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  • 57:07 this is you are here for?

    POW3R -FuLLPOW3R -FuLL4 timer siden
  • 57:05😂😂😂😂

    Its JustEllisssIts JustEllisss2 dager siden
  • Vikkk please increase sound of discord their voices are too low

    Jahnavi AJahnavi A2 dager siden
  • 15:54

    Oscar LeeOscar Lee3 dager siden
  • reckon he won a cod tournament?

    xSwizaxSwiza4 dager siden
  • 57:08 😂😂😂

    HaadiplierHaadiplier5 dager siden
  • do any of the others in this lobby stream on yt? i want to watch the earlier rounds

    Tishara RajagopalTishara Rajagopal5 dager siden
  • Nice video

    Actually FreaksActually Freaks5 dager siden

    hamza zeeshanhamza zeeshan5 dager siden
  • Vikk why don't put any hats.????....but sometimes you keep only the king crown...WHY?

    Anuraag SarmaAnuraag Sarma5 dager siden
  • 57:08

    vL_ FL4REvL_ FL4RE5 dager siden
  • POV: you came here from tiktok

    Patrick StarPatrick Star5 dager siden
  • vik looks dumb asf lol

    PhillyPhilly5 dager siden
  • i wish i could play games and be successful as you guys :(

    PhillyPhilly5 dager siden
  • B

    Aplayz1Aplayz15 dager siden
  • 57:08 lollll

    Trinity SexballTrinity Sexball5 dager siden
  • Ik it was a joke but I just think that simon and freezy where being pricks that game

    Joseph DoctorJoseph Doctor6 dager siden
  • 57:08 my boy ran out of curry

    Aspect AviationAspect Aviation6 dager siden
  • "We'll use the soundboard for the next one" *next round comes* "We'll use the soundboard for the next one" *next round comes* "We'll use the soundboard for the next one" *next round comes* "We'll use the soundboard for the next one, this will be the last game." *ends stream* ... nice

    joshjoohjoshjooh6 dager siden
  • People say Vikk is the smartest Sidemen. After watching all of Vikk's Among Us games, I can conclude that he is definitely not very smart.

    joshjoohjoshjooh6 dager siden
  • Vik mate...what did I just experience omg

    no Telomakaronono Telomakarono6 dager siden
  • 57:08 LMAOOO

    Christian VegaChristian Vega6 dager siden
  • I love jj and Benz and Harry

    Got to game With RhysGot to game With Rhys6 dager siden
  • I find his voice smoothing haha that weird I know

    LifeOfMatildaLifeOfMatilda6 dager siden
    • 57:08 “smoothing”

      Just Another JoJo WeebJust Another JoJo Weeb5 dager siden
  • 57:00

    Faze BenchFaze Bench7 dager siden
  • Never seen soo much rage 57:06

    bob bobbob bob7 dager siden
  • He should make a rage compilation

    Marz From EastMarz From East7 dager siden
  • I love milk. He’s such a hidden gem

    Betsy MaloneBetsy Malone7 dager siden
  • sub to chuey time plez

    chuey timechuey time7 dager siden
  • Ahahah vikk rage 🤣 😂

    K bK b7 dager siden
  • Wot about the sound bored

    Bristol GameStarBristol GameStar7 dager siden
  • Ethan calls people dumb for voting him but doesn't offer a counter

    Rhys RRhys R7 dager siden
  • 57:07 godly clip

    PhoenicklesPhoenickles7 dager siden
  • POV: I know why you are here 57:08

    Toxic orange 20Toxic orange 207 dager siden
  • 57:08

    The black GamerThe black Gamer7 dager siden
  • 57:09

    Ceedee Lamb#88Ceedee Lamb#887 dager siden
  • 57:08 for the people looking for the rage

    WeirdAssassinWeirdAssassin7 dager siden
  • 57:08 Just saving this for myself

    Jack WoodsJack Woods8 dager siden
  • 57:09

    Frank 1Frank 18 dager siden
  • 57:12

    Ninja TorbNinja Torb8 dager siden
  • Loved it when he used the soundboard, it was great

    Kevin ChenKevin Chen8 dager siden
  • I appreciate how top quality this video is, I tried recording Among Us content myself and the whole thing fell apart like a 6 feet earthquake

    jensenjensen8 dager siden
  • I can always tell when KSI is the imposter, he sounds way too unbothered by everything.

    LSLS8 dager siden
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    sencesence8 dager siden
  • They triggered Vik so hard that he went offline early 😂😂 lowkey felt sorry for him

    TerrobilityTerrobility8 dager siden
  • 57:08 😂

    Midget MiesterMidget Miester8 dager siden
  • 37:00

    Edward EvansEdward Evans8 dager siden
  • 57:08

    AJW-_-5AJW-_-58 dager siden
  • 57:08 when you want to tell the joke to your friends and the ain’t listening😂😂😂

    A.S.RA.S.R8 dager siden
  • 57:08 Let’s turn this into a meme

    Chef Pee PeeChef Pee Pee8 dager siden
  • 57:08 Vik ragging hard

    Chef Pee PeeChef Pee Pee8 dager siden
  • Vik needs to chill 😂 not only is he raging too much but he's small brain too.

    AbdulAbdul8 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vIjUfJ2l07rcyNU.html

  • Vik rage-best rage

    Nisker TisamijaNisker Tisamija9 dager siden
  • 57:07 your welcome

    ______________________________________9 dager siden
  • Vik gets sooo passionate about this game

    AoifeAoife9 dager siden
  • Why didnt you use the soundboard

    Alexander WoodAlexander Wood9 dager siden
  • 1:04:18 no one's gonna comment about that? LMAO

    Raphael MenorcaRaphael Menorca9 dager siden
  • “it’s sounds like you’ve got a hat on in your head a baseball what is it called” JOSH LMAOAHSYZBSHSJSSBS

    Milly FenwickMilly Fenwick9 dager siden
  • Why does tobi never play 🥺🥺🥺

    Lauren MurrayLauren Murray9 dager siden
  • Vik plz stop doing the laps whilst waiting to start it drives my OCD insane that you don't go round them equally!!!!!!🤦🏼‍♂️

    Ryan EyesRyan Eyes9 dager siden
    • You're easily annoyed.

      AoifeAoife9 dager siden
  • Angry Vik at 57:08

    Aimee MitchellAimee Mitchell9 dager siden
  • 57:00 you’re looking for it ik😂

    ahmed Alyafiiahmed Alyafii9 dager siden
  • Lol milk hahaha sdmen do it's an amazing chanel haha lol

    Tuha YeasminTuha Yeasmin9 dager siden
  • I love when he screams

    A BA B9 dager siden
  • But wait... if Vik is Big Vikker than JJ is Big ...... 😱

    Oguzhan YurekliOguzhan Yurekli9 dager siden
  • 57:03 is the moment you want

    jack gantjack gant9 dager siden
  • 57:08 you broke my eardrums fucken hell🤣

    Adina BAdina B9 dager siden
    • YH

      Ar7 gamingAr7 gaming9 dager siden
  • 57:06 jeez chill out

    Sheriff WoodySheriff Woody9 dager siden
  • Who is the imposter

    Naasir Hassan MaalinNaasir Hassan Maalin9 dager siden
  • Should've gone with big star

    Sam MortelmansSam Mortelmans9 dager siden
  • That game where Ethan was the killer was an insane throw

    yang zhangyang zhang9 dager siden
  • These guys make fun of JJ, but there are a lot of people who don't use their brain in this lobby

    TITI9 dager siden
  • They shouldn’t play with calfreezy he’s so annoying

    JJ9 dager siden
  • vik goes only members mode because he cant handle criticism, sorry you're self conscious buddy it's ok :/ you'll grow up someday

    TenZen AKA Young RockstarTenZen AKA Young Rockstar9 dager siden
    • People usually go member only or sub only to prevent trolling, toxicity and spam. The among us chats always get toxic so even though I’m not a member, I prefer it like this

      JussayinJussayin9 dager siden
  • 🥴🥴🥴🥴🙃

    Youcef GhechimYoucef Ghechim9 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/03PYmdtuybrcmrs.html

    lhe mellhe mel9 dager siden
  • Team Ethan here ! 💖💖

    Tash the mad hatter SinclairTash the mad hatter Sinclair9 dager siden
  • Vik is an idiot at 41:00

    Brick ConquerorBrick Conqueror9 dager siden
    • How?

      First NameFirst Name9 dager siden
  • game starts at 3:20

    TheDas1888TheDas18889 dager siden
  • 51:28 Thats Vikks chant from when he won 3 gta races in a row!

    funkymonkey787funkymonkey7879 dager siden
  • Guys I’ve made some custom skins!!! Not sure if it’s legal to sell them? 😭

    Jackee FJackee F9 dager siden
  • #stopkillingharry

    Jay CyrilJay Cyril9 dager siden
    • #justiceforharry

      LSLS8 dager siden
  • do you know Ssundee- ian

    Carlos UnoCarlos Uno9 dager siden
  • Behz being emotional on yet another game. Groundbreaking...

    demactodemacto9 dager siden
  • 57:09 wild indian man

    KostKost9 dager siden
  • Freezy low key a wanker when he tries to suss people and he's completely wrong

    William -William -9 dager siden
    • It was for a video. Simon was in on it too. It's on the channel Cals Clips

      ImpostorImpostor6 dager siden
  • Ahaha he lost his head here

    Joel ThomasJoel Thomas9 dager siden
  • Vik is blind like no cap🤣

    GnoubeGnoube9 dager siden
  • Big vikki

    Kazki SatouKazki Satou9 dager siden
  • I’m expecting Simon and Cal’s trolling of Vik to appear on Miniminter Clips in the next few days

    saz19s8saz19s89 dager siden
  • Vikk has decent moments, but other times hes completely out of it. He needs to pay attention to who he sees

    Sam ElliottSam Elliott9 dager siden
  • 26:18 "randi ksi"😭😭

    AnujAnuj9 dager siden
    • So what

      XploitzyXploitzy9 dager siden
  • i always leave when vikk joins, he takes it WAY too seriously :/

    CashtreeCashtree9 dager siden
    • You say that and yet here you are

      JussayinJussayin9 dager siden
    • Then why are you hear, just to make a negative comment no one asked for. He’s a tip, if you don’t enjoy Vikks stream, don’t click on it. You will enjoy life more :/

      XxIMLxXXxIMLxX9 dager siden
  • 41:30 - 42:22 Vik talks about other not being big brain he missed out on the Simon’s body and forgot that Bez went for the vent just before he check vitals. He didn’t big brain

    Anastasios MacrisAnastasios Macris9 dager siden
  • 6.9 subs noice

    Ady_drummingAdy_drumming9 dager siden
  • 1:00:00

    ValdeValde9 dager siden
  • 40:45 vikk is just fucking dumb omg, he saw behz come out of meeting room Josh and Harry were together and vouched for eachother and the body was at the table he's just dumb or blind a lot of times

    Vishvak AthreiyaVishvak Athreiya9 dager siden
    • Hey be quiet

      First NameFirst Name9 dager siden
  • What a life wins 25G then chills with the boys like it’s nothing My guy

    TheHilt92TheHilt929 dager siden
  • vik r u doin anymore warzone or u switched to cold war

    FutabbuFutabbu9 dager siden