12. sep.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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    Hasmath ZiyathHasmath Ziyath3 dager siden
  • How are you going to complain about a shotgun in warzone? They are the most underpowered guns in the game...

    Last TemplarLast Templar3 dager siden
  • Y does every NOworldd I watch have that tiny sight with the origin but mine is a massive thing

    Splitz ReaperSplitz Reaper22 dager siden
  • Vik looks constipated in thumbnails

    DatsDats25 dager siden
  • I pray anyone that sees this is successful in their LIFE

    Help me reach 150 subscribers with No videos PLSHelp me reach 150 subscribers with No videos PLS29 dager siden
  • Smgs just domt do that much damage but the origin and r-9 can destroy people so easily

    Luke14_.Luke14_.29 dager siden
  • 7:54

    MhanskubanskuMhanskubanskuMåned siden
  • 7:35 am i the only one who was like RELOAD IT

    MhanskubanskuMhanskubanskuMåned siden
  • Unpopular Opinion: Shotguns AND Snipers have no place in Warzone.

    Tony GirgisTony GirgisMåned siden
    • I disagree, Snipers have a pretty good spot in Warzone, they're not overpowered

      SenseiOdin 武士SenseiOdin 武士28 dager siden
  • Vikk put the ranger foregrip on the Grau it’s a game changer

    Matthew AthertonMatthew AthertonMåned siden
  • vikk u r the ideal human

    CarlosTheGoodsGuyCarlosTheGoodsGuyMåned siden
  • Omg I'm sorry I bought 1000 cp and didn't use code vikk didn't know it was a thing sorry

    oisbushoisbushMåned siden
  • Lol i team wiped you when you were using the origin though It's literally my last video

    Rarest PupperRarest PupperMåned siden
  • Vik you should take the claymore/proximity mines only challenge

    TTMåned siden
  • sick gameplay dude

    Gamer zombieGamer zombieMåned siden
  • Check out ‘vivid-discord’ he’s a new youtuber gamer. He’s really really great !!

    Sick NimmonsSick NimmonsMåned siden
  • vik why dont you make a video about how you use your mouse - Arms - Wrist movement

    Turning AroundTurning AroundMåned siden
  • Come back to warzone, you’re the only one that can save it

    Aes_azaxAes_azaxMåned siden
  • that was some 267 IQ gameplay right there 7:48

    DKD21 MediaDKD21 MediaMåned siden

    Tixl1Tixl1Måned siden
  • If the origin is overedpowerd what about the others

    Sam HortonSam HortonMåned siden
    • Your right

      Sam HortonSam HortonMåned siden
    • Nice 👍🏼

      Sam HortonSam HortonMåned siden
  • And people said this game is good lmaoo

    Nick HardenbergNick HardenbergMåned siden
  • You should do a challenge where you can only kill people with assassinations

    Lloyd JohnLloyd JohnMåned siden
  • Use the m13 is crazy

    WillGJ123 XboxWillGJ123 XboxMåned siden
  • Yes vik. We know

  • Let's be honest that no one actually enjoys playing MW anymore with the sweats and poor gun balancing. We just play it because everyone else is playing it and its the "new" thing. I hope for CW that these scared crouch walking players would just ignore CW and stay in MW so we can enjoy a Call of Duty game again.

    T TT TMåned siden
  • That dude at the end of fucked by a dropshot, was a fairly shocking death from a supposedly top 0.1% player

    Vince PVince PMåned siden
  • I'm tired of this origin lost 6 games in a row by the same gun used by noobs camping, activision fix it, this is warzone not multyplayer

    IMRIMRMåned siden
  • I thought he said “We got a lot of girls in this game”

    MaxTheMonkeyMaxTheMonkeyMåned siden

    Alish DesignsAlish DesignsMåned siden
  • It's good at what it's meant to be good at. Also got a lot of the kills with the origin

    D1D1Måned siden

    Monkeyman1655Monkeyman1655Måned siden
  • I dont think its broken its just doing its job at close range

    Lythal K06 シLythal K06 シMåned siden
  • What do you people expect, it’s a shotgun??

    Jordon Giles-spaulJordon Giles-spaulMåned siden
  • Vikk you are a lunatic

    Ray BakerRay BakerMåned siden
  • nice bot lobbies lol

    Warrior_ 1388Warrior_ 1388Måned siden
  • Challenge idea use Loadout guns with no attachments

    Ax VermaAx VermaMåned siden
  • Não é a 12 do tonyboy

    Nath4n AlmeidaNath4n AlmeidaMåned siden

    In10c5In10c5Måned siden
  • Bro how is he use in the exact loadout as mine but a titter hip fire

    Saud AlsaqriSaud AlsaqriMåned siden
  • bro he's bitching about a fucking semi-auto shotty at close range of course its gonna shred stop bitching ab everything god damn

    Nolan RoosNolan RoosMåned siden
  • Shotguns are supposed to dominate in CQC. It’s not broken because a few people bent youtubers over with it

    Adam DunneAdam DunneMåned siden
  • 1:18 I think I heard covik not code VIKK (covik-19)

    Luke 9854Luke 9854Måned siden
  • Mad I got 8 hitmarkers with it at about 8 metres🤷🏼‍♂️. Guess we go again

    MrPhildo98MrPhildo98Måned siden
  • #RipVikkAndGrau

    comedicvisionCCNcomedicvisionCCNMåned siden
  • Can vikk do a video where he does trips with 2 random people and tries to get them a W

    Mat Finlay VlogsMat Finlay VlogsMåned siden
  • I mean it’s a shotgun

    Dan FDan FMåned siden
  • Vikstar cries about a gun that beats him Infinityward nurfs the gun Story of cod if a gun beats a popular streamers it gets nerfed

    Kevin LennonKevin LennonMåned siden
  • So many good guns rn idk what to use here is just a few Cr 56 amax Grau Origin Fal Fennec Mp7 Kilo Bruen Pkm

    EXOEXOMåned siden
  • Ya yeet

    jack hoganjack hoganMåned siden
  • How do U shoot the Origin so fast. I have to hold to shoot one shel on the origin, and I am on pc too do any of u know to to make my origin shoot faster Please anyone answer my question 🙏😔

    Josh TylerJosh TylerMåned siden
  • Personne ne trouve bizarre que c’est tirs sois aussi stable ?

    Huy LullHuy LullMåned siden
  • Guys is anyone’s else reticle for the shotgun larger than viks?

    Santiago GuerraSantiago GuerraMåned siden
  • Do you stream

    Billy CaponeBilly CaponeMåned siden
  • try the an 94 it is god tier

    Rhonan CullyRhonan CullyMåned siden
  • What happend to warz

    Archie DrewryArchie DrewryMåned siden
  • The R9 is the secret god shotgun

    twiddlesstwiddlessMåned siden
  • You's got destroyed by a shotgun that's what can happen if you walk into a building plus you didn't check the room sorry not sorry

    JAY JAYJAY JAYMåned siden
  • I’m still ass with it

    SleezySleezyMåned siden
  • Lol the Origin isn't broken

    James SarloJames SarloMåned siden
  • Damn it here comes the origin nerf after everyone starts using it

    Cesar SanchezCesar SanchezMåned siden
    • Praise the lord, they should've already nerfed it ages ago

      Vince PVince PMåned siden
  • What muzzle does he have on his kilo

    DanielLFC789DanielLFC789Måned siden
    • Lmao

      CoconutCoconutMåned siden
  • Why did you have to make this video mann🤕

    SonaRSonaRMåned siden
  • @Vikkstar123 What do you expect from a Shotgun; what's with the complaining? Close range, origin serves its purpose. Mid-long range it's a pure bb gun. I agree it's almost impossible to counter it close range, but it is fair as what it is.

    Saad NabilSaad NabilMåned siden
  • Origins are aids

    Itz Muhammad Banana101Itz Muhammad Banana101Måned siden
  • aw man i wish i could play cod

    Fire PhoenixFire PhoenixMåned siden
  • Play fortnite again

    HaggisMuncherHaggisMuncherMåned siden
  • Plot twist, Dragons breath origin

    Ben LorentzBen LorentzMåned siden
  • I used to to use the origin a bunch 2 months ago, but now everyone knows about it.

    Jon LorgJon LorgMåned siden
  • Vikkstar is legend in WarZone

    Luka ZmaicLuka ZmaicMåned siden
  • That is the current state of warzone origin pushing a building origin camping in a room origin

    Sunitha SkSunitha SkMåned siden
  • Hi

    70 subscribers without Uploading70 subscribers without UploadingMåned siden
  • Challenge:only thermal guns

    Jim BellJim BellMåned siden
  • Jeah the bruen is more annoying In my opinion You just hear 3 bullets an then you are down with full amor😂 But what do u expect from a shotgun? In close range they should be the best option . I mean they are build for this or not?

    Pierre TheisPierre TheisMåned siden
  • Unpopular opinion: The origin isn't "broken", it operates exactly like a shotgun should, super power at point blank range...

    MatWith0neTMatWith0neTMåned siden
    • They need to give the model680 a 1 shot kill potential, buff the vlk rogue's firerate, buff the origins sprintout time but nerf the firerate a little bit. Smgs should be kept the same. Currently, the origin isn't op at all, but it's a similar issue to the snakeshots, you can't push a building if they have an origin and you don't either a. have an origin, or b. have enough lethals and/or rockets to clear them out. Just don't full send buildings if you don't have the right equipment to do so. Edit: Also give the 725 a 1 shot potential.

      SirHandsoapSirHandsoap28 dager siden
    • Yeah but its braindead

      chickentendieschickentendiesMåned siden
    • True they should just nerf range and increase smg dmg

      zShadx VzShadx VMåned siden
    • Its broken

      ShadowGodShadowGodMåned siden
    • Yes but this game is not realistic. You have to use like 10 bullets to kill someone with an AR when in real life people die to 1 or 2 bullets

      WildeBobWildeBobMåned siden
  • Nothing wrong with the gun. It was design specifically to remove campers from buildings.

    Jacob LilipalyJacob LilipalyMåned siden
    • Campers use it in buildings tho

      JamesJamesMåned siden
  • oh no no nooo...

    NathanNathanMåned siden
  • just used the origin... its way too good... needs a patch

    RUXANRUXANMåned siden
  • I pre ordered the new cod using ur code #VIKK

    L. HL. HMåned siden
  • Get some sleep vik , Jesus you could hardly keep your eyes open in that intro

    Louie 110303Louie 110303Måned siden

    praveen kumarpraveen kumarMåned siden
  • :( remove shotguns in WZ

    DAFORES !DAFORES !Måned siden
  • Why is he using the detonator when he has no C4?

    DivyaVinay SamantDivyaVinay SamantMåned siden
  • I joined a quads game yesterday with you and enzo you guys left half way through you must of had no gulag not that I remember but we all got killed on the runway at airport lol I was DARBYM3

    darren mccoydarren mccoyMåned siden
  • The Origin 12 shotgun got added in codmobile as " Echo " and is also as annoying as it is in mw

    TheGrim GamerTheGrim GamerMåned siden
  • Sidemen to 10 million

    RecklessRazakRecklessRazakMåned siden
  • What’s ur kilo Atchments

    Venom GhostVenom GhostMåned siden
  • you know he's cracked when he shoulder rolls constantly

    HJMStoneHJMStoneMåned siden
  • yeah

    clazzieclazzieMåned siden
  • What's vikks kilo class?

    Owen SunOwen SunMåned siden
  • Sorry.

    Ben SalterBen SalterMåned siden
  • Os gringo descobrindo o mundo 3 meses depois dos BR

    lucas silvalucas silvaMåned siden
  • Ya partner calls out hes at top hes definetly at top! Then u both got blasted with a shotgun from behind... hahahaha... u screwed up!

    AbadazadYT GamingAbadazadYT GamingMåned siden
  • Vikk a useful tip if you are struggling trying to get the armour satchel aim at it then it can be easier to get through the items

    TSC_TizeR_6TSC_TizeR_6Måned siden
  • That is the best finesse I’ve ever seen on Warzone! You get nastier every single day! There’s pros and cracked NOworldrs who can outgun anybody in any situation but watching the way you approach situations and how consistent you’re in tournaments and competition is a pleasure to learn from. Love the grind Vikk you’re insane !

    Connor CourtneyConnor CourtneyMåned siden
  • Vikk performed gender conformation surgery on the guys on top of airport

    Arjan Satjot AidenArjan Satjot AidenMåned siden
  • Are you only finding this out now

    Billy HanrahanBilly HanrahanMåned siden
  • Lots of people in the comments missing the point of what vikk said about the origin, hes not talking about the damage or distance. Hes talking about the spawn rates of them because its too good of a gun to just be able to pick up out of a majority of chests.

    damon Owendamon OwenMåned siden
  • Y is he only making this vid now

    Storme_ PheeWeeStorme_ PheeWeeMåned siden
  • Vikk: the origin is so annoying Also Vikk: using the origin in his loadout

    Zayd ElleissyZayd ElleissyMåned siden
    • If you want to compete at the highest level you have to use the best available guns, otherwise you cant win. What do you expect??

      Vince PVince PMåned siden
    • -_- oh boy

      MAMAOU 4LifeMAMAOU 4LifeMåned siden