I was WRONG about the BRUEN & KILO in WARZONE

17. juli. 2020
749 369 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • What's the gun he's running with the grau

    Shaun AtkinsonShaun AtkinsonMåned siden
  • If vik played Fortnite he would unbind building 😂

    Spicky SalamiSpicky Salami2 måneder siden
  • Love your content but I think your overdoing it a bit with the ads my man

    Jerome JaggiJerome Jaggi2 måneder siden
  • i feel like pc players run faster than controller players

    Cobie-Rae HartCobie-Rae Hart2 måneder siden
  • 5050 op bruen and social pressure imo.

    stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags instubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in2 måneder siden
  • Why dont you use the faze camo

    Leo DillonLeo Dillon2 måneder siden
  • The grau didn't fit my play style so I swapped to the kilo and I shred with it. But no iron sights, they're terrible

    Hayden UptonHayden Upton2 måneder siden
  • Boo you should finishing move people more often it’s so fun

    KxeasKxeas2 måneder siden
  • Where’s the class setup for this someone help

    Destination ZeroDestination Zero2 måneder siden
  • Do u use those headphones on the phone scams

    LewLew2 måneder siden
  • Osama bin Ladin would be proud

    LewLew2 måneder siden
  • What's the attatchments

    Yxng GhxstYxng Ghxst2 måneder siden
  • Aye vikk your math needs some improve a Lil but y’all were definitely at 59 not 69

    Alexander MilanesAlexander Milanes3 måneder siden
  • This is what happens when I grind all day for the bruen

    Baheer SalehzaiBaheer Salehzai3 måneder siden
  • Grau is a mouse n keyboard thing

    Jacob DJacob D3 måneder siden
  • am i the only one who thinks the grau gets boring to use like it’s too easy and i like change cos if i keep running grau mp5 and still lose matches it gets boring yes i do beam ppl

    yeetuslolyeetuslol3 måneder siden
  • Ak47 ram7 fn fal mp5 mp7 mg34

    3 693 693 måneder siden
  • How come you’ve stopped using the heartbeat sensor?

    CPFC On TourCPFC On Tour3 måneder siden
  • I think he should try m13 it’s broken in warzone

    Red SplitRed Split3 måneder siden
  • I just hate the kilo. Don’t know why but I just do.

    Willchan18Willchan183 måneder siden
  • Kilo is crazy

    Ben SatzBen Satz3 måneder siden
  • 9:54 Math becomes a problem when your squad have high kills 35+13 = 48 :D and then 59

    hitman mzhitman mz3 måneder siden
  • you know mans recorded the intro after recording when the vid is exactly 10 minutes long xd

    big boybig boy3 måneder siden
  • Curry curry man

    -_--_-3 måneder siden
  • Vikk HI

    Rassa MushirRassa Mushir3 måneder siden
  • now bruen is the meta lol.

    CrazyPandaCrazyPanda3 måneder siden
  • nice counting at the end

    Toby CholertonToby Cholerton3 måneder siden
  • It’s great vik is such a positive guy under Criticism

    Manhar SagguManhar Saggu3 måneder siden
  • Nek min its the otherway around now

    P1DZP1DZ3 måneder siden
  • For the kilo use Symphony’s kilo losdout it has a better optic

    alex hamanalex haman3 måneder siden
  • Yes I switched back to the grau after using the bruen and it just felt better

    Stierwalt KidStierwalt Kid3 måneder siden
  • Awww man I just unlocked the bruen

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith3 måneder siden
  • Anyone know what camo pack vikkstar usinh

    TryHard JoqqeTryHard Joqqe3 måneder siden
    • Use

      TryHard JoqqeTryHard Joqqe3 måneder siden
    • Using

      TryHard JoqqeTryHard Joqqe3 måneder siden
  • Vikk can’t count kills lol

    RossRoss3 måneder siden
  • Vikk, please do a hand cam

    Awsome Ajay CartyAwsome Ajay Carty3 måneder siden
  • I like how now it’s up to your play style on what’s your meta.

    Soggy GamingSoggy Gaming3 måneder siden
  • whats is his setup on his MP5? i mean the tape? which one is it?

    Kingdoms viceKingdoms vice3 måneder siden
  • Anyone know good ways to get the grau and the bruen for someone without multiplayer? Can't afford multiplayer so don't say buy that

    Alex HerskovitsAlex Herskovits3 måneder siden
  • i think kilos ass anyways

    colin burkertcolin burkert3 måneder siden
  • I need help what attachments should I put on a Grau?

    hi 1v1 me kidhi 1v1 me kid3 måneder siden
  • M46A1 and grau is Good also m13

    Soulsaver 512Soulsaver 5123 måneder siden
  • how did he get that camo

    Todor SpasovTodor Spasov3 måneder siden
  • I like the bruen a lot but kilo ain't it

    Alex MartensAlex Martens3 måneder siden
  • I don't know why but I always prefer M13 with a vlk optic and mp5... its just an awesome loadout..

    Nailed ItNailed It3 måneder siden
  • Vik is so good he cant tell if a gun is good or not

    Colin AndrewsColin Andrews3 måneder siden
  • Can you make an m4 video

    Colin AndrewsColin Andrews3 måneder siden
  • I think the Bruen is overrated, at the minute I’m using the Kilo and MP7 and I’m playing a lot better. I tried getting used to the Grau but I don’t think it’s as good as the kilo after it’s nerf

    Jayden PowJayden Pow3 måneder siden
  • The kilo 141 and mp5 is beast setup

    Exhan FxancisExhan Fxancis3 måneder siden
  • Use oden

    eliteusmaneliteusman3 måneder siden
  • Stop trying to get views and u need to stop being quiet in the sidemen it’s getting cringe

    Ben TelfordBen Telford3 måneder siden
  • Love you vikk

    Nicola PopaNicola Popa3 måneder siden
  • Why’s his head and face move around so much when he’s talking

    Ben NRBen NR3 måneder siden
  • I prefer the cr56 a max

    Shane LeeShane Lee3 måneder siden
  • I know the best attachments for kilo it gives no recoil

    Cobjay GamerCobjay Gamer3 måneder siden
  • Could be the recoil pattern that's messing you up with the kilo. A lot of people struggle because it goes to the left instead of the right which just feels wrong.

    Jasper Van Den BoschJasper Van Den Bosch3 måneder siden
  • Can you do a updated Grau

    Callum HarmanCallum Harman3 måneder siden
  • look at you eyebrows :>

    darren huttondarren hutton3 måneder siden
  • You are right

    Evoh GGEvoh GG3 måneder siden
  • He is rich why doesn’t he changes his eyebrows

    Jetoni The Alb GamerJetoni The Alb Gamer3 måneder siden
  • People will always find new meta guns. But deep inside we all know. The M4 will always be the best no matter what!

    Georgi PaspalevGeorgi Paspalev3 måneder siden
  • People will always find new meta guns. But deep inside we all know. The M4 will always be the best no matter what!

    Georgi PaspalevGeorgi Paspalev3 måneder siden
  • On respect for PC Players

    Super ShortSuper Short3 måneder siden
  • The grau mp5 m13 the best

    Jose JimenezJose Jimenez3 måneder siden
  • I actually can't believe Vik did the math wrong at the end..

    Abraham DeAbraham De3 måneder siden
  • 59 Kills Vick. C'mon bruh not 69. Math skills slippin'

    Brett WolvenBrett Wolven3 måneder siden
  • I used bruin and kilo before the Grau nerf lol

    Charlie EdwardsCharlie Edwards3 måneder siden
  • I love the Bruen.

    VibezVibez3 måneder siden
  • Vikk the damage one the Grau was only nerfed past 150 meters so it’s still op

    random clipzrandom clipz3 måneder siden
  • He looks like MoVlogs

    SonyX64SonyX643 måneder siden
  • 2:00 How was that a longshot on 86m

    LonelypieaceofshitLonelypieaceofshit3 måneder siden
  • Bruen has been the meta since it was released for medium skill player in warzone.

    OpusOpus3 måneder siden
  • Scary is the best ar

    HiHi3 måneder siden
  • Grau is still really good but I just trying new setups any way lol I’m over using the same guns it’s not all bout winning

    TyroneTyrone3 måneder siden
  • Can you try the m13

    JPS OSheaJPS OShea3 måneder siden
  • i cant stop staring at them eyebrows lol

    Donavan MansfieldDonavan Mansfield3 måneder siden
  • Bruen Smacks

    Dirty VinesDirty Vines3 måneder siden
  • Use vlk sight on Bruen or kilo

    Alex DonnellyAlex Donnelly3 måneder siden
  • Im i the only one that has friends that don’t play warzone as they used to and they don’t wanna play and u have to play like 3 solos and then turn off my console cuz plays alone kills the vibe

    Edgar GranadosEdgar Granados3 måneder siden
  • Vikings forgets how to add at the end

    Graham UnsworthGraham Unsworth3 måneder siden
  • He said 69... 18+17+11+13=59

    Hani Al-shaerHani Al-shaer3 måneder siden
  • It is 59 not 69 kills

    Deyan DTDeyan DT3 måneder siden
  • I've always said, the best gun in the game is the gun you can hit shots with. Gun charts don't matter when you can't use the weapon

    Will WalshWill Walsh3 måneder siden
  • Vik movement tips when

    Monkai MiniMonkai Mini3 måneder siden
  • Feel like a bruen is more a console player weapon instead of pc player weapon

    Ali AlbeldawiAli Albeldawi3 måneder siden
  • I’m good with the Grau and bruen but idk I’m just not good with the kilo at all

    Aiden BrockAiden Brock3 måneder siden
  • Vikk why try the kilo with the monolithic suppressor Prowler barrel Vlk 3.0x optic Commando foregrip 60 round mag Thats really good attachments

    Aiden LeaskAiden Leask3 måneder siden
  • hey vik! why don't you try out the M13?? i have been playing with it for sometime now and it's good! I think m13 is a good alternative to grau

    nashvinashnashvinash3 måneder siden
  • This just goes to show that personal preference can impact your load outs big time

    Mark DavisonMark Davison3 måneder siden
  • ffs i love your content but this is your worst by far, now everyone’s gonna go back to the grau

    Alfie WestAlfie West3 måneder siden
  • Where is the loudout

    CowBoyCowBoy3 måneder siden
  • your sick bruv

    Max FergussonMax Fergusson3 måneder siden
  • I just love vik

    SyntexSyntex3 måneder siden
  • Make a RAM 7 KAR98 class

    Jose SantosJose Santos3 måneder siden
  • Guys we've done we got the old vikk back

    Sam HumphriesSam Humphries3 måneder siden
  • Nice vik, keep it up👍

    Gijs PietersenGijs Pietersen3 måneder siden
  • Brother

    Rushad SinhaRushad Sinha3 måneder siden
  • Amazing

    Rushad SinhaRushad Sinha3 måneder siden
  • Vick is so good he does not even use a heart beat tracker

    I play warzone !I play warzone !3 måneder siden
  • Just beat you on gunfight!

    Hancox 07Hancox 073 måneder siden
  • 59 not 69 kills

    BennydaeyesBennydaeyes3 måneder siden