10. okt.. 2020
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A new Flat / Apartment tour. Enjoy!
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  • Woah!

    can we reach 50k Subcribers?can we reach 50k Subcribers?52 minutter siden
  • Piano is "Cold Water - Justin Bieber" What's the song at 6:48? I absolutely loved it! 😍

    Dhruv BanalaDhruv Banala2 timer siden
  • Why not take the hard drives out and get rid of the computers? or get external hard drives and transfer everything?

    KIDDERZKIDDERZ3 timer siden
  • The song on the piano is cold water by justin bieber

    magic ytmagic yt4 timer siden
  • All the liqour in his cabinet is what he sents his indian uncle's back home

    Sanai ThomasSanai Thomas4 timer siden
  • hard to hate this guy

    JaCøBJaCøB4 timer siden
  • why sidemen's plaques are with him ? what about other members ?

    Nop ChanmesaNop Chanmesa11 timer siden
  • This is really helpful, now robbing you will be so much more convenient.

    cheeto mancheeto man11 timer siden
  • Vick was like Gordon Ramsey

    Zachary GreenZachary Green11 timer siden
  • waiting for the GeorgeNotFound and Tommy Raid.

    GoodGuySalad ShendelzareGoodGuySalad Shendelzare13 timer siden
  • imagine spending 4mil on an apartment lmfao

    ExqztExqzt15 timer siden
  • Man weighed 2850kg as a baby

    Jake MartinezJake Martinez16 timer siden
  • Why does Vick have all the 1 million plaques

    FabianFabian21 time siden
  • How can you show a 4 million dollar flat without showing the view! Thats what makes it so expensive

    valentinovalentino22 timer siden
  • I thought it was New Soul by Yael Naim

    TF-BritTF-BritDag siden
  • The Christmas tour thingy I watched that before watching this, that's where the star came from

    VVilloZ _mcrVVilloZ _mcrDag siden
  • Vik: "tryna stay fit and healthy" 5:56 : "weight 2850kg"

    _J.1s___J.1s__Dag siden
  • For 4 000 000 that was beautiful apartment!

    Colonel Claus von StauffenbergColonel Claus von StauffenbergDag siden
  • You were playing Cold water

    oh yeah yeahoh yeah yeahDag siden
  • You r being watched, good luck 😄 good luck indeee 🤩

    WaterWaterDag siden
  • chad pad

    Ayaan ShamimAyaan ShamimDag siden
  • The sidemen need a house , like the faze house

    Connor DobboConnor DobboDag siden
  • Justin beiber cold water

    IsaacGRMIsaacGRMDag siden
  • MAN WAS 2850 KG AT BIRTH ?? XD

    ByK0.ByK0.Dag siden
  • The Christmas sidemen video

    Rapter2708Rapter2708Dag siden

    Lina AyariLina AyariDag siden
  • Legend

    Bcool 6699Bcool 66992 dager siden
  • 4 million for this?

    Demiray KoçDemiray Koç2 dager siden
  • vik you had this house for more than 4 months

    nwrzynwrzy2 dager siden
  • People that think it was 4 mil🥱

    Ryan CaswellRyan Caswell2 dager siden

    shrimpo sharkshrimpo shark2 dager siden
  • no one cares.

    Institutional PsychopathyInstitutional Psychopathy2 dager siden
  • I know song but not name

    James RidgeJames Ridge2 dager siden
  • AKA “I’m shitty at saving money.”

    Christian GarrettChristian Garrett2 dager siden
  • Ooft UK property do be expensive doe 😭😭 4million could buy a mansion in America

    Watermelon SugarWatermelon Sugar2 dager siden
  • When your TV is bigger than vikstar's: *F L E X*

    Koko KashiKoko Kashi2 dager siden
    • haha yeah fr

      Jordanj dabossJordanj daboss6 timer siden
  • 4:38 was the star from the 100 vs 10000 dollar Christmas vlog

    Koy koy MomoyKoy koy Momoy3 dager siden
  • what fucking gaming chair is vikk using???

    alex 0x7alex 0x73 dager siden
  • In before Vik makes a channel called 'Channel for that one space on the other wall' and gets it to 1 mil

    Chrischamp69Chrischamp693 dager siden
  • This was all 4 million?

    Swifty GamerSwifty Gamer3 dager siden
  • The tv is not a 75 inch probably a 65 inch my 72 inch TV is alot bigger

    Carter DahlCarter Dahl3 dager siden
  • 5:53 Damn Vik you was a fat ass baby

    AB0XAB0X3 dager siden
  • Cold water by Major Lazer

    Detective TatiesDetective Taties3 dager siden
  • That doesnt look like £4000000

  • anyone else find it funny how small he looks compared to the doorways

    Zach TooneZach Toone4 dager siden
  • Hey Vik can I get one of ur gamer computers so I can play with my friends?

    Krypton EyeKrypton Eye4 dager siden
  • Would rather have white skin...

    Lil YeetLil Yeet4 dager siden

    hermithermit4 dager siden
  • Hcvjjv

    Xgvuh B he rbXgvuh B he rb4 dager siden
  • POG

    Alfred SalazarAlfred Salazar4 dager siden
  • The star with the lights

    Brudduh KaulanaBrudduh Kaulana4 dager siden
  • It’s from the Christmas viddd

    Brudduh KaulanaBrudduh Kaulana4 dager siden
  • 4mil for that he could have bought a big massive mansion for that price what a waste eh money

    Josh SkeltonJosh Skelton4 dager siden
  • wow......all over the NOworld channel,the successful, the talented, the wannabe’s,surely are obsessed in letting the world see how humble they have become with such success,just kidding.No humility here,the usual bullshit is all, look at what i have hahaha ffs 🥺🎻🎻

    mart tureimart turei5 dager siden
  • king

    Liamsastokie 2019Liamsastokie 20195 dager siden
  • This is ridiculous, he actually thought he could convince us his beer was kon's, Kon obviously would have vodka. Nice try Vik

    Dumb IdiotDumb Idiot5 dager siden
  • Damn, the fridge is bigger than my wardrobe haha. One day I'll have a fridge like that. Trynna go down the NOworld route

  • I bet that vik has more money then ksi

    Mythical ChillsMythical Chills5 dager siden
  • You idiot poor tommy

    TrashkidTrashkid5 dager siden
  • Such a genuine guy, so glad he's doing so well

    MxchewMxchew5 dager siden
  • Now I know what to steal once I break in. Coolio

    RoyarRoyar5 dager siden
  • but why tho

    D y l a n S h e p p a r dD y l a n S h e p p a r d5 dager siden
  • sorry you have a 4,000,000 dollar apartment but sadly to brake it to you NO ONE ASKED😐.........

    KRUPT G&FツKRUPT G&Fツ5 dager siden
  • I get that it’s big and really nice but 4 mill for that apartment is bollocks

    KomplexKomplex5 dager siden
  • Justin Bieber cold water

    Hanfaa AhmedHanfaa Ahmed5 dager siden
  • Only the insecure tell how much their house cost

    James KJames K6 dager siden
  • Bro u got a raw deal on that apartment

    Croco MediaCroco Media6 dager siden
  • 4mill got an apartment???

    The BiznessThe Bizness6 dager siden
  • Kon is so helpful

    Ceeday TheworstCeeday Theworst6 dager siden
  • The song cold water

    recon_wwa nørgaardrecon_wwa nørgaard6 dager siden
  • why is the toilet like that

    Epickush 1412Epickush 14126 dager siden
  • The song was cold water- Justin Bieber and Major Lazer

    JRJR6 dager siden
  • This is why vik saves his money

    JRJR6 dager siden
  • What a legend

    JRJR6 dager siden
  • can I visit your chad of?

    Rainbow PuppyRainbow Puppy6 dager siden
  • He just rents it. Its nothing special

    FrancescoFrancesco6 dager siden
  • Ego?

    Zhuri [GD]Zhuri [GD]6 dager siden
  • Can’t remember the name

    Mackay FamilyMackay Family6 dager siden
  • Doesnt JJ also have 5 1 million subscriber plaques? KSI, JJ Olatunji, Sidemen, More Sidemen, Sidemen Reacts

    AJAJ6 dager siden
  • You should get the new silver play buttons same design as the golds you have and put them under or on a different wall would be sick!

    NarbNarb6 dager siden
  • 1:00

    Hans GruberHans Gruber6 dager siden
  • Where is the torture room

    Kent SherryKent Sherry6 dager siden
  • Heard tommy and George argueing about this so here I am

    Kent SherryKent Sherry6 dager siden
  • How does one spend 4 million on a 1 bed flat

    Adam IzghoutiAdam Izghouti6 dager siden
  • No way is it £4,000,000 £1,000,000 at the max ..I hate how much this guy flexes and lies

    DecidemanDecideman6 dager siden
  • Nice house but 4 mil is way over priced

    sam schofieldsam schofield7 dager siden
  • Big up Vikk man he's come so far. Bless him showing off his success.

    Silver BeeSilver Bee7 dager siden
  • cold water

    Mashfi MdMashfi Md7 dager siden
  • Nice house

    ZenohZenoh7 dager siden
  • Cold water by Justin beiber

    J And aJ And a7 dager siden

    ea sports to the gameea sports to the game7 dager siden
  • he was flexing

    Nawang TsedupNawang Tsedup7 dager siden
  • The vickstar toy I remember it in sidemen make TikTok during lockdown

    SP PlayZSP PlayZ7 dager siden
  • ID on fan in his bedroom lmao

    Jack CaldwellJack Caldwell7 dager siden
  • Song was “cold water“.

    The GrazuThe Grazu7 dager siden
  • You didnt need that 100k did you.

    slightslight7 dager siden
  • “Apartment”

    Jonti McgeeJonti Mcgee7 dager siden
  • whats the view like?

    Exotic ButterExotic Butter7 dager siden
  • Nice apartment can’t lie but how’s this 4 million lmao

    OfficialTeamSynxOfficialTeamSynx7 dager siden
  • Price is right, it’s in the blackfriars building in London, apartment costs range from 800k-6million

    CassieCassie7 dager siden