14. aug.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Another title for this video is how many times can I say nowadays

    OasisシOasisシ13 timer siden
  • yo what was the camo on the dragonauv called?

    xNot ShadowxNot Shadow2 dager siden
    • Damascus

      FifaSweatFCFifaSweatFCDag siden

    D.ElyD.Ely2 dager siden
  • i saw my grandpa at the comments wtf

    teg infiniteteg infinite2 dager siden
  • i was there 😀

    manraj raimanraj rai3 dager siden
  • Lot gonna lie you look the same

    RNG _Chris03RNG _Chris034 dager siden
  • Ye

    RNG _Chris03RNG _Chris034 dager siden
  • Love how he says back in the day like the games been out for 10 years

    Demise hDemise h4 dager siden
  • Loadouts were so cheap then

    Carling526Carling5264 dager siden
  • Victory chant

    Simeon LlanzaSimeon Llanza5 dager siden
  • nahhhhh m13 was goat if u hit allll ur shots

    Ghost007Ghost0076 dager siden
  • Chang ching chung vik is gae

    Growtopia PersonGrowtopia Person8 dager siden
  • Oh my lord There's two of them

    Pavneakh SangheraPavneakh Sanghera8 dager siden
  • Who do else has switched from fortnite to cod

    Synthic BillySynthic Billy11 dager siden
    • Nah I played like 2 games if fortnite than got bored lmao

      randomguy92randomguy92Dag siden

    Mert KaraMert Kara13 dager siden
  • The bezin 💀

    Dylan YewchynDylan Yewchyn14 dager siden
  • Two viks

    FaZe HuBuDuBuFaZe HuBuDuBu15 dager siden
  • GG

    Meghna PatelMeghna Patel15 dager siden
  • The only changes they made were adding a train...opening the stadium and adding a metro...big deal

    giannis psilliasgiannis psillias16 dager siden
  • I have 4 wins. Just got one today actually, unfortunately with someone else's loadout because I got run over when I had mine.

    IstsuIstsu16 dager siden
  • The only floor loot then was sheetlightning and and vespertine those 2 guns are the m13 and mp7 another lazer floor loot gun was drawn and quartered that was the Grau but they change the gun attachments for the blue print

    Anisa ChowdhuryAnisa Chowdhury18 dager siden
  • I’ve been here since Fortnite season 5

    GabstarツGabstarツ19 dager siden
  • Well my only win is 2 kills - one of them being gulag

    Charlie LythgoeCharlie Lythgoe23 dager siden
  • What is fob?

    Bob FisherpriceBob Fisherprice25 dager siden
  • 👇This how many times he said nowadays

    jeanette stockmanjeanette stockman29 dager siden
  • Vikk buy a new gun and play it with controller

    Rapid BeastRapid BeastMåned siden
  • Gg lets go

    Grainne O SullivanGrainne O SullivanMåned siden
  • 6:30 is priceless

    Abel luqueAbel luqueMåned siden
  • I get 1 kill dude🤣🤣🤣

    Pixel worldPixel worldMåned siden
  • they need to make it so you can change your fov on console

    Malachi BrownMalachi BrownMåned siden
  • Do you have a stutter bro

    Jamal KhanJamal KhanMåned siden
  • I played sinds the lauch

    Rick Van doornRick Van doornMåned siden
  • You should play with them again 🤣🤣 to see how good they are now

    LoboAzulLoboAzulMåned siden
  • Anyone remember when he said he wanted to be the best

    Dan GoreDan GoreMåned siden
  • I want them dragunov attachments lol

    Dynamite ChildDynamite ChildMåned siden
  • Watch my recent video for a detailed info video on Black Panther 2

    Saint OopinksSaint OopinksMåned siden
  • I got 1,100 cod point with code vikk🙂😇

    N3ON1647N3ON1647Måned siden
  • “10 wins today” meanwhile I struggle to get 10 wins this month

    volcomXdiamondvolcomXdiamondMåned siden
  • Nowadays

    Sam DaviesSam DaviesMåned siden
  • A

    Bob LeeBob LeeMåned siden
  • One of the best Warzone players: Still has a fortnite themed outro :)

    Markus EikenberryMarkus EikenberryMåned siden
  • When I started war zone I was immediately a pro

    Ouick remixOuick remixMåned siden
  • This is how many times Vik said nowadays | |

    Jack AinleyJack AinleyMåned siden
  • More fortnite less warzone

    GamingYT YoutubersGamingYT YoutubersMåned siden
    • He doesn’t play fortnite anymore

      TreedomTreedomMåned siden
  • According to vikk I am an icon

    MineLord13MineLord13Måned siden
  • use this class as a challenge!!

    Abhi GadangiAbhi GadangiMåned siden
  • Ayyyyy I was on his chat

    PewDiePie 0PewDiePie 0Måned siden
  • Remember when you played mc

  • It's not different you are missing love your reaction to old gameplay

    Fleshfeast91 GamingFleshfeast91 GamingMåned siden
  • That is funny because you actually thought about buying him back

    Fleshfeast91 GamingFleshfeast91 GamingMåned siden
  • march 10th? thats my bday XDD

  • dame u qt

    TXC ChapoTXC ChapoMåned siden
  • Sidemen need make a gaming group to participate in gaming tournaments such as warzone, pubg, cs:go etc.

    Miss BlondieMiss BlondieMåned siden
  • Bin ere since day famzi

    G DotG DotMåned siden
  • I swear every gamer found their main game at the start of quarantine

    Eivora EmzyEivora EmzyMåned siden
  • Can we get a count on how many times he said nowadays

    𝙍𝙎 𝙕𝙀𝙓𝙍𝙊𝙒シ𝙍𝙎 𝙕𝙀𝙓𝙍𝙊𝙒シMåned siden
  • vik talks about the game being like over a year old atleast when it only came out in march

    Jr WadeyJr WadeyMåned siden
  • Pls stop

    Maxwell RettkeMaxwell RettkeMåned siden
  • Yo, vikstars channel grew a lot...last time i had been on it he had like 2-3mil

    Mihael JogunMihael JogunMåned siden
  • I still haven't won a game yet

    Francis SullivanFrancis SullivanMåned siden
  • Ha Vick is like back in the days. It’s like its 5 years old

    Ollie BraleyOllie BraleyMåned siden
  • Vik can you do a warzone tutorial on how to get really good ( I'm dog at it lmao)

    Km.12 randomKm.12 randomMåned siden
  • We did we hit 80,000 viewers not too long ago Nick Mercs: hahahahaha cool story bro

    TRi993R GAMiN9TRi993R GAMiN9Måned siden
  • bro this was like 4 months ago and he's saying back in the day lmao

    owentheking 5owentheking 5Måned siden
  • i cannot stop staring at your eyebrows idk why

    The PuertoRican GamerThe PuertoRican Gamer2 måneder siden
  • Vikk every 3 seconds “nowadays”

    Dutch Plan Der LindeDutch Plan Der Linde2 måneder siden
  • I want to see a vik video on how much money he’s made from war zone!

    Reaper PlaysReaper Plays2 måneder siden
  • Fe

    Fighter LmFighter Lm2 måneder siden
  • Kacey getting a top plug in the description

    Reece ManatonReece Manaton2 måneder siden
  • Can you play rainbow siege six

    ElGallo 734ElGallo 7342 måneder siden
  • Why won't you play multiplayer warzone is boring

    KLYE GAMESKLYE GAMES2 måneder siden
  • Who else remembers purple theophys

    Malcolm WilliamsMalcolm Williams2 måneder siden
  • he did the thumbnail 😂

    ACrispWaffleACrispWaffle2 måneder siden
  • Does it really matter about the kills ur so sad

    Sam CrumptonSam Crumpton2 måneder siden
  • no kill dub????

    jxiro666jxiro6662 måneder siden
  • Yes I think that will be a great video idea

    John CarcamoJohn Carcamo2 måneder siden
  • u are goated vik

    T5 Tomo LadT5 Tomo Lad2 måneder siden
  • use that old loud out in a game

    BenzoTrixtaBenzoTrixta2 måneder siden
  • Oh the good old days of warzone where the wasn't any hackers or sweats 🙏🏻

    Joseph HowellJoseph Howell2 måneder siden
  • The fact that he bought a self revive before buying his teammate

    Hobo BroHobo Bro2 måneder siden
  • When warzone was good

    Alex GAlex G2 måneder siden
  • Vik how you played then is how I play now xD

    Anthony SalamancaAnthony Salamanca2 måneder siden
  • Ur still a noob.

    TheseSnipersOnlyTheseSnipersOnly2 måneder siden
  • Bruh its only been 5 months.

    James WalshJames Walsh2 måneder siden
  • Vik is the worst sideman

    jack burnsjack burns2 måneder siden
    • Bit obsessed

      its okay to be whiteits okay to be white2 måneder siden

    AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden
    • ok

      AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden

      AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden
    • YOU TOO

      AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden
    • It's okay I hope you have a good day.

      AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden
    • You are very insightful. Thanks

      AlfieAlfie2 måneder siden
  • Um who is talking

    You smell Like assYou smell Like ass2 måneder siden
    • Him

      TreedomTreedomMåned siden
  • Why am i getting a notification saying this come out 2hours ago when its 3days old?

    20 1020 102 måneder siden
    • Time travel

      Blue GirlBlue Girl2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    RewanOMXDRewanOMXD2 måneder siden
  • Iv been playing since like season one or even pre season befor warzone was out I brought it instantly

    slow moslow mo2 måneder siden
  • POV: your looking for the person who’s comment vikk read out

    samwisewell 14samwisewell 142 måneder siden
  • Sord or gun?

    EggEgg2 måneder siden
  • You made this video way to early bud

    oof botoof bot2 måneder siden
  • Season one warzone players--->

    MxrleyMxrley2 måneder siden
  • Did u get the Grau prior this vid or did u get it for free

    Jesal PatelJesal Patel2 måneder siden
  • He said if you see your name here then your a OG but I have been here since pixelmon island season 2 smh

    Wyatt RobinsonWyatt Robinson2 måneder siden
  • He’s acting like it was years ago bruh

    DzakiDzaki2 måneder siden
  • Aculite would destroy Vik

    Act-Like-A-ProAct-Like-A-Pro2 måneder siden
  • Hey i really think console should definitely be able to change their fov its really annoying being stuck on 60 fov :(

    GHOSTGHOST2 måneder siden
  • Even vikk takes the piss outta himself 😔

    ned widdowfieldned widdowfield2 måneder siden