So Activision GAVE ME $210,000...

23. aug.. 2020
746 580 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • music in the end is so annoying

    suurpunanesuurpunaneMåned siden
  • Vikk is so unfunny Sheesh..awkward lmao

    ET_ KillaET_ KillaMåned siden
  • didnt invite xqc WeirdChamp

    KaboobleKaboobleMåned siden
  • I love lando Norris so much as a driver and content creator

    SswiftySswiftyMåned siden
  • Ahh yes lets give money to the already rich. Here is a quote socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. I hope that 200k was used for good

    Mr communist bleachMr communist bleachMåned siden
  • vikkstar

    bruhbruhMåned siden
  • Fortnite looks mad now

    Jacky BoyJacky BoyMåned siden
  • Lol i got my biggest kill streak playing against you dude a few days ago Maybe check your videos

    Michael WMichael WMåned siden
  • COD Pro players should be allowed to play if they want, Isn't gaming about being the best, it's like playing against a pro football player and being better than them? Questions are then asked

    AnimaLAnimaLMåned siden
  • How do i enter in the tournement? XD

    AfterBoomAfterBoomMåned siden
  • gringo server is very easy KKKKKKKKK

    Jr JrJr JrMåned siden
  • *Stream Snipe it K/D Capping*

    AnimaLAnimaLMåned siden
  • what sight is on his kilo

    James AbdullJames AbdullMåned siden
  • amalee

    Katrin-88 ЩемелёваKatrin-88 ЩемелёваMåned siden
  • nitro is your daddy 🙂

    Na'im MukarkerNa'im MukarkerMåned siden
  • 10:10 he ducks haha

    BogBogMåned siden
  • Hello everyone I’m new to warzone anyone know if the kilo is good or not

    banta 1268banta 1268Måned siden
  • Vik your uk 🇬🇧 plz dont use $

    vGular GtaVvGular GtaVMåned siden
  • bruh i wish i could atleast get 2k to play on pc

    Laz3r ClanLaz3r ClanMåned siden

    MMMåned siden
  • Wow

    CoolCal95CoolCal95Måned siden
  • 😹😹

    Dopedeluxe 241Dopedeluxe 241Måned siden
  • What I find amazing is during this hard time in quarantine while so many people are losing their jobs and wondering how they will be able to afford their next meal or bill this guy is bragging about being given 210k. Smart

    BrendonBrendonMåned siden
  • 9:51 aimbot??

    Stephen JonesStephen JonesMåned siden
    • No

      ryan andrews1ryan andrews1Måned siden
  • Hi Everyone started my warzone channel it would make my day if you can come by and show some love !

    DiabloYTDiabloYTMåned siden
  • Warzone is damn good

    Manas ShettyManas ShettyMåned siden
  • I’m legit about to do a marathon of watching ur vids so I have something to do whilst waiting for the stupid update

    Tyler CapperTyler CapperMåned siden
  • What character has the gold mask?

    Ryan TaylorRyan TaylorMåned siden
  • Will the tournament be streamed live?

    Seema SinghSeema SinghMåned siden

    Backup PlanBackup PlanMåned siden
  • Misleading title

    Jelle vd M.Jelle vd M.Måned siden
  • Will vikk be playing

    Noah GrayNoah GrayMåned siden
  • I got something on my screen when playing warzone about "go to the message ghost sent u" and I dont know if it's about cold war or whT

    Joe HutchinsonJoe HutchinsonMåned siden
  • Mo

    Fighter LmFighter LmMåned siden
    • Fortnite kid

      Thiago Silva The tankThiago Silva The tankMåned siden
  • nice

    love shaqlove shaqMåned siden
  • Check out my new vid‼️‼️

    Just FreeZyJust FreeZyMåned siden
    • No

      Lorcan JambrinaLorcan JambrinaMåned siden
  • Yo Vic mind if I can borrow like 15 racks off ya I promise I won’t pay you back but it’ll be a great investment

    Dylan BullockDylan BullockMåned siden
  • They gave you how much ? .. ok that’s enough I’m quitting my job and grinding COD lol 😂

    Showtime MVPShowtime MVPMåned siden
  • Wtf

    PregatorPregatorMåned siden
  • Is your glasses Anti Blue-light?

    MYTHMYTHMåned siden
  • I really want to learn how

    ms. morenams. morenaMåned siden
  • Who’s better between vik and Nik

    Marcel NugentMarcel NugentMåned siden
  • It starts on my birthday

    mangofan2017mangofan2017Måned siden
  • Vik is actually rivaling JJ in terms of popularity now a days. He’s such a maniac on wz , I’m genuinely giddy for him. Well done man.

    Mr.BootyFister PlaysMr.BootyFister PlaysMåned siden
  • pog

    Raid SarderRaid SarderMåned siden
  • I'm going to do a challenge it's going to be trying to talk to one of the sidemen anyone got any tips or it will take years thanks

    StevieGee HDStevieGee HDMåned siden
    • @Luke Paice ty I'm going to make a series

      StevieGee HDStevieGee HDMåned siden
    • Go on jj's reddit it wont actually be a talk but you might be able to post something he will see

      Luke PaiceLuke PaiceMåned siden
  • Anybody know how to watch vik’s older streams?

    Yash ShahYash ShahMåned siden
  • 9 Tournaments huh? 🤔 I won’t win one 😎

    FivessFivessMåned siden
  • There is going to be a sidemen fall guys in real life video coming soon.. come back to this comment when there is one

    TriplateersTriplateersMåned siden
  • Literally 99% of you wont see this,you are amazing and you will be successful 😇

    Devote SikoDevote SikoMåned siden
  • Literally 99% of you wont see this,you are amazing and you will be successful 😇

    Devote SikoDevote SikoMåned siden
  • Still hasn’t put Lando’s twitch link in the description

    SeedsSeedsMåned siden
  • Who is this guy? And how come ive never seen him before (im american)

    Steel417youthful SonSteel417youthful SonMåned siden
  • Wtf

    Beast ModeBeast ModeMåned siden
  • can i get some $$$???

    joe mamajoe mamaMåned siden
  • How do we enter

    QueezyQueezyMåned siden
  • what was the class?

    Jacob JamesJacob JamesMåned siden
  • Dude you should invite mutex for the tourney!! Like so he sees!!

    Roy VanRoy VanMåned siden
  • 🐛🐛

    Trevon RobinsonTrevon RobinsonMåned siden
  • Lando is the goat

    TTV. Josh.DooleyTTV. Josh.DooleyMåned siden
  • 0:30 🤔Nice idea I'm gonna use that on my parents 😂😂😂

    Daby PranavDaby PranavMåned siden
  • Literally,,,, 1% .Who reading this comment May there parents live More than, 💯years with good health😊😊😊.....💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 👇

    500subscribers without video challenge500subscribers without video challengeMåned siden
    • Shut up u beg

      Faakhir ShahFaakhir ShahMåned siden
  • My friend beat u and won

    fynleygamingfynleygamingMåned siden
    • He got 1 mill

      fynleygamingfynleygamingMåned siden
  • Must be nice

    Dirty VinesDirty VinesMåned siden
  • Why Vikkstar123 acting like a maths teacher🤣

    nadabb Albannadabb AlbanMåned siden
  • Amazing play brother

    Vishwajeet technicalVishwajeet technicalMåned siden
  • jack frags going to be in it?

    Bradley StarkeyBradley StarkeyMåned siden
  • what is vikk's kilo class?

    TehBeboSquadTehBeboSquadMåned siden
  • Literally 1% people who's reading this comment may your parents live more than 💯 years with good health💗💗 💗God bless you 💗💝😇😇❤️❤️❤️

    5K Subscribers With one video challenge5K Subscribers With one video challengeMåned siden
  • Did warz kill u

    Joel MainwaringJoel MainwaringMåned siden
  • Vikk looks like he's been at the devils lettuce in that intro lol.

    darren watsondarren watsonMåned siden
  • Is it public?

    Matt FlanaganMatt FlanaganMåned siden
  • @Vikkstar123 if you use three UAVs as a team it equals an advanced UAV and shows enemy direction!

    Zach RedickZach RedickMåned siden
  • Vik on sniping op

    Cian DonnellyCian DonnellyMåned siden
  • What headphone are you using?

    Suflet Păcătos Rostul Vieții MântuireaSuflet Păcătos Rostul Vieții MântuireaMåned siden
  • What gun is vik using in it the grau

    Farid AhmedFarid AhmedMåned siden
  • The amount of money vilkstar has made off of call of duty

    X1N1TYX1N1TYMåned siden
  • wait so this tournament is for us too. like all players can participate in it?

    PlayAllWorldPlayAllWorldMåned siden
  • i love landon man 😂😂😂😂😂

    izaac kentizaac kentMåned siden
  • Vikkstar is Mia Khalifas brother this right here is indeed a fact

    Jojo kokoJojo kokoMåned siden
  • Man, if I were 20 years younger and hadn't taken an 8 year hiatus from gaming, maybe I'd be good enough to earn fat bank from my hobby 😔

    KoKaneKoKaneMåned siden
  • Join FaZe bro, u literally goated.

    Matt GamerMatt GamerMåned siden
  • Activision gave money to someone who’s already a millionaire 🤦🏻‍♂️

    xNoah87xNoah87Måned siden
  • How you not picking Jukeyz as a captain Vikk. That’s so sour.

    Joe WilliamsJoe WilliamsMåned siden
  • pc can’t run mw :(

    EsPeRaNzA 7EsPeRaNzA 7Måned siden
  • Random drop no vehicle challenge

    Soremouth FishingSoremouth FishingMåned siden
  • vik why dont u try t the sa87 it could be good

    MinorzZMinorzZMåned siden
  • Why is there a KD ratio cap?

    Alex BartinAlex BartinMåned siden
  • Love from India

    xyz jixyz jiMåned siden
  • Lando Norris?!!!

    Tyresse WilliamsTyresse WilliamsMåned siden
  • Activistion gives Vikk 210k but still can’t fix hackers

    Ahmed ElsharkawyAhmed ElsharkawyMåned siden
  • he just got paid for not reporting on the negative facts on this game

    ljonathan991ljonathan991Måned siden
  • make a kar98k vid with the mp7

    Marley LewisMarley LewisMåned siden
  • Can we get more of the content at the start? that was hilarious 😂

    kieran gilbertkieran gilbertMåned siden
  • Did anyone notice ‘gulag caps’ on the weekly prizes?

    MattMattMåned siden
  • Vikk has moooney

    David AnderssonDavid AnderssonMåned siden
  • 10:07 vik ducks in real life when shot at HAHA

    Sam BrialSam BrialMåned siden
  • Bro plz talk in hindi jai hind

    LS ki vines luckyLS ki vines luckyMåned siden
  • So can I join the tournament please am pretty good my highest kill game is 26

    Matthew GomezMatthew GomezMåned siden
  • When the event is on the same day as the new season of fortnite ☹️

    Finn MaynardFinn MaynardMåned siden
    • Fortnite kid

      Thiago Silva The tankThiago Silva The tankMåned siden
    • @Luke Paice true

      Thiago Silva The tankThiago Silva The tankMåned siden
    • Imagine playing fortnite in 2020

      Luke PaiceLuke PaiceMåned siden