8. juli. 2020
464 553 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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    Mann KhamarMann Khamar9 dager siden
  • nah mine is fine 1440p

    TTVXJOSH777TTVXJOSH7772 mÄneder siden
  • My

    Islas WorldIslas World2 mÄneder siden
  • yo wach the avatar the seris then the legend of korra its soooooo goodd

    ADAMADAM3 mÄneder siden
  • Whaaaaaaat this vid was 1 week old!! It showed that it was live just now

    UknownUknown3 mÄneder siden
  • 360p quality? Why?

    Drunken MeisterDrunken Meister3 mÄneder siden
    • Fr? I got 1440p60 as max

      Daniel WhiteDaniel White3 mÄneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vX-YidOb2bnLq7M.html

    Soumil GuptaSoumil Gupta3 mÄneder siden
  • 360p max? NOworld bug? Anyone else?

    Mike LindqvistMike Lindqvist3 mÄneder siden
    • mine too

      ReshiReshiMĂ„ned siden
    • Happening on mine mate😂

      PlEEm24 CmagainPlEEm24 CmagainMĂ„ned siden
    • Only happened on my TV. On my phone its max

      S7 CameronS7 Cameron3 mÄneder siden
  • What does that little symbol mean? The one where It tells you what you're playing on xbox ps etc

    Ben CharterBen Charter3 mÄneder siden
    • Blizzard

      Weller ArchieWeller Archie3 mÄneder siden
    • It’s the symbol for pc lmao

      Brutal _gunnerBrutal _gunner3 mÄneder siden
  • Quality?????? 140 and 360 only

    IcE NuggetIcE Nugget3 mÄneder siden
  • Yaaaaaasss

    Harry McNallyHarry McNally3 mÄneder siden
  • What’s with the quality

    Ellis BahEllis Bah3 mÄneder siden
  • Why is the quality so low?

    Diego AcostaDiego Acosta3 mÄneder siden
  • love how vik puts a bruen in is grau loadout

    Kaaraj ChandockKaaraj Chandock3 mÄneder siden
  • 8:50 that kinda looks aimbotty

    Harry WilliamsHarry Williams3 mÄneder siden
  • Why do pro players always have to run and slide nonestop

    Higher DimensionHigher Dimension3 mÄneder siden
  • why does he drop a gun for bart

    ams_ali _ams_ali _3 mÄneder siden
  • i peeked a "miniminter" at 29:48

    ams_ali _ams_ali _3 mÄneder siden
  • Do a challenge where you can't reload the whole game

    mustafah kazimustafah kazi3 mÄneder siden
  • Still not breaking the record on warzone of the apex clan

    Thibaut HainautThibaut Hainaut3 mÄneder siden
  • This is the best squad m8

    MiichaeljrMiichaeljr3 mÄneder siden
  • Mutex is like a 13 year old that just discovered cuss words lmao

    Diesel DickDiesel Dick3 mÄneder siden
  • Hey guys hope u doing good and wish u the best stay safe thanx for the like

    Intense Gamer DHIntense Gamer DH3 mÄneder siden
    • Np

      Jake YoJake Yo3 mÄneder siden
    • Thanx u too

      Intense Gamer DHIntense Gamer DH3 mÄneder siden
    • Your nice you have a nice day see ya pal

      Jake YoJake Yo3 mÄneder siden
  • Yeah vikkstar is a best player

    Kevin 2485Kevin 24853 mÄneder siden
  • Honestly one of the funniest stream

    Clown EmojiClown Emoji3 mÄneder siden
  • *Low key* I enjoyed watching this

    Jack PierceJack Pierce3 mÄneder siden
  • Super is cracked I had a game yesterday where I had 5 trios at super and they continued to drop on it after dieing till circle 3

    Jman3047Jman30473 mÄneder siden
  • vikk really out here crashing the economy

    Heman WakiweyaHeman Wakiweya3 mÄneder siden
  • Faze vik?

    XaNzzXaNzz3 mÄneder siden
  • bruen is a noob gun cmon man use something else

    jelle frikkeejelle frikkee3 mÄneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/mWWqes19xcy3q8U.html GTA vice City gameplay surprise

    WilliamWilliam3 mÄneder siden
  • Yo VIK my bro killed you in a hanger and the name is HappyBurger589

    HappyBurger589HappyBurger5893 mÄneder siden
  • Vid idea: The only way u can get kills is through bounties and the bounties squad It might be a hard cos of the last circles though

    Luca MorganLuca Morgan3 mÄneder siden
    • @IcE Nugget ye good idea

      Luca MorganLuca Morgan3 mÄneder siden
    • Luca Morgan and he can kill whoever when there is no more bounties in the zone?

      IcE NuggetIcE Nugget3 mÄneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vJGefL6q29HU0Ls.html

    JuiceBoyJuiceBoy3 mÄneder siden
  • Vikkstar should play with Rowdyrogan, that would be a lit video (just a different type of vid)

    NRE BrownaboyNRE Brownaboy3 mÄneder siden
  • Does anyone know what attachments are on his grau?

    JRrjej FIRidjdjdJRrjej FIRidjdjd3 mÄneder siden
    • Monolithic Suppressor, 26.4 Archangel, Tac laser, 60 round mags, commando foregrip

      R LR L3 mÄneder siden
  • 29:48 who else spotted Miniminter

    KaunainKaunain3 mÄneder siden
  • early

    Hdenzz kHdenzz k3 mÄneder siden
  • Number 1 trending let’s goooooo

    random clipzrandom clipz3 mÄneder siden
  • The Quality is 1080 60 but it’s still off? Is this because it was live, what is the reason?

    GabstarGabstar3 mÄneder siden
    • Gabstar it’s yt lives. Vikk even said it and his pc can take it but ya just makes it lower

      FC 1FC 13 mÄneder siden
  • Join faze

    AdvisrrAdvisrr3 mÄneder siden
  • Bounty hunters 3.0 coming soon ;)

    Kunal pandeyKunal pandey3 mÄneder siden
  • Take a shot every time Vik says meta

    Abdul-Azeez MarthinusAbdul-Azeez Marthinus3 mÄneder siden
  • Nice Vikk

    VolocityVolocity3 mÄneder siden
  • This Mutex is super annoying. Hope there is not may videos with this dude

    Alexander KlenkAlexander Klenk3 mÄneder siden
    • He’s not annoying he’s acc chill, idk why you guys think he’s annoying

      PAC MANPAC MAN3 mÄneder siden
  • He ditchet the sidemen for this?

    HenrikHenrik3 mÄneder siden
  • vik is literally a god

    LightSkyLightSky3 mÄneder siden
  • "I've armoured off one". Right...

    Radabe LeedsRadabe Leeds3 mÄneder siden
    • @Sam Beenen 😂 it's good comms, everybody needs to know where to prioritise their fire & how many enemies are left up

      glenben92glenben923 mÄneder siden
    • dotcomduke and it’s fucking anoying

      Sam BeenenSam Beenen3 mÄneder siden
    • So often streamers and just standard players will call out low health/broken armor as positive reinforcement to get teammates to push and finish the encounter

      dotcomdukedotcomduke3 mÄneder siden
  • The record for the most trio kills is 102

    A1x G1andenA1x G1anden3 mÄneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/xZjUj9aij6aorMU.html

    RyanM GamingRyanM Gaming3 mÄneder siden
  • what an insane stream, the biggest GG vikk

    James StinebakerJames Stinebaker3 mÄneder siden
  • Lets play a game every time muyex say maniac you slap yourself

    Youssef AtaYoussef Ata3 mÄneder siden
  • I'm subscribing because Vik is a God at warzone

    A1x G1andenA1x G1anden3 mÄneder siden
  • Vikk be pushin those stimulus funds

    Dangit DaleDangit Dale3 mÄneder siden
  • Vik and Bart gave that guy a blank cheque to fund his Verdansk operation

    david folkesdavid folkes3 mÄneder siden
  • Yo vikk beg you man to slap jj

    Dylan BadhanDylan Badhan3 mÄneder siden
  • Kind of annoying watching the sweatiest squad complain about other squads being sweaty....

    Gill GreetleyGill Greetley3 mÄneder siden
    • Are you saying everyone that a sweaty squad faces is not sweaty because that is not true at all

      DoihavetohaveausernameDoihavetohaveausername3 mÄneder siden
    • That's is what a gamer does, there's nothing wrong in it. Hahaha

      Abhijit BakuliAbhijit Bakuli3 mÄneder siden
  • 5

    Riley ObrienRiley Obrien3 mÄneder siden
  • #NonMembersAssemble

    sagar shahsagar shah3 mÄneder siden
  • Vikk you be putting in the gulag and the lobby less goooooi

    Baydon MooreBaydon Moore3 mÄneder siden
  • Does anyone ever say slurs in their hot mics in his vids? I’ve never seen it and it couldn’t really tell if he was just editing them out or not

    Frankie LatargiaFrankie Latargia3 mÄneder siden
  • Mutex is really annoying to listen to

    Kitty PurryKitty Purry3 mÄneder siden
  • Why does it say there’s only 3 comments. Edit:now 27

    Dark FaceDark Face3 mÄneder siden
  • Dropping 81 like it's nothing

    aditya mardhekaraditya mardhekar3 mÄneder siden
  • Join faze😯

    SpeedQB AllDaySpeedQB AllDay3 mÄneder siden
  • Who hopes H7M happens soon. He had a very good time doing the other series.

    Sam MatthewsSam Matthews3 mÄneder siden
  • VIK is da goat

    PloppyPloppy3 mÄneder siden
  • How many times did Mutex say "like a maniac" in this stream?

    Gill GreetleyGill Greetley3 mÄneder siden
    • Chris R high key are things that are done on a basis I’d say

      FC 1FC 13 mÄneder siden
    • matt 364 cheers brudda

      FC 1FC 13 mÄneder siden
    • matt 364 loooool ok bro btw I was joking but dats sick

      FC 1FC 13 mÄneder siden
    • Or "low-key", why does everything have to be low-key?? Sometimes things are high-key Mutex

      Chris RChris R3 mÄneder siden
    • matt 364 is everything ok at home?

      FC 1FC 13 mÄneder siden
  • If Vikk would've had a team that actually participated in just getting bounty's, that last game would've been nuts.

    David SeptimoDavid Septimo3 mÄneder siden
  • Watch my NOworld channel

    Shah ZShah Z3 mÄneder siden
  • Hi vikk love you

    Bradley GalloneBradley Gallone3 mÄneder siden
  • how come he can use the loadout 3 times or am I tripping

    Brandon StaceyBrandon Stacey3 mÄneder siden
    • @PJ Vis it's not a bug. It's just that loadouts are meant to disappear when all of the squad members use it, if not all of the members use it, it'll stay up and if you die then respawn, your use of the loadout resets. I guess it'd be a feature. So say players 1, 2, and 3 get a loadout, player 3 does not use it but players 1 & 2 do, it'll stay up for player 3 to use. Now, player 1 & player 2 die but player 3 buys both player 1 & 2 back, players 1 & 2 have reset and can use the loadout that player 3 has not used yet as long as it is in a location of the map where that has gotten covered in gas.

      David SeptimoDavid Septimo3 mÄneder siden
    • @David Septimo Is this a bug or a feature?

      PJ VisPJ Vis3 mÄneder siden
    • If you respawn, you can use a loadout drop if it's still on the map. As long as all players don't use it, it'll stay on the map.

      David SeptimoDavid Septimo3 mÄneder siden
  • NOworld: No views| Comments: 17 | NOworld is definitely drunk.

    Help Me Get 1000 Subs With 1 VideoHelp Me Get 1000 Subs With 1 Video3 mÄneder siden
  • Nice vik

    Yo Wsp boiYo Wsp boi3 mÄneder siden
  • It’s amazing seeing how many subs he got since the start of warzone keep up the work!!

    Passive -Passive -3 mÄneder siden
    • Google User o. L. I. I. Cc cV M oxzohĆŸXoxoxxokkxkXkkkxkxxxxxkxxxkxxkxbkN k k ok. I. K. B. B k. K. K. I o. I. Ikon.

      SirTalosSirTalos2 mÄneder siden
    • Bro, he’s been playing fortnite and gta for years, his subs are from years of youtube

      James SorberaJames Sorbera3 mÄneder siden
    • Subs should just if he keeps posting longer stream vids. It's not always easy to catch the streams live.

      Google UserGoogle User3 mÄneder siden
    • Cause he's one of the best

      Ruchil jainRuchil jain3 mÄneder siden
  • Vikkkk

    Mason GreenMason Green3 mÄneder siden
  • Gamer moves

    munkey dmunkey d3 mÄneder siden
  • You’re cracked vikk! FUCKING CRACKED!

    Lazar NaderLazar Nader3 mÄneder siden
  • Gamer

    VirtuoRLVirtuoRL3 mÄneder siden
  • Why are they all so cocky (not including vikk)

    Ben ThomasBen Thomas3 mÄneder siden
  • yeet

    Silvia GarciaSilvia Garcia3 mÄneder siden
  • "Bounty Hunters!"đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„

    Tahmid AliTahmid Ali3 mÄneder siden