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  • Is it possible to download this mod?

    JowzeeraJowzeera6 dager siden
  • These guys are dumb

    Ed MatthewsEd Matthews8 dager siden
  • Hey

    YahyaYahya8 dager siden
  • 6.9 mil subs CONGRATS

    Josiah StephensJosiah Stephens9 dager siden
  • I love this game so much

    It’ ya boy DildoIt’ ya boy Dildo10 dager siden
  • Noah literally has negative iq

    maya cataermaya cataer10 dager siden
  • Gotta do this with JJ.

    l6thl6th12 dager siden
  • Good

    Farhan AzimFarhan Azim12 dager siden
  • "Today we have a proxthimithy chat"

    R 10R 1013 dager siden
  • My sons called Noah. After watching this video I’m changing it.

    Voodoo RiderVoodoo Rider13 dager siden
    • Can u check my recent among us video? I can bet you guy will laugh it's only 1 minute long you don't have to subscribe

      Drizzy1kDrizzy1k13 dager siden
  • "We did~" Vik's screaming is so cute XD

    John Oliver BagasbasJohn Oliver Bagasbas14 dager siden
  • After seeing all the mods for this game it has so much potential when it comes to console release

    terry nashterry nash14 dager siden
  • 617th

    Treeleaf 376Treeleaf 37615 dager siden
  • The way your eyebrows move lmao

    Ryan GRyan G15 dager siden
  • sick vid vikk

    Tomos CrawfordTomos Crawford15 dager siden
  • Noah is so Annoying

    Brodog YtBrodog Yt15 dager siden
  • If you can guess what i said before i edited this then- i- idk ill do anything :)

    Mohamed Salah Is the best!!!Mohamed Salah Is the best!!!16 dager siden
  • Noah is absolutely terrible at this game lol

    JDW 15JDW 1516 dager siden
  • Y’all are so poopoo at this game

    A EA E16 dager siden
  • Petition for the Sidemen to play this mode every video JJ would sound hilarious.

    Red Star PlayzRed Star Playz16 dager siden
  • I thought noah was the impostor but nah he's just super dumb

    RedPugieRedPugie16 dager siden
  • How can I get this mod

    XxdemonwolfloverxXXxdemonwolfloverxX16 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but I hated this one everyone talks over everyone you can’t hear anything

    Allie HollomanAllie Holloman16 dager siden
  • Noah is stupid af

    Callum MightonCallum Mighton16 dager siden
  • What happened to warZone

    ewanewan16 dager siden
  • This looks like a blast. Much more realistic.

    Werner MillsWerner Mills16 dager siden
  • Nice

    Jfxshyclaps 1x ツJfxshyclaps 1x ツ16 dager siden
    • Indeed.

      Ninja BoxerNinja Boxer16 dager siden
  • How does this work?

    Repluse clanRepluse clan17 dager siden
  • Noah is so annoying

    Jack HingleyJack Hingley17 dager siden
    • Yeah

      Ninja BoxerNinja Boxer16 dager siden
  • Noah’s an idiot

    Jake DonehooJake Donehoo17 dager siden
  • When you realize half of the pack is in here🥺

    Nathan KellyNathan Kelly17 dager siden
  • I Wish This Was A Real Thing XD

    LewisH Animations And GamingLewisH Animations And Gaming17 dager siden
  • Shitiest game ever

    Killer 911Killer 91117 dager siden
  • That Noah guy annoying af

    Danny _Danny _17 dager siden
    • Yea I thought it was him tbh

      Ninja BoxerNinja Boxer16 dager siden
  • noah has rat brain

    The Lamb SourceThe Lamb Source17 dager siden
  • Wait shubble.....Shelby is still around Shelby who used to be with the skydoesminecraft group that’s crazy

    ITZJKPITZJKP17 dager siden
  • I wanted to choke Noah for being so fucking annoying and I'm sure vik wanted too

    Wadie WanliWadie Wanli17 dager siden
  • 600 comment

    CollinFales At LifeCollinFales At Life17 dager siden
  • vik is dumb

    jackson barnettjackson barnett17 dager siden
  • In a world...... Where half the pack + some other youtubers play among us (Man I loved it when the pack was a thing)

    Prachi SrivastavaPrachi Srivastava17 dager siden
  • Vikks among us videos are just copies of Socksfor1’s

    OplOjOplOj17 dager siden
  • A cockroach has more braincells that noah

    Naadir DavidsNaadir Davids17 dager siden
  • Play with nogla more often

    BoyceyBoycey17 dager siden
  • Wait so who liked Lachlan

    Daniel Rocha leiteDaniel Rocha leite17 dager siden
  • Noahj my boi

    IWantSlxcky-IWantSlxcky-17 dager siden
  • Sideman do this

    xyz jixyz ji17 dager siden
  • Vikk literally forgot rob killed right in front of him lmao “it’s rob unless it’s Landon I think it’s Rob though”

    TheRealPheanixTheRealPheanix17 dager siden
  • Noah is brainless

    Bandit DoggoBandit Doggo17 dager siden
  • .

    Boom_ StrikeBoom_ Strike17 dager siden
  • Love that I can’t even watch this because NOworld is down

    Jessica MollerJessica Moller17 dager siden

    Luk DaLuk Da17 dager siden
  • When you wanna try this but you have no friends and play on mobile :😢

    Classified HuxClassified Hux17 dager siden
  • where can i download the mod from

    Theo DestroyerTheo Destroyer17 dager siden
  • Wait a seond, did he stream this or was this a recording? Cause I'll be annoyed if I missed a stream.

    naviathan happynaviathan happy18 dager siden
  • la marzulli

    Davonna SmithDavonna Smith18 dager siden
  • Vikk made a fool of himself

    Zagreen The Byleth MainZagreen The Byleth Main18 dager siden
  • Can you play warzone please😟

    Clare RolstonClare Rolston18 dager siden
  • no one : vikks laugh : "croak croak croak"

    camcam18 dager siden
  • this mod is so good

    redred18 dager siden
  • How do you do this thats so cool

    lipikalipika18 dager siden
  • Noah's stupid

    madxo 1madxo 118 dager siden
  • Do more of this

    Nathan CainNathan Cain18 dager siden
  • Were are you from

    Yuaan IrushadYuaan Irushad18 dager siden
  • Everyone is saying about Noah this and that to Vik Why isn't anyone talking about how Vik betrayed Lazer 🤧

    Ivy the elemental heartIvy the elemental heart18 dager siden
  • Can we get The Pack play among us please?

    Incredibly Dumb IslIncredibly Dumb Isl18 dager siden
  • The sidemen need to play with Courage 👀

    Wacky WeaselWacky Weasel18 dager siden
  • Do this with sidemen

    Katheeb JumaanKatheeb Jumaan18 dager siden
  • 2:24 I found this working mod few minutes ago after last patch use ▶️ now I am Imposter all the time හා අරියසපි ක්‍රීඩාපි ක්‍රීඩානිර්QD

    Frank CobbFrank Cobb18 dager siden
  • Noah is the smartest person alive no cap.

    Yassin MansyYassin Mansy18 dager siden
  • Pllls ple warzone

    Ruslan AkhmetovRuslan Akhmetov18 dager siden
  • My video is mute ????

    GAMETHIEF69 /minecraft &moreGAMETHIEF69 /minecraft &more18 dager siden
  • vikk stop playing with these clowns, play with the sidemen

    Kng jjxx01Kng jjxx0118 dager siden
  • jesus noah is terrible.

    Nova RenderNova Render18 dager siden
  • This was deffo a pro among us game. Anyone that asks who are we voting for is always imposter.

    S OsmanS Osman18 dager siden
    • yeah😂😂😂😂...pls Subscribe to that guys channel.....He's really working hard

      Skillz 27Skillz 2717 dager siden
    • @Skillz 27 lol did u just like your own comment?

      S OsmanS Osman18 dager siden
    • hello

      Skillz 27Skillz 2718 dager siden

    Not swavvyNot swavvy18 dager siden
  • Vik u should play rogue company it’s free and it’s a good game with good graphics

    IdkIdk18 dager siden
  • Damn these mods

    Swagatam DebnathSwagatam Debnath18 dager siden
  • Vik's IQ is as small as a ant as a crewmate !!

    Stealth8Stealth818 dager siden
  • Perfect game Play of among us

    M.U.F CHANNELM.U.F CHANNEL18 dager siden
  • Nogla has to be one of the funniest dudes ever

    Michael LordMichael Lord18 dager siden
  • Jesus that NoahJ guy is actually stupid

    Reese pieReese pie18 dager siden
  • I realised there were like 3 of the pack members :’ )

    Ghoul ParadoxGhoul Paradox18 dager siden
  • I hate Noah with my heart and soul just delete your channel noah

    Hault RxstHault Rxst18 dager siden
  • Vik can you record and game of dota with the pack and just post it on one of your channels, it may not get the most amount of views but I want to see what hero you guys play and all that stuff, PPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEASE cause Rob said you guys play.

    Andrew TileyAndrew Tiley18 dager siden
  • I really thought it was Noah

    Michael O'RourkeMichael O'Rourke18 dager siden
  • Mods are boring stop it please

    Curtly JohnCurtly John18 dager siden
  • There should also be a PA system in comms

    Jayden HarveyJayden Harvey18 dager siden
  • I wish u see this comment but I got a Video idea like modded among us in that mode u can Sabotage O2 and Reactor at once

    F8_ KillerrF8_ Killerr18 dager siden
  • Noah Is A F Tier Crewmate

    Justin RobotJustin Robot18 dager siden
    • among us but with impostor and robot 34

      Pewdiepie TowPewdiepie Tow18 dager siden
  • 7:14 sounds like my primary school class room 😂

    Jaxes777Jaxes77718 dager siden
  • Omg Shelby so many of my favourite groups are playing together this is amazing

    Cat DivallCat Divall18 dager siden
  • This is so funny. I love these types of videos.

    MovingallthewhileMovingallthewhile18 dager siden
    • among us but with impostor and robot 43

      Pewdiepie TowPewdiepie Tow18 dager siden
  • I haven't heard woofless in ages bro its been damn near 5 years

    Darkzy BodiezDarkzy Bodiez18 dager siden
  • Do this with sidemen, would be jokes!

    Denim tDenim t18 dager siden
    • among us but with impostor and robot 35

      Pewdiepie TowPewdiepie Tow18 dager siden
  • I'm indian Like vikkstar :)

    Pat_PlayzPat_Playz18 dager siden
  • I hate this

    Beth MountsBeth Mounts18 dager siden
  • More of these

    Jamel GrantJamel Grant18 dager siden
  • 4:15 best part

    Jamel GrantJamel Grant18 dager siden

    NewbornadultNewbornadult18 dager siden
  • Jesus loves you spread the word.

    Cadon BucklesCadon Buckles18 dager siden