7. nov.. 2020
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We play Battle Royale in VR. Enjoy!
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  • The most realistic battle royale is a real world military war

    Mr. Moesby TAMr. Moesby TA6 dager siden
  • Who remembers Vik's hilarious screaming at a plane from parachuting? 😆

    furious 8spectfurious 8spect7 dager siden
  • What’s the game called

    Alfie ggsAlfie ggs7 dager siden
  • This was painful to watch

    Krige Van Der VyverKrige Van Der Vyver11 dager siden
  • Yo vik this would be a sick sidemen video 3vs3 kinda vibes

    John TeasdaleJohn Teasdale13 dager siden
  • Miss your Warzone videos

    MegaMad4MongoosesMegaMad4Mongooses14 dager siden
  • can you set this game up for a left handed person?

    PoLaR LeOnPoLaR LeOn15 dager siden
  • i’m sorry, did i read realistic?

  • Vikk has some big ass eyebrows

    omar canoomar cano16 dager siden
  • what vr kit is it?

    General GangGeneral Gang16 dager siden
  • Will you still be playing warzone because i can learn more when you play

    ecapecap16 dager siden
  • The size of the controllers are the size of your head no hate

    real segmestreal segmest16 dager siden
  • He looks so silly

    Jamma ToesJamma Toes17 dager siden
  • Vikk turns Australian everytime he says VR

    TTV_Cozy_XDTTV_Cozy_XD17 dager siden
  • Ready Player One!

    Josh TolleyJosh Tolley17 dager siden
  • U look like my Italian Freand

    Darck SoulDarck Soul17 dager siden
  • For sure do more of these vids Vik! So entertaining brotha!

    Norven AuxNorven Aux17 dager siden
  • u need to do pavlov and echo arena

    Ryan ButlerRyan Butler17 dager siden
  • Pleaseee play warzone again broo

    pineapple_papipineapple_papi17 dager siden
  • Fortnite vr

    I am ConstipatedI am Constipated18 dager siden
  • upload warzone a bit

    Adam KaziAdam Kazi18 dager siden
  • Just stick to warzone

    Callum ChestersCallum Chesters18 dager siden
  • You should get all the sidemen to do this!

    Connor RConnor R18 dager siden
  • It’s basically vr fortnite

    yxngheadshot YTyxngheadshot YT18 dager siden
  • We watching vik:😐😐😐 VIK: this is mental😁

    T-S0UL FNT-S0UL FN18 dager siden
  • vik is so underrated

    Taylor CuthboTaylor Cuthbo18 dager siden
  • What game is this

    Preston ParkesPreston Parkes18 dager siden
  • 3:50 we need more 😂😂

    Alihan AkyuzAlihan Akyuz18 dager siden
  • anyone else thought he looked like drake on the thumbnail

    Mitch cookMitch cook18 dager siden
  • I would of been sick early doors here

    Samuel DennisSamuel Dennis18 dager siden
  • He had 1 more banana at the end. Why did he not eat it when he was low.

    ZackBoss1998ZackBoss199818 dager siden
  • Pog

    SeRvZSeRvZ18 dager siden
  • It would be a banger if the sidemen play together.

    MarcusMarcus18 dager siden
  • vic is just cracked at every game

    Frankie FrankieFrankie Frankie18 dager siden
    • vik sorry

      Frankie FrankieFrankie Frankie18 dager siden
  • Indian spider man 1:22

    123 king123 king19 dager siden
  • Abit confused on the title... the most realistic... but mans climbing 50 foot walls with his bare hands

    Sean DippnallSean Dippnall19 dager siden
  • Stop bullying ksi

    toofu aimntoofu aimn19 dager siden
  • How vik says rrrrrr

    TwistTwist19 dager siden
  • Love this game

    thepieguy 123thepieguy 12319 dager siden
  • Just get the steam vr

    friganwombatfriganwombat19 dager siden
  • Idk why I thought this was gonna be a warzone video😂

    Ahmed MohamedAhmed Mohamed19 dager siden
  • Hee-ur

    Sam WilliamsSam Williams19 dager siden
  • Plah valorant pleaseeee

    J.M. RGNDLJ.M. RGNDL19 dager siden
  • this isnt mc the discription says so

    Darryl FarrellyDarryl Farrelly19 dager siden
  • Aw, wish i could afford an oculus

    The Sun KingThe Sun King19 dager siden
  • Play fortnite

    Omar DoreOmar Dore19 dager siden
  • vARR VIK

    Harley BurrisHarley Burris19 dager siden
  • You can so clearly see how this will develop so much in the future..looks like a ps2 game. Maybe even older

    Dylan FeaneDylan Feane19 dager siden
  • Your eyebrows are literally alive,

    Ryan GRyan G19 dager siden
  • Guys what is this game?

    FlashBackFlashBack19 dager siden
  • I love the cut g

    Ashraf KhanAshraf Khan19 dager siden
  • My man was shaking after them gun fights, it really is an incredible game with some real long term replay value. More POP ONE (VR) VIKK

    Surrealist94Surrealist9419 dager siden
  • Think it’s time we introduce these gamers and streamers to the life of Gains

    Ntuthuko MkhizeNtuthuko Mkhize19 dager siden
  • bruh try boneworks, just go look at it you will love it

    Hein van TonderHein van Tonder19 dager siden
  • I want to see vik shave his eyebrows onto thinner eyebrows

    Rild WiftRild Wift19 dager siden
  • Check out more population one @phased_panda on twitch

    phasedPandaphasedPanda19 dager siden
  • 6/10 :/

    Alexdbz2000 aleeexAlexdbz2000 aleeex19 dager siden
  • I saw you kicked you out of the game yesterday

    Byli LoByli Lo19 dager siden
  • that was sick more of this

    Earl LockeEarl Locke19 dager siden

    Cristian BuenoCristian Bueno19 dager siden
  • so cringe. Feel like the gameplay was prerecorded.

    AndyTheGreatAndyTheGreat19 dager siden
  • Sidemen vr among us...?

    Mitch DeeMitch Dee19 dager siden

    EricstheBruhEricstheBruh19 dager siden
  • Bro this looks sick

    Finn BobFinn Bob19 dager siden
  • Warzone

    Typrotrek 13Typrotrek 1319 dager siden
  • The speed he loads his gun just proves he plays too much video games😂😂😂

    NoWayNoWay19 dager siden
  • How much is the vr

    Kr19t OscxrKr19t Oscxr19 dager siden
  • We need moore !!!

    azozz alshehaazozz alsheha19 dager siden
  • This looked so good until they added building to it.

    YourGreatGrandpaBobYourGreatGrandpaBob19 dager siden
    • Most ppl don’t build and when playing it’s so much better

      TMC 7TMC 718 dager siden
  • If there's a zombie apocalypse we should count on Vik

    Aram MovsesianAram Movsesian20 dager siden
  • play this more often pleaseeee

    sykesyke20 dager siden
  • Play with the sidemen

    Daniel IskandarDaniel Iskandar20 dager siden
  • Vik: The most realistic battle royal *Warzone has left the chat*

    watchusayin ?watchusayin ?20 dager siden
  • I love this game thanks for playing

    Clash TechnaClash Techna20 dager siden
  • “The most realistic” when have you been in a firefight in a warzone to know that 😂

    Gav ClarkeGav Clarke20 dager siden
  • Start playing warzone again all u play is among us now

    Connor MaloneConnor Malone20 dager siden
  • I can’t believe you ate that banana in 1 bite

    TheOnlyWodaTheOnlyWoda20 dager siden
  • I loved this 🔥

    Daniel BocanceaDaniel Bocancea20 dager siden
  • Can you play onward

    Niclas BoeriisNiclas Boeriis20 dager siden
  • He didn't aim down sights once

    zekozeko20 dager siden
  • I could carry if you want, i got 20+ wins and 200+ kills, level 14 and am a team player

    Azael ArzateAzael Arzate20 dager siden
  • How do u guy get hella likes in the comments..?

    David CamachoDavid Camacho20 dager siden
  • #AD

    Brandon DenzelBrandon Denzel20 dager siden
  • Vr games are not for this time

    DennyDenny20 dager siden
  • I hate that he turns with the right stick and not with his head

    The Drunken TubThe Drunken Tub20 dager siden
  • I have this game, it’s so damn good

    The Drunken TubThe Drunken Tub20 dager siden
  • Play more of this game and even try do a live stream on it

    a ma m20 dager siden
  • I’m wondering why vikk was holding most of the guns one handed. 2 handed is more controllable and reduces recoil.

    Garet HillGaret Hill21 dag siden
  • To be fair though it’s kinda cool

    Lighting SRIKELighting SRIKE21 dag siden
  • Just a little it possible to record "other eye"? When aiming down sights, it would be much better to have your stronger eye recorded. And of course we want more! :)

    Jirka ŠkeříkJirka Škeřík21 dag siden
  • 10/10 CONTENT

    Asim MannetteAsim Mannette21 dag siden
  • can we do warzone streams again?

    Cameron AndersonCameron Anderson21 dag siden
  • bro imagine this but in 2k

    Mikko PicardalMikko Picardal21 dag siden
  • Half life vr is the best and the most realistic vr game of all time

    JLuis SulimoJLuis Sulimo21 dag siden
  • Do more

    Adam O'MearaAdam O'Meara21 dag siden
  • Bruh Standout VR is 10x more realistic

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name21 dag siden
  • Play this more please, that was wild haha

    Anthony DiNataleAnthony DiNatale21 dag siden
  • Are You Indian?

    Pratham Tech StudioPratham Tech Studio21 dag siden
  • The way vikk says here is so funny

    killerinbound99killerinbound9921 dag siden
  • If i was a personal trainer for gamers this game would be the workput routine

    Aus Cod playzAus Cod playz21 dag siden