20. okt.. 2020
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CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  • Check out my youtube channel, i also post Warzone videos ;)

    Groben GamingGroben Gaming4 dager siden

    yolo dankyolo dank5 dager siden

    Nadeem 1012Nadeem 101223 dager siden
  • Why’s Vik not uploading WZ videos anymore? Full time on Among Us?

    TT24 dager siden
  • Like instead PVP. Why not have, a team work Of 20 people or more, Inside one lobby. Why just this zombie royal? Not hating on it. Just had enough of, old school zombie maps from the past that was kinda small. Warzone can make this happen with a huge map, Day time, amuture zombies , A timer is set for darkness Were stronger zombies appear And makes it more difficult. You need the vaccine to bring your mates back But it's not easy.

    Onz DilerOnz Diler27 dager siden
  • Man this trio zombie mode is useless with randoms it's for freinds to have fun it dont add stats.

    F UF U27 dager siden
  • stop screaming

    Liam DixonLiam DixonMåned siden
  • How to Vikstar123: -be good at warzone -be good at warzone -be good at warzone -have KSI as your assistant

    Loni GamesLoni GamesMåned siden
  • Dear @vikkstar123 I would prefer you to use the ranger for grip and tax laser

    Abdulrahman KarimAbdulrahman KarimMåned siden
  • Vik has been MIA this whole Halloween event. Weird

    Jacob HeldJacob HeldMåned siden
  • As a British person, I HATE hearing British say American slang like 'bro' 'for real' 'low key' so cringeworthy!

    Tom DTom DMåned siden
  • “Concussion” Clearly says Confession

    TheDrippyOne 234TheDrippyOne 234Måned siden
  • I tried to use the code but it didn't work

    madmitch0011madmitch0011Måned siden
  • I hope they give this game mode extended time

    GRaf clantagGRaf clantagMåned siden
  • Vik how do u run so fast cos when i play with a mp5 i'm slow af

    Alby WulfAlby WulfMåned siden
    • @Olly Jolly1 oh thx

      Alby WulfAlby Wulf27 dager siden
    • He has upped his fov (field of view) so everything is zoomed out, he his running normal spead

      Olly Jolly1Olly Jolly127 dager siden
  • Vicks waring the cannabis watch but don't even smoke weed

    GRaf clantagGRaf clantagMåned siden
  • How are the c4s going so far?

    Remzy jayRemzy jayMåned siden
  • One of your team sound he's from Derry Northern Ireland

    Kevin O haganKevin O haganMåned siden
    • From there myself

      Kevin O haganKevin O haganMåned siden
  • worst zombie mode I have ever played

    DeathlokDeathlokMåned siden
  • unbalanced game mode, z are too weak; movement and cool down ...

    TermOfDayTermOfDayMåned siden
  • man buys a skin and still uses krueger...

    Wesley PankhurstWesley PankhurstMåned siden
  • Че за Абдула?

    Артём СмольниковАртём СмольниковMåned siden
  • Weak sauce #SoyBoi

    Lindsay RodriguezLindsay RodriguezMåned siden
  • Brilliant mate.

    Wingin'It ClubWingin'It ClubMåned siden
  • fall out boy

    Çetin AyyıldızÇetin AyyıldızMåned siden
  • the concussion.

    Mustafa AreebMustafa AreebMåned siden
  • What’s his setup?

    Joshua FosterJoshua FosterMåned siden
  • bruh they already got zombie royale to the game of warzone i been not playing warzone since season6 come i dont play the game beause i was busy with among us but today i will play the game

    mohammed waleedmohammed waleedMåned siden
  • Damn, this looks so fun. Pity I couldn't try it myself, missed out...

    PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]Måned siden
    • Its still out, you can try it soon until its over

      Official Da Mad Man ChannelOfficial Da Mad Man ChannelMåned siden
  • I can't use the emp on ps4 for some reason

    NoBigTVNoBigTVMåned siden
  • Anyone else think that if he played solos he would lose coz I’ve never seen him play solos

    Thenoobkingttv ttvThenoobkingttv ttvMåned siden
  • Omg it was so hard to watch when he said it would be good if you could buy him back then buyer a load out and uav instead of buying his teammate back😂😂

    Connor IsaacsonConnor IsaacsonMåned siden
  • Activision: This is supposed to be scary Vikkstar123: BURN THE ZOMBIES

    GiantKiller 592GiantKiller 592Måned siden
  • Why on earth do snipers have lens flare at night?

    Luke MarquisLuke MarquisMåned siden
  • Ok 169th comment

    Matthew jj ReidMatthew jj ReidMåned siden
  • When the zombie came round the corner around 39 min I was shook

    Alex FieldsAlex FieldsMåned siden
  • I love it how viks so used to say he just stole my lunch money that when he meant to say he stole my antidote he stayed he stole my lunch.......

    Jake KnightJake KnightMåned siden
  • @vikkstar123, ive noticed in a few of your videos now you representing Mary Jane with the ganja leaf, whats your views do you agree with it any actually blaze it up? 💚😎🤙

    freedumb labowskifreedumb labowskiMåned siden
  • try there new JAK-12 it is insane

    Jessey ClarkJessey ClarkMåned siden
  • Are you going to be uploading a highlights of this

    dc camohdc camohMåned siden
  • 19:18 lol

    Highway BeatsHighway BeatsMåned siden
  • vikk should watch all saw movies for a video so he knows who jigsaw is lol

    Jim TrotmanJim TrotmanMåned siden

    Nikita HarveyNikita HarveyMåned siden
  • this is a good mode for kill record

    Jonathan FalconJonathan FalconMåned siden
  • I opened a crate in tv station and literally got a jumpscare. Totally not expecting that and really got scared hard.

    Tahseen ZamanTahseen ZamanMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/zH_enK98yqjRt6s.html

    Eyad JEyad JMåned siden
  • LMAO I was the zombie that he killed at 1:06:30

    Omar ShokroffOmar ShokroffMåned siden
  • i loved that

    Hassan GailaniHassan GailaniMåned siden
  • I feel like he can't see in the dark

    turnoffqueenturnoffqueenMåned siden
  • mantep bro

    Razkaumenyo98Razkaumenyo98Måned siden
  • Vikk u got what you wanted u got night

    John bellJohn bellMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂

    MemesMemesMåned siden
  • Bring back helmet boy surely

    exxl Ransomexxl RansomMåned siden
  • Sticks are the way forward in this game mode

    MrKempyMrKempyMåned siden
  • I would use code VIKK but I don’t have any money of my own cuz I am 14 so I am unlikely to buy anything from the shop

    A DA DMåned siden
  • Man I hope they add Jigsaw to call of duty mobile that’d be epic

    C4-TokesC4-TokesMåned siden
  • Apparently KSI 2 weeks ago was like if Vik had a bigger D, he would delete his channel. Hmmm

    Chandrahas KanthetiChandrahas KanthetiMåned siden
  • Where is your jug?

    Kev SteinerKev SteinerMåned siden
  • Vikk: Should be able to buy you back Also Vikk: Misses the opportunity (even to look) too see that you can buy him back even he is in Zombie Mode 17:09

    nifnaf paddywacknifnaf paddywackMåned siden
  • Viks face when he shoots tho

    Among UsAmong UsMåned siden
  • Was vik supposed to end the stream there. I needed moreeee

    MO-MERCSMO-MERCSMåned siden
  • This video is literraly white girls playing video games

    Probably TheAmaziiingTimProbably TheAmaziiingTimMåned siden
  • Watch this channel «darnagee» really good content

    Hei DuHei DuMåned siden
  • 19:17 It is the best moment of the video 😂😂😂

    subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • @Oussama Drihem 😂😂😂

      subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • Yeaahhh I jumped as well fam😂

      Oussama DrihemOussama DrihemMåned siden
  • Ngl this is the best update yet. Its not competitive but just brings the fun back and less about winning

    subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • @Anastasi Laptev ye i played some1 who just stayed in a corner with a riot shield when i was a zombie but couldnt do anything

      subscribe for subscribesubscribe for subscribeMåned siden
    • So tru, hope it doesn’t turn out like fortnite where people are just too sweaty

      Anastasi LaptevAnastasi LaptevMåned siden
  • Can we get more IRL ?

    LuCiD GaMeSLuCiD GaMeSMåned siden
  • Dude your showing up I’m my direct tv in player select

    Kasaki TWKasaki TWMåned siden
  • Vikk said “the clown guy” like don’t you not know who jigsaw is😂

    IsxaccIsxaccMåned siden
    • His shoes are so damn creepy 👠 👠

      TT24 dager siden
    • @Jaze Fev I hadn’t played the update at the time I saw now and feel stupid.

      Fin WestFin WestMåned siden
    • @Fin West how could it not be there is literally a pack in the store named and made after saw

      Jaze FevJaze FevMåned siden
    • @Ryder Annakin-Lehmann no, billy the puppet

      IsxaccIsxaccMåned siden
    • Billy the doll you mean

      Ryder Annakin-LehmannRyder Annakin-LehmannMåned siden
  • 19:18 vikk scared

    Sr.FelipeSr.FelipeMåned siden
    • check out my last warzone zombies video

      BondcoupeBondcoupeMåned siden
  • All my homies use code 'VIKK' in the item store

    ••hopeless Aesthetic ••••hopeless Aesthetic ••Måned siden
    • @Twisted Pie shut it

      ••hopeless Aesthetic ••••hopeless Aesthetic ••Måned siden
    • Stop

      Twisted PieTwisted PieMåned siden
  • Whos the Irish guy your playing with? Does he have a channel so i can support my countryman?

    Liam AdamsLiam AdamsMåned siden
    • Mazaltov

      Siddesh NairSiddesh NairMåned siden
    • Vapulear

      NileshNileshMåned siden
  • Anyone else crashing mid match lol?

    jacob Ramosjacob RamosMåned siden
    • check out my last warzone zombies video

      BondcoupeBondcoupeMåned siden
  • 26:18 looks like hacks dude... he tried to break the window with bullets but hit a zombie or player that could not be seen.

    Max MullerMax MullerMåned siden
    • @Bondcoupe no

      Eric252x PS4Eric252x PS4Måned siden
    • Hacking in this game would destroy the entire brand he's built for like 8-9 years. Wouldn't make any sense.

      Lauri KotivuoriLauri KotivuoriMåned siden
    • check out my last warzone zombies video

      BondcoupeBondcoupeMåned siden
  • Bruh they got an 81 kill game wtf

    Luke OliphantLuke OliphantMåned siden
  • Happy Navratri, have you played RAJI: AN ANCIENT EPIC yet?! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    theOverseasJintheOverseasJinMåned siden
  • So from not taking part in subscribed. Play livestream of it to get a full scare

    ramizofficialramizofficialMåned siden
  • I miss the pubg zombies mode

    Parker CrosslandParker CrosslandMåned siden
  • This mode is so much fun I hope they keep it around for good

    Soulslayer08Soulslayer08Måned siden
    • It’s cancerous

      Ryan HannamRyan HannamMåned siden
    • That’s sad this event would be so much fun to play all the time.

      Soulslayer08Soulslayer08Måned siden
    • Wonder if they do a Thanksgiving/Christmas Mode now that'd be epic!

      nifnaf paddywacknifnaf paddywackMåned siden
    • They wont. But it is a fun mode for Halloween. They should definitely think of a similar infected mode to throw in every now and then sometime after this though.

      Terrence JetterTerrence JetterMåned siden
    • Its only for a limited time but it is so good

      Rohaan ArshadRohaan ArshadMåned siden
  • it was is a emp blast

    Kyle LKyle LMåned siden
  • Love that when you come back with after being a zombie you keep your weapons. Got a win this morning. Crazy!

    Andrew RossAndrew RossMåned siden
    • My warzone name is Hanad

      HANADHANADMåned siden
    • @HANAD i just got 21 kills, this game mode is just too fun

      Colin KColin KMåned siden
    • Shut uo

      Free Gift cardsFree Gift cardsMåned siden
    • This game mode is sick got a 20 bomb

      HANADHANADMåned siden
    • Bro bro no

      AberrSAberrSMåned siden
  • Wheres all the comments at

    David king02David king02Måned siden
  • Whos my fellow norn ironer, in your chat party,? Has he a channel i can support??

    DJ eMoDJ eMoMåned siden
    • check out my last warzone zombies video

      BondcoupeBondcoupeMåned siden
  • Y’all playing night mode but turn brightness and gamma up 😂 grown ass men playing like little baby’s

    Bradley OneilBradley OneilMåned siden
  • After 5 hours of Night mode my eyes are bleeding

    Lil BroLil BroMåned siden
    • I think it is way better lighting, I can actually see for once instead if it being so bright.

      diesel92kj1diesel92kj1Måned siden
    • Played a few hours of it, then when I went back to normal I was blinded

      Luke OliphantLuke OliphantMåned siden
  • The joke on screen was alright. To whoever didn't get it. 0mg means 0 magnesium as mg is magnesium and his doctor said he had no magnesium

    MO-MERCSMO-MERCSMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/15_NnNl5r7aT05Y.html

    LMs_ImPuLsELMs_ImPuLsEMåned siden
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    Mariel AntonioMariel AntonioMåned siden
  • Doom's vocabulary consists of: mixer, mixed, mixy we get it bro, would you say ANYTHING else

    TheresMeinTeamTheresMeinTeamMåned siden
    • no.

      Elysian Tattoo TravelElysian Tattoo TravelMåned siden
  • Vik always wears Kruger

    No NameNo NameMåned siden
  • Everytime I play this it crashes on pc such a bummer

    Braden AbbottBraden AbbottMåned siden
    • @Braden Abbott oh hahahahah

      NoobGaming9NoobGaming9Måned siden
    • @NoobGaming9 yeah a $1500 pc dosent work 😂 it was the servers man

      Braden AbbottBraden AbbottMåned siden
    • You need to meet the required device specs

      NoobGaming9NoobGaming9Måned siden
    • @Elysian Tattoo Travel ....what...

      TheresMeinTeamTheresMeinTeamMåned siden
    • @TheresMeinTeam awh salty girl..you here?

      Elysian Tattoo TravelElysian Tattoo TravelMåned siden
  • done. мy coυѕιn тold мe and goт ιт aмoυng υѕ ѕĸιnѕ: eferbo.120v.ac/3WwZES/NlqkEw.html

    rob Vrob VMåned siden
  • done. мy coυѕιn тold мe and goт ιт aмoυng υѕ ѕĸιnѕ: eferbo.120v.ac/3WwZES/NlqkEw.html

    Антон ЛесковАнтон ЛесковMåned siden
  • done. мy coυѕιn тold мe and goт ιт aмoυng υѕ ѕĸιnѕ: eferbo.120v.ac/3WwZES/NlqkEw.html

    Аристарх СухановАристарх СухановMåned siden
  • Loving 1440p streams Vik

    JuxJuxMåned siden
  • Vik use dragons breath rounds on a shotty and the eplosive rounds on the rytec in night mode so theres explosions and stuff

    AcurexAcurexMåned siden
    • @Acurex "Wooow" 🤡

      King Aragorn IIKing Aragorn II15 dager siden
    • Everyone in the match is gonna have seizures

      Lonk LinkLonk LinkMåned siden
    • Thats a great tactic with the explosions that go boom bap beep skrrrdha

      Greensmokingg420Greensmokingg420Måned siden
  • Niceeee

    DontSmokeMateDontSmokeMateMåned siden
  • why does he always wear the kreuger skin

    I'm ChezI'm ChezMåned siden
    • @Something Idk i wear ghillie suits nearly every game 😅

      I'm ChezI'm ChezMåned siden
    • @Something Idk i know but ghillie suits work better

      I'm ChezI'm ChezMåned siden
    • Skins like that with camouflage makes it harder to see in the environment so he is actually being smart

      Something IdkSomething IdkMåned siden
    • To get a competitive advantage

      Something IdkSomething IdkMåned siden
  • Is this pretty much the same thing as apex fight or fright last year? If so, they're probably going to run into the same problem of everyone just leaving when they die

    Joe AplinJoe AplinMåned siden
  • Mad💯

    ZXK2 21ZXK2 21Måned siden
  • Supports himself on the store rather than another creator, pff what a guy...

    SamSamMåned siden
    • Cry more

      JoshJoshMåned siden