6. nov.. 2020
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JJ struggles to pronounce Mural & Rolls Royce. Enjoy!
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  • 4:51-5:35 Wow

    Alex PolacchiAlex Polacchi6 dager siden
  • why didnt you guys just kill in front of jj because he couldnt say that it was you, unless you were ethan

    Randy WilkersonRandy Wilkerson8 dager siden
  • it was funny when you scream a ethan

    Kent JovelKent Jovel10 dager siden
  • Vikk officially owns STFU

    JSTEVJSTEV11 dager siden
  • 07484 208671

    Jessica TrainJessica Train13 dager siden
  • You are a big man

    ExokunExokun13 dager siden
  • Nobody important cares.

    Kurtis LemonKurtis Lemon13 dager siden
  • S

    Espy Freeda RodriguesEspy Freeda Rodrigues14 dager siden
  • Lol

    chocolate kittychocolate kitty14 dager siden
  • Aliiooo

    Eren KöyEren Köy15 dager siden
  • I don't understand what is the context of Mural and Rolls Royce

    BluAryan YTBluAryan YT15 dager siden
  • vikk stop screaming like this when they pressure you, its a fucking game

    Biirch JBiirch J15 dager siden
  • Dokfrkfk

    Laura RigbyLaura Rigby15 dager siden
  • Your cool

    Timy AlexTimy Alex16 dager siden
  • Hi Hope you have a good day

    Joseph Evan NelsonJoseph Evan Nelson16 dager siden
  • What does mural mean

    Colm SnellingColm Snelling16 dager siden
  • I love chipped voice sounds like Louis Tomlinson

    Sarah HowardSarah Howard17 dager siden
  • 10:41 perfect rainbow 😂😂😂

    Koko PebblesKoko Pebbles17 dager siden
  • Please watch

    MiKi TheGamerMiKi TheGamer18 dager siden

    MiKi TheGamerMiKi TheGamer18 dager siden
  • #stopbullyingksi

    SPARKSY 182SPARKSY 18218 dager siden
  • At 4:25 freezy was in electrical and like 6 seconds later he called a meeting that’s physically impossible unless he vented into med or something whilst vik was doing electrics

    Leon CarryLeon Carry18 dager siden
  • Vikk is probs the only one who post content as a crewmate

    Stefan HoninghStefan Honingh18 dager siden
  • Can't believe Ethan fell for that at the end 😂

    Dan CostelloDan Costello18 dager siden
  • Sidemen parents chat be like: Ethans dad *left the chat* Harrys mum got *kicked in the face*

    Im bored of making videosIm bored of making videos18 dager siden
  • They did a double kill on camera and still won the game lmao

    KravenceKravence18 dager siden
  • Hi

    radhika verenkarradhika verenkar19 dager siden
  • Bro I think I have PTSD from Vikk screaming.

    Tanner FontenotTanner Fontenot19 dager siden
  • Try naming ur self KSI while playing with him. Or NotMrBeast while playing with him

    Area 51Area 5119 dager siden
  • 13:32 was so satisfying

    MaxCSWMaxCSW19 dager siden
  • Ghandi

    Mahatma GhandiMahatma Ghandi19 dager siden
  • vikkstarrrrrrrrrrrrr

    muz comuz co19 dager siden
  • 4:50 "How the tables have turned"

    BlaqmanBlaqman19 dager siden
  • Keep up the good work vik and keep making good content love ya

    Noah KasendorfNoah Kasendorf19 dager siden
  • isn’t every among us name custom?

    Rar Norsk humorRar Norsk humor19 dager siden

    slasherslasher20 dager siden
  • At the very start vik struggles to say mural 😂

    I'm The Favourite SonI'm The Favourite Son20 dager siden
  • They shouldn’t play with freezy he’s so annoying to listen to

    JJ20 dager siden
  • Vik can you also do an Among Us video by saying only one word each round?

    RøzellaRøzella20 dager siden
  • Vik getting too big for his boots lol

    lewiss45lewiss4520 dager siden
  • middle child

    Gloria CastroGloria Castro20 dager siden
  • Love seeing Vikk help a African boy with his pronunciation

    MaxMax20 dager siden
  • it would be better if you made your name mural and someone made it yellow

    Burak KılıçBurak Kılıç20 dager siden
  • nice

    love shaqlove shaq20 dager siden
  • Soon as I saw Mural I clicked so fast.

    Hundo Frm 63rdHundo Frm 63rd20 dager siden
  • 6:10 alright how did Lannan and Vikstar both die at the same time

    Adam O’HareAdam O’Hare20 dager siden
  • I don’t get it

    Ben AdamsBen Adams20 dager siden
  • Yo

    Maximilian GentileMaximilian Gentile20 dager siden
  • I have my mocks tomorrow and this what I do

    Libby-Mai SlaterLibby-Mai Slater20 dager siden
  • relaxing music for stress relief

    Bogdan BesfamylnyyBogdan Besfamylnyy20 dager siden
  • I’ve never heard vik scream that loud

    Sean WadeSean Wade20 dager siden
  • Jj “maybe maybe” lol

    Teaching PepsTeaching Peps20 dager siden
  • chippo the legend

    Master Loki_Master Loki_20 dager siden
  • 3:49 😂Ethan: *I’m gonna skip cuz the lobby’s on crack bro*

    GaxahGaxah20 dager siden
  • tik tok

    Maria Macanas BenavidesMaria Macanas Benavides20 dager siden
  • Yall fucking should try its jj and cal just has to stop trying to act big brain even when he catches them on cams he literally let them talk the way out

    banana breadbanana bread21 dag siden
  • Stop using jjs face for clickbait

    Kye MonaghanKye Monaghan21 dag siden
  • Y is ksi so thing about the word mural and rolls Royce?

    Ryan On Blitz NARyan On Blitz NA21 dag siden

    Dj AtomDj Atom21 dag siden
  • "u dumb slug"

    maggie nulmanmaggie nulman21 dag siden
  • vikk has to start raging and shouting more,its fkn hilarious

    AliAli21 dag siden
  • This video is ✨C H A O T I C✨

    Andrew HLTAndrew HLT21 dag siden
  • I’m sorry but what do they mean by “Mural”

    AligaAliga21 dag siden
    • @Idk Gamer no I didn’t know

      AligaAliga20 dager siden
    • JJ can’t pronounce the word mural

      Idk GamerIdk Gamer20 dager siden
    • Do you really not know...

      Idk GamerIdk Gamer20 dager siden
  • Who watched this after watching JJs video??

    Dplm-Dplm-21 dag siden
  • Callux doesn't make it far in the game unless he's the killer 😓

    ShowbizZ LaBoucheShowbizZ LaBouche21 dag siden
  • I un-ironically don’t get it can some one explain

    ExøticExøtic21 dag siden
  • 4:11 Vik getting nice wires

    SPUD LouisSPUD Louis21 dag siden
  • wait who’s mural

    Vienna MezVienna Mez21 dag siden
  • Ze

    Fighter LmFighter Lm21 dag siden
  • 4:29 how tf did he get from electrical to button in 3 seconds

    Lewisowen 37Lewisowen 3721 dag siden
  • 1:04 look at his dumb face

    Rihan MoahmmedRihan Moahmmed21 dag siden
  • 1:06 he screamed

    Rihan MoahmmedRihan Moahmmed21 dag siden
  • did anyone notice that vik had one of the perfect wires at 4:09

    Johann JoshyJohann Joshy21 dag siden
  • 4:24 either that was a really good cut or pink disapeared

    TacoSon360TacoSon36021 dag siden
  • You cant say Josh threw when it was freezy who threw

    Steven JohnsonSteven Johnson21 dag siden
  • “Oh yeah great, nice one” JJ’s reaction to anything when he’s not making the joke...

    Sarah StressySarah Stressy21 dag siden
  • what we all should be doing RIGHT NOW! is HITTING UP G RAMSEY ON HIS SOCIAL MEDIA!!! 🤣 Lol 😆 SIDEMEN (sunday) MASTERCHEF 👨‍🍳 G RAMSEY is the judge 👨‍⚖️ but also cooks food for everyone so they try eachothers meals 🥘 🔥 🔥 🔥 Content 🤣 Make it 1hour plus video lads

    Broken DreamsBroken Dreams21 dag siden
  • You should have got everyone to change their names (Mural, Plural, Rural, Neural, Rolls Royce .etc)

    James LileyJames Liley21 dag siden
  • 9:26 de bruyne😂

    Azzam KhanAzzam Khan21 dag siden
  • Simon should be knowledge josh: strength vik:integrity

    AxispriAxispri21 dag siden
  • Wonderwall 13:00

    Official Da Mad Man ChannelOfficial Da Mad Man Channel21 dag siden
  • W2S lame should’ve changed his name when he left

  • The music is hella annoying for real

    michael bellmichael bell21 dag siden
  • I love when vik gets heated

    LukeLuke21 dag siden
  • Don't get why calling him mural is funny

    ajananajanan21 dag siden
    • It’s cuz jj can’t pronounce mural

      Idk GamerIdk Gamer20 dager siden
  • Didn’t Toby do this weeks ago and nobody even noticed lmao

    ThrowiezThrowiez21 dag siden
  • this lobby is perfect without KSI white friends. maybe switch Milk with Tobi. seeing nice people like him angry & arguing thing on among us is just hilarious

    Han Seoul-ohHan Seoul-oh21 dag siden
  • Mammothachoo thinks red is the imposter

    mammothachoomammothachoo22 dager siden
  • How is mural linked to jj

    BlitzBlitz22 dager siden
  • Play warzone please

    dd yydd yy22 dager siden
  • Ppl who didn't watch JJ's vid don't know why he's just saying one word sentences lol

    Calzone HDCalzone HD22 dager siden
  • Anyone else notice that at 12:38 the votes for cal looked like a rainbow?

    georgie robertsgeorgie roberts22 dager siden
  • Guys please check out my among us video , its not the best video out there but i belive its worth 3 mins , so if you guys dont mind please check it out 🙏

    RaxtekRaxtek22 dager siden
  • harry should have been called jabbawokkees

    Eshaan GhoshEshaan Ghosh22 dager siden
  • jj was doing his wheel spin among us thing

    Ben DoverBen Dover22 dager siden
  • Can everyone please do a proper troll where no one tell him who you are and just make him guess or use colors. 😂

    Eddie K.Eddie K.22 dager siden
  • Make your name Lamborghini with ksi next time

    David JackDavid Jack22 dager siden
  • did Josh do a Throsh?

    ditiboy1011 cprditiboy1011 cpr22 dager siden
  • What does Mural mean

    Jack 2312Jack 231222 dager siden
  • 13:02 wow what a vibe

    big calvindonbig calvindon22 dager siden