombie782 måneder siden
    • What

      Immortal SoulImmortal SoulMåned siden
  • Tfue beat his world record

    Complex JEEVZComplex JEEVZ2 måneder siden
  • Cheaters are still online!!! You are a fair player!!! Not banning cheaters but shitting on top tier players!!! Activision @ work... 😂😂😂😂😂😂☮☮☮♥️♥️♥️

    M KeyM Key2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know the name of that black gas mask skin is it for Kruger?

    david folkesdavid folkes2 måneder siden
  • Did anyone think he said porn tapes porn?

    Gavin WidenerGavin Widener2 måneder siden
  • That website is bs, it says my best average K/D in a game is 4.5 but I’ve had a 13 kill game without dying... I know that’s not amazing but it’s certainly better than 4.5

  • You’re okay don’t be cocky rather watch sym huskers teepee or Yungstaz you’re content is subpar at best shouldn’t of clicked on this

    Kyle CervantesKyle Cervantes2 måneder siden
  • I really thot he was sayin porn takes porn lmao

    JASONシJASONシ2 måneder siden
  • Had to listen to him saying pawn takes pawn twice thot he said po- Nevermind.

    Munke MunkeMunke Munke2 måneder siden
  • I found 2 vikkstar123s in 2 consecutive games with two different clan tags...

    Lil' AnsellLil' Ansell2 måneder siden
  • 35 kills isn't the World Record... Check out for "Ninext"

    Heitor Costa TavaresHeitor Costa Tavares2 måneder siden
  • Stupid people Vik isn't a hacker, HE IS THE HACK (if you guys know what I mean)🤣🤣❤️

    Yhuntilo SempYhuntilo Semp2 måneder siden
  • One of those guys are from Northern Ireland

    Rage GravityRage Gravity2 måneder siden
  • i love how people report vik for hacking but like with aimbot. you do not miss a shot. vik gets killed in some games and misses shots. cmon hes just insane at the game. plus vik anit stupid enough to cheat and record it to millions😂

    George ReevesGeorge Reeves2 måneder siden
  • haha i've actually got killed by that "vikkstar123" on a HC Kill Confirmed and got gassed thinking it was the real deal then realised he only plays Warzone 😂😂

    nifnaf paddywacknifnaf paddywack2 måneder siden
  • Ha people probably think that u a pleb

    Josh CodyJosh Cody2 måneder siden
  • I cant be the only one who heard porn take porn

    TheKing11izationTheKing11ization2 måneder siden
  • WTFF how does vik’s bruen shoot do fast. The fire rate is sooo high. How?? I have the same bruen

    AmironeAmirone2 måneder siden
  • Can you do a game where you can only use cars to win

    Drift it for the winDrift it for the win2 måneder siden
  • I think a lot of people still think Vikk isn’t all that on warzone, when the truth is, he’s an absolute monster who is very under appreciated for how well he’s mastered warzone. Haters gonna hate.

    ZeeFPSZeeFPS2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact Aydan has the solo kill record with 51 killsXD:(

    lilowens 468lilowens 4682 måneder siden
  • Bro, I want to see symfuhnys hacking report😂

    KenIsNubbKenIsNubb2 måneder siden
  • James too if u see this u r a bumlet omlet

    Ur a BumUr a Bum2 måneder siden
  • 10:10 imagine being that guy and watching this vid lmaooooooo

    Hiramo ChHiramo Ch2 måneder siden
  • This shows you how many toxic, sore losers there are. Lmao they’re getting mad bc they got killed in a game where it’s about killing each other.

    ThatXboxGuyThatXboxGuy2 måneder siden
  • Bro I thought u said “porn take porn” lmaoo

    Dsupreme LouisVuittonDsupreme LouisVuitton2 måneder siden

  • I thought he said porn with porn

    ToxicToxic2 måneder siden
  • :40 if you put subtitles it says porn takes porn LOL!

    Griezi_Games07Griezi_Games072 måneder siden
  • It sounds like he says porn takes porn😅

    xXPlasmaKrakenXx GaimingxXPlasmaKrakenXx Gaiming2 måneder siden
  • How’s vik so good

  • we got killed by warz jukeyz and tommy and none of them were streaming...

    Bailey RobinsonBailey Robinson2 måneder siden
  • Anything people cannot do themselves call it hacking and impossible. It's this generation, I bloody hate it 😂.

    Noshy 2Noshy 22 måneder siden
  • Thought he said porn takes porn lmaoooo

    __Splash Master____Splash Master__2 måneder siden
  • 1:07 how does it called ?

    YairYair2 måneder siden
  • Vikk is just amazing

    IcyPandaIcyPanda2 måneder siden
  • A Facebook streamer called Moharisy has beat that 35 kill game live on stream, he’s got a 10.22 WZ KD, he’s an absolute beast!

    Sam GreenSam Green2 måneder siden
  • Why is it okay when u get reported but when a guy who’s using ur name gets reported he’s obviously cheating? Like he could just be good too wtf

    Dan PontingDan Ponting2 måneder siden
  • the website porn takes porn? That’s my kinda site🤣

    Iroc BunchIroc Bunch2 måneder siden
  • Tfue had a 40 kill game

    Krave KMKKrave KMK2 måneder siden
  • You left Fortnite just because some people left that. Made your career and you give it no respect

    Leinster 765Leinster 7652 måneder siden
  • Your Channel iz Fire !!!!!!!! Great work.......

    The Wake Up ChannelThe Wake Up Channel2 måneder siden
  • This is just my casual game Kills:19

    Callum MurrayCallum Murray2 måneder siden
  • Where's the stream recording of yesterday's tournament?

    shovkovskyishovkovskyi2 måneder siden
  • Modern bruenfare

    Moto MotoMoto Moto2 måneder siden
  • Every time you play or other streamers play as soon as u get shot and die u say oh there hacking every time like no maybe they actually just killed you on the off chance I hear that from streamers a lot saying people are hacking just because there getting hits on you

    R3R32 måneder siden
  • Dalek didn't do much to find the website about the next cod but hes getting loads of credit for it

    Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy2 måneder siden
  • Did he just say porn takes porn

    ImmortalImmortal2 måneder siden
  • Literally the 1% people who's Reading ,,, May your Parents Live More than 100 year with good health 😍😍🥰😊😍😍😍

    ββ2 måneder siden
  • What's viks camo on his guns

    julst129julst1292 måneder siden
  • Who is BINOD

    Wyatt De souzaWyatt De souza2 måneder siden
  • What’s ur bruen and mp5 class

    SwayzZSwayzZ2 måneder siden
  • play hyperscape

    bleep bloopbleep bloop2 måneder siden
  • I killed u before no cap

    LunaEchobtwLunaEchobtw2 måneder siden
  • He mentioned his 35 kill game was wr. I believe scump dropped 37 but it might have been stims would that disqualify it?

    Parker SmithParker Smith2 måneder siden
  • We need a weapon tier list from you

    SqueamishOrangeSqueamishOrange2 måneder siden
  • I was in a game with you I’m probably 99% sure it had a upper case V, level 155 and using your OP FAL class a while ago in shipment probably going for obsidian or something you got POTG and I can above you on the leaderboard while I was going for pistols in plat, so unlucky Vic

    BUBB134BUBB1342 måneder siden
  • I thought he was saying the site was "PornTakesPorn" lol. Honestly they've been trolling lately I wasn't too surprised

    Parker SmithParker Smith2 måneder siden
  • Lmao it would be nice if swagg did this... although he couldnt coz he's macroing or subtle aimbotting

    Joseph HortonJoseph Horton2 måneder siden
  • I’m not Jukeyz brother 😂😂😂

    - spinach- spinach2 måneder siden
  • The 8th of the 14th? What is this mystery date? lol

    Chris AChris A2 måneder siden
  • Why... vikk, I searched up porn takes porn... that wasnt it.( I now know that there was a link)

    J3XLEYJ3XLEY2 måneder siden
  • I had 0 reports lol

    SelimGTISelimGTI2 måneder siden
  • 0:43

    Zyro XZyro X2 måneder siden
  • Id love to see HusKerrs hacker reports 😂

    elmofpselmofps2 måneder siden
  • Sadly I don't think I will ever get reported for hacking :(

    Stunt Double FPVStunt Double FPV2 måneder siden
  • Being called a hacker is amazing as a gamer I love it

    ArticusKiller58YTArticusKiller58YT2 måneder siden
  • In the very beginning Vikstar killed my friend named Preca we r from Czech Republic but he thought it was the fake vikstar 😂 and I told him to look at this video

    rift SZYrift SZY2 måneder siden
  • Came up against a guy hacking with your name with a sniper no scoping onto everyone's heads with 30+ kills, I don't get how people have fun like that

    'Hazza0823 ''Hazza0823 '2 måneder siden
  • How.do u check.i want to check.mine but when I do it just show the hackers that have been in my game not how many times I've been reported or suspected for hacking

    Geckogaming45Geckogaming452 måneder siden
  • It’s so funny listening to these men moan at people being sweaty when all they do is sweat and use meta weapons

    JME 97JME 972 måneder siden
  • I’m pretty sure this is why you keep getting hacker games.

    Ghillie_GuysGhillie_Guys2 måneder siden
  • Can anybody talk about that you die in a car from one C4 with Trophy inside?!

    Kenn ich NichtKenn ich Nicht2 måneder siden
  • What is the website where you see your stats ?

    Gethin EvansGethin Evans2 måneder siden
    • Dedo na it’s not I’ve been on it but I can’t find out how many times I’ve been reported but thanks anyway

      Gethin EvansGethin Evans2 måneder siden
    • Codstats.net but it’s been down ever since the video came out

      DedoDedo2 måneder siden
  • I hope my life was as solid as your eyebrows

    Billy KouraishBilly Kouraish2 måneder siden
  • Can’t believe this guy has so many followers, what a bell end lol

    Fergus StevenFergus Steven2 måneder siden
  • Congrats on the trend well done

    Abdullah ShahinAbdullah Shahin2 måneder siden
  • Clikabait

    Barinder GillBarinder Gill2 måneder siden
  • i swear half the time your chat and video is out of sync. new subscriber. and i do love your game play. top bins mate.

    Jimmy NeillJimmy Neill2 måneder siden
  • Top ten flexes "Here we have some average games 19 and 20 kills"

    Joaquin LuzardoJoaquin Luzardo2 måneder siden
  • 🤣

    Dillon FlemingDillon Fleming2 måneder siden
  • I was in a game of vacant team death match or kill confirmed with vik and he got harassed by some kid and he left

    Dillon FlemingDillon Fleming2 måneder siden