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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • “Where the hell is milk!?”-2020

    Miguel SaavedraMiguel Saavedra12 timer siden
  • I personally use the duel wield revolvers and it pretty good

    Sean the OnionSean the Onion4 dager siden
  • i like the ebr idk why it is "cursed"

    monahonnamonahonna8 dager siden
  • Challenge: Its nothing special: Use only melee to win.

    Ayden GrabowAyden Grabow9 dager siden
  • I just finished watching your crazy craft series and it’s weird to see u playing warzone😂

    Darwin SinclairDarwin Sinclair12 dager siden
  • Do

    YOLO ELBAYOLO ELBA12 dager siden
  • Before tommey hated vikk and warz

    Tarang KalsyTarang Kalsy21 dag siden
  • Challenge get a fan a win

    Warzone EntertainmentWarzone EntertainmentMåned siden
  • 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Mixer SCOPEZMixer SCOPEZMåned siden
  • 4:58 lil aim lock or am i bugging

    Luca LazarLuca LazarMåned siden
  • Is that Tommy innit

    finnizingfinnizingMåned siden
  • The Amr is glitched so you have to use it in your secondary slot to get explosive rounds to work

    Jacob CrawfordJacob CrawfordMåned siden
  • the EBR is actual good

    A ZA ZMåned siden
  • Related title: Proof that it’s the player not the gun.

    Logan StricklerLogan StricklerMåned siden
  • Bro u need to play modern warfare

    ツItz LuminousツItz LuminousMåned siden
  • I love these death coms

    Brandon RobertsBrandon RobertsMåned siden
  • would love to see someone host a pro tourney with everyone using loadout randomizer

    Quinn EvansQuinn EvansMåned siden
  • Challenge: Unlock Damascus Camo

    Jasdeep SinghJasdeep SinghMåned siden
  • Challenge: Every time you kill someone you have to take both their guns and use them

    Brady SheehanBrady SheehanMåned siden
  • LOL

    NowaytkNowaytkMåned siden
  • I like the scar is that wierd

    LangyLangyMåned siden
  • I went into a game and used the guns they used and got fucked🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    DelicwaDelicwa2 måneder siden
  • Nice job copying M3RKMUS1C

    Captain PriceCaptain Price2 måneder siden
  • 0.10 very sus

    Darragh DohertyDarragh Doherty2 måneder siden
  • 8:08 😂😂😂

    Henry ParkinHenry Parkin2 måneder siden
  • How does vik have Damascus if he still has guns that’s are levelling up still like the famas. Very confusion

    freddie hallfreddie hall2 måneder siden
  • I am the curse 😶

    NabulaNabula2 måneder siden
  • Cursed guns? the real problem is that, I am the curse

    NabulaNabula2 måneder siden
  • No credit for Marcel and Noah

    Manuel SanchezManuel Sanchez2 måneder siden
  • Challenge accepted, every time u kill someone u have to use their guns, if they have none drop ur guns for only the starting pistol

    JST-_-Mars ,JST-_-Mars ,2 måneder siden
  • puts in* oooo *takes outmmmm

    ReF1ExsHaDzZ ReF1exxReF1ExsHaDzZ ReF1exx2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game with strangers

    Fall Guys videosFall Guys videos2 måneder siden
  • Used the staple gun yet

    Carrot CroppedCarrot Cropped2 måneder siden
  • Stop with these stupid thumbnails

    Sp0d3rSp0d3r2 måneder siden
  • You better not using aim bot I'm look ever channel

    Ghost NinjaJpa750 coldGhost NinjaJpa750 cold2 måneder siden
  • The fact that sidemen has only 1 player that plays cod and is better than all faze members

    Prithvi SnehalPrithvi Snehal2 måneder siden
  • Do a sa87 game play

    Dillon PlayzDillon Playz2 måneder siden
  • Dream playing COD = Vik 💙

    Captain BobCaptain Bob2 måneder siden
  • Guys you tell what was best to do.. 1) The final enemy was one shot but I had terrible weapons and terrible aim and take him on alone (yesterday in duos) 2) Revive my cousin and take the enemy on 1v2. The luck was on my side though cos while I revived my cousin the enemy ran out of explosives (C4) or at least I thought he did, if he did he would have killed us both and won but some reason he didnt

    Nuk4learNuk4lear2 måneder siden
  • How do you get those raps at the beginning ?

    Dimitri MundzicDimitri Mundzic2 måneder siden
  • Why doesn’t he pick up guns at the begging of the game?

    Allison OwenAllison Owen2 måneder siden
  • i feel vik is the most undeserving sidemen. i love him but it is just fax

    judah bajelajudah bajela2 måneder siden
  • try playing on max sensitivity

    Dylan SinglaDylan Singla2 måneder siden
  • You copied merkmusic’s thumbnail

    Sam PepperSam Pepper2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: Use gulag guns as your loadout

    KahiKahi2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: only use season 1 guns to win a game

    HypedrejectHypedreject2 måneder siden
  • Bruh that scar came outta mama scar badly

    TheseSnipersOnlyTheseSnipersOnly2 måneder siden
  • The fact that he copied merkmusic

    V_ FlickzV_ Flickz2 måneder siden
  • Let's get our boy to 7mil c'mon now..

    MorpheusMorpheus2 måneder siden
  • 18:00 looks a bit sus

    sam hillsam hill2 måneder siden
    • sam hill lol a bit? Pretty blatant.

      kamewonikamewoniMåned siden
  • Jesus loves you spread the word

    Cadon BucklesCadon Buckles2 måneder siden
  • Do vehicles only or tac equipment only

    Enes PekcanEnes Pekcan2 måneder siden
  • i'm sure 99% won't see this, but if you do GOD bless you, stay safe and have a wonderfull day❤️

    Manager ValentinoManager Valentino2 måneder siden
  • ah that intro

    leoleo2 måneder siden
  • Cursed guns and 666k views damn

    CentizzyCentizzy2 måneder siden
  • Vik: has a sea urchin on his crossbow in the gulag and proceeds to one shot the opponent

    Banana PeelsBanana Peels2 måneder siden
  • Use the famas shotgun

    Finn GaklikFinn Gaklik2 måneder siden
  • Vik be insane in cod doe dangg

    CertifiedGoatIn60FPSCertifiedGoatIn60FPS2 måneder siden

    BitDemoncaosBitDemoncaos2 måneder siden
  • Why do a lot of players hip-fire instead of ADS? I'm seeing this a lot lately and i have no clue why this would be a benefit

    Sam SlotemakerSam Slotemaker2 måneder siden
    • Sam Slotemaker better strafe speed + more peripheral vision

      covarzcovarz2 måneder siden
  • What skin do u use with MP5

    Rufus DrewettRufus Drewett2 måneder siden
  • Stop using aimbot

    Sameer TaqiSameer Taqi2 måneder siden
  • Why does youtube keep offering your videos? you have like 40 ultimate COD load-out setup videos, each the best.

    knownchildknownchild2 måneder siden
  • this proves All guns are OP

    CorelismCorelism2 måneder siden
  • Yo!@Vikkstar I know I just saw u in a Tinder in real life video !

    Chase HarstadChase Harstad2 måneder siden
  • Vik: *kills someone with the scuffedest gun in the world* just carries on with evrything

    F9 scrimZz !F9 scrimZz !2 måneder siden
  • Been reported

    Connor BlascoConnor Blasco2 måneder siden
  • CHALLENGE: stater pistol only no coldblodded or ghost to give full exposure to enemys.

    Edward ReidEdward Reid2 måneder siden
  • Can u play with exo ghost

    I LOVE BAGELSI LOVE BAGELS2 måneder siden

    Joe ChapmanJoe Chapman2 måneder siden
  • Nothing his aimbot toggle can't handle

    M RodriguezM Rodriguez2 måneder siden
  • My loadout would consist of a slug shotgun. Boi oh boi those things can do some work 😂

    Ollie RobertsOllie Roberts2 måneder siden
  • U should do a challenge where when u kill someone u take their guns!

    SJS 2007SJS 20072 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game without taking any damage

    ASMR S.A.MASMR S.A.M2 måneder siden
  • 8:07 😂😂😂😂

    Marcus 0113Marcus 01132 måneder siden
  • challenge: You should go into an snd or any multiplayer lobby and ask people for a class and try to win with it! Much Love

    Sebastian Bonilla .!Sebastian Bonilla .!2 måneder siden
  • challenge: everytime you kill someone you have to pick up their guns even if its the starter pistol

    Thusitha SilvaThusitha Silva2 måneder siden
  • Do a challenge playing warzone but without talking with your homies

    yoboi hypedyoboi hyped2 måneder siden
  • Them eyebrows bloody hell you got something living in them you can rent them out as a bed

    Mark SeniorMark Senior2 måneder siden
  • My Rytec is bugged too

    Connor KittelmannConnor Kittelmann2 måneder siden
  • 8:08 Be Next To Ur Mom With Full Volume!!

    DunkzaDunkza2 måneder siden
  • Confirmed, I now watch Vikkstar123 play more than I play the game myself

    Uncommon PeopleUncommon People2 måneder siden
  • Surprised nobody picked the so with max recoil lmao

    ZakooZakoo2 måneder siden
  • Vik: calmly kills enemy Enemy: fuuuuucking PUSSY bro!

    Matt GraingerMatt Grainger2 måneder siden
  • Can u do the best sa87 next see how good it is and what class to use

    Liam RobinsonLiam Robinson2 måneder siden
  • Vik has aimbot clearly shows at the start of video

    Luke VannLuke Vann2 måneder siden
  • Vik simping on tommey

    OppressorOppressor2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: play with your headset reversed, like right on left side and etc.

    Smoke 98 BeatsSmoke 98 Beats2 måneder siden
  • Guys 0:00 vik hacking 100%

    NeD oNeD o2 måneder siden
  • The funny thing is I can’t get a win even with the meta guns lol ☹️

    At MeAt Me2 måneder siden
  • Do a blueprint challenge

    Ivan FloresIvan Flores2 måneder siden
  • 8:09 f*cking p*ssy bro!

    hostile -hostile -2 måneder siden
  • I watched this kid say "how are people so good at this " while playing fall guy and consistently loosing lmao 😂🤣, a game that takes no skill and consists of just running and jumping lol But he can jump on war zone and kill it ,right

    mexican sammexican sam2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game with guns that have no attachments

    Loading LoadingLoading Loading2 måneder siden
  • Do x16 only

    Sunitha RegoSunitha Rego2 måneder siden
  • Please do a best of death reaction vid

    Liam DrinkwaterLiam Drinkwater2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: get a win only killing enemies with finisher

    Low LightLow Light2 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game without reloading

    Sean CavareeSean Cavaree2 måneder siden
  • Protect the president challenge vik 🇬🇧

    Mason__ GamezMason__ Gamez2 måneder siden
  • I swear you can throw a c4 across the map on pc

    Kyle MaguireKyle Maguire2 måneder siden