7. juli. 2020
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  • Crossbow is legit so underrated.

    CharedGoldCharedGoldDag siden
  • @Vikkstar123 , you should do this again. I just discovered the crossbow in MP and it's tougher to use, but so fun. People don't usually get mad if they die to this thing; they know it's harder to use than a gun.

    Ovi Wan KenobiOvi Wan Kenobi3 dager siden
  • Vehicles only challenge?

    Piglet0123456789Piglet01234567894 dager siden
  • Why is everyone a "kid" during callouts lol

    Steve Was SavedSteve Was Saved13 dager siden
  • U flipping legendary vikk

    Finlay webbFinlay webb17 dager siden
  • I wonder how.many people have an obsidian crossbow, cuz I do

    Wesley PalumboWesley Palumbo21 dag siden
  • nice

    Ijaz AhmedIjaz AhmedMåned siden
  • Just dropped a duo 18 kill game with the crossbow and won. Highly recommend the xrk varriable zoom scope. Sleight of hand, 28 strand cables, 200lbs, fury bolts. It was a challenge. And I finally done it!

    LS3DLS3DMåned siden
  • Cracked. Wtf.

    GowayImAFKGowayImAFKMåned siden
  • Protip: You can stick explosive arrows to your teammates before they explode. This is useful for... clearing out rooms?

    LukeLukeMåned siden
  • Dool crossbow new meh a

    Love JoshiiLove JoshiiMåned siden
  • Honestly one of his teammates was so annoying

    Sam MSam MMåned siden
  • This is one HELL OF A PLAY.

    Drey GalonDrey Galon2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what camo that is 0:42

    Brandon J BriantBrandon J Briant2 måneder siden
    • Its a pack you get from the franchise store. Its the London ravens pack

      Captain VEE_OriGinZCaptain VEE_OriGinZMåned siden
  • disgusting.... get it nerfed. I've only been using for 3 months, then you clowns make videos all the sheep follow and next thing you know it gets trashed like the Bruen..... get a life.

    bigrack21bigrack212 måneder siden
    • You write a hate comment on a NOworldr who is way more successful than you I think you should get a life

      Jordan HarperJordan HarperMåned siden
  • Who remembers when Vikk played Fortnite

    JuanPiJuanPi2 måneder siden
  • 6:55 no one gonna talk bout that??

    fateful ACEfateful ACE2 måneder siden
  • I only run a crossbow. Like every war zone game. Most of the time I lose but I have won 3 times with it, and I usually always get a couple of kills. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have in war zone. Highly recommend trying it.

    Joshua VorisJoshua Voris2 måneder siden
  • What’s that camo? It’s really cool

    Ashington XJSAshington XJS2 måneder siden
  • I love ur vids

    Jordan KiserJordan Kiser2 måneder siden
  • Win with pistol and no armour!!

    chich 89chich 892 måneder siden
  • Try to fight each other in warzone.

    jeremy 1654jeremy 16542 måneder siden
  • They be goin *MEDIEVAL* on them

    Bobcat 26Bobcat 262 måneder siden
  • Just unreal mate! Some unique warzone game.

  • I'm literally gonna train the crossbow just for fun because it can one-shot people

    KimiiKimii2 måneder siden
  • How are you able to run two crossbows?

    Jak RabbitJak Rabbit2 måneder siden
  • I would end my life if I was in one of these clips!

    The MelonThe Melon3 måneder siden
  • You guys are actually insane... I would enjoy this game so much if I was good 😂

    dan woodcockdan woodcock3 måneder siden
  • Challenge starter pistol only

    Andrew MasonAndrew Mason3 måneder siden
  • Cheating is cheap and easy

    Adam KillingleyAdam Killingley3 måneder siden
  • i didnt know you could talk to the winners at the end😂

    j garciaj garcia3 måneder siden
  • The new meh-uh!

    alex coyalex coy3 måneder siden
  • Yes he is good... but his voice fucking grinds on you

    Ryan BageRyan Bage3 måneder siden
  • bro i can’t even win with the best load out ever and he can win with just a crossbow that’s crazy

    Ryan HeckfordRyan Heckford3 måneder siden
  • I unsubbed from u a long time ago because of those clickbait title u always made in fortnite ect hella annoying back then. But now I resubbes cuz u actually changed and u are hella good at CoD! Really enjoy the videos man. Glad u aren't the same anymore!

    Unknown_R6Unknown_R63 måneder siden
  • riot shield only

    Jacob HirschhornJacob Hirschhorn3 måneder siden
  • Gotta have Sleight of Hand fore the crossbow

    Virtual WierdnessVirtual Wierdness3 måneder siden
  • Vikk drops more kills with a crossbow than my whole team of 4

    Alex BadanoiuAlex Badanoiu3 måneder siden
  • i have a challenge for you , win a game of warzone on xbox one with controller

    LYBRTYLYBRTY3 måneder siden
  • Someone please explain how the voice chat thing works cause what if your in a discord call or in a party on console

    ZexrayZexray3 måneder siden
  • do you guff often when playing because i can't stop

    Morgan AttwellMorgan Attwell3 måneder siden
  • Challenge: win a game of solo with crossbow

    Dlxxx159Dlxxx1593 måneder siden
  • Vickstar i love your videos in the next video you should try only hip fire victory that sound amazing and no one actually does that and you could show the best wep for this tnx anyway for excellent video😁

    יובל ביטוןיובל ביטון3 måneder siden
  • Nobody: Blaze: ya ya ya ya ya

    oKenaiioKenaii3 måneder siden
  • Where does vikk get these camos?

    hoochi3hoochi33 måneder siden
  • 5:42

    Corey BrownCorey Brown3 måneder siden
  • They have all that’s wins and I have none

    Toxic lavasToxic lavas3 måneder siden
  • How 😂

    Wilster0011Wilster00113 måneder siden
  • What camo

    XD playzzXD playzz3 måneder siden
  • I think vik is better than faze idk why lol

    Rasya Razaqa HarminantoRasya Razaqa Harminanto3 måneder siden
  • Win a game of warzone with the pistols

    Mohd Daanish Amyr Mohd AshraffMohd Daanish Amyr Mohd Ashraff3 måneder siden
  • shield combat knife and throwing knifes

    Focusedshadow GamingFocusedshadow Gaming3 måneder siden
  • WRzone is basically everyone saying everyone is cheating

    Void DynastyVoid Dynasty3 måneder siden
  • Viks laugh is better than JJ's no cap.

    ツ3 måneder siden
  • do rpg or rocket only

    flo Arcierexelflo Arcierexel3 måneder siden
  • Where's the link

  • What is vikkstars camo?

    Jigsaw _QGJigsaw _QG3 måneder siden
  • gg to my man

    CRAZY GUYCRAZY GUY3 måneder siden
  • No words😂😶 GOAT

    C3LLOTAPE420C3LLOTAPE4203 måneder siden
  • What would be interesting since communication is key win a game of quads without talking to your team

    KillerB1ad3KillerB1ad33 måneder siden
  • omds this guy is too sick

    zeeeboiizeeeboii3 måneder siden
  • Do you use the grau even though it got nerfed

    Max BurkettMax Burkett3 måneder siden
  • Explosives challenge only use explosive weapons like a RPG or Grenade launcher

    Mohammad Ali AshrafMohammad Ali Ashraf3 måneder siden
  • New crossbow new meah bois.💀

    Chris BalgobinChris Balgobin3 måneder siden
  • 5:37 omg you are insane Vik!! nothing insane on that shot

    serafiina ggserafiina gg3 måneder siden
  • Keep up the good work!

  • Next do a ar only 👍👍

    Andrew DowdeswellAndrew Dowdeswell3 måneder siden
  • His control settings dont work can any 1 link the vid Thx :)

    lee evertlee evert3 måneder siden
  • Everyone subscribe to Damascus Gaming!!!

    Tom WingateTom Wingate3 måneder siden
  • make multiplier vid plssssss

    Talal SalehTalal Saleh3 måneder siden
  • Hold on a fricky dicky smicky Only crossbows

    Abodi MotiiAbodi Motii3 måneder siden
  • My boy vic got 3 mustaches lmao

    Joseph GonzalezJoseph Gonzalez3 måneder siden
  • Crossbows only!!?? insane!! great vid Vikk!

    CasualtieZCasualtieZ3 måneder siden
  • faze blaze is so kind , so apologetic 🤘 what a guy ❤💪

    Rvp PrasaadRvp Prasaad3 måneder siden
  • Lead it vic !!! When sniper was running to house so close

    Josh SandersJosh Sanders3 måneder siden
  • Vik, win a game without sound

    DjakoYTDjakoYT3 måneder siden
  • 3:14

    Joey (Lucky Boy) NatoJoey (Lucky Boy) Nato3 måneder siden

    Giant G 11Giant G 113 måneder siden
  • 🤯

    Joey (Lucky Boy) NatoJoey (Lucky Boy) Nato3 måneder siden
  • This might not sound like a lot but I have 5 wins on warzone

    Andrea DElaneyAndrea DElaney3 måneder siden
  • Shealds

    Jon Smith Jr.Jon Smith Jr.3 måneder siden
  • Vikk t try winning with only riot ahealds

    Jon Smith Jr.Jon Smith Jr.3 måneder siden
  • Anyone realise vikks - the regulars is going up😂

    syed Mohammed kazmisyed Mohammed kazmi3 måneder siden
  • The vibe this video has 🤤😂

    Reuben WhiteReuben White3 måneder siden
  • Però quando ci sono in palio soldi con i pro contro arrivate settantesimi

    Andrea ArdizzoneAndrea Ardizzone3 måneder siden
  • I just realized that Vik beat my kill record with a crossbow😐

    Captain fordeCaptain forde3 måneder siden
  • Vik

    Team HAZZETeam HAZZE3 måneder siden
  • Join FaZe vic

    Team HAZZETeam HAZZE3 måneder siden
  • This is such a good video idea! Cant believe im not subscribed already, i thought i was lol

    TattzzTattzz3 måneder siden
  • Love the fucking videos man. Keep an comin

    Chris BlevinsChris Blevins3 måneder siden
  • Try win with pistols only

    Icarus_da1Icarus_da13 måneder siden
  • Indian boy is a calculating robot at this game

    Icarus_da1Icarus_da13 måneder siden
  • Try to win with to launchers

    Phoenix_HauntedPhoenix_Haunted3 måneder siden
  • Tfue symfuhny and vikkstar need to make a video with each other

    [MDNT] Rippa69[MDNT] Rippa693 måneder siden
  • What does it mean when he says, "he's got"? Is that CoD lingo or British lingo??

    Braddy The DaddyBraddy The Daddy3 måneder siden
  • What happened when you were playing with laser???????

    TheOptimizedKingTheOptimizedKing3 måneder siden
  • Ppl who were acc in the stream reply to this you don’t even have to like just reply

    Tay & LzTay & Lz3 måneder siden
  • 10:36 How did he shoot 2 times and only reloaded once?

    RutchGamingRutchGaming3 måneder siden
    • He has two crossbows, the camo changed

      Carlson RamosCarlson Ramos3 måneder siden
  • controller?

    BastiBasti3 måneder siden
  • Spog army c’mon been watching speros since beginning of bo4

    Tom SweetTom Sweet3 måneder siden
    • scrolled the whole comment section to find a speros fan, he the goat streamer

      Haseeb HussainHaseeb Hussain3 måneder siden