The most HEATED round of AMONG US! ft. Lazarbeam, Delirious, Nogla, Cartoonz & more!

18. sep.. 2020
1 200 500 Ganger


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  • a freakin earthquake actuly happened when this video was posted. It was in LA, USA. Multiple twitch streamers felt it. go check it out their reactions and courses of action.

    Mestre XaviMestre XaviDag siden
  • When this game ruin your friendship

    Priithvee NathanPriithvee Nathan4 dager siden
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    Caroline corbyCaroline corby8 dager siden
  • Nogla screaming on woofless is funny af

    Khondoker Adnan SakibKhondoker Adnan Sakib8 dager siden
  • I still remember your hexit seriers with Alia

    Speed FighterSpeed Fighter9 dager siden
  • 6:09 de bruyne if yk yk

    Milo IntellyMilo Intelly9 dager siden
  • 12 minutes of Nogla constantly screaming

    Jackson BogenriefJackson Bogenrief9 dager siden
  • Vik, is nogla Irish?

    peachy_ pinkpeachy_ pink9 dager siden
  • Vik mate, u don't defend ur partner when everyone is going for ur partner😂😊 Btw, can u like my comment?

    peachy_ pinkpeachy_ pink9 dager siden
  • Nogla would probably die for a voteoff.

    Gebruikersnaam BedenkerGebruikersnaam Bedenker10 dager siden
  • Hehe my puppy

    Kyle LegaKyle Lega10 dager siden
  • I feel like I’m listening to the 2020 presidential debate, can’t hear a damn word

    Conor BurbyConor Burby10 dager siden
  • Hi

    Lakshit AgarwalLakshit Agarwal11 dager siden
  • I’m just so triggered. They are all so annoying, they keep speaking over each other

    am_Neinam_Nein12 dager siden
  • This is the most toxic game in Among Us history

    Isaac RobinsonIsaac Robinson12 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ Nogla is so fucking loud 😂😂

    Rio ChandlerRio Chandler12 dager siden
  • 7:57 MUUTTEEE 😂

    EnlightenedSnoop47EnlightenedSnoop4713 dager siden
  • Nogla is so aggressive

    Reece AdriaansReece Adriaans14 dager siden

    EcaEca14 dager siden
  • I wanna see vik tell someone to stfu 😂 I woulda done it like 50 million times

    itsthecabbageitsthecabbage14 dager siden
  • nogla is so cancer

    Zun ZunZun Zun15 dager siden

    BrandonYT9600BrandonYT960015 dager siden
  • LMAO

    BrandonYT9600BrandonYT960015 dager siden
  • هع

    احمداحمد15 dager siden
  • H

    Finnegan MuziaFinnegan Muzia15 dager siden
  • Please dont ever play with nogla again

    Youss RYouss R16 dager siden
  • Someone needs to tell Nogla to shut up he’s so annoying

    Alfie SpencerAlfie Spencer16 dager siden
  • 995th

    RajaRaja16 dager siden
  • Nogla is so annoying Jesus Christ

    RahSahGamerRahSahGamer17 dager siden
  • These guys need to relax it is just a game😄😂🤣

    Phillipe MuyamboPhillipe Muyambo18 dager siden
  • Hi

    Leigh MurphyLeigh Murphy19 dager siden
  • Hi

    Leigh MurphyLeigh Murphy19 dager siden
  • This is a cancerous video

    First Touch FMFirst Touch FM19 dager siden
  • Cartoons doing dumb dance, vid walks out, takes zero notice, then kills him.

    JJ kittyJJ kitty19 dager siden
  • This group is actually fricking ear rape

    Angus BoothAngus Booth19 dager siden
  • Nogla is the most annoying kid going..

    James FernandesJames Fernandes19 dager siden
  • nogla is so frikn annoying

    GloriousgamerGloriousgamer19 dager siden
  • A huge mess - among us

    MunchkieMunchkie20 dager siden
  • Bro this Nogla kid is so annoying like stfu

    Alexander RosalesAlexander Rosales20 dager siden
  • Side men 1000 ×better

    Clayton F moolaClayton F moola20 dager siden
  • Jake Paul: no swearing on may chanal

    Hyper GunnarHyper Gunnar21 dag siden
  • people saying playing with nogla is cancer but watching this round from nogla's perspective on his channel was the most insane thing ever

    Brendan BowlesBrendan Bowles22 dager siden
  • Nice

    TFK FrostTFK Frost22 dager siden
  • Nogla consider shutting the f up :)

    MineCGamingMineCGaming23 dager siden
  • This is how the game is meant to be played

    Okami-RoseOkami-Rose23 dager siden
  • Nogla my favorite person shen he panicking or angry getting mad and ssying fucking no in his accent at 7:58

    Kizen BloodfallenKizen Bloodfallen23 dager siden
  • Nogla is the reason I cant watch these videos anymore... eesh man calm down

    Nick TsirigkasNick Tsirigkas23 dager siden
  • “Are you Delirious?” “Yeah,it’s in my name.”😂 5:05

    DarkDark23 dager siden
  • This game end some friendships😅

    Janz KržičJanz Kržič23 dager siden
  • This was cancerous to listen too

    Louis TuckerLouis Tucker23 dager siden
  • Jesus, Nogla is so annoying

    BlackOut TazBlackOut Taz24 dager siden
  • 🥳🥳🤩🤩

    Owen MetzgerOwen Metzger24 dager siden
  • Voice pls

    Owen MetzgerOwen Metzger24 dager siden
  • Vik turned into Kevin de bruyne at 6:05😂

    Omar 10Omar 1024 dager siden
  • Nruh

    Ana melsamAna melsam24 dager siden
  • If there guys was Fife 20 fun

    Drason MeerrkatDrason Meerrkat24 dager siden
  • They all ruined the video by screaming like little girls couldn’t barely understand anything

    NUK3 BeatsNUK3 Beats24 dager siden
  • this is my group any time we play

    Kaulen VelasquezKaulen Velasquez24 dager siden
  • You should’ve sabotage communications at the end but good try

    SykoSyko24 dager siden
  • So much shouting

    Matt CokerMatt Coker24 dager siden
  • who is this loud idiot nogla?

    Karlo KošutićKarlo Košutić24 dager siden
  • 0:14 Genius play

    HarrisonT 14HarrisonT 1425 dager siden
  • Vik threw. He didn't kill when he got the chance.

    Ishaan DWIshaan DW25 dager siden
  • i was so annoyed bro

    Nina KakushadzeNina Kakushadze25 dager siden
  • I would hate to play with Nogla, I hate when people dont let others talk

    Kevin PhanKevin Phan26 dager siden
  • damn nogla annoying

    axel perezaxel perez26 dager siden
  • The thumbnail looked like faze Adapt Ngl hahaha

    WaveyXanWaveyXan27 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Debra GilmoreDebra Gilmore27 dager siden
  • jesus 😅😅😂😂

    Chloe McLoughlinChloe McLoughlin27 dager siden
  • Don't play with that nogla guy🤦‍♂️

    Devraj SoodDevraj Sood27 dager siden
  • Noglas so annoying

    Tom McETom McE27 dager siden
  • 6:08 kevin de bruyne?

    John ChristieJohn Christie27 dager siden
  • Nogla is so annoying how does he have relevance to you vik

    Josh HartJosh Hart28 dager siden
  • To think how much people could shout over a game.

    Proaseth KongProaseth Kong28 dager siden
  • So how did the crew win there?

    Joshua KJoshua K28 dager siden
  • Man wtf nogla is so annoying.

    Aftab ShaikhAftab Shaikh28 dager siden
  • Sounded like the us presidential debate last night

    Lucas HaffordLucas Hafford28 dager siden
  • 6:14 vik made it so sus

    JeoqJeoq28 dager siden
  • 3:56 HAHAAHA NOGLA 😂😂😭

    JeoqJeoq28 dager siden
  • I'm laughing my ass off coz of nogla 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Porus BhagatPorus Bhagat28 dager siden
  • Man nogla is litterly crying lmak

    5ksubs Withnovids:D5ksubs Withnovids:D28 dager siden
  • It's always fun to see trump and Biden debating

    Alex MontagneAlex Montagne28 dager siden
  • Loving the content Vikk keep up the amazing work mate

    FatySimulatorFatySimulator29 dager siden
  • After watching this I won’t be watching nogla ever again

    JJ29 dager siden
  • wow, and i thought my group screams a lot.

    Razz bestRazz best29 dager siden
  • Its only a game why you have to be mad

    Storm SkjødtStorm Skjødt29 dager siden
  • How do u get the pics at the side of screen of discord

    vzstormzvzstormz29 dager siden
  • isnt he an indian

    Mohammed YahyaMohammed Yahya29 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂

    GusiiiGusiii29 dager siden
  • Worst vid to watch with a headache should’ve clicked off as soon as I saw nogla

    Danny _Danny _29 dager siden
  • this whole video is just people hateing each other

    • well and screaming

      RYAN CLAYTONRYAN CLAYTON29 dager siden
  • I just want to punch tf out of nogla

    Jacob HokoyJacob Hokoy29 dager siden
  • Shut up nogla

    FireStrik_RFireStrik_RMåned siden
  • makin enemies out here oof

    Krishna AggarwalKrishna AggarwalMåned siden
  • Yo Vik’s patience is fucking insane.

    Neil VaidyaNeil VaidyaMåned siden
  • Nogla really needs to listen to STFU by pink guy.

    Neil VaidyaNeil VaidyaMåned siden
  • 3:32

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • Vik needs to play with toast to learn the game well

    Κωστας Κ.Κωστας Κ.Måned siden
  • i never want to live in a life that doesnt have Nogla in it

    DullaDullaMåned siden
  • what??? cartoonz is still playing with delirious?!!

    DullaDullaMåned siden