29. juli. 2020
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  • You can Download Opera GX for Free here: opr.as/Vikkstar123 (Mobile users can still sign up and get a download link for PC later)

    Vikkstar123Vikkstar1232 måneder siden
    • K5

      Mohab AshrafMohab Ashraf2 dager siden
    • I already have it, keep up the grind 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      CurryMonster419CurryMonster41923 dager siden
    • @P90_ Clips calm I'll go check it out as well

      8ROLL8ROLL2 måneder siden
    • Hey, I recently started making COD videos and would appreciate if you could check it out.

      P90_ ClipsP90_ Clips2 måneder siden
    • My dad killed vik. Lol

      David ShawDavid Shaw2 måneder siden
  • If Vikk used a stock for the barreti that would have changed things

    Marcus IncognitoMarcus Incognito3 dager siden
  • *Le spaghetti*

    dream but maldiviandream but maldivian3 dager siden
  • Lol this is a great video. Both entertaining and encouraging

    Rizle 876Rizle 8766 dager siden
  • What level u get the machine gun pistol?? Can some one help

    Ramone FrancisRamone Francis9 dager siden
  • 6.5m subs and no sound baffling

    Rob FreemanRob Freeman14 dager siden
  • Vic is a fortnite cheater

    GoodByeNinja 1GoodByeNinja 115 dager siden
  • There is no one in the world to play like u i like y vikk bro

    Hassan KhanHassan Khan23 dager siden
  • the ending lmfaoo

    LuhverLuhver24 dager siden
  • Pistols only with riot shields. Lol

    jt higginsjt higgins25 dager siden
  • Why he move his head like that every time he talk 😂😂😂

    James MooreJames Moore29 dager siden
  • If you really like watch him he's just a nice guy and not awkward

    oh yeah yeahoh yeah yeah29 dager siden
  • Honestly this is more satisfying to watch than watching a 30 kill with a grau, kilo etc

    RK Cronus55RK Cronus55Måned siden
  • Came to your page from swiftors videos🔥🔥

    Robert BernathRobert BernathMåned siden
  • Noone is missing u kap

    Leon SchröderLeon SchröderMåned siden
  • We ain't gonna talk about how the renneti is shredding in warzone. Is this a new ghost strat

    #The Best!#The Best!Måned siden
  • How does he get passed the claymore, it’s so confusing

    War Robots GameplayWar Robots GameplayMåned siden
  • Only player pistol challenge

    Emmett EngstromEmmett EngstromMåned siden
  • That’s not a fucking pistol bro come on it’s more like a smg then anything

    Flynn ForresterFlynn ForresterMåned siden
  • This guy spends too much time on Warzone seriously ridiculous how good he is

    JurassicDrawerJurassicDrawerMåned siden
  • Vikk is too good

    Matt CostMatt CostMåned siden
  • If you watch vikkstar live you will actually realise he is not all that good, everytime ive watched him live hes bin getting carried

    Jointops CaliJointops CaliMåned siden
  • They can win with pistols and I’m here struggling to get a win even when camping

    OLG NakxplaysOLG NakxplaysMåned siden
  • Bruh the Renetti burst. You might as well have just used the famas

    K MK M2 måneder siden
  • and who is the one calling him a hacker?

    Xtinc-TXtinc-T2 måneder siden
  • Try Grau with a thermal

    dank_ meme_hzdank_ meme_hz2 måneder siden
  • Willsy5 likes copying all of your loadouts and camos

    Samuel HumphreySamuel Humphrey2 måneder siden
  • Vikk u deserve more views than this ur really good and this game and I think in every video ur should get at least over 2mil views because your a good content creator and you make every one laugh,vikk I love u man and keep playing this game I believe u will hit 10mil and get diamond play button

    Lil t Della RagioneLil t Della Ragione2 måneder siden
  • Why didn't you use fal

  • how would he have outplayed them with his king bounty?

    connor bconnor b2 måneder siden
  • 2:39 uohh

    connor bconnor b2 måneder siden
  • What gun is that

    Harry TurnerHarry Turner2 måneder siden
  • Lmao is this fortnite?

    Ishaan SaxenaIshaan Saxena2 måneder siden
  • "I cant believe i used c4 as a utility". Literally what it was made for😭

    Ed GonzalezEd Gonzalez2 måneder siden
  • “Pistol only” ...while wearing a riot shield 😂

    JordanJordan2 måneder siden
  • You rarely took a break

    J TheGamerJ TheGamer2 måneder siden
  • Vik: Pistol only! The Pistol: Pistol go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    RhysRhys2 måneder siden
  • “I kinda ran in this building thinking I had an mp5 & quickly realised I didn’t”😂😂

    Hmm ReallyHmm Really2 måneder siden
  • OMG I got killed by VICk

    idriss Aribiidriss Aribi2 måneder siden
  • That was awesome lol 😂

    SwolSharkSwolShark2 måneder siden
  • If you like Vikk's Call of Duty gameplay, you'll surely like my videos as well! Check out my content and you'll see!

    DomiNiohDomiNioh2 måneder siden
  • He copied scopeshot

    DGSupine FrostDGSupine Frost2 måneder siden
  • try this challenge but akimbo

    Tuomas PeltoniemiTuomas Peltoniemi2 måneder siden
  • See still something I still see the pros do is use fists in the gulag, melee with your weapon has a much faster ttk and gives you better chances

    SheldonatorSheldonator2 måneder siden
  • Yo that parachute ejection was OP

    MAcNKoB3MAcNKoB32 måneder siden
  • 4:33 how did vik not clock the c4 even tho he’s got glasses on as well looool

    DrTr3Xx TvDrTr3Xx Tv2 måneder siden

    Lucas CardinaleLucas Cardinale2 måneder siden

    Thetinyshark 420Thetinyshark 4202 måneder siden
  • "And just like that ya boy is black"😂

    KILLER JAYKILLER JAY2 måneder siden
  • Why did he put the tac suppressor

    Aziz KhaledAziz Khaled2 måneder siden
  • Why do you look like male version of mia khalifa

    Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]2 måneder siden
  • You are a God

    Luke GLuke G2 måneder siden
  • Ok hacker

    final flamefinal flame2 måneder siden
  • So what happens to this guys life when people stop caring about Warzone

    M MM M2 måneder siden
    • One Word: Sidemen

      RobinRobin2 måneder siden
  • What rap do you use

    Lucas FineLucas Fine2 måneder siden
  • Worlds best warzone player

    Chase NguyenChase Nguyen2 måneder siden
  • He should of use acimbo perk

    Fortgod 559Fortgod 5592 måneder siden
  • Hey, I recently started making COD videos and would appreciate if you could check it out.

    P90_ ClipsP90_ Clips2 måneder siden
  • What I am curious to see is a “low armor” game play so you can hold all 8 plates and such but you can only have 1-2 plates in at once

    Trevor DuganTrevor Dugan2 måneder siden
  • how long was your break just curious

    malik 209malik 2092 måneder siden
  • With the renetti i prefer to use the burst mod with tac laser, green holo sight, 27 mags, mono suppressor

    Tyler RigbyTyler Rigby2 måneder siden
  • Not sure you done this but you bc should try no load out, floor loot only warzone

    tony pughtony pugh2 måneder siden
  • Hey vikk, quick question what graphics card do u have? Thanks.

    Mr.Nobody -specz-Mr.Nobody -specz-2 måneder siden
  • TGD did this challenge SOLO with an M19 and got 11 kills 😐

    zachary steelezachary steele2 måneder siden
  • i loved these videaos

    Hassan-Ali HussainHassan-Ali Hussain2 måneder siden
  • Man, you guys are just showing off now.

    Apocrypha2012Apocrypha20122 måneder siden
  • Why tf are u using a tactical suppressor, monolithic is the best for renetti

    FreeCandyAndyFreeCandyAndy2 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Unity UnityUnity Unity2 måneder siden
  • He can win a game with just pistol and I can’t even win a game and playing normally

    VEXX_clanVEXX_clan2 måneder siden
  • Been using opera since it was opera v5, love it ! P.s. GX is even better

    Zi ManingZi Maning2 måneder siden

    LegendPlaysz5YTLegendPlaysz5YT2 måneder siden
  • get a win with explosives only

    Audrey OwenAudrey Owen2 måneder siden
  • Do the Default Pistol Only challenge

    iiTsBrandon_7iiTsBrandon_72 måneder siden
  • Assassinations only to win u can use riot shield and kali sticks but u cant kill with them

    YORAKYORAK2 måneder siden
  • Luke nitro is better imo

    GinxStormGinxStorm2 måneder siden
  • Why the tactical and not mono silencer??

    Alexis PaquetAlexis Paquet2 måneder siden
  • Bot lobbies

    Contile RocksContile Rocks2 måneder siden
  • the only way to beat a riot shield is by using a thermite. just a tip

    Ji Ji SquadJi Ji Squad2 måneder siden
    • “Only way” ok bud 😂

      Usman MalikUsman Malik2 måneder siden
    • explosive arrows work through the shield too, any explosive behind them works, or a lot of riot shielders you can shoot their feet, or if they're crouching you can jump and shoot their head. theres lots of ways to beat a riot shielder lol

      ZevoZevo2 måneder siden
  • Mong

    Nathan ShawcrossNathan Shawcross2 måneder siden
  • why is Viks grenades reloading

    Tristan FleetwoodTristan Fleetwood2 måneder siden
  • Class 😆

    A DA D2 måneder siden
  • Next: .357 and Deagle Squad. Make it happen XD

    VTAOVTAO2 måneder siden
  • Hey vikk u probably won’t see this but u should try the start pistol only

    Reece BALDWINReece BALDWIN2 måneder siden
  • Gg ur legend

    AbodNotFoundAbodNotFound2 måneder siden
  • Lol the end tho

    Destruction HDestruction H2 måneder siden
  • Sponsor of today is josh😂

    Ugonna DavidUgonna David2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know how to get that camo ?

    CesarisactiveCesarisactive2 måneder siden
  • Mutan

    VibxzVibxz2 måneder siden
  • That ending was too epic lmao

    MaGiiCx305MaGiiCx3052 måneder siden
  • That pistol is insane what’s the class for it?????

    Isaac GuerreroIsaac Guerrero2 måneder siden
  • No one cares

    Fôrgįvę ñėšśFôrgįvę ñėšś2 måneder siden
  • Noice

    Feebleraccon 453Feebleraccon 4532 måneder siden
  • When you use GX already instead of Google so ur when ur school checks it theyll see nothing on google

    Red HoodRed Hood2 måneder siden
  • Hes just taking the piss now

    Miles AllenMiles Allen2 måneder siden
  • Vikk the only streamer to actually give himself handicaps when playing Warzone.

    oplixoplix2 måneder siden
  • Vikk why you didn't take a real vacation?

    oplixoplix2 måneder siden
  • Today I was playing warzone and I was pretty bored. So I tried his challenge pistol only used his sniper and got a 10 kill game trios it was fun

    Scuffed BeastScuffed Beast2 måneder siden
  • 5:40 it was stopping rounds they do health damage and shield

    Breyton LouttBreyton Loutt2 måneder siden
  • Is he quarantining now? I heard people who wanted to come back had to?

    Niraj PatelNiraj Patel2 måneder siden
  • Hey vik what do you have on the gun I would like to run that pistol

    sgtsgt2 måneder siden