I BET £1000 to CLEAR MYSELF - AMONG US ft. Sidemen, Callux, Calfreezy & more!

28. sep.. 2020
1 291 141 Ganger

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  • A grand some light change for you bro cmon

    Lv slotsLv slots8 dager siden
  • mad

    M.Saabir KhanM.Saabir Khan9 dager siden
  • Who is Mark? Does he have a NOworld channel?

    JBJB9 dager siden
  • White drake actin sus ngl

    Luke MurrayLuke Murray9 dager siden
  • Vik is so consistent with his views, always between 1.1 and 1.5

    Ghxtz.xGhxtz.x10 dager siden
  • 1:14 says that wires take forever but he took longer to do the swipe card task in admin🤣🤣🤣

    SlurpZSlurpZ10 dager siden
  • Its fun to watch cus thier characters are so different

    aman singhaman singh11 dager siden
  • did vik just forget who randy was lmao, when freezy would talk it would zoom in on randy

    Toby PriceToby Price11 dager siden
  • 580

    abdulmohiman elferjaniabdulmohiman elferjani11 dager siden
  • Vik

    RigbyrigbyRigbyrigby14 dager siden
    • Hi

      RigbyrigbyRigbyrigby14 dager siden
  • Via so good!!

    RigbyrigbyRigbyrigby14 dager siden
  • Why no ski

    Logan ShayLogan Shay15 dager siden
  • Why when calfrzy talk the editor zooms to randy

    TG FiReYTTG FiReYT15 dager siden
  • why was you zooming in randys name whilst cal was talking

    Nod7gamingNod7gaming15 dager siden
  • 6.66mil intresting

    RBARBA16 dager siden
  • My boy Vik said bet a rack wit his chest !!!!

    Franco BradshawFranco Bradshaw18 dager siden
  • Please:(

  • Why did it zoom on Randolph when Calfreezy spoke

    Will RobertsWill Roberts19 dager siden
  • Suspectful isn't a word 🤣

    Ryan RostronRyan Rostron19 dager siden
  • beta squad need to play this

    Drippy RedDrippy Red20 dager siden
  • Oh green 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Reee DestroyerReee Destroyer20 dager siden
  • 6m in

    Reee DestroyerReee Destroyer20 dager siden
  • It’s def lux

    Reee DestroyerReee Destroyer20 dager siden
  • I am 3m 50sec I sus red

    Reee DestroyerReee Destroyer20 dager siden
  • Fun fact Weapons takes longer to do than download

    inub MLBBinub MLBB21 dag siden
  • 5:52 yeeessss

    Jackson SandsJackson Sands21 dag siden
  • yo

    Doonus500Doonus50021 dag siden
  • Randy pure waffle to everyone else can never back him self up

    Kai SuttonKai Sutton22 dager siden
  • vik: i hAtE dOiNg WiReS iT tAkEs fOrEvEr! also vik: does it in 3 seconds

    hayden kennyhayden kenny22 dager siden
  • 1:24 why these posh guys shouldn't talk road man said *tapped*

    IncognitoIncognito22 dager siden
  • When the editor zooms into Randolphs name when Cals speaking🤣

    Heaney_SHeaney_S22 dager siden
  • 5:50 the Reddit god's have spoken

    Josh PiggottJosh Piggott22 dager siden
  • Bruh he didn’t know he only needed one kill?????

    Angelo Chrizen MazaAngelo Chrizen Maza23 dager siden
  • When the editor thinks freezy is randolph

    TravasicusTravasicus23 dager siden
  • Randy with on aceo or eh i dont know how to explain it

    Molaqate YaranMolaqate Yaran23 dager siden
  • So cool

    Jakey HarrisJakey Harris24 dager siden
  • I love how the British youtubers and streamers don’t really be toxic when XQC and all the Americans he plays with are yelling and cussing each other out

    BloodyheadersBloodyheaders24 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/rWu6r9qJma7gnJI.html🥰

    Midnight AceMidnight Ace25 dager siden
  • Freezy is a VIBE

    Jacob HardinJacob Hardin25 dager siden
  • I forgot I wasn't gonna watch this

    Sahil HXSahil HX25 dager siden
  • Vik's doing tasks as Imposter when no one is around.

    Ishaan DWIshaan DW25 dager siden
    • The idea is that if some crew mate walks in on you standing alone it would clear you.

      EnigmafiresupEnigmafiresup23 dager siden
    • it might help to like get into the role of a crewmate better and not forget to do it while people are around. Or it might aswell not be on purpose

      ShadowRazeShadowRaze24 dager siden
    • Him and Tobi both do that lot

      AydillaAydilla24 dager siden
  • Freezy aint Randy

    Alex ShresthaAlex Shrestha25 dager siden
  • Lol Viz took Viks side and Vik still kicked him 😂😂

    Young dizz stomachYoung dizz stomach25 dager siden
  • I cant play this game. Im a terrible liar

    Big bang 1Big bang 126 dager siden
  • " i hate doing wires they take for ever " does it in about 10 seconds

    I'm gay butI'm gay but26 dager siden
    • @Masood AK is that sarcastic

      I'm gay butI'm gay but24 dager siden
    • 10 seconds is a lot....

      Masood AKMasood AK24 dager siden

    Coletin HoffColetin Hoff26 dager siden

      Coletin HoffColetin Hoff26 dager siden
  • 15:40 Oh Tobi was in this game.

    FoxtrotFoxtrot26 dager siden
  • I only train in kovaak for the asteroid task

    QUAD849QUAD84926 dager siden
  • U should play Fortnite

    Cohen LandryCohen Landry27 dager siden
  • Hi

    Sus dude シ • 15 years agoSus dude シ • 15 years ago27 dager siden
  • Your the best

    LIL_SNAKEYLIL_SNAKEY27 dager siden
  • Sounds like cheating

    763sleepy763763sleepy76327 dager siden
  • Logan Paul beat you BAHAHAHAH

    • H a n n a h B a b y g i r l •• H a n n a h B a b y g i r l •27 dager siden
  • who was ‘notcoins’? i’m confused 😭😭

    Madi FayeMadi Faye27 dager siden
  • what is up with these ads, idc im still voting for mcsally lol

    Alex ValenciaAlex Valencia28 dager siden
  • Noice

    Okzy FNOkzy FN28 dager siden
  • When rich people play among us

    IQKidIQKid28 dager siden
  • you basically bribed him, man among us is turning more and more into politics

    sh4tteredsh4ttered28 dager siden
    • Ok

      sh4tteredsh4ttered25 dager siden
    • it’s for content chill

      Elle SmithElle Smith25 dager siden
  • would love to see an among us video with the pack + pete [since you already played with rob and lachan before i think you can get the rest of the guys]

    Zander RodriguezZander Rodriguez28 dager siden
  • Hi

    Clearity RbxClearity Rbx28 dager siden
  • One of the shortest 16 min of ma life

    ICE LORDICE LORD28 dager siden
  • Love this game!!!

    Ben GarbuttBen Garbutt28 dager siden
  • viks editor thinking randy was cal lmao

    Dan BrownDan Brown28 dager siden
  • Lol imagine if someone saw this comment

    10 Subscribers With No Vids!!!!10 Subscribers With No Vids!!!!28 dager siden
  • when vik said cool story bro, have fun in space 💀💀😂

    JeoqJeoq28 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Rowan ThorneRowan Thorne28 dager siden
  • how'd you survive with 4 electrical tasks wtf

    MyfhyMyfhy28 dager siden
  • Vikk as Imposter doesnt Vent Josh accuses him of venting anyways. Vikk bets a grand he didnt vent 🤣 which was true but he was still the imposter. Syntax is great sometimes

    Amir-HamzaAmir-Hamza28 dager siden
  • Yh boi

    Fortnite EpicFortnite Epic28 dager siden
  • Sorry but somebody sweared so I cant watch this

    Sahil HXSahil HX28 dager siden
  • Big josher

    Christina HewittChristina Hewitt28 dager siden
  • I literally played with bog kosher omg

    Christina HewittChristina Hewitt28 dager siden
  • I hate watching this guy, every time he try’s to make it seem like he’s advance by saying ooo I think green is trying to sabotage pink and blue

    It's blobfish 009It's blobfish 00928 dager siden
    • It's blobfish 009 don’t watch him then idiot

      Olster5913Olster591326 dager siden
  • How do you know the tests for the number thingy

    Tay Shaw24Tay Shaw2428 dager siden
  • Wonder where i saw this before HMMMMMMM

    VelikanVelikan28 dager siden
  • Faking asteroids is a death wish

    Bob The DrillerBob The Driller28 dager siden
  • I'm in a war with Little King Ryan and I have just risen....

    Little King JoshLittle King Josh28 dager siden
  • 1:24 dude called himself tapped

    ebeb28 dager siden
  • Red looks sus

    WaveyGamesWaveyGames28 dager siden
  • To the 0.01% of ppl who sees this u hope your having a great day!

    WavyWavy28 dager siden
  • I’m

    Deez NutzDeez Nutz28 dager siden
  • I’m

    Deez NutzDeez Nutz28 dager siden
  • I’m

    Deez NutzDeez Nutz28 dager siden
  • Theo and nick where u at

    Meep SoMeep So28 dager siden
  • Sidemen play among us?

    Trac3rTrac3r28 dager siden
  • You can see if someone is doing asteriods or not through the weapon outside

    Arca1neArca1ne29 dager siden
  • Can’t use money, idc if you’re crew or imposter it’s cheap

    Bob Ross’s DadBob Ross’s Dad29 dager siden
  • The best group

    SPFSSPFS29 dager siden
  • Accept Jesus as your Lord And Savior And Have a Relationship God to get to Heaven For God so Loved the world that gave his only Beloved Son whoever Believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life John3:16 JESUS IS KING

    MackqMackq29 dager siden
  • Calfreezy got you a dislike

    Ryan PatelRyan Patel29 dager siden
  • I love among us so fucking much and ive never even played a match

    Krishanan MerdonoKrishanan Merdono29 dager siden
  • Among Us just proves why we shouldn't let the common people decide, who should die and who should not.

    Kim MobergKim Moberg29 dager siden
  • Hello how are you

    Tassie SinclairTassie Sinclair29 dager siden
  • Hello

    Tassie SinclairTassie Sinclair29 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Ghadah AlzumayaGhadah Alzumaya29 dager siden
  • lit ep.

    Tharsan JTharsan J29 dager siden
  • Why do the editors always zoom in on the wrong person XD

    Rupert GuinnessRupert Guinness29 dager siden
  • 15:18 😂😂😂

    Love TrollingLove Trolling29 dager siden
  • 5:53 😂😂😂

    Love TrollingLove Trolling29 dager siden
  • If your in electrical , you will die

    Bouchy2K6 NufcBouchy2K6 Nufc29 dager siden