VIKKSTAR vs FOLABI (KSI) in Among Us w/ Sidemen & Friends

15. nov.. 2020
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  • Bro why this mans neck so long in the thumbnail

    AidonasuarusREXAidonasuarusREX5 dager siden
  • Folabi

    Phantom GPhantom G7 dager siden
  • We appreciate this content plz keep uploading

    Seppie XDSeppie XD8 dager siden
  • Like to see it with babatunde

    hihi10 dager siden
  • REMINDER : DO NOT fake astroids. People could see that the animations for the shots (on the right) aren't going off. You can also catch people that way. :)

    Robin FrancoisRobin Francois10 dager siden
    • @Robin Francois yes it is what visual tasks mean. And when visual tasks are off, only the player can see the animations not anyone elsem

      Bulbasaur _Bulbasaur _8 dager siden
    • @Bulbasaur _ I don't think that's what visual tasks means. And if it is and they really did have it off, we wouldn't have seen the shots going off when that person was doing asteroids. But they did so......I mean I wouldn't have commented that if I wasn't reminded when I saw them go off

      Robin FrancoisRobin Francois8 dager siden
    • They had visual tasks off

      Bulbasaur _Bulbasaur _8 dager siden
  • the background of vik's video has a lotta haze ...

    Srinikethan KSSrinikethan KS10 dager siden
  • 0:15 When you decide to try to remember everyone’s locations and forget seconds later.

    rnqtnrnqtn10 dager siden
  • Sad how you gotta put ksi in brackets lol aren’t you done using your own friend for views?

    SteppaTSteppaT10 dager siden
  • When watching this video you want to play among us

    Gabriel MendozaGabriel Mendoza11 dager siden
  • When someone wants unlocking all AmongUs the secrets menu They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    Jessica StanleyJessica Stanley11 dager siden
    • Scam lol

      Asher VerteramoAsher Verteramo10 dager siden
  • So now I know why Callux hates Vikk

    Amir-HamzaAmir-Hamza11 dager siden

    Ricky RyderRicky Ryder11 dager siden
  • Will wants a trade

    LukeシLukeシ11 dager siden
  • Big willy will wants to trade

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    DylmanDylman11 dager siden
  • Willne wanst to trade

    DylmanDylman11 dager siden
  • Hi vic Willne Made a video he mentions you I know you might not see this comment but if you do tell him to make a video about it

    Martin mcguiganMartin mcguigan11 dager siden
  • Big willy will want to trade

    SenoYTSenoYT11 dager siden
  • Vikk, wiillNE wants to trade for the bottle of Dom you smuggled from Tomorrowland. Hit him up!

    Jac CaygillJac Caygill11 dager siden
  • Big Willy will wants the champagne

    CjCj11 dager siden
  • Y is ur neck so big in the thumbnail

    Ajk pakAjk pak11 dager siden
  • Folabi is NOT ksi

    Ajk pakAjk pak11 dager siden
  • willne wants the champaigne

    Tom wrightTom wright11 dager siden
  • Big will wants to trade

    Zach MZach M11 dager siden
  • Big Lad WillNE has asked us to send a message, he wants that bottle of champagne you smuggled out of tommorrowland, name ya price

    GodGod11 dager siden

    pike noinpike noin11 dager siden
  • Willne wants to trade

    Shorts of homeShorts of home11 dager siden

    Sean SSean S11 dager siden
  • WillNE wants a trade, please go watch his latest video

    YultideFNYultideFN11 dager siden
  • Willy will wants to do a trade

    Lucy PyeLucy Pye11 dager siden
  • Big willne wants a trade

    Sela VeitaukitogaSela Veitaukitoga11 dager siden

    Louisa DorntonLouisa Dornton11 dager siden

    Senne Siebelt-MerrySenne Siebelt-Merry11 dager siden

    bluurzbluurz11 dager siden
  • Wills just called you out, give them the champagne

    Animae MAnimae M11 dager siden
  • Willine wants to trade

    Plantingcrab 719Plantingcrab 71911 dager siden
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    Cobi HudsonCobi Hudson11 dager siden
  • Will wants a trade

    Xandur PallagastXandur Pallagast11 dager siden
  • Will wants a trade

    Xandur PallagastXandur Pallagast11 dager siden
  • I "liked" the video because it's funny and entertaining, but I cannot approve of this constant bullying of JJ.

    SumDudeSumDude11 dager siden
  • Y is vik so aggressive I hate him

    Manan2403Manan240312 dager siden
  • Vik looks like mia Khalifa's brother

    VolixVolix12 dager siden
  • What Folabi is KSI My whole life was just a lie

    Racing PuppyRacing Puppy12 dager siden
  • They need to collab with Pride and Pinion

    p1mmyt0w3llp1mmyt0w3ll12 dager siden
  • i cant be the only one who thinks his headset is huge

    tw0fasttw0fast12 dager siden
  • What game settings do you use

    Leyton CarnochanLeyton Carnochan12 dager siden
  • i love that vik had to clarify that ksi is folabi in the title

    Alexis TrejoAlexis Trejo12 dager siden
  • VIKKSTAR vs FOLABI (KSI) in Among Us w/ Sidemen & Friends

    Crunch PlaysCrunch Plays12 dager siden
  • Has he quit warzone?

    Adam AliAdam Ali12 dager siden
  • 2:24 I’m obsessed with Calfreezy’s laugh😭😂

    Amy Anthony-harphamAmy Anthony-harpham12 dager siden
  • after watching youtubers like corpse and sykuno play this vikk isn’t as good as you think, he is still a solid play but he faked the same download task in admin like 4 times in one game.

    Ryder ForsythRyder Forsyth12 dager siden
    • I think he thought they would just think he didn’t finish it or messed up but it was way too obvious he has to practice on public lobbies or in free play I have been practicing and I think I got pretty good.

      Heather GrayHeather Gray10 dager siden
  • I remember when you commentated on my cod clip vik, best cod shots 588

    Dawson95FTWDawson95FTW12 dager siden
  • vik had to let everyone know it’s ksi so dem views don’t flop😂😂

    wy gwy g12 dager siden
  • Vik is the worst at faking tasks tbh.. he just finishes everything so quickly and does many of them twice 😂

    Andy JameAndy Jame12 dager siden
    • Lol literally copy pasted a top comment

      GenghisCuntGenghisCunt12 dager siden
  • The title is wrong Folabi is not KSI

    YouTube BoyYouTube Boy12 dager siden
  • Bro, Vikk needs to find some new thumbnail artists

    Backwards BrainBackwards Brain12 dager siden
  • c

    Charlotte MacfarlaneCharlotte Macfarlane12 dager siden
  • I love how red say he was doing download when he’s doing upload

    K3VSTAK3VSTA12 dager siden
  • lmao lux and poki using the same download trick:) 10:29

    sunita goelsunita goel12 dager siden
  • I stopped playing among us because of these sweaty players

    GoldenGolden12 dager siden
  • Yes, milk your friend’s name as hard as you can, “(ksi)”

    WraithWraith12 dager siden
  • I hate vikk

    DunkleDunkle12 dager siden
  • Why is viks neck so ling in the thumbnail

    nutrientnutrient12 dager siden
  • Why does it look like Vik has a giraffe neck on the thumb nail?

    Nolan LangrehrNolan Langrehr12 dager siden
  • The sheer brain power in this lobby is astonishing

    HiHi12 dager siden
  • I got bored and started a youtube channel. I post montages of gaming clips and I’m getting a PC soon! Be a homie, subscribe and check it out.

    Midnight MayhemMidnight Mayhem12 dager siden
  • To be fair though

    TheLlamaKidTheLlamaKid12 dager siden
  • ngl i want the warzone vids back

    James LeveneJames Levene12 dager siden
  • I just killed your team down town on war zone sorry bud

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward12 dager siden
  • U sure it was vikk vs folabi🤨??? More liek vikk vs Callux

    Laundry BasketLaundry Basket12 dager siden
  • "Don't lie who's been a fan before 2020" (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)

    Fxmous RioFxmous Rio12 dager siden
  • More zombies please!

    PapercheesePapercheese12 dager siden
  • 3:20 bro this man vik almost broke the record for fastest Simon says task 😭

    Laundry BasketLaundry Basket12 dager siden
  • he is rly not very good at faking tasks lmao

    Jakey BJakey B12 dager siden
  • Jj do be pretty sus do

    Matt Bradley-wellsMatt Bradley-wells12 dager siden
  • Man You have come so far from 0 to almost 7 mill I’m proud to be a fan been here since 500k

    Juiceeie TiktokJuiceeie Tiktok12 dager siden

    Team SwiftTeam Swift13 dager siden
  • Lol 😂

    Abdullah 2460Abdullah 246013 dager siden
  • Vik is looking like calfreezy in the thumbnail.... 🦒🦒

    Reetika DebroyReetika Debroy13 dager siden
  • stop abusing that thumbnail

    Captain RamboCaptain Rambo13 dager siden
  • Why does viks neck look really long in the thumbnail? 😂

    PepperPepper13 dager siden
  • Promotion: @uLdE

    aaa aaaaaa aaa13 dager siden
  • No your totally wrong, Callux was 100% correct, you ran up when he’d been on download for at least a few seconds, and when he moved you instantly moved. The worst thing about it is you then use josh to claim that callux is not using info correctly when he’s in fact entirely correct

    Ton BlackshawTon Blackshaw13 dager siden
  • How come in Vikks videos u can’t really hear JJ

    EghosaB13 _EghosaB13 _13 dager siden
  • Don't you just love it when the sidemen use KSI's name for views.

    Dylan FletcherDylan Fletcher13 dager siden
  • What going on with viks neck in the thumbnail

    antony gamerantony gamer13 dager siden

    Евгения МикЕвгения Мик13 dager siden

    Fuggvff GgghvccfFuggvff Ggghvccf13 dager siden
  • Thumbnail did vik dirty 🦒🦒🦒

    JessJess13 dager siden

    It’s OllieXDIt’s OllieXD13 dager siden
  • Vikks neck in the thumbnail.....

    ALI JAFFARALI JAFFAR13 dager siden
  • 3:20 no one talking about how ungodly fast he was doing 1-10 😳

    Paul AxelPaul Axel13 dager siden
    • That was like zoom

      VygintasVygintas13 dager siden
  • no one gonna talk about vikks neck in the thumbnail😂😂😂

    Adam DCAdam DC13 dager siden
  • Fun Fact : You’re not watching this video on full screen xd

    iGhost ShortsiGhost Shorts13 dager siden
  • They should make more modded videos

    EgheitimarkusEgheitimarkus13 dager siden
  • Vik does realise that doing asteroids is visual bc of the canons at the front 🤣

    Alpha KiwiAlpha Kiwi13 dager siden
  • Poor Folabi :(

    Alexander BecerraAlexander Becerra13 dager siden
  • Damn vik really put KSI in brackets for them views

    ssss13 dager siden
  • Why is your neck so stretched in the thumbnail?

    SakarisSakaris13 dager siden