17. okt.. 2020
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Back with another Reddit Video & some KSI memes. Enjoy!
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  • Raji is made by an indian studio , I bought and it's great I hope u all buy it and support this studio

    Random HumanRandom Human8 dager siden
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how kind and wholesome he is. I love him man.

    Sander ShanoSander Shano15 dager siden
  • 9:51 bro remember the pack and team crafted? Those were the days brooooo

    Delta Necros LucasDelta Necros Lucas19 dager siden
  • SnD cross map tomahawks

    Gike MoldbergGike Moldberg20 dager siden
  • 00:03 It’s because you had KSI in the title

  • While corpse is out here with 230k viewers

    Joe SmithJoe Smith29 dager siden
  • JJ’s reddit: bullys JJ* Vik’s reddit: Also bullys JJ*

    Th3 Y33TEDTh3 Y33TEDMåned siden
  • Pirates irl

    H ftwH ftwMåned siden
  • Vikk weighted 6.2 pounds when born!!

    Steelers GangSteelers GangMåned siden
  • I’m in Canada

    Fuzail SajjadFuzail SajjadMåned siden
  • Idea?: meet with pack :)

    SlopeeSlopeeMåned siden
  • Reacts to JJ's reddit 😂😂😂

    Diego BuentelloDiego BuentelloMåned siden
  • I’m an American and I ALWAYS watch y’all, you guys are sooo MUCH better and funnier than US NOworldrs

    alanalanMåned siden
  • You are such a good and wholesome youtuber, been watching since the early pack days.

    ClanRichardsClanRichardsMåned siden
  • 9:51 to 10:11 TommyInnit made it boys!!!!! POGCHAMP

    Logan FreemanLogan FreemanMåned siden
  • Video Idea: Run a half marathon with Ethan

    Tymo 566Tymo 566Måned siden
  • Been a USA fan of the sidemen since 2013, kings👑👑👑

    EddyG 503EddyG 503Måned siden
  • 10:09 He's probably gonna frame what you just said.

    Galavis232ROGalavis232ROMåned siden
  • I think that grandpa meme was on JJ’s Reddit. So was the Dax cleaning record one.

    ThaGangstaFTWThaGangstaFTWMåned siden
  • We loved it! 😂

    Ochinsang KichuOchinsang KichuMåned siden
  • Bruh i enjoy ur vids so much but i enjoy ur irl vids more than ur gaming. Dont take this the wrong way i love ur gaming vids too.

    Abdul Al KalashAbdul Al KalashMåned siden
  • How fast did my guy get the money to cover his face

    javi with games & moviesjavi with games & moviesMåned siden
  • I'm in America and I watch each Sidemen Sunday video

    JustinJustinMåned siden
  • Vikkstar IQ test pls

    danny Ashtondanny AshtonMåned siden
  • My g

    Moish RosenbergMoish RosenbergMåned siden
  • Why is my school in this 4:25

    Axzen RlAxzen RlMåned siden
  • Hello

    Steelers GangSteelers GangMåned siden
  • 9:51 tommy simp's 😂

    「 Annrisu • Chan 」「 Annrisu • Chan 」Måned siden
  • Vick sparrow looks like dev Patel

    FlameblitserFlameblitserMåned siden
  • Who is a fan from America?

    shep boy ardeeshep boy ardeeMåned siden
  • Yes come

    Train 4 RealTrain 4 RealMåned siden
  • Vikk doesn't laugh uno

    ImplodeImplodeMåned siden
  • Could show us how smart you all are in a Sidemen Sunday by having a mental olympics, like timed maths questions like countdown, a boggle round (You v Tobi as a highlight) all of you playing Brain training (throwback!) or puzzle solving (would you ever play a game like Professor Layton on any of the channels?) or something like that! the actual events might need work but its a good filler episode to do from home if filming outside is dicey a la covid

    Lexi The Silver WitchLexi The Silver WitchMåned siden
  • Video idea viks iq

    Loxton HarryLoxton HarryMåned siden
  • It wasn't even 24 hours

    Anikan DavidAnikan DavidMåned siden
  • when he said vikky i remember as long time ago he was saying f her for taking his name

    kingbobkingbobMåned siden
  • vikk have u watched mahabharata

    Silvally CrusherSilvally CrusherMåned siden
  • We need a Vik and Tommy collab with Sparklez and Tubbo. If you know you know.

    Jordyn NexusJordyn NexusMåned siden
  • Ayyyy

    AshtonPlays_YTAshtonPlays_YTMåned siden
  • imagine if vikk changed his name to Mural and made ksi Say his name until he can say it right in that video thing they made lol

    UxchihaUxchihaMåned siden
  • KSI memes I thought they were JJ memes 😮

    LitModz will comeLitModz will comeMåned siden
  • A lot of the times I go on autopilot whenever I hear about ads but that game actually looks pretty sick!

    Corvus DaxCorvus DaxMåned siden
  • Vik when the went through the window ,😂 I thought he randomly vanished , til I seen the window open

    Ffion GouldFfion GouldMåned siden
  • Duck it subscribe

    Aivaras PinikasAivaras PinikasMåned siden
  • im from sri lanka

  • why do you talk like a sports announcer

  • I’m an American and have been subscribed for 8 years

    Drewbique 22Drewbique 22Måned siden
  • 1440p60

    Savage McSavageSavage McSavageMåned siden
  • Merica gang

    hudson cannadyhudson cannadyMåned siden
  • 11:40 he

    fatima embarkifatima embarkiMåned siden
  • 11:40 he Should participate in the Mr. beast games

    fatima embarkifatima embarkiMåned siden
  • Do more reddit videos they are so funny

    Mighty Striker8Mighty Striker8Måned siden
  • nice

    love shaqlove shaqMåned siden
  • Ok boomer

    Can we Annoy youtubersCan we Annoy youtubersMåned siden
  • Vik: i wanna be a pirate Vik’s mom: BECOME A DOCTOR All of the other indian moms: agreed

    Super2442 29Super2442 29Måned siden
  • Maybe he got so many subs the past week because people want to help him earn the money JJ snaked him for. XP (JK ;) )

    FanFictionneerFanFictionneerMåned siden
  • Don’t worry Vik when I put headphones on I get dent head too 😢

  • Sidemen do GCSE’s papers?

    William does EverythingWilliam does EverythingMåned siden
  • The bullied became the bully

    Alexander LynchAlexander LynchMåned siden
  • I like it how you have Dax in the thumbnail go listen to his song dear god

    TempeTempeMåned siden
  • 3:04

    Gabriel Kitigna TessouatGabriel Kitigna TessouatMåned siden
  • The sidemen should do an iq test

    Benjamin BurchBenjamin BurchMåned siden
  • Sidemen to take a real IQ test

    AlphaClarkeAlphaClarkeMåned siden
  • you will never hear the end of Mr Innit now

    FlavoryMonkey54 _FlavoryMonkey54 _Måned siden
  • Wtf that’s my school

    Bryce RobertsBryce RobertsMåned siden
  • That came looks badass

    Stephen TolmanStephen TolmanMåned siden
  • either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

    Mus-hiff KhanMus-hiff KhanMåned siden
  • Vik's specs be clean asf he maintain em like his plaques

    Seve KiraguSeve KiraguMåned siden
  • Vik advertising an Indian game Everyone liked that

    TMM JellyTMM JellyMåned siden
  • The music tho😂😂😂😂

    Arian AArian AMåned siden
  • I’m American and subscribed to all of you! I personally like British NOworldrs more than American NOworldrs to be honest... so maybe I’m not the best example 🙃

    TinaFieldTinaFieldMåned siden
    • Maybe you can try to break into the Spanish speaking audience? By adding Spanish captions to your videos, that way you can reach a broader audience.

      TinaFieldTinaFieldMåned siden
  • Vik got that Tyler1 head

    Jazz _Jazz _Måned siden
  • Oof

    Steph MackSteph MackMåned siden
  • That game is an Indian version of assassin’s creed odyssey

    Haych 1Haych 1Måned siden
  • I have just been in your game vikk

    thebull 09thebull 09Måned siden
  • i like how vik is enjoyin

    Frost シFrost シMåned siden
  • Day 11 of trying to reach 1000 subscribers from the comments

    AlFredo The SkaterAlFredo The SkaterMåned siden
  • I'm from Australia mateyy bahahahaha

    Teancum TuiakiTeancum TuiakiMåned siden
  • Before you was like my least favourite sidemen but I’m starting to love you every video I see you in

    Owen Walton0908Owen Walton0908Måned siden
  • IRL video. Vik goes on holiday with his girl to VIK for a week

    Mark BentleyMark BentleyMåned siden
  • Vikk should have let Ksi measure his own height haha

    Elsan KujevicElsan KujevicMåned siden
  • 5% of the population watches the sidemen And 6/7 people of the population has seen despacito

    Rishabh SinhaRishabh SinhaMåned siden
  • He does not deserve the 10mil

    Devdath SirajDevdath SirajMåned siden
  • I just hate this man.....

    Devdath SirajDevdath SirajMåned siden
  • Iq test

    A Ryan MemesA Ryan MemesMåned siden
  • The KSI effect innit

    A SapoluuA SapoluuMåned siden
  • What’s viks real name

    A_SA_SMåned siden
  • What’s vill real name

    A_SA_SMåned siden
  • Blue story and top boy summerhouse and top boy are all the best series/flims I don't know why that's relevant but We move

    KarmaazKarmaazMåned siden
  • Your so humble mann

    Ethan ThompsonEthan ThompsonMåned siden
  • ive been watching since modern warfare 2 commentarys. and im in the usa

    CallMeLeeCallMeLeeMåned siden
  • Vik the g

    NurNurMåned siden
  • fun fact, views don't equate to real people. Often times people rewatch it. In actuality, the number of people is far less than 3.15 million. You can't really be thinking that half the people in the world watched a video with 3.5 billion views.

    Gautam SangeethGautam SangeethMåned siden
  • I can see how breaking through to U.S. audiences is great and lucrative, But the U.S. prefer slightly difference type of content, U.S. humour, content related to the U.S. I just hope The Sidemen don't lose or give up their current authentic style/humour for that.

    rai ZORrai ZORMåned siden
  • Do more ksi meme videos

    Varsana NaidooVarsana NaidooMåned siden
  • Vik should have ksi react to the diss track by laikdmusic

    Varsana NaidooVarsana NaidooMåned siden
  • damn mann... Vik too nice

    Jamier GJamier GMåned siden
  • You guys should collab with FaZe Clan again it’ll help you branch out to America

    Danky ScredDanky ScredMåned siden
  • U know what vikstar u earned my sub

    N4KRN4KRMåned siden
  • I’m in America

    Dart master 58Dart master 58Måned siden