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  • They’re saying old ranks... the nostalgia

    wooflewoofleDag siden
  • U guys need to get better(collaboration with musty)

    Merc’ sMerc’ sDag siden
  • No offense but how are you guys like plat in 3s I'm gold 3 div 4 and surprisingly better than you

    Nicky EspinoNicky EspinoDag siden
  • Not my favourite trio but ok

    Darren BispingDarren Bisping2 dager siden

    DamiantjuuuDamiantjuuu2 dager siden

    Conor HurleyConor Hurley3 dager siden
  • How are they plat

    Zero FreakZero Freak3 dager siden
  • Only ogs remember playing this back then

    King_CrA2yKing_CrA2y3 dager siden
  • Vik idk what you are using to play but it is easier to play with a controller that mouse and keyboard

    Benjamin AlvarezBenjamin Alvarez3 dager siden
  • Who else got mad when he said rising star?

    Neema KhanNeema Khan3 dager siden
  • Next RL video this team vs space station gaming competitive team

    FliKz-FlappyFliKz-Flappy4 dager siden
  • red the chat at 8:31

    MitraMitra4 dager siden
  • Platinum

    Crisis FNCrisis FN4 dager siden
  • Did vik say he was champion in rumble!? How?

    David SheronDavid Sheron4 dager siden
  • Hey, I've just started playing this.. are all these perks(the spikes, freeze,etc) in the free version? If yes how does one get them? Thanks...

    Karan LounganiKaran Loungani4 dager siden
    • There's a specific game mode in the extra game modes section called "rumble" in which these power-ups are enabled.

      Lord PuffLord Puff4 dager siden
  • Transparent goal posts off and calls plat rising star... Homie stuck in 2016

    l0wer c:l0wer c:4 dager siden
  • the deep thing is, if vik played rl more he could be sick

    BonkerzTBonkerzT4 dager siden
  • Can I please try and 3v1 u guys. I play on mouse and keyboard. I am platinum/rising star 1 in 3v3, platinum/rising star 2 in 2v2 and gold 3 in 1v1. (A great vid idea)

    LUCAF2004LUCAF20044 dager siden
  • Anyone here what vik said "That's rising star" when it was plat 1 lol

    Mini x eliteMini x elite5 dager siden
  • Bro swear I am better than those plays at the start and I am silver. Bro I am so under ranked

    Conor WilkinsConor Wilkins5 dager siden
  • Most of these players don’t even know what rising star means lollll

    Petito GamingPetito Gaming5 dager siden

    xeinψxeinψ5 dager siden
  • 5:10 vik it’s platinum not rising star you need to learn the updates

    Pois0nFFAPois0nFFA5 dager siden
  • I still have the sidemen flag

    Billstar tvBillstar tv5 dager siden
  • Rising star though

    DedicateMeDedicateMe5 dager siden
  • Kinda annoying in a way how he can just play rocket league now and just be sponsored when he hardly knows how to play.

    Rift KendoRift Kendo5 dager siden
  • This is might be the only game where Vik is not really good

    Novák BenedekNovák Benedek5 dager siden
  • Video idea Sidemen Vs Lethamyr

    Will BurrowsWill Burrows6 dager siden
  • That’s Platinum by the way

    Rose ClanRose Clan6 dager siden
  • Vik mate, you gotta add something to your vids, cuz it sort of is a bit boring just listening to like y’all just only talking, maybe some background music

    AceAce6 dager siden
  • Can I play with you guys

    Aaron Reyes MorteroAaron Reyes Mortero6 dager siden
  • rocket league is so fun with the lads

    Capitan XIIICapitan XIII6 dager siden
  • Its platt

    kairo azulkairo azul6 dager siden
  • he sucured the bag with that epic games sponsor

    Jacob RogowskiJacob Rogowski7 dager siden
  • I think it should be vikkstar,Simon,josh and Ethan

    GROTTYGROTTY7 dager siden
  • i could legit 1v3 his team and i’m a plat😂

    Trenton McnewTrenton Mcnew7 dager siden
    • Ye how are they play they are shocking

      Cally WallyCally Wally6 dager siden
  • How is that platinum??

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson7 dager siden
  • No one: Vik , Josh and Simon: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Rising Star 😂😂😂 Platinum

    Andrea LapiAndrea Lapi7 dager siden
  • You have 6.66M subscribers. 666

    Coolgat3Coolgat37 dager siden
  • Yo, Vik... could we PLEASE get some more Rocket League content for the lads? Really enjoyed this.

    Wolf BooneWolf Boone7 dager siden
  • You need some fixing of those camera settings bud.

    Big BearBig Bear7 dager siden
  • It would a dream come true if I could play rocket league with u lot

    SpecialJim123 broadcastSpecialJim123 broadcast7 dager siden
  • I've watched the sidemen for a while and being a fan of rocket league feels good to see u lot playing it again

    SpecialJim123 broadcastSpecialJim123 broadcast7 dager siden
  • Can I 1v3 you guys?

    Elliot DeversonElliot Deverson7 dager siden
  • To get RL Rewards in fortnite

    LRichoLRicho7 dager siden
  • He didn’t talk about in fortnite

    LRichoLRicho7 dager siden
  • Can I join in a 2v2? Im only champ2 btw

    NamYowaNamYowa7 dager siden
  • I’m plat 1 and I love the sidemen but hth are they plat

    CP9_ ParryCP9_ Parry7 dager siden
    • old ranks, and team work goes a long way you don't trust your teammates, it makes a difference. them being long time friends allows them to trust each other more than you will ever trust a random and that lets them play more as a team than you'd ever normally be able to at that rank

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • Vik will u ever stream this cause I do but get no one watching create tournaments as well

    Sammyladd15Sammyladd158 dager siden
  • Did Vik say he was champion rank

    Amaan KahirAmaan Kahir8 dager siden
    • he used to be back in season 2, it's season 15(1)

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • rocket past has been there for last 2 seasons

    Ghost007Ghost0078 dager siden
    • they haven't played in 11

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • You know they are OG Rocket League players when they call plat rising stars

    YaBoiNick13YaBoiNick138 dager siden
  • there is no way they were plat i cannot get into any plat game without someone freestyling or dribbling and them players could not get of the floor ahah

    Thomas WhiteThomas White8 dager siden
    • lmao your exaggerating you probably get 1 game a session with a smurf but you're that rank for a reason

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • Vik on 9 ping meanwhile I'm sat here on 427... There's levels to this game

    DistinctionTSDistinctionTS8 dager siden
    • find a better region or stop playing at mcdonalds

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • lemme 1v3

    Couch.Couch.8 dager siden
  • Its a good game but its a unending loop of waste of time

    Naman KumarNaman Kumar9 dager siden
  • why did their dropshot floor look like that

    OliOli9 dager siden
  • vik doesn't have transparent goal post on

    OliOli9 dager siden
  • i really wanna 1v3 these lot 😂

    xTash GamingxTash Gaming9 dager siden
  • there’s no way they are plat

    xTash GamingxTash Gaming9 dager siden
    • teamwork makes a big difference, more than you'd think

      AstrofreyAstrofrey7 dager siden
  • I accually badly wanna play with them 😂😂

    xdYxngxdYxng9 dager siden
  • Nav playing rocket league

    BiggyBiggy9 dager siden
  • Vik WTF are thoose camera settings

    MrensarMrensar9 dager siden
  • Holy I haven’t heard rising star in a fat minute

    Scott NielsenScott Nielsen9 dager siden
  • G2 Vikkstar

    jamestylerpeterjamestylerpeter9 dager siden
  • 1:00 facecam

    Christopher ChinChristopher Chin9 dager siden
  • Anyone else cringing when vik said plat is Rising star 🌟

    TheGaming BuddhaTheGaming Buddha9 dager siden
  • Play with Jon sandman again

    Chumly _Chumly _9 dager siden
  • In the chat is says indian midget in competitive rumble. *smart*

    haji 100th account probshaji 100th account probs9 dager siden
  • 8:40 hahaha

    Tony McCarthy72Tony McCarthy729 dager siden
  • epic games is ruining rocket league

    Oliver BoysenOliver Boysen9 dager siden
  • whats rising star, isn't it called platinum

    BOOMERBOOMER10 dager siden

    KaibaKaiba10 dager siden
  • Behzinga ......... 😂

    Sir Pork chop the 2ndSir Pork chop the 2nd10 dager siden
  • Are we not going to mention the chat at 8:10 , epic games better insta ban them 8:39 hahah nvm

    CTG006CTG00610 dager siden
  • I can beat u guys 1v3 lol

    Ayden RootsAyden Roots10 dager siden
    • Thanks for more rl content

      Ayden RootsAyden Roots10 dager siden
  • Bronze players be like:

    KryptexZAKryptexZA11 dager siden
  • I can finally show proof am better than vikk at a game.

    AnWaRAnWaR11 dager siden
  • sidemen v squishymuffins?

    k.Bk.B11 dager siden
  • I would love to 3v1 vikk simon and josh 😂

    Mitchell CrossfieldMitchell Crossfield11 dager siden
  • like good old days 😭

    Erikosu56Erikosu5611 dager siden
  • 6:50 look at the chat lol

    Wolf GamingWolf Gaming11 dager siden
  • 'rising star' umm wot lol?

    ZerkyoZerkyo11 dager siden
  • did you guys know vikk was a champion 1 rumble player

    qlatypusqlatypus11 dager siden
  • I love how in minute 6:47 someone typed in the chat and said “midget indian” 😂

    Luis ManzanaresLuis Manzanares11 dager siden
  • How tf is that plat

    Olly HallettOlly Hallett11 dager siden
  • 4:58 they were platinum

    Jaden WilkinsonJaden Wilkinson11 dager siden
  • Good to see u back on rocket league can u do more of these maybe with Jon and the rest of the sdmn

    Callum DuffyCallum Duffy11 dager siden
  • Vik you think I'll be able to play with you guys some time?

    Nucleargecko13Nucleargecko1311 dager siden
  • This is hard to watch

    Harrison BellHarrison Bell11 dager siden

    Cl0aked_ MikeyCl0aked_ Mikey11 dager siden
  • How tf were they playing platinums lmao

    Jeff JeffersJeff Jeffers11 dager siden
  • Nah the plats let them win

    Steven DiazSteven Diaz11 dager siden
  • Rising star????? That’s plat

    Scottydog227Scottydog22712 dager siden
  • Anyone see the guy call vik a midget indian?

    Scott DuignanScott Duignan12 dager siden
  • Oh rl players use the like button

    Fredo likes humanFredo likes human12 dager siden
  • I love the video but just let them know that’s platinum 1 not rising star the ranks changed seasons ago 😂

    WoeqiiWoeqii12 dager siden
  • I love the little hand wave at the start of all his vids😂

    Sam MilesSam Miles12 dager siden
  • Played rocket league since the original sarp back in 09 when I was 3. I'm still awful at it😂

    Junior DominatorJunior Dominator12 dager siden
  • Rising star 😂, definitely not platinum

    Charlie FraserCharlie Fraser12 dager siden