The CRAZIEST BONEYARD Drop - WARZONE ft. Behzinga, Calfreezy & MilkInABag

20. juli. 2020
787 523 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • i love how the majority of this is them talking about food

    GL15 EGL15 EMåned siden
  • 777

    Poopy DoopyPoopy DoopyMåned siden
  • 7

    Poopy DoopyPoopy DoopyMåned siden
  • How does this have 600 comments??😨😨😱😱

    TLKthunderTLKthunder2 måneder siden
  • Camo

    Amanda HardinAmanda Hardin2 måneder siden
  • What cami

    Amanda HardinAmanda Hardin2 måneder siden
    • London Ravens I think

      Barrack ObamaBarrack Obama2 måneder siden
  • I ruined the 666 comments

    TrixonsticksTrixonsticks2 måneder siden
  • 3:04 kawhii laugh

    caleb baldwincaleb baldwin2 måneder siden
  • Doner is a specific type of kebab. It's the Turkish counterpart to the Greek Gyros and Arabic Shawarma. Pieces of meat impaled on top of each other and slowly cooked by rotating. Then you cut the cooked edges to make Souvlaki or sandwiches or whatever. And the big conical piece continues to rotate and cook

    Astral'o PithecusAstral'o Pithecus3 måneder siden
  • Be Epic 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😻😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Ezzy Ezzo LekEzzy Ezzo Lek3 måneder siden
  • You should try all dressed poutine bro it slamsssss

    peacemakerpeacemaker3 måneder siden
  • Jj

    Tripping 2Tripping 23 måneder siden
  • You should make a video on the Aug its better than you think

    King Aaryan SoniKing Aaryan Soni3 måneder siden
  • 6:36 viks face change

    Zakk SheehanZakk Sheehan3 måneder siden
  • where can i find bot lobbies like these

    lilmonster 1204lilmonster 12043 måneder siden
  • Challenge: Win A Game With Only The Guns You Find In The Practice Round

    CallMeTierreZzCallMeTierreZz3 måneder siden
  • Döner isn't German it's Turkish ffs

    AS KratosAS Kratos3 måneder siden
  • Challenge win a warzone game with 20 kills or undef

    Peter FowlerPeter Fowler3 måneder siden
  • Bob

    Squashed KiwiSquashed Kiwi3 måneder siden
  • how tf are c4 thrown so far on pc and go absolutely no where on console

    Lucas SilvaLucas Silva3 måneder siden
  • What is Vicks grau load out??

    ebou Njieebou Njie3 måneder siden
  • What’s his mp7

    Frankie FFrankie F3 måneder siden
  • What’s that mp7 class tho👀

    cellurcellur3 måneder siden
  • Thats barely boneyard lol

    Dogan TosunDogan Tosun3 måneder siden
  • How do you so good at this game!

    ArmanツArmanツ3 måneder siden
  • U can’t call it chips when it’s a Canadian food

    Matthew DrimmieMatthew Drimmie3 måneder siden
  • When they start talking about poutine and being a canadian i just smiled a little bit

    KapreKapre3 måneder siden
  • Bro I can't get the lmg who else can't

  • Challenge: use 3 round burst on m4a1

    Storm_ iForceStorm_ iForce3 måneder siden
  • Challenge: Win/play a game with only pistols!

    Alex MAlex M3 måneder siden
  • Win a warzone game with the starter pistol only lel

    SeventeenGDSeventeenGD3 måneder siden
  • Why is Rishi Sunak playing warzone?

    ABAB3 måneder siden
  • You’ve ruined boneyard vikk how could you

    BananaKabanaBananaKabana3 måneder siden
  • What cammo is he using?

    Sebastian CastilloSebastian Castillo3 måneder siden
  • Vic laughs once. Teammate gets shot. His face 😑

    Matthew GoonisMatthew Goonis3 måneder siden
  • Someone knows how can I get his gun color?

    Ori FriedmanOri Friedman3 måneder siden
  • I’m a cod fan broke my arm and want you to pray that I will soon play when season 5 drops 👍

    XTREME V1DEOSXTREME V1DEOS3 måneder siden
  • What's this load out?

    Lewis ClarkLewis Clark3 måneder siden
  • I am german lol

    CcQuper007CcQuper0073 måneder siden
  • What camo is he got? Anyone know?

    Ridvan KoksalRidvan Koksal3 måneder siden
  • how do you not get bored playing warzone its all you do its so boring

    Dimitri DaviesDimitri Davies3 måneder siden
  • When will he reveal mp7 class set upppppp

    Mekayl Tariq794Mekayl Tariq7943 måneder siden
  • 3:50 viks face when he sees a little girl

    Ayman’s GamesAyman’s Games3 måneder siden
  • Trump 2020!

    Twizz YTwizz Y3 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game executions only, you can use riot shield and stuns

    YORAKYORAK3 måneder siden
    • @Gman I do😂

      YORAKYORAKMåned siden
    • Watch some TheseKnivesOnly, he’s pretty good at stuff like that.

      GmanGmanMåned siden
  • Challenge: throwing knives only

    YORAKYORAK3 måneder siden

    BOBAXEBOBAXE3 måneder siden
  • Did vikk fucking said that poutine is french smh

    Blusky 420Blusky 4203 måneder siden
  • any1 else hear how wrong that sounded at the beginning Vikk goes "lets get into the BONE ZONE" lmao 0:23

    Christil JaretChristil Jaret3 måneder siden
  • u crealy hacking

    FaZe JOKERFaZe JOKER3 måneder siden

    Wizard GamerWizard Gamer3 måneder siden
  • Why is he running so fast all the Time?!!?

    Tobi STobi S3 måneder siden
  • I like how Vik was going for it and the others are just talking about food 😂

  • Vikkstar, I’ve recently developed a gift. A gift that some find hard to witness, a gift that can kill. I have developed a astute and unique ability to kill in Warzone. I fear if I were to stream I’d generate an audience that wouldn’t understand my gifts. Let’s play together?

    Chester StevenChester Steven3 måneder siden
  • 1:38 wtf

    Zheer SalahZheer Salah3 måneder siden
  • I saw him in my lobby he used aimbot so hard !

    Niclaas GNiclaas G3 måneder siden
  • Bro, the way his expression changed at 6:36 showed how focused and commited to the game he is.

    Juan S. IbarraJuan S. Ibarra3 måneder siden
  • Chips cheese and gravy is the national Dish of the Isle of Man actually

    Dan SmithDan Smith3 måneder siden
  • Props to vik josh and Ethan brag about how good they are vik doesn’t brag and he is 20 times better than both of them

    Blur _x8xBlur _x8x3 måneder siden
  • How do you get that skin on your guns anyone know???

    The GOATThe GOAT3 måneder siden
  • Everone else : having a normal convo Vik: sweating his ass of not saying a word

    BiscuitBiscuit3 måneder siden
  • No one : Literally no one Ethan I eaten a lot already

    CALL ME BASCALL ME BAS3 måneder siden
  • What is that mp7 class

    JacobJacob3 måneder siden
  • Why does he show his PKM class at the beginning of the video if he's using the Bruen?

    John SmithJohn Smith3 måneder siden
  • French "Canadian" Poutine.

    BryanBryan3 måneder siden
  • Try solo trios or duos

    ClipzeyClipzey3 måneder siden
  • May I ask what ur loadout is?

    Ron IseniRon Iseni3 måneder siden
  • I‘m so triggered how they say doner all the time! It‘s called döner ffs!!

    Tobi GbcTobi Gbc3 måneder siden
  • Just saying Doner kebap is Turkish

    Yigit KalayciogluYigit Kalaycioglu3 måneder siden
  • Pc is full of retards

    Mr BrizzolMr Brizzol3 måneder siden
  • Thought it was Canadian not french

    Meme 73Meme 733 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know Viks load out?

    TheMexican KidTheMexican Kid3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Q8 th 5Q8 th 53 måneder siden
  • Just to clarify, poutine is from Quebec in Canada, it's kinda weird hearing "it's canadian" when it originally started there :')

    Im_ FuraxIm_ Furax3 måneder siden
  • A poutin is candian not french vikk:/

    Phoenix RaePhoenix Rae3 måneder siden
  • What camo does vik use?

    Chazzy PlaysChazzy Plays3 måneder siden
  • BRUH, did you just say poutine's were french? As a Canadian I am deeply offended by this comment. Our only good meal and you say that? Hurts...

    UnbelievableKushUnbelievableKush3 måneder siden
  • When Ethan tries poutine he gon know what's up

    Rajendan ManimaranRajendan Manimaran3 måneder siden
  • Challenge play solo & win in quads

    Samurai JackSamurai Jack3 måneder siden
  • How did you get the camo for the bruen?

    DAKACTHERDAKACTHER3 måneder siden
  • ahh a cheater how nice you get one dislike

    John DavisJohn Davis3 måneder siden
  • Win a game with only fists

    Joe DangeJoe Dange3 måneder siden
  • Chicken doner, lamb doner. Chicken shish, lamb shish kebab.

    BigDaddyFlynnBigDaddyFlynn3 måneder siden
  • What was the mp7 attachments

    Claire PoolClaire Pool3 måneder siden
  • Bro vik needs to play multiplayer again or even the sidemen play it again or side craft that was really good as well

    sneakysam14sneakysam143 måneder siden
  • They dropped bone hard

    Jamie CavagniniJamie Cavagnini3 måneder siden
  • Love how they’re talking about America and England and Viks sweating his balls off

    All About WolvesAll About Wolves3 måneder siden
  • challenge win a game with common weapons only (not allowed to use your custom loadout)

    XdogevibesXdogevibes3 måneder siden
  • “Let’s get boney” 😦

    Mfuller _100Mfuller _1003 måneder siden
  • Why southerners have no knowledge of chips, cheese and gravy, I'll have never know...

    Callum StevensCallum Stevens3 måneder siden

    LagilityLagility3 måneder siden
  • Ayyyy i just ate poutine yesterday!

    BoltBolt3 måneder siden
  • A

    its Avxyits Avxy3 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know how to get that skin?

    łęøñłęøñ3 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win the game with just airstrikes

    IDKtho 164IDKtho 1643 måneder siden
  • Lol i have the exact same lmg attetchments and i just made it my self

    dondon3 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win warzone with no attachment on the loadout

    Virgil BosakVirgil Bosak3 måneder siden
  • Vick rly said poutine is French

    william marriottwilliam marriott3 måneder siden
  • "straight into the bone zone" LMAO

    toahhdtoahhd3 måneder siden
  • Are they serious they didn’t know cheese chips and gravy bangs from chip shop

    Dndnd dndidbshDndnd dndidbsh3 måneder siden