26. juni. 2020
478 357 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Shame Booya is always ridging with a handicap...swaggless really should try fall guys.

    Awesome DaveAwesome DaveMåned siden
  • Vikkstar can never beat scump in a 1v1 lol. He's one of the greatest COD players if not the greatest. His gunskill is unmatched.

    Muhammad IsmailMuhammad Ismail2 måneder siden
  • Vik: this isn’t a good push Bart: downed one, downed 2

    904Pyr0904Pyr02 måneder siden
  • Anybody got the link to Swaggs perspective of this gameplay?

    Dann GottiDann Gotti3 måneder siden
  • I'm pretty sure I've watched swaggs vid and idk if they won

    A1x G1andenA1x G1anden3 måneder siden
  • “Let’s fras goo” lol

    Marcus CheryMarcus Chery3 måneder siden
  • Vick the sidemen should make an e sports organizations

    Boosted ClemeBoosted Cleme4 måneder siden
  • Lets go Vick taking out pro players

    Boosted ClemeBoosted Cleme4 måneder siden
  • Vikk if add u can we play together on war zone

    Kris SampsonKris Sampson4 måneder siden
  • Sui clip to a weapon kilo-141

    رودي جيمر roody gamerرودي جيمر roody gamer4 måneder siden
  • play with your indian youtuber carryminati like this if u agree

    RING SAEEDRING SAEED4 måneder siden
  • I honestly feel like some people dedicate their lives to disliking youtube videos

    Samuel NazeraliSamuel Nazerali4 måneder siden
  • Scump would destroy Vikk in any multiplayer

    imrxnhxmzximrxnhxmzx4 måneder siden
  • Is it PC vs Console?

    Tolga OlcayTolga Olcay4 måneder siden
  • Killing Scump and JKap is a serious achievement in CoD

    AFCADaan9AFCADaan94 måneder siden
  • Why did I think this was warzone Wednesday

    nobodynobody4 måneder siden
  • Please someone take the clip from the sidemen video when Harry asks if you’d rather get punched by prime mike Tyson or drop kick a child. Then take the clip from this of vik saying “on the volley!”

    Daniel WrightDaniel Wright4 måneder siden
  • Got love aimbot!

    BCarey1970BCarey19704 måneder siden
  • That guy was like: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Vickstar: gimma that loot

    AppieGaming TVAppieGaming TV4 måneder siden
  • 6:35 that face changed hella quick

    HydrxaHydrxa4 måneder siden
  • Looks like you edit out part of the fight

    Garry MillerGarry Miller4 måneder siden
  • Who else loves tacos

    Mighty Striker8Mighty Striker84 måneder siden
  • Play plunder because i want to see your gameplay

    Ayaan ShahbazAyaan Shahbaz4 måneder siden
  • Pretty good

    Yatharth VashishtYatharth Vashisht4 måneder siden
  • Not as satisfying watching a team full of mouse and keyboards wipe controller players

    Lead HunchoLead Huncho4 måneder siden
  • Subbed because you got swag and scump 😂😂

    Matt BallardMatt Ballard4 måneder siden
  • Did I miss a part but did they all start with loadouts??

    Paul MacfarlanePaul Macfarlane4 måneder siden
  • How he know it was them on the bounty?

    Austin KeithAustin Keith4 måneder siden
  • how did it match you with americans tho wtf lol

    EliteMehcanixEliteMehcanix4 måneder siden
  • CHEATS👏👏👏

    Shay MullenShay Mullen4 måneder siden
    • Imagine

      tribec _tribec _4 måneder siden
  • Pretty lucky to get the bounty on em

    PrinCipeReGaPrinCipeReGa4 måneder siden
  • stop saying yes sir

    klaudiusz lewandowskiklaudiusz lewandowski4 måneder siden
  • I mean it was a 4v3 they got booya while he was still running in the field

    Nick ChavarriaNick Chavarria4 måneder siden
  • So nice when a youtuber upload at 1440p. Joy to watch

    Sc0rphionxSc0rphionx4 måneder siden
  • With all due respect, swagg would slap vikk in a 1v1

    shueb moalinshueb moalin4 måneder siden

    Mark HarrisonMark Harrison4 måneder siden
  • Bro I dare your ass to use any other gun then the broken grau and the broken mp5 like it’s the only gun you can use SMH

    MVP SwiftMVP Swift4 måneder siden
  • Ha Vik needs a pc for cod lmao

    Sinix BeastSinix Beast4 måneder siden
  • Try using the kilo or it’s blueprint the Berliner

    Evan O'GradyEvan O'Grady4 måneder siden
  • Watching Swaggs POV when got lasered out of the car I thought it was a hacker

    Lil CapalotLil Capalot4 måneder siden
  • he killed swagg but swagg won the game where vikkstar killed them and vikkstar won the game too in the same game

    joke videosjoke videos4 måneder siden
    • What?

      Aaron Antonio PintoAaron Antonio Pinto3 måneder siden
  • Hackers

    Victor CruzVictor Cruz4 måneder siden
  • EU > NA

    Dark KnightDark Knight4 måneder siden
  • I wish they would add a custom game mode to warzone like blackout

    Jonathon ThatcherJonathon Thatcher4 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/u5acgbKem5Wf1Ks.html

    TAP reactsTAP reacts4 måneder siden
  • Yo can u please play plunder when making the “class setup” vids. I just purely want to see the guns in action, no ground loot.

    eSatafrika MemeseSatafrika Memes4 måneder siden
  • Your sidemen and he’s faze

    AroosaAroosa4 måneder siden
  • Imagine booya huskers vik and warsz....

    Xiu HuangXiu Huang4 måneder siden
  • Call of duty was so much better without these pc craps...they have ruined this beautiful game man

    Hassan TuriHassan Turi4 måneder siden
  • Went in there taking boys out like a beast 💯🤞🏼

    Cody ZamoraCody Zamora4 måneder siden
  • Vikk my PC runs 240 FPS and in war zone it runs 60 and it keeps lagging any fixes

    RyXeRyXe4 måneder siden
    • What specs you got? What resolution you running?

      JustJamesJustJames3 måneder siden
  • How do they join the same game

    cc131195cc1311954 måneder siden
  • Vikk vs faze as a vid

  • Vik is def my fav sideman

    FBIFBI4 måneder siden
  • Vick should try the mp7

    Hi HiHi Hi4 måneder siden
  • Checked Swagg’s video he got melted in the car but it was lowkey unfair as they were driving

    DMullaaDMullaa4 måneder siden
  • Where does vik stream?

    ADL 27ADL 274 måneder siden
  • New crossbow smoke arrows noworld.info/video/video/x4Pcad1wucu-xrM.html

    redworm77redworm774 måneder siden
  • They should 1v1 Rust

    Manu CorrManu Corr4 måneder siden
  • what’s vikks mp5?

    CrabbianoCrabbiano4 måneder siden
  • Its funny when you think those others guys are good and this guy just ends your whole career practically by himself. Hes a machine.

    jon jordanjon jordan4 måneder siden
  • How do i play quad vs quad in warzone?

    Nizar OstaNizar Osta4 måneder siden
  • Whats Vikkstar main weapon and loadout ?

    JokerJoker4 måneder siden
  • Scumb is way better though no 🧢.

    OHM AutoDetailingOHM AutoDetailing4 måneder siden
  • What is vik’s grau loadout?

    Ik ben DiscoSmurffIk ben DiscoSmurff4 måneder siden

    Chris NewtonChris Newton4 måneder siden
  • You are a cheater

    The BoyyyThe Boyyy4 måneder siden
  • Lol I find it funny howscumps team has their mics off so the player that kills them cant hear what their reactions are...

    DUCKEHDUCKEH4 måneder siden
  • Swagg is loads better than you.

    anthony darbyanthony darby4 måneder siden
  • 8:11 it says they knocked Addison Rae

    Kai StorerKai Storer4 måneder siden
  • @Vikkstar123 Wouldn't this "turned up to the max" SBMM lobbies effect your warzone wednesdays/Tournaments? It might not because everyone will do worse but it will become less entertaining. I just want the opinion of the GOAT on this topic... I've been playing with my friends lately and it feels like every fight from the beginning is a super sweat fest...Everyone rolling with MP5, GRAU, SNIPER... It's been super tough, legit feels like work more than a game when you have to stress out and sweat EVERY. SINGLE. FIGHT just to survive... I feel like SBMM just throws the idea of progressing and a learning curve out the window...It's pretty much like a hamster wheel...You try harder and harder but don't get anywhere. I will never understand why a casual playlist or a casual mode have SBMM. It's absolutely outrageous. This isn't Ranked. I am not mean't to sweat every single game just to survive.

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach4 måneder siden
  • how did u get into the same game as them @vikkstar123

    Alexthegoat ?Alexthegoat ?4 måneder siden
  • u killed swagg

    gaming with tygaming with ty4 måneder siden
  • I just realizedthat I am not subscribed

    Blayde KingBlayde King4 måneder siden
  • Why do alot of good player have hoho as their clan tag?

    invertking55invertking554 måneder siden
  • Mans using high tier vocabulary when playing warzone rah

    Bruh BruhBruh Bruh4 måneder siden
  • Was vikki stream sniping

    chris Sevillechris Seville4 måneder siden
  • Hey what if u played with a ten win max dude and what would the skillbased matchmaking say?

    Aikagamer 317Aikagamer 3174 måneder siden
  • WHO WANTS VIK TO DO A EYE Tracker Challenge?

    MeArSy2169MeArSy21694 måneder siden
  • On the volley a hahahah

    SOLaR SHeASOLaR SHeA4 måneder siden
  • PC players should only play PC players they get better FOV easier aim and recoil control with the mouse, faster reaction to shoot with the mouse, and can easily add hacks.

    Toorage HassanToorage Hassan4 måneder siden
  • 8:15 in slomo he’s hacking

    Jewellery VilleJewellery Ville4 måneder siden
    • weeeeeeeelll yeah

      Jewellery VilleJewellery Ville4 måneder siden
    • if u think thats hacking u just never played warzone or your slow.

      vanishvanish4 måneder siden
    • Jewellery Ville it’s just a problem with spectating seen it whenever u spectate a player

      Jack Taylor17Jack Taylor174 måneder siden
  • Vikk making football puns ahahahah

    Talha YounasTalha Younas4 måneder siden
  • Was convenient for you guys with Swagg and Booya pushing a "random" team with a vehicle and then you guys catching a bounty on them. All top tier players they just got unlucky this game.

    MadskillzkidMadskillzkid4 måneder siden
  • Can you show your Grau again please

    Callum HarmanCallum Harman4 måneder siden
  • you make it look like cheats GG

    KyleKyle4 måneder siden
  • But they are on na im so confused

    EU thermxEU thermx4 måneder siden
    • Server jump ever heard of it

      DracoDraco4 måneder siden
  • Lol PC vs Console player, if swagg was using MnK he would beat Vikksstar ass for sure.

    Wacym AnWacym An4 måneder siden
  • Can you make a video on starwars battlefront 2 ? Please

    ShakaBeastShakaBeast4 måneder siden
  • discord.gg/VvnyQjP

    Aiden JimenezAiden Jimenez4 måneder siden
  • When you shredding and don’t even pick up the uav😂 5:40

    1 K1 K4 måneder siden
  • #Bringbackthepack

    gladiator627gladiator6274 måneder siden
  • Found you out from jacks streams dude, you do some great content keep up the work man.

    Kirk PurdyKirk Purdy4 måneder siden
  • Guys remember he did all of this on 117ping.

    chaochao4 måneder siden
    • Did what? Get a win with 3 people who are either pros or pretty much pros, in NA lobbies which are infamously worse than EU. Not really that impressive when you say it how it is

      biblicalbiblical4 måneder siden
  • I saw swags video

    CRACKERCRACKER4 måneder siden
  • Hey if your here from viks live

    Peanut Butter jellyPeanut Butter jelly4 måneder siden
  • I am watching it again, Vikk!

    SiratSirat4 måneder siden
  • 3:58 no one gonna comment on the wall tracers okay then lmao

    SuperStreamsSuperStreams4 måneder siden
    • he was shooting randomly through a wall. He knew their general position so he just shot through the wall.

      vanishvanish4 måneder siden

    Reading With TReading With T4 måneder siden
  • whats the grau loadout

    LexLex4 måneder siden