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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Hehehe ((:

    Polo NPolo NMåned siden
  • (: nice so good

    Polo NPolo NMåned siden
  • 8:31 how’d you not see him behind the building haha

    KdubsKdubsMåned siden
  • 7:35 ?

    paddy powerpaddy powerMåned siden
  • 6:15 he locked on to them while they were underground... vikk what u doing???

    Mohammed AlabdulkareemMohammed AlabdulkareemMåned siden
    • Look at the minimap, you can see them,

      Candied _ VarietyCandied _ VarietyMåned siden
  • The music at the end of this video is fantastic!

    FromAnArtistsMindFromAnArtistsMindMåned siden
  • Who else just won the competition and the bruen is nerfed

    john O Sullivanjohn O SullivanMåned siden
  • I lav you’re kontent men Imaim from India Im 12 yea

    Vasilis PetevisVasilis PetevisMåned siden

    Martin LucasMartin LucasMåned siden
  • Mp7

    Marlus VitorinoMarlus VitorinoMåned siden
  • Bro why you putting 5 adds on a 10 min vid???

    Kaasplankje5678Kaasplankje5678Måned siden
  • Vikkstar123 I really like your video I just want to see you win with a pistol

    Antonio CTUAntonio CTUMåned siden
  • Love you videos✌

    Ace teej gamingAce teej gamingMåned siden
  • Pkm is insane

    Will NashWill NashMåned siden
  • 4:29 looks like hacks

    DynxmoDynxmoMåned siden
  • Please play call of duty mobile

    Marvin YoaniMarvin YoaniMåned siden
  • ...Why did I just get a notification about this at 11:57pm central

    WalpryaWalpryaMåned siden
  • Love to hear someone talking about the grand tour, as it’s really entertaining to watch

    IDunnoIDunnoMåned siden
  • Vik it’s called the bruken not the bruen

    Maxx PlaysMaxx PlaysMåned siden
  • Try doing no crouching or jumping for a game and win it

    Kian TowseKian TowseMåned siden
  • What’s the music called that he puts in his videos?

    Alexander KaricAlexander KaricMåned siden
  • what are your audio settings?

    Olivér PalmerOlivér PalmerMåned siden
  • Vik there’s a m4 with NO recoil it’s amazing try it out

    Ben TaylorBen TaylorMåned siden
  • soooooo shield turret only game??

    baby with a mustachebaby with a mustacheMåned siden
  • Hahahha vikk i challenged you to play cod mobile if anyone agree copy this comment or you can like it.

    Lil DragoLil DragoMåned siden
  • Vik is like the iferg of warzone of you know cod mobile youll knwo ferg its like their so identical if vik says this acracked gun everyone in watzone will ise it and if iferg says uts a craked gun everyone in cod mobile will use that gun🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dan SulitDan SulitMåned siden
  • 2:35 - 2:40 proof vic is hacking

    clayton cornickclayton cornickMåned siden
  • Vikk get the tracer pack for it

    ShadowblockerShadowblockerMåned siden
  • U didn’t use the bruen...

    TheseSnipersOnlyTheseSnipersOnlyMåned siden
  • You guys are really ruining the game

    TaTaMåned siden
  • The kid that he killed in the gulag 😂

    Josh GreenJosh GreenMåned siden
  • Zoro I beat you last week 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Breun is still goated though

    Alexis MutengeAlexis MutengeMåned siden
  • Does anyone know what camo vik is using and where to get it?

    Markus SMarkus SMåned siden
  • Bruen is still a beast

    Mathias KMathias KMåned siden
  • Bruen nerf: How good are you now?? Bruen: Yes!!!

    Klapp StuhlKlapp StuhlMåned siden
  • I still love my m13 loadout.

    B DB DMåned siden
  • Pkm is the new overpowered gun lasers instantly & I have not got any games with less then 10kills with this gun

    Jose SerranoJose SerranoMåned siden
  • Vik use the HOLGER!!

    Jamie FowlerJamie FowlerMåned siden
  • Finally the bruen got nerfed

    AllGoldBloodAllGoldBloodMåned siden
  • Try the origin

    Big al AlBig al AlMåned siden
  • Bruen is still the best gun in the game change on attachment (figure it out yourself) and it’s back to beast mode

    Say That Ab.Say That Ab.Måned siden
  • Pkm is goat

    Humdinger 2912Humdinger 2912Måned siden
  • where do you install warzone is it on steam because i tired to install it on blizzard but it didnt work :/ someone please help

    ChickenManz60ChickenManz60Måned siden
  • I’m using the Grau again

    Toph BeifongToph BeifongMåned siden
  • Lol

    harrygvilla _harrygvilla _Måned siden
  • the kilo with the blue dot is my new favourite loudout to use🤤

    AngeloAngeloMåned siden
  • Win a game of warzone on the lowest fov

    Sajo 7Sajo 7Måned siden
  • Is know one gunna talk about this 3:56 that kid tho

    Brax CurrieBrax CurrieMåned siden
  • Ram-7 it's good gun,new meta

    Ricardo Neves Costa JuniorRicardo Neves Costa JuniorMåned siden
  • We still got the PKM that's just like the bruen maybe better🤔

    SnAgGy DNSnAgGy DNMåned siden
  • Why aren't JackFrags and Stodeh in your 'usuals' shout-out in your description?

    Robert ChamberlainRobert ChamberlainMåned siden
  • Anyone else’s kilo glitched when I get it out of a loadout it switches random attachments to what I do not have on it

    XxPEA BOYxXXxPEA BOYxXMåned siden
  • This video screams aimbot

    Jihoon YounJihoon YounMåned siden
  • What are ur visual settings?

    AdrianOwAdrianOwMåned siden
  • Vik what attachments u got on the kilo?

    NotThatGuy 56NotThatGuy 56Måned siden
  • Who watched vik when he played ark

    Charlie BartleCharlie BartleMåned siden
  • what class setup?

    edvinedvinMåned siden
  • Vik how did u not see the guy at 8:32

    Amir TilaviAmir TilaviMåned siden
  • just got inv 2 regiment with a vikkstar123 in it!!!! obviously not the real deal holyfield but couldve been lol

    stabwound187 mastakilla mi9stabwound187 mastakilla mi9Måned siden
  • What camo is he using?

    ItsAGameItsAGameMåned siden
  • They can nerf guns so quick but can’t get rid of hackers

    Manaswi JinadraManaswi JinadraMåned siden
  • Is funny how he says finally they nerfed the Brien but he didn't said it for the fucking grau, wtf men

    Gabriel Millan AlemanGabriel Millan AlemanMåned siden
  • Is it better if you have the commando for grip of the Merc fore grip

    owen fruchtenichtowen fruchtenichtMåned siden
    • For the bruen it would be commando

      Say That Ab.Say That Ab.Måned siden
  • Try the pkm as that may be meta according to other youtubers and streamers

    Rhys WynneRhys WynneMåned siden
  • What if vik play codm he will be a god in codm

    Nezuko GamingNezuko GamingMåned siden
  • Im using the pkm and its Broken bro

    infer x5infer x5Måned siden
  • The bruen was nerfed?????? Good.

    Nelz PlayzNelz PlayzMåned siden
  • Like with the Grau though, it’s been changed... it’s still bloody good though and one of the better LMGS

    GoldBallTVGoldBallTVMåned siden
  • Use the 3x optic cuz I dont feel recoil onnit

    ryft Ravenryft RavenMåned siden
  • 8:30 did anyone else see that guy by the hut??

    as.4pfas.4pfMåned siden
  • 3:53

    10k subs without a vid ?10k subs without a vid ?Måned siden
  • Why don’t u try the An-94

    PuRe CatalysttPuRe CatalysttMåned siden
    • I got 16 kills

      UknownUknownMåned siden
    • But i find the an-94 better

      UknownUknownMåned siden
    • I do its the same exact recoil same accuracy same mobility etc

      UknownUknownMåned siden
  • Vikk try the grau with rubberised grip tape (recoil control) and see how you feel aboubtit

    Ashtxn07Ashtxn07Måned siden
  • Vik, just try holger or ram7! Kilo is not the best

    Sugar 13Sugar 13Måned siden
  • Use the rubberised grip on the grau!!!! Feels just like the old grau

    Zach WhiteZach WhiteMåned siden
  • 2:36

    Weird DoeWeird DoeMåned siden
  • Look at 2:38 it looks suspicious

    Weird DoeWeird DoeMåned siden

  • M13 > kilo

    Minion BrosMinion BrosMåned siden
  • Vik loves that shirt

    alexcc94alexcc94Måned siden
  • Yo vik uk or usa

    RED FLYERS01RED FLYERS01Måned siden
  • Vikk you should make some videos on Mini Royale that would be so cool.

    Gerard RyanGerard RyanMåned siden
  • Missed the warzone vids Vik

    Evan RuddockEvan RuddockMåned siden
  • VIK you better not get my main gun nerfed

    Lickle BeansLickle BeansMåned siden
  • Has anyone ever seen vik play solo??

    Jake SturgessJake SturgessMåned siden
  • I hope faund you n mini battle royal n may team, i learn a lot of you game plays

    Reyes CerveceriaReyes CerveceriaMåned siden
  • You all seem to not be having fun on your vids anymore... too serious and boring to watch 😴.

    • @Uknown just did sau something, pal. Like that's stopping him getting together and making the hot ones video n having a laugh. Quarantines got nothing to with the fact that he's becoming boring, so 🤫.

    • Its quarantine u cant say anything

      UknownUknownMåned siden
  • No full auto in buildings challenge: basically u can only go single tap mode on a gun when entering a building

    Venom SnakeVenom SnakeMåned siden
  • Rank all the guns of season 5

    Lonnie StanyerLonnie StanyerMåned siden
  • I use the PKM it's a beast weapon ngl

  • Like if vik should only use the x16 loadout for the whole game

    The epic GamerThe epic GamerMåned siden
  • Vik you should make a video on the Grau for a vid.

    ViPerZ SniPeZZViPerZ SniPeZZMåned siden
    • Just watch his old vids

      UknownUknownMåned siden
  • Swap your commando with ranger grip and add the vlk instead of holo Its b-e-a-utifuuulllll

    GamingDads101GamingDads101Måned siden
  • I'm telling you guys use the pkm. things a beast

    Karan RanaKaran RanaMåned siden
  • I’ve been loving kilo. Love u vikkstar

    Damon LingenfelterDamon LingenfelterMåned siden
  • Use ranger foregrip and get rid of the tac laser

    voidberryzvoidberryzMåned siden
  • MP5 attachments?

    Just that apple you killed YesterdayJust that apple you killed YesterdayMåned siden
  • 2:50 this guy killed you Here is the sweet revenge 10:13

    Saqr SSaqr SMåned siden
  • Ieatthatcurry123 plays warzone while not using a bruen

    Golden Quite boringGolden Quite boringMåned siden