8. juli. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Who's here when it got nerfed 😥😥

    Fearo_YTFearo_YT2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    RLB INTELRLB INTEL2 måneder siden
  • Vic takes gulag for granted

    Ryan VookRyan Vook2 måneder siden
  • Best youtuber

    Franklin MoranFranklin Moran2 måneder siden
    • He doesn't even say badwords

      Franklin MoranFranklin Moran2 måneder siden
  • CEO of the fastest Intro ever

    SantinoSantino2 måneder siden
  • tac laser or commando forgrip

    AmironeAmirone2 måneder siden

    AmironeAmirone2 måneder siden
  • You should make more gmod deathrun vids I loved those

    Whookie10Whookie103 måneder siden
  • That guy stole at least 6 of your kills at the end even tho you asked for your kill record

    DottomenDottomen3 måneder siden
  • would appreciate

    Genos9000Genos90003 måneder siden
  • 100 kills?! Dude thats insane. I just won a BR with my squad killing just 13🤣🤣

    JoséC 9JoséC 93 måneder siden
  • I finally unlocked and leveled the Bruen yesterday. I was thinking Monolithic, 26.8 barrel, 60 rd mag, VLK Optic, Merc/Ranger Foregrip. Do you guys think the Tac Laser is better than a foregrip for this weapon in Warzone if you're using it for long range?

    Danny MokrzyckiDanny Mokrzycki3 måneder siden
  • Vikk tomarrow: Yo this Holger is my crazy

    Nathan SmithNathan Smith3 måneder siden
  • Imagine getting 20 kills and still getting carried

    Badih ElzoghetBadih Elzoghet3 måneder siden
  • Any tips on unlocking bruen?

    King NashKing Nash3 måneder siden
    • Now that warzone rumble is out I would recommend going into that and use a thermal scope if you have one

      shane sonyshane sony3 måneder siden
    • Do you have full game

      Hwc scootHwc scoot3 måneder siden
  • Whats his mp5 class that he uses in this video?

    Armaan DosanjhArmaan Dosanjh3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else gettin ruined by viks fucking bruen every game

    Kyle McleanKyle Mclean3 måneder siden
  • I

    Mohamed HassanMohamed Hassan3 måneder siden
  • can we see a p90 loadout it is op just not very high fire with the good attachments

    OversizedMidgetOversizedMidget3 måneder siden
  • how did vik not see that guy at 9:16

    TMS _GamerZTMS _GamerZ3 måneder siden
    • Thats his mate lmao

      SyqizSyqiz3 måneder siden
  • 33 kills solo even tho there in a sqaud🤦🏼‍♀️

    ClApT BoIClApT BoI3 måneder siden
  • I swear no one even knows how to shoot back in this guy’s lobbies. There is no way he doesn’t reverse boost.

    KrisKris3 måneder siden
  • All weapon melts when u have the mp5 as secondary

    Pierre.WPierre.W3 måneder siden
  • What weapons skin is that

    The IronfistThe Ironfist3 måneder siden
  • Fortnite is better!!!!

    Finn TabletFinn Tablet3 måneder siden
  • Ha cal got 4 lol

    ELISLISION 95ELISLISION 953 måneder siden
  • Still not 42 like Recrent. Recrent is the best!!!

    Max ApeinansMax Apeinans3 måneder siden
  • What is your MP loadout?

    Tymoteusz OlechowskiTymoteusz Olechowski3 måneder siden
    • Mp5*

      Tymoteusz OlechowskiTymoteusz Olechowski3 måneder siden
  • This is not solo dislike and unsubscribe

    suhaib ibrahimsuhaib ibrahim3 måneder siden
  • How the hell can someone get 43 kills I can’t get more then seven

    Stierwalt KidStierwalt Kid3 måneder siden
  • Is it better than m4?

    Kite MmuortKite Mmuort3 måneder siden
  • This ain’t solos man

    jake darlakjake darlak3 måneder siden
  • The scouse guy is a heavy lad

    eZaF vejeZaF vej3 måneder siden
  • Meanwhile I’m only getting a gulag kill :)))

    Aun ShahAun Shah3 måneder siden

    Chester JonesChester Jones3 måneder siden
  • 43 kills insane

    Lee FiddesLee Fiddes3 måneder siden
  • The VLK optic is the best sight

    EziEzi3 måneder siden
  • Where is the loadout for the bruen?

    NefariousNerd GamingNefariousNerd Gaming3 måneder siden
  • lol, when u copy nickmercs content..

    KlydeKlyde3 måneder siden
  • anybody know what skin he uses on the gun?

    David HamannDavid Hamann3 måneder siden
  • You pull back on the mouse to control recoil. This guy using css excuses. No recoil script master.

    Ryan RiderRyan Rider3 måneder siden
  • 1:02 he said hell in swedish lol

  • I’d use stippled grip tape instead of tac laser

    sym _sym _3 måneder siden
  • stop saying overpowered!!! It’s a flipping LMG

    RoccoRocco3 måneder siden
  • Chill out with ads

    Luis AlasLuis Alas3 måneder siden
  • Bro i was 1 minute 37 in the video and and had to reload the whole thing bro......vikk is a fucking beast

    Lavaj0shLavaj0sh3 måneder siden
  • hey vik if u read this i have a solution for that cancer pkt loss ,,, download exit lag get 3 days free trial it completely eliminates pkt loss

    SpectreSpectre3 måneder siden
  • Jukeyzz is the GOAT

    Ravidu DissanayakeRavidu Dissanayake3 måneder siden
  • I've got to the point where I can't even watch viks videos anymore because I've seen all the clips on stream🤣

    Seeing how many subs I can get with no videosSeeing how many subs I can get with no videos3 måneder siden
  • Stop doing these vids ur gna nerf every gun in the game u pro

    arjieZarjieZ3 måneder siden
  • 1:01 Hello My Swedish Friend

    Viktor TholfViktor Tholf3 måneder siden
  • Hey boss of COD i need your fb streeming id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    SH ShahjahanSH Shahjahan3 måneder siden
  • What are the records for solo's and quads

    James CousinsJames Cousins3 måneder siden
  • At 1:01 I’m pretty sure the guy he killed was Swedish, and that he cursed in Swedish lmao... I might be wrong, but I’ve watched enough pewdiepie to recognize that word

    MajesticAxelMajesticAxel3 måneder siden
  • What headsets is he using?

    Carlos BoderoCarlos Bodero3 måneder siden
  • 1:00 For all in Scandinavia will understand😆

    Mats HanssenMats Hanssen3 måneder siden
  • 👀👀👀

    JuiceBoyJuiceBoy3 måneder siden
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    JuiceBoyJuiceBoy3 måneder siden

    JuiceBoyJuiceBoy3 måneder siden
  • Love the into....perfect

    Matthew LeeMatthew Lee3 måneder siden
  • Is he not playing on crontroller

    SneaX sSneaX s3 måneder siden
  • Vik with the 1440p gameplay

    ishaq rahmanishaq rahman3 måneder siden
  • Yo NOworld ads are outta control 2m in and there's 2 ads

    Gbyrd99Gbyrd993 måneder siden
  • What a great intro 👏

    jc05m0 161jc05m0 1613 måneder siden
  • 1:01 😂 That guy said the same thing i say everytime. I am pissed as always, but if i got killed by vik then it is, well nothing to be said.

    Eddy SmurfyEddy Smurfy3 måneder siden
  • did any one notice that it says solo kills but he's in quads?

    G3nZ clanG3nZ clan3 måneder siden
  • Video Idea Concept: Eye Tracking while playing warzone

    Dylan LoboDylan Lobo3 måneder siden
  • We love Cal’s participation award and moral support

    Jose ValmoriaJose Valmoria3 måneder siden
  • I like how vik is using the stun instead of the heart beat now. even i changed recently cause ive been relying too much on the heart beat. needed to learn to use stuns like Huskerrs the goat.

    Sushanth PSSushanth PS3 måneder siden
  • Braun mk9 is broken

    Mathew RichardsMathew Richards3 måneder siden
  • NOOO VIK WHY, now theyre gonna nerf my bruen, started using this exact class setup 2 months ago

    Tom ImholzTom Imholz3 måneder siden
    • ehmtomm I know everyone is overusing it now when there’s other guns that shred I hope they don’t nerf it

      KarenKaren3 måneder siden
  • No no no no.... Vik, YOU MELT! Not this gun melts that gun melts. Very simply put as long as it has a trigger YOU will be fine. Us on the other hand... different story

    H33T's TECHH33T's TECH3 måneder siden
  • How can we get the skin he has on his weapons?

    Said SakasSaid Sakas3 måneder siden
  • thing is tho is that vik mainly used the mp5 instead of the weapon he puts in the title

    Finn LewisFinn Lewis3 måneder siden
  • What attachments on that mp5?

    DNinjaPotatoDNinjaPotato3 måneder siden
  • How did he get that red black and blue camo

    OhItsTimmyOhItsTimmy3 måneder siden
  • It takes too long to kill people the bruen does

    Dommo 3Dommo 33 måneder siden
  • does somebody know his mp5 setup?

    SebastianSebastian3 måneder siden
  • Vik is sooo good

    LightSkyLightSky3 måneder siden
  • The guy that got 4 kills. "I just hope everyone has a good time!"

    MyBackItHurtsMyBackItHurts3 måneder siden
  • Meh

    Pinguin the PenguinPinguin the Penguin3 måneder siden
  • Swedish dude saying ”hell” at 1:04

    Kim LemonKim Lemon3 måneder siden
  • Check out my latest Kar98k montage, new to youtube would really appreciate some support😁

    Chris BucklandChris Buckland3 måneder siden
  • also switched to the bruen after the grau nerf, love this weapon. Im just having a good time with it.

    Mel-Norman GerhardtMel-Norman Gerhardt3 måneder siden
  • Imagine getting 20 kills, and the team stats still makes it look like your ass got HARD CARRIED by two other players! 😂

    hylianchrisshylianchriss3 måneder siden
  • that fast intro tho

    Jason OyotoJason Oyoto3 måneder siden
  • Cal do be carrying tho

    Bgh PlaysBgh Plays3 måneder siden
  • Why’s everyone not using an underbarrel on the bruen isn’t that one of the most important attachments

    TJZ98TJZ983 måneder siden
  • Freezy 4 kills...?

    xDigitalcrackxDigitalcrack3 måneder siden
  • This video isn't getting enough views for how good it is

    YourBoyDannyYourBoyDanny3 måneder siden
  • the best class of the kilo 141

    Hachile usHachile us3 måneder siden
  • Playing with a whole lotta arabs

    absecciabsecci3 måneder siden
  • Clickbait

    Google HomeGoogle Home3 måneder siden
  • The 60 round mag makes so much of a difference in the bruen, I’m still using the m4 tho

    Tristan SheppertTristan Sheppert3 måneder siden
    • Tristan Sheppert m4 m13 and kilo all shred not sure why everyone is making this gun look like it’s overpowered, it’s probably going to get nerfed because every top you tuber has made a video on it, same thing how the Grau was

      KarenKaren3 måneder siden
  • Vik u should team up with FaZe testy he’s rlly good u two in duos would destroy the lobby

    Unknown_GhosTzUnknown_GhosTz3 måneder siden
  • Poor freezy

    pradyumna vallabhajosyulapradyumna vallabhajosyula3 måneder siden
  • Standard youtuber hyping up a gun and using mainly the mp5 in the vid 😂 No need to lie my dude, we're gona watch ur vids regardless

    CAPTA1N STARKCAPTA1N STARK3 måneder siden
  • Shortest intro ever?

  • 10:35 "Tha was a nuh ee game" Couldn't have said it better lol Off topic: I wonder what the British do when they get to the letter "T" in the alphabet...🤔

    CeeRstarCeeRstar3 måneder siden
  • I love how he doesn't click bait about the 100 kills

    A. AimzzA. Aimzz3 måneder siden