10. juli. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Hi

    Tsultrim ZalaTsultrim Zala7 dager siden
  • Lol

    Your MomYour Mom10 dager siden
  • Lol

    Your MomYour Mom10 dager siden
  • That thumbnail looks like it could be a Wyatt skin

    ÆgonÆgonMåned siden
  • The thumb nail is vik with dog the bounty hunter mixed

    Serpen-_-Serpen-_-Måned siden
  • What does unbound means

    No TeaNo TeaMåned siden
  • How did you spawn twice without gulag

    No TeaNo TeaMåned siden
    • It’s a game mode

      Inspire MspInspire MspMåned siden
  • The thumbnail is cursed

    YuZikoYuZikoMåned siden
  • It's easy when you have an aimbot

    Steven MarconiSteven MarconiMåned siden
  • What loadout is vikstar using? Absolute sick!!

    Sharp GuardSharp GuardMåned siden
  • Imagine this...u get to keep the money from bounties in real lufe

    Iboro DavidIboro DavidMåned siden
  • it’s crazy when the guy with the least kills on the team has 21 kills in trios

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson2 måneder siden
  • 187

    black tigerblack tiger2 måneder siden
  • I do like 1 bounty and die trying. Lmao nah srs just pissrd off by this game i love n hate it. U do everything to win and come to top 10 and all of a sudden a random dude shoots u from behind. Wtf. Like tried 15x today and no win.

    V. V. V -V. V. V -2 måneder siden
  • Trident

    anonymous nightyeightanonymous nightyeight2 måneder siden
  • Brendan Schaub?

    Savage Mountain FilmsSavage Mountain Films2 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail is scary

    notbillynotbilly2 måneder siden
  • 10 out of 10 thumbnail

    TaheemTaheem2 måneder siden
  • That thumbnail tho

    RHYSRHYS2 måneder siden
  • Impressive mate!!!!!!

    Scotty KScotty K2 måneder siden
  • When Vik tries toe be young

    The leader BossmanThe leader Bossman2 måneder siden
    • What he's 24 or 25

      Immortal SoulImmortal SoulMåned siden
  • Didn't know Jeff Bezos played Warzone

    Pila PimPila Pim2 måneder siden
  • Please do this video again I love every time I watch it

    Lonely HomieLonely Homie2 måneder siden
  • Why do I feel like vik is gonna become ali a 2.0 lol

    Zendor !Zendor !2 måneder siden
  • I like how vik didn’t clickbait and actually put the exact amount of money earned in the thumbnail

    Jamil RJamil R2 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail tho🤣

    DK _PsychoDK _Psycho3 måneder siden
  • this is the strangest thumbnail ive ever seen

    exotic gamerduffexotic gamerduff3 måneder siden
  • Aim bot 😂😂 as soon as he looks in the crosshairs it automatically locks on the enemy .. dats wack

    AllCity323AllCity3233 måneder siden
  • This was the most satisfying video ever

    Osian MorganOsian Morgan3 måneder siden
  • Oml the thumbnail

    Mad LadMad Lad3 måneder siden
  • OMG That thumbnail

    Apocrypha2012Apocrypha20123 måneder siden
  • Get some new glasses you look like a pretentious hipster who drink soy lattes

    Brian BowlesBrian Bowles3 måneder siden
  • Hang on you can't claim your teammates cash aswell, how much cash did you get personally

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward3 måneder siden
  • 77 kills wtf

    The Craft BoxThe Craft Box3 måneder siden
  • “It’s okay you’ll come back” 😂

    CesarisactiveCesarisactive3 måneder siden
  • The most elite thumbnail has arrived

    cyclingfurballcyclingfurball3 måneder siden
  • Roses are red My name is not Dave This poem makes no sense MICROWAVE

    Burnt PopcornBurnt Popcorn3 måneder siden
  • My squads good game is like 30 kills between us, vik gets about 60 and doesn’t care😂

    Connor Jay PalmerConnor Jay Palmer3 måneder siden
  • How come they keep coming back?

    Connor Jay PalmerConnor Jay Palmer3 måneder siden
  • Teammates playing battle Royale while Vik over here playing plunder

    Smort BoiSmort Boi3 måneder siden
  • On some real viks a monster at this game tbh

    Hydra YatoHydra Yato3 måneder siden
  • "secure the bag, always secure the bag" bloody coke heads 😂

    Know3odyKnow3ody3 måneder siden
  • we need a bounty hunter series

    JK notHEREJK notHERE3 måneder siden
  • Vikkstar is tht kid tht tells jokes an no one ever laughs

    Jessemannn 19Jessemannn 193 måneder siden
  • that thumbnail tho 🤣

    MeMeme okMeMeme ok3 måneder siden
  • Omfds, the thumbnail😂😂

    BrownBoyAlyan 05BrownBoyAlyan 053 måneder siden
  • Since when did bounty hunters spending money to hunt the targets which was actually earned by killing them. Do not disrespect the challenge like that😉. Only considering the money left in the end.

    H4rry DhillonH4rry Dhillon3 måneder siden
  • My friend got two million in stimulus no cap

    awesomeomar65 YTawesomeomar65 YT3 måneder siden
  • like just off the incredible thumbnail

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia3 måneder siden
  • thumbnail😅🤣

    Charlie HughesCharlie Hughes3 måneder siden
  • _stonks_

    SharkRule64SharkRule643 måneder siden
  • We need another season of this

    IamNeurotrophyIamNeurotrophy3 måneder siden
  • Imagine vik in faze and sdmn at the same time

    Abubaker MuhammedAbubaker Muhammed3 måneder siden
  • Subbed just because of that thumbnail

    YerffoeG DranoeLYerffoeG DranoeL3 måneder siden
  • I love how his teammates are raging and yelling after they die and vik just says “it’s ok, you’ll come back” every time😂

    Owen MorrisOwen Morris3 måneder siden
  • That other don sounds so annoying

    YT 98YT 983 måneder siden
  • This was by far my favourite video so far. Mutex was trying to have a serious game and the way Vikkstar just kept laughing and chasing bounty’s 😂 don’t worry secure the bag, we’ll buy you back 💰💰

    Jay HarriottJay Harriott3 måneder siden
  • What mode is this???

    kingHD11kingHD113 måneder siden
  • How does he have 9k at the start when the bounty is for 3k ?

    Jamie HannanJamie Hannan3 måneder siden
  • We need another season

    IG_Fakeplug _IG_Fakeplug _3 måneder siden
  • the sidemen are booty hunters whereas vik over here is a bounty hunter 😎

    Zain ZainZain Zain3 måneder siden
  • Two thirds of the players he kills are console. That's a handicap Vs PC players.

    Jason GarnerJason Garner3 måneder siden
  • Q

    Elliott CoonbsElliott Coonbs3 måneder siden
  • When is season 10 coming out??

    Jordan SinghJordan Singh3 måneder siden
  • Best thumbnail

    Kingmufasa99Kingmufasa993 måneder siden
  • Do a challenge where the only people you kill are bounty targets

    Mitch WilsonMitch Wilson3 måneder siden
  • Y’all are not funny. Stop making jokes and just play. And get rid of that bitching cry baby that keeps getting sniped

    Jacrispie JacksonJacrispie Jackson3 måneder siden
  • Nerd

    Matthias de BruinMatthias de Bruin3 måneder siden
  • 187😂

    Der BallexiDer Ballexi3 måneder siden
  • Nice sexy photoshop wig 😂😂

    abba mohammedabba mohammed3 måneder siden
  • Is he b-lining? He wasnt clear enough if he was or not

    DOCDOC3 måneder siden
  • He Just Makes It Look So Easy

    MawiFisty AlldénMawiFisty Alldén3 måneder siden
  • This thumbnail is why i watch vik play warzone

    Aes_azaxAes_azax3 måneder siden
  • vikkstar is cracked

    9SY9SY3 måneder siden
  • That unibrow tho

    OLD ChannelOLD Channel3 måneder siden
  • That thumbnail is cursed🙃

    Harold JensenHarold Jensen3 måneder siden
  • The doggs

    Basketball bests Middle schoolBasketball bests Middle school3 måneder siden
  • my fav... youtuber

    I'MTOOGOATED GamerI'MTOOGOATED Gamer3 måneder siden
  • How can he respawn

    bL BlabL Bla3 måneder siden
  • Mad Thumbnail

    Yash AsharYash Ashar3 måneder siden
  • What camo is vikk using and how do I get it ?

    sammy smithsammy smith3 måneder siden
  • This guy is patty mayo in a game What A beast.Keep the great videos up man mad support to you

    Adolfo SoteloAdolfo Sotelo3 måneder siden
  • Hahah

    Corey DavisCorey Davis3 måneder siden
  • Who else thinks he should make this an actual series?

    Sean ChilimaSean Chilima3 måneder siden
  • One of the entertaining warzone videos I've ever seen. I want this to be a series.

    leelee3 måneder siden
  • That thumbnail is everything

    vD kMvD kM3 måneder siden
  • Tbh you're friendship for this game is ligit

    Nayton FrancisNayton Francis3 måneder siden
  • Awesome man

    xLorinxLorin3 måneder siden
  • They should make Dog the bounty hunter an operator for season 5

    Gabriel RiveraGabriel Rivera3 måneder siden
  • people don’t realise that barton and mutex are absolute gods untill the end scoreboard shows up lel

    rowan kollaurowan kollau3 måneder siden
  • we need that hair for a warzone vid VVIIKKK XD

    HaXeRHaXeR3 måneder siden
  • I used to wake up every morning at 7 to watch that bounty hunter

    Jay DhillinJay Dhillin3 måneder siden
  • It’s crazy my cousin killed him two times 😂

    Gangsta BossGangsta Boss3 måneder siden
    • they were probably fake ones, as the game lets you copy other peoplles usernames

      Gavin VirkGavin Virk2 måneder siden
  • I think Vik should do plunder since that's basically about getting money

    Marianne De AlmeidaMarianne De Almeida3 måneder siden
  • KSI saying vikk isn’t clickbait

    mo loummo loum3 måneder siden
  • Thumbnail is cursed lmao

    TanizTaniz3 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know his load out

    Curve TarzCurve Tarz3 måneder siden
  • Bartonologist sounds like Morty from ‘Rick & morty’

    Lightz GangLightz Gang3 måneder siden
  • Vik needs to win a game only using pistols.

    MrBulldogMrBulldog3 måneder siden

    Matthew MarazitaMatthew Marazita3 måneder siden