21. juli. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • As a csgo player I think it’s funny everyone complaining about hacking and that wasn’t spin botting either but activision needs to fix their game they ban people for toxicity in chat and names but not actual hackers

    Sammy JohnsonSammy Johnson6 dager siden
  • You gotta be one hell of a sad little moms basement virgin to exploit on warzone, seriously.

    FlawsFlawsMåned siden
  • sub if you like my content

    Alan MayerAlan MayerMåned siden
  • How about you can only kill people with finisher moves

    XD scoped XDXD scoped XDMåned siden
  • why didn't you report him then?

    Ameya ShejaleAmeya ShejaleMåned siden
  • here’s a challenge, no stun/c4, no grau/ mp5 challenge

    Theedd9991Theedd9991Måned siden
  • almost minute and half unnecessary talking about obvious thing that already saw on vid's caption

    Farzad FarhangiFarzad FarhangiMåned siden
  • You can hear it faintly but the song at the start was Mount Olympus by Approaching Nirvana

    Caiden CairlCaiden CairlMåned siden
  • he surely never played Team Fortress 2.

    Gaby MezeiGaby MezeiMåned siden
  • This is another reason why pc players should stay away from console. Not only the sweaty players and hacks but their FOV can be maxed out to have that edge over console.

    Brou_047Brou_047Måned siden
  • No killstreaks challenge?? Pls do this challenge

    J TJ TMåned siden
  • The 558 people who disliked are hackers on warzone

    Fl3x sweatFl3x sweat2 måneder siden
  • 13:41 my man had a good gaming chair

    Lauren WestLauren West2 måneder siden
  • I looked at the screen and realised I wasn’t subscribed I subd

    Ya MumYa Mum2 måneder siden
  • Synthetic dreams no longer has 60 round mags

    XD DJPLAYS XDXD DJPLAYS XD2 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s3q8YquKrM3S1qc.html

    Tomasso CesarioTomasso Cesario2 måneder siden
  • Mannnn it’s so fucking sad people hacking... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Cuck SockCuck Sock2 måneder siden
  • I'd love to see a video challenge where they cant use the shop

    Tommy TTommy T2 måneder siden
  • Bartonologist best player in the game

    sarp yiğit aksüyeksarp yiğit aksüyek2 måneder siden
  • 8:00 all I’m gonna say

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George2 måneder siden
  • 12:05 wtf ....

    hackabusihackabusi2 måneder siden
  • 12:05 NICE!

    The MelonThe Melon2 måneder siden
  • I'm just saying the wipe on tha guy on tyre end was insane

    TMM JellyTMM Jelly2 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s4nSad6jlN2_2tU.html

    Bernardo AbranchesBernardo Abranches2 måneder siden
    • this guy is not giving a s...

      Bernardo AbranchesBernardo Abranches2 måneder siden
  • 9:20 viki put on an imaginary shield? Ok 👍

    Jamal JJamal J2 måneder siden
  • I am surprised you’ve not joined faze yet your the best player I’ve ever seen

    Callum HandleighCallum Handleigh2 måneder siden
  • I get these sorts of players every game yet Activision/IW do nothing about it, report them, and nothing comes of it, i watched a dude today clip onto 3 guys, 1 in thick smoke i didnt see squat, but ge some how clips onto three dudes there.. makes no sense why they dont take cheat reports seriously in this fucking game

    RickRick2 måneder siden
  • Vik is the GOAT at WZ because he doesn’t reverse boost like Swagg or K3

    Nathaniel Rodel RogacionNathaniel Rodel Rogacion2 måneder siden
  • FAL aka cheater deleter

    JK Clips JKJK Clips JK2 måneder siden
  • Bro stfu youre using silent hacks and controller mods

    HellshyHellshy2 måneder siden
    • @Murkydyl ALOL you missed the point but ok.

      HellshyHellshy2 måneder siden
    • Vikk is just better than you, get over it

      MurkydylMurkydyl2 måneder siden
    • Hellshy yeah, exactly...

      RayanRayan2 måneder siden
  • 13:40 OMG

    SeiGe Jake49ooSeiGe Jake49oo2 måneder siden
  • Oh no your little challenge got ruined :((((((((((((((

    Linken yoloLinken yolo2 måneder siden
  • Nah they just have good gaiming chair

    Kristian MelaKristian Mela2 måneder siden
  • Why’s he moaning about hackers when he was caught cheating himself)

    Kieran OwenKieran Owen2 måneder siden
    • @Noah Samuel fax

      MurkydylMurkydyl2 måneder siden
    • No he wasn’t he’s just sick and you can’t deal with it

      Noah SamuelNoah Samuel2 måneder siden
  • Vi k money never chance you:|)

    OoofOoof2 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/vHbHaJZs3MO-ypo.html

    Foxy LoxyFoxy Loxy2 måneder siden
  • The intros are so cringe bruh when you finnaly find the game that you are good at then you start making these intros

    King on 60hzKing on 60hz2 måneder siden
  • 8:00 hilarious

    TheMasters PSTheMasters PS2 måneder siden
  • At the start of the video u sound American

    Sam BSam B2 måneder siden
  • 3:45 That flick tho

    LIANN NGLIANN NG2 måneder siden
  • How do u change your screen resolution on Xbox to the one like viks?

    Sahand KarimSahand Karim2 måneder siden
  • Don't be so quick to jump the gun on saying he's cheating he may just have a better gaming chair

    Gigabites GamingGigabites Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Hacker are the biggest noobs in Games

    Hyper DmcHyper Dmc2 måneder siden
  • Theres literally no spinbotting in this video at all. whoever the retard who said he was spinbotting was needs to get his eyes checked.

    AlduinAlduin2 måneder siden
  • Earlyer I came across a hacker in sqads with a 200 round mag lmg

    Reegan WilksReegan Wilks2 måneder siden
  • He's hacking he has aim-bot

    Nathan RainsNathan Rains2 måneder siden
  • 12:01 I'm not convinced that he isnt hacking

    vince masonvince mason2 måneder siden
  • 12:06 How is that possible?

    Thiago PinheiroThiago Pinheiro2 måneder siden
  • He lost subs????

    Raiden The MortalRaiden The Mortal2 måneder siden
  • Nah he’s just got a better gaming chair

    Matthew WrightMatthew Wright2 måneder siden
  • Imagine being such a sad pathetic individual in this world that you need to cheat at a game to win

    PenfoldPenfold2 måneder siden
  • Wait does vik know what f boy means 😂

    Leroy SaneLeroy Sane2 måneder siden
  • its sad that the ONLY way to fix it is to drop your KD

    PrekkyPrekky2 måneder siden
  • I had 37 kills

    Melissa ChapmanMelissa Chapman2 måneder siden
  • Agh stfu with your silent aimbot & radar.

    chip chippersonchip chipperson2 måneder siden
  • Gold sniper guy wasn't cheating at all but ok

    Tim VelighzaninTim Velighzanin2 måneder siden
  • Are you rank 155

    philip blundellphilip blundell2 måneder siden
  • Just saying now, by season 5 if cheating is not sorted. This game will be in a war against itself and will lose a TON of popularity. Every Hour , day there are more and more cheaters coming in.

    HasoniHasoni2 måneder siden
  • check out my newest video we killed superevan and his team

    INFAMOUSINFAMOUS2 måneder siden
  • I came into a hacker in downtown

    Ian MarshIan Marsh2 måneder siden
  • 8:02 cool aim

    Emmanuel Ramos MusicEmmanuel Ramos Music2 måneder siden
  • As much as I dislike fortnite, you have to admire their anti Cheat system

    Ricky MartinRicky Martin2 måneder siden
  • Death to all cheaters

    European CitizenEuropean Citizen2 måneder siden
  • I swear!!!!!!!!!! What us the point in playing if u r gonna cheat there r so many games I could have won but instead I come across a hacker

    Zain HussainZain Hussain2 måneder siden
  • Can’t stand watching vik but wanted to see the cheater So I turned down the volume and watched it instead lmao

    E4Emonster 69E4Emonster 692 måneder siden
  • Disgraceful #nohacking #vikwasrobbed ;(

    ADodgyPigeonADodgyPigeon2 måneder siden
  • Is he a corporate sponsored player?

    Gab RielGab Riel2 måneder siden
  • I have been playing this game for 6 months now and i have had only 1 encounter with a hacker but still i think its a big issue given that the game is still new so they should fix it.

    MOEMOE2 måneder siden
  • Your versing hackers ur getting put in games with hackers Activision thinks ur hacking 😂😂

    VagueVague2 måneder siden
  • Hackers gone too far look noworld.info/video/video/loHWjtF_x7inspo.html

    Top DawgTop Dawg2 måneder siden
  • i just raged quit that game and started fortnite and pubg lol

    ZincZinc2 måneder siden
  • U getting bots gone to far

    Treyton GamerdingerTreyton Gamerdinger2 måneder siden
  • War zone: gets a hacker outbreak. Csgo players: pathetic

    GaMMeRGaMMeR2 måneder siden
  • The cheater has an 18.45 K/D 😂

    Cody MCody M2 måneder siden
  • PC players have such an advantage they had FOV when console players are forced to play with a close view

    ToastedToasted2 måneder siden
  • This is one of the reasons I don’t play warzone I play on console but the amount of hackers is unreal I don’t get how they find it fun as it doesn’t set any real challenge for you

    Gaming RoutGaming Rout2 måneder siden
  • Let us talk about it probably the guy that was 19 through the window let’s talk about it he he he probably used a heartbeat since her to find them so you knew he was in there already knew that they was upstairs so if you can’t see him through the window means they have to be on one side or the other side so he shot towards the bottom to see if he was there missed shut toward the side oh hitting know you know where the rat you see it’s not that they know exactly where they’re at they’re looking for them through shooting through the wall to find them any when you get home guess what happens you breakthroughs shield which tells you that they’re right there see if you guys was half as good at the game as if the people they sue the wall you know that this should work as are looking for them

    Andy GillespieAndy Gillespie2 måneder siden
  • Hey Vikkstar! I hope you see this, but a suggestion to streamers like you since you’re an influencer to the game - I suggest that you and many other streamers boycott buying any outfits, camos etc. in the game so that people like us can follow so that our voices can be heard and they can finally implement a good anti cheat system.

    BonPrezBonPrez2 måneder siden
  • Boys prepare for a 100gb update

    Mr BeastMr Beast2 måneder siden
  • Why is he not aloud to use custom guns

    Yakub FarahYakub Farah2 måneder siden
  • I'm lucky I'm on xbox I have to have cross play on so I ran into 3 hacker a in the few months I've been playing

    TremendousSpy53TremendousSpy532 måneder siden
  • vikk is so pissed offf 🤣

    Ethan RamirezEthan Ramirez2 måneder siden
  • I encounter hackers in war zone at least every other game if not more

    Crack wbCrack wb2 måneder siden
  • When the hackers takedown war zone u and the sidemen should play some valorant

    The Playground KidsThe Playground Kids2 måneder siden
  • Hey Vik, is this in the mobile edition and do u play on a phone, tablet ? Pc? Console , as it’s looks different to game I am playing at min

    Mandy OglesbyMandy Oglesby2 måneder siden
  • I came up with an idea. What if every little peace of loot vik can find he has to pick up. :)

    Malcolm TörnqvistMalcolm Törnqvist2 måneder siden
    • Yes

      Ledger 2k07Ledger 2k072 måneder siden
  • Vik should use the uzi with the new attachments

    Ben HardyBen Hardy2 måneder siden
  • You can tell who’s cheating with no score points from downing or killing.

    MegaRage92MegaRage922 måneder siden
  • WOW!!!!

    Gaming Is FunGaming Is Fun2 måneder siden
  • but also imagine how sad their lives must be if they need to cheat in a virtual video game

    AhnafAhnaf2 måneder siden
  • How is cheating fun

    Breaking BenjaminBreaking Benjamin2 måneder siden
  • call this the warzone experience

    GoldenKNLGGoldenKNLG2 måneder siden
  • How did he only get 15 kills while cheating 🤣

    Callum BrookCallum Brook2 måneder siden
  • Game hackers = insecure people. I genuinely pity someone who would use let alone pay for an unfair upper advantage in a game.

    Andrew FAndrew F2 måneder siden
  • 11:53 skill

    CheifCheif2 måneder siden
  • lets report them guys

    Yan CamposYan Campos2 måneder siden
  • war zone is for idiots pay to win game...

    alen borovskialen borovski2 måneder siden
  • ZeroCool is the sudonym of the main character in the movie 'Hackers'

    schabeschabe2 måneder siden
  • the dislikes are coming from them cheaters

    Nathan BravoNathan Bravo2 måneder siden
  • I will delete Warzone it's a mess

    The WatcherThe Watcher2 måneder siden