I Wore A Heart Rate Monitor While Playing AMONG US w/ Delirious, Vanoss, Wildcat, Lachlan & more!

21. sep.. 2020
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  • Lol heart rate monitor makes no difference you playing to the game but still your the best NOworld ever and I really like all your vidz

    Sakib AhmedSakib Ahmed4 dager siden
  • this is a great idea for a video, but it has a lot of problems... 1. It's Vikk so it is incredibly boring 2. He's playing the game with a bunch of annoying cunts 3. They are playing on the worst map in the game

    Fran ŽivkovićFran Živković6 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Small Indian Man gets bullied while wearing a heart rate monitor

    Jack HammelJack Hammel8 dager siden
  • vanoss i have not heard that name in years

    itzglowzitzglowz8 dager siden
  • Xfhj

    tracey hurrytracey hurry9 dager siden
  • 9:26 to 9:39 his heart went so high

    Diego CarreraDiego Carrera9 dager siden
  • You should do this again but everyone has one and everyone can see each other’s hr

    KoongaKoonga10 dager siden
  • The Americans and Australians

    El Guapo 2xEl Guapo 2x11 dager siden
  • Bro, I never knew among us is 2 years old.

    Mr. JohnstoMr. Johnsto13 dager siden
  • Nice To See Vik Playing With People That Love Him

    Ultimate LarryUltimate Larry14 dager siden
  • #stopvikabuse

    Jamie FliesJamie Flies15 dager siden
  • #LetVikPlay

    VftxnVftxn15 dager siden
  • Ngl the only spot I looked was vik's heartbeat lol

  • You have a boring heart

    Eddie PodzemnyEddie Podzemny17 dager siden
  • Vik always adjust his seat when it shows him as impostor after shhhhhh!!!!

    Jothi Prakash JJothi Prakash J17 dager siden
  • #letviklive

    Skunky chunky Monkey 69Skunky chunky Monkey 6917 dager siden
  • Some more great content with cod and among us keep it up VIK

    xplitexplite17 dager siden
  • its a real shame that vik is the richest sidemen

    judah bajelajudah bajela17 dager siden
  • Who else just skipped until he was the imposter

    John BromheadJohn Bromhead17 dager siden
  • And we thought only JJ bullied vik😭

    SadiaSadia18 dager siden
  • Pls Shout out to IllusionalGamer JDI

    mark mannmark mann18 dager siden
  • Play with PHILL

    Charlie BacinskyCharlie Bacinsky18 dager siden
  • We can’t see the heart rate if u keep zooming in wtf

    zeatszeats18 dager siden
  • #LetVikPlay

    Can you please help me reach 100k subscribers ???Can you please help me reach 100k subscribers ???18 dager siden
  • Luv ur vids vikk keep it up...U should play more wid nogla dem

    Jasmin BritoJasmin Brito19 dager siden
  • Vik gets bullied not even by the sidemen 😂

    Alex GruszkaAlex Gruszka20 dager siden
  • #StopVikkAbuse

    EpicEpic20 dager siden
  • #letvikplay

    pulse clan b x hpulse clan b x h21 dag siden
  • When rae said she’ll protect vik his heart rate wasn’t the thing that was raising.

    JackxnnJackxnn21 dag siden
    • 😂😂

      Clash with SimonClash with Simon16 dager siden
    • 😉

      A Unoriginal nameA Unoriginal name18 dager siden
    • No

      Timothy WolfordTimothy Wolford19 dager siden
    • 😶

      Zuhaib JamacZuhaib Jamac20 dager siden
  • ayo ngl vikk is smart he knows how to get views at the right time!!!!!!

    anonymous golden mikeanonymous golden mike21 dag siden
  • e

    booby ssddbooby ssdd22 dager siden
  • Now we know if he’s fake laughing

    QuickJrxQuickJrx22 dager siden
  • Vanoscrew bullying a sidemen for 5min

    Dennis HDennis H22 dager siden
  • You should make a video where everyone uses heart rate monitors and you can see them all during discussion

    BeckyBecky22 dager siden
  • The only good sidemen to play with pewds

    Big DonkeyBig Donkey22 dager siden
  • This is fucked up, but jj snaking vik was way worse 😎

    Mac N CheeseMac N Cheese22 dager siden
  • # stop vik abuse

    sulaiman arshaidsulaiman arshaid22 dager siden
  • #letvikkplay

    Mackers AltMackers Alt22 dager siden
  • #letvikplay

    Punkina JonesPunkina Jones23 dager siden
  • Have mong is

    Darcie SymonsDarcie Symons23 dager siden
  • Vikk gets hella nervous when he talks to his friends

    White LightningWhite Lightning24 dager siden
  • Why does his heartbeat go so high in lobby

    • Brian• Brian24 dager siden
  • If people say he’s hacking in among us...

    Miguel DiloneMiguel Dilone24 dager siden
  • So what we have learnt: Vikk has social anxiety

    TDHTDH24 dager siden
  • Give Harry the heart monitor, going to be 150bpm all day and night

    Safe me charveySafe me charvey24 dager siden
  • Vik rly getting in there with vanoss’ group

    HarryHarry24 dager siden
  • Vik had 2 great opportunities to kill and he just didn't

    Ishaan DWIshaan DW25 dager siden
  • I think it would be sick if they did like 100 thieves and sdmn All the sidemen then courage Valkyrae and nadeshot

    HelloHello25 dager siden
  • Bike getting straight bullied and not from jj this time 🤣

    Samuel CroucherSamuel Croucher25 dager siden
  • I swear this guy never runs out of ideas

    GodmodeONGodmodeON25 dager siden
  • the start ahahha

    Marked LeopardMarked Leopard26 dager siden
  • Vikk u need background music to make it more suspenseful

    Swiftly ShadowSwiftly Shadow26 dager siden
  • It's not a delay, it's just how the heart rate works. It doesn't increase immediately.

    KkvelvaneKkvelvane26 dager siden
  • I used to cry when my dad chopped onions.I miss onions.He was a good dog

    Taufiq MahmudTaufiq Mahmud26 dager siden
  • We need the pack to play

    Zach ComerZach Comer26 dager siden
  • Who knew vik was so unfit

    Callum MayCallum May26 dager siden
  • I play this game on my iPhone I like to play this game it needs to come to exbox 👀🌈🌈 I have to follow so entertaining😂😂

    Sing GangSing Gang27 dager siden
  • i am bring this back after this among us video #stopvikkabuse

    Ishan BanerjiIshan Banerji27 dager siden
  • Can't wait for this game to become competitive just like fall guys :) AND COMPLETELY RUINED IT

    ForEverAlone GAMERForEverAlone GAMER27 dager siden
  • Vikks getting bullied on this

    Zed CeeZed Cee27 dager siden
  • no way, is that the vanoss? :0

    Coleswan02Coleswan0228 dager siden
  • Loving the content Vikk keep it up mate🙏

    FatySimulatorFatySimulator28 dager siden
  • Imagine the pack playing among us

    Ali El MaadawyAli El Maadawy29 dager siden
  • I’ve watched a few different groups play this game. This group is by far the most stressful to watch 😂 literally constant shouting every time people are unmuted

    ..29 dager siden
  • Puts vanoss in the title: Vanoss in the vid: ....

    Walter HackettWalter Hackett29 dager siden
  • #stopvikabuse

    PortalcuberPortalcuber29 dager siden
  • Do this again but keep the heart rate on sceen

    Citris _ MarioCitris _ Mario29 dager siden
  • Love this game because it has alot of jokes 🤣

    Hawk Blue-_-Hawk Blue-_-29 dager siden
  • sss

    Chuck NorrisChuck NorrisMåned siden
  • I never thought I’d see the day when Noah was in a NOworld video with vik

    Music FriendMusic FriendMåned siden
  • Vick abuse is not only ksi

    De,Careo QuarlesDe,Careo QuarlesMåned siden
  • I play sims with a heart beat monitor 😂😂😂

    AaronAaronMåned siden
  • Jesus loves you brochachos

    Watson HarrellWatson HarrellMåned siden
  • #VikkAbuse is back

    PhantomBladeIII YTPhantomBladeIII YTMåned siden
  • Vikk the king of memes even his heart rate is 69

    Zaheer KhanZaheer KhanMåned siden
  • Vikk the king of memes

    Zaheer KhanZaheer KhanMåned siden
  • My two favourite groups team 6(vanosscrew) and the side men are playing with each other. I'm so happy

    Darragh FoleyDarragh FoleyMåned siden
  • Alternative title - Among Us but Vik is targeted every time

    Sam KelleySam KelleyMåned siden
  • Taking deji's advice noworld.info/video/video/2Imog-Cx15erytE.html

    Flubber BMDFlubber BMDMåned siden
  • You do this with sideman now

    Sally FooteSally FooteMåned siden
  • When sidemen amung us??????

    Lemonade jucceLemonade jucceMåned siden
  • #WhoKilledVik

    jjfarr72jjfarr72Måned siden
  • Editor stop zooming in its horrible to watch

    Jack CJack CMåned siden
  • Funfact: His heart rate peaked at 123

    Kent VigilanteKent VigilanteMåned siden
  • India

    Hristina KaçaHristina KaçaMåned siden
  • I had a heart beat health advert for this vid

    Poison Dart369Poison Dart369Måned siden
  • Did anybody notice how A WILDCAT sounds exactly like Hasan Abi. If you know who Hasan is.

    JuicerJuicerMåned siden
  • Island

    RNGMrTree_OpRNGMrTree_OpMåned siden
  • Its pixelmon town again

    RNGMrTree_OpRNGMrTree_OpMåned siden
  • When your done watching restart the vid and press this ---> 1:00:00

    Unicat Girl rabbit dogUnicat Girl rabbit dogMåned siden
  • #stopvikkabuse 2.0😂😂

    ItsMeMrLettuce FortniteItsMeMrLettuce FortniteMåned siden
  • Vikk: I enjoy playing with people I know. Sidemen: am I a joke to u

    Hermes KisaluHermes KisaluMåned siden
  • Door shuts in face viks heart rate *increases*

    nxn_ rushesnxn_ rushesMåned siden
  • Best game rn

    MemesMemesMåned siden
  • bruh why doesn't vik sabotage

    Hayden GutierrezHayden GutierrezMåned siden
  • This legit makes no difference to gameplay

    Esa MahmoodEsa MahmoodMåned siden
  • #stopvikkabuse

    Brad GouldingBrad GouldingMåned siden
  • #stopvikabuse

    BoboBoboMåned siden
  • im sorry but youre terrible at this game

    BLGamingBLGamingMåned siden
  • Vikkctim Vikk is a funny Vikk

    BukuJutsuBukuJutsuMåned siden