Warzone BEST GUNS (Ranking from WORST to BEST Weapons!)

16. juli. 2020
839 649 Ganger

CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • The r-90 didn't age very well...

    SMHaychSMHaychDag siden
  • I'm getting pissed off watching this in seoson 6

    Brandon30 Beast27Brandon30 Beast2715 dager siden
  • My load out. Is. Grau Mp5 Heartbeat and c4

    Alfie EvansAlfie Evans16 dager siden
  • I think the grau is better then the m13 %100 and maybe Fal and mp7

    Alfie EvansAlfie Evans16 dager siden
  • Vikk sey origin 12 is not good ahahaha

    Dindinadi ִDindinadi ִ23 dager siden
  • I would swap the SKS for the EBR, maybe even put it in cracked. Imo it's a bit dumb to put snipers in op because they all do the same thing, it's just preference. Though I agree the Kar is OP due to its ADS and being better than the snipers in almost every way

    Lil' AnsellLil' Ansell27 dager siden
  • BRO origin if better

    Koby HartholzKoby Hartholz28 dager siden
  • how could u under rate the oden :(

    MoNkEy MENMoNkEy MEN29 dager siden
    • anyways goo job on the vids

      MoNkEy MENMoNkEy MEN29 dager siden
  • 10:58 this aged well

    Abdul-Azeez MarthinusAbdul-Azeez MarthinusMåned siden
    • Just what i was thinking lmao😂

      Victor ManceraVictor ManceraMåned siden
  • Bruh u had stopping power on the fal

    Haani GhermoulHaani GhermoulMåned siden
  • 11:00 yeah sure dud

  • I think the p90 Is overpowered

    Lucas IrvineLucas IrvineMåned siden
  • I’m new to cod and I use the m4. How do I get the grau and should I use it over the m4 in warzone or multiplayer

    Ishaan pablaIshaan pablaMåned siden
  • Fists are trasg

    Prasad KolluriPrasad KolluriMåned siden
  • Mate you don’t know what you’re talking about

    PrimeBeastPrimeBeastMåned siden
  • I think he is way to generous with "OVERPOWERED" ngl

    The Aesir - OdinThe Aesir - OdinMåned siden
  • My personal fav is the oden,😢"below average"

    ihave20feetihave20feetMåned siden
  • Vic: Model 680 is the best shotgun Origin 12: laughs in death

    ShapelierMedal 1ShapelierMedal 1Måned siden
  • M4:A1 jshud. B e ooo

    Reece TaylorReece TaylorMåned siden
  • What is the camo you use

    Mags DudeMags DudeMåned siden
  • The mk2 carbine is so op In multiplayer almost better than the kar98

    Harry PentelowHarry PentelowMåned siden
  • I’m watching in season 5 and the origin 12 is my favorite gun

    Mr.jack BowenMr.jack BowenMåned siden
  • Jesus layed down his life for you so that through his sacrifice you may have eternal life and not the pit of eternal scorching choose Christ

    Lhhucifthh Son of GodLhhucifthh Son of God2 måneder siden
  • I agree with almost everything except the Cr amax I had the thing yesterday and with 10 round mags it’s like a 4 maybe 5 hit

    Saucy LettuceSaucy Lettuce2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else notice the uzi was the msmc or for the people who play cod and aren’t og’s the xmc

    TTV_ Shadow_69TTV_ Shadow_692 måneder siden
  • The riot shield is cracked but who ever uses it is just a bot like if you agree

    Hockiers 2Hockiers 22 måneder siden
  • The Rytec is actually good now

    TheTalkingDinosaurTheTalkingDinosaur2 måneder siden
  • try the snatch grip on the pkm

    Apolo CorruptApolo Corrupt2 måneder siden
  • origin12 is annoying overpower

    GRandPie GamingGRandPie Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Hey Vik you should do this video again especially again with season 5 here with two new guns l

    Joe DianaJoe Diana2 måneder siden
  • the vlk rouge with fire shots is better than the fire pump

    Cup_Head_575Cup_Head_5752 måneder siden
  • Where are the launchers?

    Sky PoopSky Poop2 måneder siden
  • Where’s the iso

    iChill PogbaiChill Pogba2 måneder siden
  • AN-94?

    M3ga Bea5tM3ga Bea5t2 måneder siden
    • @Rory McCoy I know. Just don't know where he would put it? 👍

      M3ga Bea5tM3ga Bea5tMåned siden
    • It was before the update

      Rory McCoyRory McCoyMåned siden
  • why was the picture of the aug from black ops 1

    karlos singhkarlos singh2 måneder siden
  • love these vids hope u get 10 mil❤️🚀

    bxron.1upbxron.1up2 måneder siden
  • The mp5 and m4al

    Ramzi HRamzi H2 måneder siden
  • Right vik 1v1 someone you with uzi him with fennec see who wins

    XD DJPLAYS XDXD DJPLAYS XD2 måneder siden
  • My dad use the HDR

    Matthew BobadillaMatthew Bobadilla2 måneder siden
  • Do this again now with the shotgun buff

    Ryan A16Ryan A162 måneder siden
  • Now Rytec can one shot headshot after season 5 update

    Nikodem CzokNikodem Czok2 måneder siden
  • The Grau is still one of the best weapons even after the nerf

    Mohammed R.Mohammed R.2 måneder siden
    • still melts with the 3.0x optic

      Rayhaan17Rayhaan17Måned siden
    • Fax. Same with the bruen

      Kejdndn JdjsjsnsnKejdndn JdjsjsnsnMåned siden
  • What about the FR 5.56?

    Dan JamesDan James2 måneder siden
  • 725 is still op in MP lol

    Joe the gamerJoe the gamer2 måneder siden
  • I’ve wiped quite a few squads with the R9-0... definitely not with the slug rounds tho😂

    FridayFriday2 måneder siden
  • Vikk doesn’t understand how good the p90 is

    Owen WardellOwen Wardell2 måneder siden
  • Only thing I disagree with is the origin 12 shotgun because like any gun you need to know its range. For example, pushing an enemy team for a bounty who is holding down a building - I have taken out 4 man squads with a 12 round mag with this thing. It's just an absolute beast up close & they dont expect you to push so quickly.

    TR!CKTR!CK2 måneder siden
    • Good for you this vid is almost a month old and he won’t see this dumbass

      Oliver MacGovernOliver MacGovern2 måneder siden
  • Ok I’ve played so many games why is everyone using one of the overpowered guns

    Niall SchofieldNiall Schofield2 måneder siden
  • finishers a amazing and the mk41 is amazing

    The_TTV_OFFICIALThe_TTV_OFFICIAL2 måneder siden
  • Augs are slept on ong

    AvalonAvalon2 måneder siden
  • The fal

    PACYWYN DLPACYWYN DL2 måneder siden
  • I dropped 3 man with

    PACYWYN DLPACYWYN DL2 måneder siden
    • ?

      randomguy92randomguy922 måneder siden
  • Did he really say the M13 is overpowered?

    chefalcchefalc2 måneder siden
  • I feel like you put too many weapons in the overpowered section instead of cracked. Overpowered weapons are a select few guns that very clearly stand out compared to other weapons. And it felt like it wasn’t your opinion like you stated at the start. As multiple times you said “I’ve seen people absolutely slay out with this weapon but it’s not my favourite”

    Crazy CocoYTCrazy CocoYT2 måneder siden
  • Bruh idk if I’m using mp5 or mp7 I always lose to the FAL and vice versa, if I’m using the FAL I can usually beat the mp5 or mp7. Thoughts?

    Braden GriffinBraden Griffin2 måneder siden
  • pp19 bizon is such a good gun with good upgrades

    Galactic GamingGalactic Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Launchers, famas?

    William ArkinWilliam Arkin2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the video but I think the 725 shot gun is average with the right attachments

    Ashley PlowmanAshley Plowman2 måneder siden
  • Pkm is better than bruen change my mind

    Albertico PlaysAlbertico Plays2 måneder siden
  • Everyone and they mother run around with a MP5, it’s honestly getting annoying

    SleezySleezy2 måneder siden
  • His missing the origin shotgun

    Ewan EdwardsEwan Edwards2 måneder siden
  • Okay the VLK Shotgun is actually a madness

    George HancocksGeorge Hancocks2 måneder siden
  • Should have m19 above x16, far better damage and headshot multiplier

    Gabriel SlaterGabriel Slater2 måneder siden
  • You have to try akimbo M19s, best pistols in the game

    awhat206awhat2062 måneder siden
  • 15:06

    F8ALNATIVEF8ALNATIVE2 måneder siden
  • 680 goes in cracked

    gg gggg gg2 måneder siden
  • The mg34 destroys though

    Federico PeterlongoFederico Peterlongo2 måneder siden
  • No famas?!

    csoavesmithcsoavesmith2 måneder siden
  • I really like your opinions and placements. The only things I would change would be to move the Origin 12 and the AUG to Cracked

    Jesse HoffmanJesse Hoffman2 måneder siden
  • How is a rank list going from "average" to "CRACKED"

    niklas johanssonniklas johansson2 måneder siden
  • Sry but the AUG is way OP, u just have to use it right. I use it for close range / hit fire, but with the 60ty 5,56 mag. The fact why it's OP is, I've a high damage SMG with AR ammo! But in warzone it's still SMG ammo. The only disadvantage is the ads speed..., but who needs fast ads when ur hitfire melts🤷🏻‍♂️

    Mike M199Mike M1992 måneder siden
  • I have never realized how many guns are in war xone

    KNTS_B3aR 11KNTS_B3aR 112 måneder siden
  • I only like it in multi

    Ishan ShresthaIshan Shrestha2 måneder siden
  • I’m just joking

    Ishan ShresthaIshan Shrestha2 måneder siden
  • The M13 is my ride or die

    Mackenzie WhiteMackenzie White2 måneder siden
  • Can somebody tell how does he have that camouflage on the guns cause it is sick

    L3g3ndlukaL3g3ndluka2 måneder siden
  • Why in the world would you rate the m13 higher than the grau and m4

    Aple JuiceAple Juice2 måneder siden
  • His top ten are all the guns that I us

    Evan ConteEvan Conte2 måneder siden
  • It would be better to give some facts about the guns instead of just saying it’s your opinion!

    M BM B2 måneder siden
  • If u run a game with kali sticks only or model 680, or .357 magnum, or ebr, I guarantee u will not do as many kills as u would with ak, m91, aug, or oden like no way they’re on the same level

    Andrew BritlandAndrew Britland2 måneder siden
  • Ok, ur overpowered requirements are way too low, the only things up there should be HDR, Grau, FAL, Bruen, and maybe AX-50 and m4, Maybe.

    Andrew BritlandAndrew Britland2 måneder siden
  • My warzon loadiut is a 12 round striker 45 and slug shotgun

    Hal OlsenHal Olsen2 måneder siden
  • Best gun is bruen imo.

    Oliver WOliver W2 måneder siden
  • Bruh my man just said the best sniper (MK2 Carbine) was worse than the crossbow.

    Star wars boyStar wars boy2 måneder siden
  • Wheres the MP5 !!!!!!

    Chris LarocqueChris Larocque2 måneder siden
  • The MG34 with the right class set-up is Beast. So underrated.

    ibn001ibn0012 måneder siden
  • not ranking the strela-p is kinda disrespect

    Hoppie 15Hoppie 152 måneder siden
  • 1911. is the ultimate manly man handgun. Geez Vikk! It deserves its own category. Legend.

    Petar MolnarPetar Molnar2 måneder siden
  • So these guns are the best guns for hacking guys ;)

    Derek OgibaDerek Ogiba2 måneder siden
  • No shot that you put the M13 in front of the M4

    Tristan RogersTristan Rogers2 måneder siden
  • The bizon is an insane gun

    Lyssa SandersLyssa Sanders2 måneder siden
  • Man just put a bizon above oden 🤣

    Sam ChallengerSam Challenger2 måneder siden
  • Impressive how dumb your list is brother

    GangGreen_714GangGreen_7142 måneder siden
  • The scar is very underrated I must say😶 That belongs in cracked my opinion

    BallerMan _15BallerMan _152 måneder siden
  • If the FAL was higher I’d agree fully. FAL is completely broken

    Hue MungusHue Mungus2 måneder siden
  • In Huskerss hands the Fennec is retarded

    Hue MungusHue Mungus2 måneder siden
  • Odd put ax50 in cracked m13 in average and grau and m4 a bit higher

    Billy WallisBilly Wallis2 måneder siden
  • Vick how do u get that blue and orange wrap

    Crxcked JynxCrxcked Jynx2 måneder siden
  • Looks it’s time to run bruen and kilo

    Max HMax H2 måneder siden
  • Was accurate until you picked the m13 over the grau lol...

    Michael TorresMichael Torres2 måneder siden