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  • its says yellow got a hoop "vikk I got one"

    Esmehairandbeauty navanEsmehairandbeauty navan3 dager siden
  • Dammnn vickstar gone up in the world, I haven't been back to this channel since the black ops 1 crossmap tomahawk tutorials back in like 2012!

    JackJackMåned siden
  • I like how vikk doesn’t know that you can’t get the same hoop that someone else has gone through

    Zayd ElleissyZayd ElleissyMåned siden
  • Eat your tika masala

    Tartay saurusTartay saurusMåned siden
  • I watched this dude 3 years ago and he is in my recommended..congrats!

    RandomYouTuber? ?RandomYouTuber? ?Måned siden
  • This was painful to watch

    Jonny SkeltonJonny SkeltonMåned siden
  • Why does he keep double jumping, which causes delay when getting up leading to the poles hitting him

    Dis shroom GoodDis shroom Good2 måneder siden
  • Tetris 99 is the best battle royale game mate

    JJ ANIMOJJ ANIMO2 måneder siden
  • U not a og if you Don’t remember when he used to play fortnite !

    LuvMari -LuvMari -2 måneder siden
  • Can someone please explaim the hoops to vik?😂😂

    Hannes JSHannes JS2 måneder siden
  • 7:38 got hoop nope yellow got it

    KennyWKennyW2 måneder siden
  • Hi daddy

    LL2 måneder siden
  • who else thinks qual is the most annoying word ever

    Prod JaeProd Jae2 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/23u3iMqpo9zYzdE.html

    Dino_ytDino_yt2 måneder siden
  • I loled when Vik turned around on the mountain and said "im going home"

    Caitlin SullivanCaitlin Sullivan2 måneder siden
  • 07:38 nope

    Mats De BreyMats De Brey2 måneder siden
  • 7:36 vik says he got a hoop when he clearly didn’t

    Light BulbLight Bulb2 måneder siden
  • You didn’t got a hoop

    Klingstil OpokuKlingstil Opoku2 måneder siden
  • You need a new shirt?

    DonCamiloDonCamilo2 måneder siden
  • #newfavoriteshirt

    DonCamiloDonCamilo2 måneder siden
  • Who is playing with vik?

    Miyu BansalMiyu Bansal2 måneder siden
  • He thinks just getting through the hoops counts as points

  • 23:20

    DarkMusicDarkMusic2 måneder siden

    kadir in the hoodkadir in the hood2 måneder siden
  • Do more pixlemon

    Everett wintersEverett winters2 måneder siden
  • 7:38 "GOT ONE"

    Gs in da houseGs in da house2 måneder siden
  • No one likes you hacker.

    Fern The HealerFern The Healer2 måneder siden
  • *Cant wait until gulag is added to Fall Guys*

    Orlan-45Orlan-452 måneder siden
  • 🏟

    Hey SiriHey Siri2 måneder siden
  • The game just doesn't suit Vik, but he's good at it

    BallerKing2345BallerKing23452 måneder siden
  • This game is already so fun as long as they keep putting out new mini games and do things like custom games

    brendan verlaanbrendan verlaan2 måneder siden
  • Why can’t Xbox have it

    DylanDylan2 måneder siden
  • I’m sick at this game

    Inspector- -fishyInspector- -fishy2 måneder siden
  • Vick is so boring to watch compared to the rest of the sidemen

    Reeces channelReeces channel2 måneder siden
  • ALEX rayner you are a troll

    Jayden HathiJayden Hathi2 måneder siden
  • Jayden hathi is a melt

    Oh NoOh No2 måneder siden
  • Is fall guys on Xbox

    Vitro GamesVitro Games2 måneder siden
    • Unfortunately no

      MysticPorpoise 1MysticPorpoise 12 måneder siden
  • People who think vik is rlly underrated button ----->

    Alesha BibbyAlesha Bibby2 måneder siden
  • “COME OVER HEREEEE” sounded like Morgz 🤢

    James ReeneJames Reene2 måneder siden
  • He was so far away how? 19:00

    Jóhann Kári ÞorsteinssonJóhann Kári Þorsteinsson2 måneder siden
  • fall guys needs to get released on xbox and nintendo switch too

    Ernestas AntanaviciusErnestas Antanavicius2 måneder siden
  • why is every streamer using controller? is there an advantage?

    derekderek2 måneder siden
    • Probablg more comfortable since you can move around

      Crispy CookieCrispy Cookie2 måneder siden
  • Logan ko namaskar🙏🏾

    Maayank MalhotraMaayank Malhotra2 måneder siden

    giorgi chomaxidzegiorgi chomaxidze2 måneder siden
  • Anyone gonna point out viks outro is still fortnite themed

    Conor FosterConor Foster2 måneder siden
  • This is the next fortnite

    Az19Az192 måneder siden
  • Tg

    TehhCoreTehhCore2 måneder siden
  • Sorry but had tonoworld.info/video/video/x4Pcad1wucu-xrM.html

    Luke ClaytLuke Clayt2 måneder siden
  • 998730th

    Love TrollingLove Trolling2 måneder siden
  • Hihi

    Jack SmithJack Smith2 måneder siden
  • I would actually try it if it was free

    CHXRCHXR2 måneder siden
  • I wish they would cut out the team games

    John HooserJohn Hooser2 måneder siden
  • Bro, your voice and video aren’t synced

    Luc Van HoevenLuc Van Hoeven2 måneder siden
  • It’s insane how fun this game looks

    Alessandro NunezAlessandro Nunez2 måneder siden
  • Guys if you like Dream watch my latest video!

    VeinClanVeinClan2 måneder siden
  • Someone tell vik that the hoops leave when someone’s got them

    Gabriel silvaGabriel silva2 måneder siden
  • What do you play this game in?

    Shane DavidShane David2 måneder siden
  • vik is daddy

    takameitakamei2 måneder siden
  • Vikk you should try and play siege.

    Renevics05Renevics052 måneder siden
  • How do you rage on warzone

    jj mcnabjj mcnab2 måneder siden
  • He really loaded this up with ads

    Marco EnglandMarco England2 måneder siden
  • I crideee because i couldn’t winnnn

    Christopher OrtizChristopher Ortiz2 måneder siden
  • imagine raging at a like 2 week old game

    ThatGuyYSYK YSThatGuyYSYK YS2 måneder siden
  • Vik

    13xmix13xmix2 måneder siden
  • Does vid not know he can play fall guys on kbm

    13xmix13xmix2 måneder siden
  • dosent vik reilise that if someone jumps through the hoop it leaves

    adgtaadgta2 måneder siden
  • Now this is epic

    Ollie StevensOllie Stevens2 måneder siden
  • People who want fall guys on xbox and mobile/switch 👁👄👁

    TheProJay3255TheProJay32552 måneder siden
  • Why do I cringe when I hear youtubers calling this game a “Battle Royale”

    Ewan MorleyEwan Morley2 måneder siden
  • Wish this game was out for Xbox

    Bobby PelletierBobby Pelletier2 måneder siden
  • Love how vikk has no idea how the hoop one works, one person per hoop my dude

    Jacob AustenJacob Austen2 måneder siden
  • tikka masala

    ACE_FloppsMCgee_ 69ACE_FloppsMCgee_ 692 måneder siden
  • I bet he'd be sick at the hexagon

    trolltroll2 måneder siden
  • why is vikk brown

    Un NamedUn Named2 måneder siden
  • Shave ur ugly beard please

    MoronicBatMoronicBat2 måneder siden
  • U were in the same game as cizzorz😂

    oraziio 66oraziio 662 måneder siden
    • He said u were cheating 😂

      oraziio 66oraziio 662 måneder siden
  • Vik just doesn't get the hoop game mode

    Alex WyffelsAlex Wyffels2 måneder siden
  • quite possibly the cutest game ever

    welovetxny TVwelovetxny TV2 måneder siden
  • the next fortnite...

    Frasxr LmfaoooFrasxr Lmfaooo2 måneder siden
  • Did he call it a battle royale

    Ranveer SangheraRanveer Sanghera2 måneder siden
  • Vikk Playing this is Jokes

    Bosco24Bosco242 måneder siden
  • So toxic man just enjoy this game... how are you raging at fall guys

    TheAlexMallaTheAlexMalla2 måneder siden
  • There are time limits on all game modes except for Final matches I think

    RemovalRemoval2 måneder siden
  • U should do more fall guys videos

    Fd eez Fd eezFd eez Fd eez2 måneder siden
  • Finally not war zone thanks vik!

    Solo POSSolo POS2 måneder siden
  • once someone jumps through the hoop you you dont get points from that hoop anymore (1 player can only go through a hoop)

    Liam PlayzLiam Playz2 måneder siden
  • We really want to see more I see that you geniuly enjoy playing and we like watching 😊

    JordanJordan2 måneder siden
  • He should play dinga dinga song

    Ur a BumUr a Bum2 måneder siden
  • This game is like one of the games I can’t rlly sweat in much so it doesn’t die easily like fortnite

    Ur a BumUr a Bum2 måneder siden
  • More fall guys please it’s really fun to watch

    Flying trampolineFlying trampoline2 måneder siden
  • 14:12 og vik

    Otaku GamerOtaku Gamer2 måneder siden
  • hi

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky2 måneder siden
  • U can’t get a hoop when someone else has already went thorough it

    Shilohplus4Shilohplus42 måneder siden
  • Geek

    Rehana GulfamRehana Gulfam2 måneder siden
  • I enjoy this

    Ghoxt Fire14Ghoxt Fire142 måneder siden
  • Remember when 2 years ago you did something for the ace academy🥺🥺❤️

    Mya Wood xMya Wood x2 måneder siden
  • And no one told Vik the rings disappear

    Ruby DaviesRuby Davies2 måneder siden
  • safa

    hernanidiashernanidias2 måneder siden
  • The whole point of a plot twist is that you don’t make it the title of the video or whatever you’re doing and then before showing any gameplay saying the plot twist ( no hate vik ❤️)do your thing my G.

    Jesus XDLOLLMAOJesus XDLOLLMAO2 måneder siden
  • This would bang on more sidemen

    100k Subscribers With No Videos100k Subscribers With No Videos2 måneder siden