The FASTEST AMONG US WIN EVER! w/ Sidemen & Friends

21. okt.. 2020
816 320 Ganger

More Among Us. Enjoy!
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    Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson18 dager siden
  • Ngl but Freya is sooooo annoying

    multi gamer channelmulti gamer channel29 dager siden
  • 9:50 or sometuingfkike that when Josh was saying they went round the nurburgring and hit drs loads was jokes as an f1 fan also it's so entertaining with the sidemen and lando in a game together

    Martin HenstockMartin Henstock29 dager siden
  • 9:31 lol 11:57 lolol

    Nithin AjaikumarNithin AjaikumarMåned siden
  • vikk mate you’ve won 50 warzone 20k tournaments you don’t need a vpn sponsor lol

    chexItchexItMåned siden
  • Why does he look high

    Marco RivasMarco RivasMåned siden
  • nice

    love shaqlove shaqMåned siden
  • I'm here for Lando

    Daniel FraserDaniel FraserMåned siden
  • The road to diamond!

    Kevsepticaye OGKevsepticaye OGMåned siden
  • You ever be watching a movie and just think “Yo he’s the imposter”😂😂

    Gamingbros. 101Gamingbros. 101Måned siden
  • LANDO NORRIS, huge f1 fan. I love this combo

    Sam EllisSam EllisMåned siden
  • Josh has been studying Lando's racing career up to this moment

    Harrison SpurdleHarrison SpurdleMåned siden
  • Wow they playing with nogla damn...

    Aidan SoekkhaAidan SoekkhaMåned siden
  • 0:10 benz fakes upload

    30 130 1Måned siden
  • is that lando norris??

  • “Vote with your hair”

    ThomasThomasMåned siden
  • My youtube messed up I only just got the notification

    SneakySniper 276SneakySniper 276Måned siden
  • Damn vikkk good quality 💪🏻

    PedroPedroMåned siden
  • I love how no matter witch youtuber you watch play among us nogla is always in the lobby

    Josh CurtisJosh CurtisMåned siden
  • yo vik kinda looks high as kite

    Benjamin1669Benjamin1669Måned siden
  • What keyboard do you use

    Ryan TudorRyan TudorMåned siden
  • Whenever i play among us i dont have that update where you cant see the task bar go up and i cant see the figures on the wires? How come?

    the noisy soldierthe noisy soldierMåned siden
  • I would rather have my crew mate teammates than these guys 💀 (no hate) I still love sidemen

    JJ3451JJ3451Måned siden
  • Lando an idiot it's obviously elliot

    Azzan KhanAzzan KhanMåned siden
  • can we talk about that nogla, zerkaa and lando norris are playing together? :DD wow did not expect that

    Julz0711Julz0711Måned siden
  • Lando Norris be like Part time f1 driver Full time gamer

    Logan BullLogan BullMåned siden
  • When Elliot was in med bay he must of gone through a vent to get to electrical. How did vik not notice

    IDxsrrptIIDxsrrptIMåned siden
  • sickkk

    Saint SmAsHSaint SmAsHMåned siden

    Sahil RanaSahil RanaMåned siden
  • 653687th

    Love TrollingLove TrollingMåned siden
  • Is that Lando Norris 😂😂😂

    Zack Noble Rock n RollZack Noble Rock n RollMåned siden
  • Vikk I luv u but you think your good at the game but your actually not.

    Dunn0Dunn0Måned siden
  • Can't not leave a like!

    Xotic DwarfXotic DwarfMåned siden
  • Recurring theme... Ethan needs better internet 🤣

    Mike EliasMike EliasMåned siden
  • Why does Lando always sound like he is driving in an F1 race?

    Thomas SpratlingThomas SpratlingMåned siden
  • 9:40 - brb

    🤡🤡Måned siden
  • 6787343

    Jessica 7Jessica 7Måned siden
  • Ddvq

    Ryan GardnerRyan GardnerMåned siden
  • I have the same problem as Freya where i cant remember anything as a crewmate

    Judah BaggermanJudah BaggermanMåned siden
  • anyone else still find it mad that lando norris plays w vik...

    Ryan Rees-EnrightRyan Rees-EnrightMåned siden
  • There was that game where i won the moment the game started. This it defo not the fastest one

    datz anoda opp dyingdatz anoda opp dyingMåned siden
  • Yes lando

    KD VettelKD VettelMåned siden
  • 2:36 look the task bar go high so fast 😮🤣

    That unknown GuyThat unknown GuyMåned siden
  • Vikstar

    Lucas !Lucas !Måned siden
  • You can only like if your a real vikkstar fan and don’t only watch his gaming

    Idk IdcIdk IdcMåned siden
  • how many times does josh say ‘come on’ he’s so annoying lol

    Luke SandersLuke SandersMåned siden
  • Does anyone know when VikkstarShowdown takes place?

    Timo IssingTimo IssingMåned siden
  • when you watched the stream but you still die of laughing watching it here again

    CatokkzCatokkzMåned siden
  • 10mil before sidemen?😃😃

    XLyricalxEditsXXLyricalxEditsXMåned siden
  • Playin with bloody lando norris, what on earth

    Harry CraufordHarry CraufordMåned siden
  • Jeeeeeeesus Vik do be having that 290mbps speed

    DurrFutureDurrFutureMåned siden
  • Freya sounds like a chav

    Lucas RowellLucas RowellMåned siden
  • I love how Nogla fits in every group

    BobBobMåned siden
  • VIDEO IDEA : DO A SIDEMEN FREEZE FRAME CHALLANGE OR HOLE IN THE WALL CHALLENGE AS SOME OF U CALL IT ( copy paste so that vik sees and also peep my name it’s real)

    VikramVikramMåned siden
  • No not faster greasballs got 12 sec

    reade to go Uhcyxreade to go UhcyxMåned siden
  • Vik don’t ever do a sponsored Among Us vid again

    Dimitar PetrovDimitar PetrovMåned siden
  • LoL vikk is here in indian gaming trending👍🏻😎

    Aditya Singh ChauhanAditya Singh ChauhanMåned siden
  • .To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re an amazing and adorable person! stay safe and have a wonderful day! 💫☁️..

    1 Subs Before 2021?1 Subs Before 2021?Måned siden
  • Was that lando norris

    Tim ScheepersTim ScheepersMåned siden
  • nearly 300k subs in the last 30 days mad

    SallixSallixMåned siden
  • whoever lando is... isn't very bright.

    Brett BlackmanBrett BlackmanMåned siden
  • Bruh I can't wait for this fad to be over so Vikk can start playing Warzone seriously again. I understand he has to make P but yo, performance last night was lacking and it was obvious he's out of practice imo.

    Bit CrushaBit CrushaMåned siden
  • Why does Lando sound like he’s talking from an F1 radio LooooL

    Spell EchoSpell EchoMåned siden
  • H

    JUNIØRS AnimationsJUNIØRS AnimationsMåned siden
  • In the upcoming years: -Civil war in America. -Martial Law in America. -The end of Donald trump is not real. -Alien invasion with high tech holograms. -Cashless society after a massive economical crash. -Digital currency. -Chip implanted into humans to make them buy,sell....(Refuse). -After trump the president will be a woman and she is going to be the last President of the US. (just like history.) -New planets will be introduced to society. -Japan’s clock tower will fall -New enormous sea creature will appear. -Vatican exposed. -Venus. -Information concerning the moon will change human thought process forever . -Space race between countries. -America will conquer Iran. -China and America will start WWIII around 2030. -“Biblical” Flood will destroy everything but the Middle East will survive the most.(That’s why America wants to conquer all of the Middle East.) -This will not be the end of humans on earth. Im not a time traveler and I’m not a parallel universe human. Wake up you’re being controlled like sheep.

    Mystery BeingMystery BeingMåned siden
  • J K

    T VT VMåned siden
  • J

    T VT VMåned siden
  • Love from India 😊❤️♥️💓

    Poonam TiwariPoonam TiwariMåned siden
  • Been a good year for vik

    Logan HenryLogan HenryMåned siden
  • Lando as in lando norris

    Sean GovaertsSean GovaertsMåned siden
  • Does anyone else like it how you can see their names when there talking

    CurplCurplMåned siden
  • 0:30 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Kay DachKay DachMåned siden
  • Vik treats this game like fucking warzone man 😂 chillaccs my man

    Brock MartinBrock MartinMåned siden
  • Lando Norris!

    Jake DeBoerJake DeBoerMåned siden

    pandu roxxpandu roxxMåned siden
  • Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe I’m Struggling To Get 3k with notis

  • To the person that’s reading this : You’re a very beautiful and intelligent human and I believe you should follow your dreams! Stay healthy during quarantine🤪 My Dream is to get to 5k. I’ve been struggling to get there ❤️.

  • To the person that’s reading this : You’re a very beautiful and intelligent human and I believe you should follow your dreams! Stay healthy during quarantine🤪 My Dream is to get to 5k. I’ve been struggling to get there ❤️.

    BDF DrippyBDF DrippyMåned siden
  • Any one else feel vik when he said "my head is fried" 🤣🤣🤣

    Bant3r The GoatBant3r The GoatMåned siden
  • If Nogla is playing with them, that can mean one thing: " The never trust Nanners" collab plzzz

    Ad10 G11Ad10 G11Måned siden
  • I think imposter is Lando

    Stervin JoseStervin JoseMåned siden
  • Let’s get vikk to 10mill by the end of 2021

    #XGP_GOLEM#XGP_GOLEMMåned siden
  • 2:29 *everyone liked that*

    DaveDaveMåned siden
  • its a lot quieter without JJ

    JakJakMåned siden
  • Can't remember last time i clicked off a video so quickly when the sponsorship came up, for the love of god have it in the end or in the beginning

    Jonas StrømJonas StrømMåned siden
  • This was amazing. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

    Moez RehmanMoez RehmanMåned siden
  • And people say josh is Boring

  • he's so cringe

    Aq .jAq .jMåned siden
  • Landoooooo!!

    Jo_WardJo_WardMåned siden
  • Bullying ksi bc he won 6,000 dollars

    Bobby SinghBobby SinghMåned siden
  • Lies. I’ve seen faster. You all got clickbaited

    Simon BodjanacSimon BodjanacMåned siden
  • Love to Lando Norris he is sooo funny

    Branco JuverdianuBranco JuverdianuMåned siden
  • Express vpn loves the sidemen. They have sponsored Simon josh and now vik

    chizzlechizzleMåned siden
  • Wait who is lando?

    Toby’s VideosToby’s VideosMåned siden
  • Fastest game i played was 75 secs

    TOXICTOXICMåned siden
  • i legit think Lando is full time gamer part time f1 driver, legit

    Cameron ChestersCameron ChestersMåned siden
  • Love Lando Norris getting involved with the sidemen

    ryanjones55ryanjones55Måned siden
  • imagine how silent this is without KSI screaming all the time.

    Adil HoudiniAdil HoudiniMåned siden
    • You didn't watch the entire stream then. The Nogla-NoahJ screaming match was absolutely next level.

      ArvindArvindMåned siden
  • Play with toast

    Abdul BaseethAbdul BaseethMåned siden
  • ru\

    Monty WyattMonty WyattMåned siden