🔴 The Greatest APEX LEGENDS WINSTREAK! (SEASON 6) w/ iTemp & So Far

1. sep.. 2020
183 747 Ganger

Playing some more Apex Legends. Enjoy!
Check out the game here: x.ea.com/64474
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  • To be honest , I switched from fortnite to apex for this seoson because apex is such a good game but it’s so underrated Whyyyyyyyy.

    BilalBilal18 dager siden
  • Cringe how vik just kept sliding and not slide jump like I do most the time, still hits more consistent shots then I do though

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez20 dager siden
  • i cant believe he played with itemp and soo far

    evan sblendorioevan sblendorio24 dager siden
  • I'm a new apex player got any tips

    Trippleboy3Trippleboy3Måned siden
  • Please check twitch.tv/uk1m1ll3r just starting out streaming 🙏 thanks 😊

    The 8bit GamerThe 8bit GamerMåned siden
  • Vik you should do more apex legends live streams

    Brother&Sister ChallengeBrother&Sister ChallengeMåned siden
  • keep playing this game!!!!

    Nick GarlickNick GarlickMåned siden
  • 00.50

    Brayden McdougalBrayden McdougalMåned siden
  • You need to play it more

    William GorhamWilliam GorhamMåned siden
  • Apex is the best game ever

    William GorhamWilliam GorhamMåned siden
  • Ali-a when he sees rich with vikk 👁💧👄👁💧

    Isa AyindeIsa AyindeMåned siden
  • Keep the effort comin 💪💪

    Noble Society Apex Legends Team l RecruitingNoble Society Apex Legends Team l RecruitingMåned siden
  • Ahhhh vikk itemp and sooxfar...if they’d play regularly id watch every vid

    Shreyas KumarShreyas KumarMåned siden
  • Hi vik please could you get rich to 1m subs

    Zain ShaikhZain ShaikhMåned siden
  • The amount of times he walked past things he needed

    Its_Not _RaelIts_Not _RaelMåned siden
  • I don’t play apex everyday. But I switch between warzone, apex and fall guys. U should play apex every now and then. Don’t main it but it’s nice to switch things up every now and then

    Brian LiangBrian LiangMåned siden
  • iTemp? wow thats a collab I never seen coming

    O CO CMåned siden
    • 😍🧡😍

      Amanda - ღ see my video ღ Play with my tits ღAmanda - ღ see my video ღ Play with my tits ღMåned siden
  • Stay consistent 🙏🙏

    Noble Society Studio Team l RecruitingNoble Society Studio Team l RecruitingMåned siden
  • Please more apex vik it’s great watching you play

    ItsBraithoItsBraithoMåned siden
  • Charge rifle is like the long range charge shotgun from Fortnite

    Madhavan ShahMadhavan ShahMåned siden

    Parker PlacidoParker PlacidoMåned siden
  • Came from sooxfar glad he is growing up

    HunterPSNHunterPSNMåned siden
  • Itemp is such a underrated NOworldr I love his content such a seemingly nice and cheerful individual

    JEZZE4322JEZZE4322Måned siden
    • @noob slayer xx obviously not I meant as a NOworldr

      JEZZE4322JEZZE4322Måned siden
    • He's not underrated in apex community

      noob slayer xxnoob slayer xxMåned siden
    • Itachi

      srujan hsrujan hMåned siden
  • Can you add XIXLEoN1411 on your Xbox

    rachael crowderrachael crowderMåned siden
  • Only playing it coz of the sponsor😂

    40rty40rty40rty40rtyMåned siden
    • 40rty40rty he looked like he was having some fun

      Lyrical MasterMindzLyrical MasterMindzMåned siden
  • Bc you new Vic try and pick up any weapon at the start because it can save you're life if you in a building with three other people

    Michael SmithMichael SmithMåned siden
  • Lowe it bout best win streak

    Ep1czombie GoDEp1czombie GoDMåned siden
  • Target sighted.

    5.45.4Måned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6uWd9VsrNjLvLs.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6uWd9VsrNjLvLs.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6uWd9VsrNjLvLs.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6uWd9VsrNjLvLs.html

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMåned siden
  • Apex legend is the best game

    Daner DlshadDaner DlshadMåned siden
  • pls play "among us" that would be awesome :)

    Zeus PastranaZeus PastranaMåned siden
  • it would mean a lot if you checked out my vids... because 1. my content is almost decent and 2. please?

    WIOWIOMåned siden
  • vikkstar can u make a roblox strusid vid

    R.O SweatR.O SweatMåned siden
  • APEX>>>>>> Fortnight

    RinoRinoMåned siden
    • Yes

      []J_C_J_C[]PRxx[]J_C_J_C[]PRxxMåned siden
  • Wtf rich and vik are two of my favorite streamers and I never knew they knew each other. Amazing

    Into The UnknownInto The UnknownMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/xZqVbsBvmavAsZI.html watch this pls

    DtotheDDtotheDMåned siden
  • You should play with backoffmyjankz hes insane

    JpDaKingJpDaKingMåned siden
  • Lol he said “so far”

    XD Ninja_YTXD Ninja_YTMåned siden
  • Vikk more apex please

    NoNoMåned siden
  • I thought the thumb nail was JJ

    GormyGormyMåned siden
  • Can ppl stfu already for saying "stop playing Apex play Warzone" and other nonsense? You are not forced to watch the Apex streams, you don't like it? Gtfo, no one forced you here. At least Vik is playing different games apart from Warzone, if you want Warzone streams, Vik isn't the only one, there are plenty of other YTs - streamers to watch, so if you don't like Apex just simply go watch another stream till Vik is done streaming Apex

    Alex TutorialsAlex TutorialsMåned siden
  • Indian Rampart

    Harjan SinghHarjan SinghMåned siden
  • Here at 123k views lol

    Fatkid888Fatkid888Måned siden
  • pls man play more apex.... just love the content

    ProAcer RexProAcer RexMåned siden
    • @ProAcer Rex There's plenty of apex content avaliable, he literally linked two channels in this vid that make apex content.

      SpaceJamSpaceJamMåned siden
    • @no name yea it can be like that but u know i and many people like vick playing apex as it gives a break from warzone to another outperfroming Batlle Royale.

      ProAcer RexProAcer RexMåned siden
    • @SpaceJam ok m8, fine he just plays it when he is sponsered but many people need more apex content and need a break from only one girl.

      ProAcer RexProAcer RexMåned siden
    • @ProAcer Rex Dude lvl 56 isn't even high. If you below lvl 100 you a casual player at most lol.

      SpaceJamSpaceJamMåned siden
    • @ProAcer Rex nah he's played Apex with sponsors beforehand in previous seasons that's probably how he's at level 56, even if he did play more it isn't the amount he plays warzone

      no nameno nameMåned siden

    Flow JayFlow JayMåned siden
    • Yes that would be supper funny

      Derren05btwDerren05btwMåned siden
  • The fact that Vik uses Octane 💚🤟

    Alan AngelesAlan AngelesMåned siden
  • Itemp is the reason I started an apex youtube he's grate friend

    Yt_ codebreakerYt_ codebreakerMåned siden
  • Love how he only plays this game when he's getting paid to haha

    Lieu_Lieu_Måned siden
  • Can u please play more apex

    Jack MateJack MateMåned siden
  • He turnt down the gold volt🤣 28:30

    GucciSaiyan 25GucciSaiyan 25Måned siden
  • How can not our respect on the 🐐 soofar

    GucciSaiyan 25GucciSaiyan 25Måned siden
  • I’m level 215

  • Won't lie I get that its a sponsored stream, but watching vik play apex is actually painful...

    James MitchellJames MitchellMåned siden
  • It's sad how Charli damelio has the same amount of subs as vikkstar. 2020 has been a unfair year

    TenziicTenziicMåned siden
  • I like how vikk is using octane and was still slower the his teammates

    Brutal _gunnerBrutal _gunnerMåned siden
  • Apex is actually so underrated glad to see him playing it I play it everyday

    cheese on toastcheese on toastMåned siden
    • He only did cause he was sponsored he definitely wouldn’t play it if he wasn’t sponsored

      WaptosWaptosMåned siden
    • He was sponsored

      No WayNo WayMåned siden
    • IKR people hate the game for some reason it’s so good

      Clapzz-on-60FPS SubClapzz-on-60FPS SubMåned siden
  • They only play it when they get a sponsor and it’s for every youtuber

    harbo youkhanaharbo youkhanaMåned siden
  • Damn iTemp is a dam blast from the past... watched this dude in the oooold cod days. Him and fearcrads lol

    A jgA jgMåned siden
  • VIk and charge rifle is op

    Charlie GrbacCharlie GrbacMåned siden
    • No it isn't lol

      SpaceJamSpaceJamMåned siden
  • apex>warzone

    FredCena26FredCena26Måned siden
    • Not rly

      MurkkzMurkkz3 dager siden
    • Sure it is😂

      40rty40rty40rty40rtyMåned siden
  • apex soooo underrated

    FredCena26FredCena26Måned siden
  • Please play hyperscape more

    RLGRLGMåned siden
  • The game seemed so Much brighter then when I play

    Alex GrantAlex GrantMåned siden
  • Its painful watching Vik play this game

    Liam PennyLiam PennyMåned siden
    • @CyberZ If you're even a decent apex player, his movement alone will make you cringe lol.

      SpaceJamSpaceJamMåned siden
    • @CyberZ he isn’t amazing at this like warzone, he doesent rly know to much ab the game and picks up wierd stuff all the time😂

      FredCena26FredCena26Måned siden
    • Why

      CyberZCyberZMåned siden
  • apex > warzone. i quit warzone once season 5 came out and went back to the king.

    KAYVXNKAYVXNMåned siden
  • Vik is useless at this game

    Liam PennyLiam PennyMåned siden
    • He’s really not he’s got good tactics and aim all he needs to know are the loot plus he’s doing amazingly for someone who doesn’t play this game

      Somto NkenkeSomto NkenkeMåned siden
  • Alright finally some apex legends!!

    TheHenroFlowTheHenroFlowMåned siden
  • I played with SooxFar a few weeks ago and it was hella crazy to see how good he is

  • do they only play when there's a sponsor ????

    bossman amirybossman amiryMåned siden
    • Maybe Vikk? Itemp and Sofarr upload Apex videos pretty much daily.

      Saar LouSaar LouMåned siden
    • bossman amiry yes sadly

      16 Cents16 CentsMåned siden
  • Good to see him playing Apex cause it’s underrated

    YT VazorTTVYT VazorTTVMåned siden
    • Ikr

      Faiq KhushiFaiq Khushi9 dager siden
    • @jackson say that again 😑

      Joseph aliJoseph aliMåned siden
    • Andrew Kassir 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

      jacksonjacksonMåned siden
    • Jackson M best br game rn

      Andrew KassirAndrew KassirMåned siden
    • @jackson in your opinion

      collgcollgMåned siden
  • Playing in bronze lol

    ProdigyBlissProdigyBlissMåned siden
  • you love to see it vikk playing with rich and soofar

    matt 42000matt 42000Måned siden
    • Sadly he’s just sponsored

      SqualeySqualeyMåned siden
    • Chris Harding yeah but It’s only trios

      matt 42000matt 42000Måned siden
    • Not back off my jankz😢

      Chris HardingChris HardingMåned siden
  • #fortniteafricansevers on apex and fortnite

    Luca ZaLuca ZaMåned siden
  • Hi

    Stw BossStw BossMåned siden
  • Apex is so good man

    Jash KumarJash KumarMåned siden
  • I'm using Mirage he's pretty cool . I think it's better if you use Mirage next time

  • I’ts like avengers or revengers

    Lars-Magnus Drivdal HansenLars-Magnus Drivdal HansenMåned siden
  • Amazing video

    Lars-Magnus Drivdal HansenLars-Magnus Drivdal HansenMåned siden
  • Nice skin I haven't played apex since lockdown

    hi Richi RicMåned siden
  • I’m glad that he’s playing more different games especially apex and i’m glad he’s playing with Itemp and so far and even if it is a sponsor it doesn’t matter I don’t get why people are hating on him for only playing for a sponsor at least he is playing

    Takeda takahashiTakeda takahashiMåned siden
    • Lol

      Coastal BladeCoastal BladeMåned siden
  • yes itemp and sooxfar!!!

    N. JohnsonN. JohnsonMåned siden
  • Great vid

    zafir -zafir -Måned siden
  • Love that Vio started playing more games

    Giancarlo BotelloGiancarlo BotelloMåned siden
    • Who is vio

      MurkkzMurkkz3 dager siden
    • rayyan Shaukat fax

      CianXCianXMåned siden
    • @Tom he definetly didn't ask ea for a sponsor, it's always the company that asks

      Black ManBlack ManMåned siden
    • Yeah but that’s because he knows ea will sponsor him if he asks

      TomTomMåned siden
    • cuz man got payed

      CianXCianXMåned siden
  • I havent played this game in a while

    Gerard MarlingGerard MarlingMåned siden
    • You should, it's great

      []J_C_J_C[]PRxx[]J_C_J_C[]PRxxMåned siden
  • My name at 2:12:08

    uulfuuulfuMåned siden
    • The weirdest chat I’ve ever seen

      uulfuuulfuMåned siden
    • matt 42000 wtf does pog even mean

      brad Wbrad WMåned siden
    • Pog

      matt 42000matt 42000Måned siden
  • no

    Mike SMike SMåned siden
    • U

      Bob MulliganBob MulliganMåned siden
  • Greetings. I made a trailer for my game Parallel and I would be very grateful if you could see it. I also created a page on Steam. 🙏

    ParallelParallelMåned siden